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  1. I flagged something in my book-editing efforts this morning. Adverb-verb arrangement; what is your preference? My example: "He truly began to like Kitchiner", or would you feel it's more natural so say: "He began truly to like Kitchiner"? Do you follow any set rules?

    Can the blent balm of camphor and sandalwood,

    or the tingling cold of the season’s first snowflake,

    match the thrill from the touch of your friend’s body?—

    The others contain not a sixteenth the delight.

    —Visnu Sarma (Vishnu Sharma, in English),

    Book II, verse 45 of the Panchatantra,

    circa 200 BC


    [after Chandra Rajan]


  3. John Pizzarelli's 1992 recording of the Gershwins' "Little Jazz Bird." What you hear is the original 1924 orchestration of the piece for Broadway, which is awesome.
  4. . Comic Book Heroes II When I finished grade school Dad congratulated me but wouldn’t let me kiss him. The time was past for playing kissy-kissy, he said. And so it was that for a long long time I couldn’t draw near, couldn’t kiss, couldn’t feel the wiriness of a full-grown beard. + It was a sin to be queer and I was always ready to repent, provided that handsome young priest
  5. I love these comments, dear Parker, for you have written your own poetry here. I'm proud and honored to know the little poems in my collection are finding room in like minds, and inspiring them. Though I put myself in jeopardy, knowing they can connect to the way others have been feeling, makes all the effort and risk worthwhile. Thank you
  6. Thanks, Carlos. Even though it's a short time away, 2027 -- in political terms -- seems like the veiled, mystical future. That being said, people do seem acutely aware of how critical for our Constitution the election this November is; there is a sense in the bone, as the old saying goes, that democracy itself will be teetering on that election day. I'm of course speaking for the the healthy minded. The Gops, in contrast, will goose step -- locked-n-loaded -- with whatever their dear Party Leaders tell 'em to do, and shall do it with nary a thought for the good of their kids and grandkids. Thanks again for your support and comments. I appreciate them
  7. . Audre Lorde Knows What I Mean – 2021 in review by AC Benus “By gnawing through a dyke, even a rat may drown a nation.” —Edmund Burke, [i] circa 1759 Part Four: The Fly XX. The ultimate symbol of elitism, He even boasted with a glinting sneer That he could get away with mass murder. As it stands now, it’s even worse, for He’s getting away with stabbing o
  8. Although the 1927 recording, with the magical Lawrence Brown on piano, gives me goosebumps
  9. @Zombie * does "paul robeson deep river 1957" youtube search for you * Hopefully one of these will work in your particular internet hinterland https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paul+robeson+deep+river+1957
  10. Thanks, Parker. As you know, several of these poems deal with areas I've explored in my Judas Tree novellas. To me, personally, anger at a system paying lip service to protection and acceptance -- but actually allowing violence on the most vulnerable in society -- is a totally understandable.
  11. Thanks, JACC. I will have three installments from this very memorable poem. This first one can be thought of as "childhood"; the others will be "adolescence" and "maturity". Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it
  12. This is a valuable feature of GA. Cheers to all of the team's hard work!!!
  13. . Comic Book Heroes I And I began to realize I was different when I noticed none of the guys in the comic books ever fell in love with their friends. + I was all giggles and happiness with him there beside me both of us writing a thousand times each: I must not do naughty things with my classmate in the bathroom. I must not do naughty things
  14. no idea -- @ReaderPaulMaybe Dick Tracy
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