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  1. I'm thinking of back-cover descriptions for Mojo. What do you think of this one?


    What's the worst thing that can happen to a Gay guy?
    Petronius' brilliant satire is here re-imagined in current times. From LA to Long Beach; from Las Vegas to Baja California; from Burning Man to Malibu and Avalon, Kohl, his boyfriend Gordon and his ex Assauer can't seem to keep trouble at bay. After running afoul of a crazy sex cult, the boys are drawn into a secret world of power and silliness they never knew existed, and all while trying to keep one step ahead of their pursuers.
    Read on and find out why the wild characters they meet along the way can only come from Trump's America. 
    1. MichaelS36


      Yeah, I'd read that ... again!

  2. Some of our wonderful GA poets have recently posted poems about their dads. It makes me want to share this I wrote about mine some 4 years after he passed. I hope you like it


    The streetcar leaves the tunnel

    and rolls into a dark

    that reminds me of him.


    Such a dark

    would send my father out.

    A drive in any direction:

    the country beckoned

    and he would find somebody he knew.

    Intentionally or not,

    he hoped to sit

    at their table, but not

    by hunger led;

    he sought their variety,

    their vitality to know.

    The evening blooming over him,

    the dusk driving him so.


    The car on the street

    slowly turns its course

    and I almost seem to be

    like that man:

    wanting to feel the

    evening blossom over me.


    1. Lyssa


      It is simply wonderful, calm and deep. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Mikiesboy


      He sounds like an interesting man.

  3. Thank you, Mike. In poetry and other writing I've learned there is no right or wrong when it comes to interpreting meaning. Each reader's experience with the piece is valid. With this poem, I have a couple more motivators for writing it than you suggested, but all the points you mentioned are part of it too. You're right about dogs living in the moment and being excellent judges of character. People can live too much in the past or future, and I'm guilty of that. Anyway, there are no wrongs, so I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the poem Thanks again
  4. I jotted (most) of this down yesterday, and organized it a bit this morning. I'm not sure my message is coming through though... Every thought I have appears to revolve Through the mire of emptiness back to this: Whatever issue big or small I solve, Mood and mind are beyond analysis. There are times I chance to wake and see My dog dreaming peacefully at my feet, And wish his brand of naturalness for me When his sleep-tail wags for all he might meet. But in my head, concepts swirl most confused, Not trusting those who love or hate in kind, Shutting down former parts of me amused To glibly fool emotion undefined. As Shakespeare said, to wake perhaps to dream, For in truth, we must be more than we seem.
  5. Three more pieces from Bennett Cerf’s book Good for a Laugh. These show how even in the deep-freeze of a Cold War, a person can always stay warm with a little humor.  


    Stalin called in his top “yes-men” one morning and boomed, “Boys, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s liberate the Pribilof Islands from the suffocating grip of those money-mad Wall Street bankers.” One yes-man was a little slow with his usual enthusiasm. “I feel I should point out,” he quavered, “that there isn’t a single person on the Pribilof Islands – nothing there but seals.” “They can clap, can’t they?” inquired Joe with a sideways smirk.” “Why, yes. All seals can clap.” “Good. Then after we get done liberating them, no one will be able to tell them apart from the Politburo!”


    Commissar Malipoofsky journeyed from Moscow to Budapest to see whether the Hungarian state was growing enough potatoes to meet the Russian-imposed quota. “Ah, Comrade,” gloated his Hungarian deputy, “under the inspiration of the glorious Slavic Motherland, our peasants are digging up a crop beyond our wildest dreams. Our spuds will be sufficient to pile up a mighty mountain reaching to the feet of God.” “Enough of your corny dramatics,” said Commissar Malipoofsky, “you know there isn’t any God.” “Yes, and you know there aren’t any potatoes either.”


    An Irishman was listening to the latest news spread by his mates at the local pub. Later that night, he remarked to his wife, “Seems they’re sayin’ it’s really Khrushchev who’s clapped down on the Korea.” “Well,” said the missus, “two for one! And may God bless the lassie who gave ‘em to him.”   






    1. MichaelS36


      These are great, AC!   Thank you. 

    2. Lyssa


      The first and the second nearly send me on the floor with laughing. :rofl:

  6. AC Benus


    ...as they say, the way to a man's bedroom heart is through his stomach...
  7. A powerful and emotional poem. As always, thank you for sharing your gift with us. You bless us with your poems
  8. @Parker OwensIt's wonderful to see your work get featured, my friend
  9. This word is related to "emphatic," I imagine...
  10. I have to say, over the past few months I've really fallen in love with this performance. Scents of sand and sea are everywhere in it, and I keep reliving the seaside love scenes from Merchant-Ivory's "The Bostonian" The Cleveland Quartet, Dvorak String Quartet No. 12
  11. Hi, AC. If you haven't already seen this somewhere, I think you'll find it interesting.

    BBC News - The 200-year-old diary that's rewriting gay history

    1. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Thank you, northie. You are kind to think of me :)

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      That was so cool !

  12. Kanzan poem No. 212


    To talk of food will part you with hunger;

    To speak of clothes will leave you feeling exposed. 

    Eat food to be full; wear clothes to stay warm; 

    Give flesh what it's due, but find peace inwardly. 


    1. Mikiesboy


      i like this one very much, thanks, AC xo

    2. Lyssa


      Wonderful translation. :-)

    3. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      This is awesome. You’ve given me another Classroom Door poem. 

  13. Kanzan poem No. 229 

    Those willowy boys, four or five of them,
    Are each blue-balled cocks at eighteen years old,
    But make companionable mates for years, 
    Copping postures of love, like foxing on pages. 
  14. You may or may not know, but these three Preludes were selected for publication by a musical Gershwin friend. There were many more written and unpublished during his life, and "Sleepless Night" is arguably the best known of theses Preludes
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