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  1. AC Benus


    Thank you for reading and commenting like always. I appreciate it, deeply
  2. Thank you, Mac! The line you quote came to be pretty early in the project. Well, in fact, when I came up with that, I knew I had to write it. Can't waste inspired material like that Thanks once again for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.
  3. *smiles* I can't get any higher praise than "perfection," so color me happy. That is, color me happy in orange pumpkin goo Thanks for reading, Backwoodsboy!
  4. Thank you, A. Wanting to do something on the unbelievable Wells Fargo abuses led me to think of doing a parody on It's a Wonderful Life. Thanks for reading and commenting
  5. Thank you for reading it, Michael. It was fun to write (and to read too, considering how many times I had to do it for editing purposes). Thanks once more!
  6. Thank you for reading, Def. I truly hope this little tale of mine darkened your Halloween holiday 👿 😈 👿
  7. Thank you, Tim. I guess a part of me would love to see this read every Halloween. I believed I pack in enough wit and detail to reward multiple readings Thanks again!
  8. AC Benus

    the energy of his heart

    Thank you, Parker. It's always nice to receive your thoughts via these comments. Thanks once again.
  9. AC Benus

    the energy of his heart

    Thank you for your kind comments, Tim. They are always very much appreciated and received warmly
  10. AC Benus


    We need a "hug" option for the likes.... But these are concise and say a lot with few words. That's a gift
  11. A super heartwarming story. Thanks to @Lyssa for pointing it out to me this morning :)




    1. BHopper2


      That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the story, AC.

  12. More incredible quips from the Center Square. Mr. Paul Lynde, ladies and gentlemen. You have to hear his laughter after each one :) 




    Host: “What bad habit will your dog develop if you constantly feed him table scraps?”


    Paul Lynde: “He’ll want Thursdays off.”




    Host: “Ann Landers has written a book called How to Tell the Difference Between Love and…?”


    Paul Lynde: “A kidney infection.”  




    Host: “According to Coronet Magazine, do men feel uncomfortable around women with extremely large busts?”


    Paul Lynde: “Yes. They run for cover.”




    Host: “Within 2, how many husbands have the three Gabor sisters had among them?”


    Paul Lynde (after a beat): “You mean including their own?”


    (The answer is an eye-popping 17 marriages for the three women.)  





    Host: “Is it uncommon for women to talk to themselves while romancing?”


    Paul Lynde (looks around): “I don’t even need a bluff for this one.”  



    1. Mikiesboy


      I watched him because of you AC....a very funny man. Paul Lynde...I mean. Well, so are you....😁

    2. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      I remember Paul Lynde, all good memories. 

    3. AC Benus

      AC Benus


      "Anything bring tears to a monkey's eyes?"


      "Learning that Tarzan swings both ways." 



  13. Thank you for reading, Tim.
  14. I wrote a little poem yesterday.... Haiku: Two older men talk; The themes of death and things past Salt their mellow tone. _

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