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  1. . Sonnet No. 139 I joke as I tousle your hair in bed That I had better pin you to the top Of our Christmas tree as angel instead Of the star that but plays the tired prop. Buying that tree together, you and I, The man at the lot approached us on par, Calling us “Folks,” to in that testify He saw two men in love – just as we are! From bed we watch the tree, as we do now, While the lights burn softly in reflection, Your angelic goodness outshines somehow That tinsel gold and painted perfection. Sonnet N
  2. Thank you, Parker. I guess troubles come and go and hopefully there is a constant in one's life to carry them through. I have to say I like the Christmas tree poem very much myself. Thanks again for your support and comments. You're the best
  3. . Sonnet No. 137 The small tree upstairs, we can see from our bed – Saffron, vermilion, amber and blue lights Play about your smile; my hand on your head, As your gaze to me relays their delights. So, sorrow is out of place, and yet there, For the number of Christmases we’ll know Is already set and logged-in somewhere, And adds a somber cast to the scene’s glow. You sense what I feel, as you always do; Caressing my cheek, you say: “It’s all right,” And there with your love, I know what is true – The glint
  4. AC Benus

    our cypher

    Thanks for reading and commenting on these, Parker. Your thoughts are always warmly received
  5. I keep seeing this ad on Pintrest It's sweet, and apparently for a sporting goods manufacturer
  6. Something to bring a smile to your Sunday :)



  7. It's so true; you need Italians to perform Italian music 😜 (differing opinions may be sent, in writing, in triplicate to, your mamma.) lol Guido Rimonda and Cristina Canziani perform the second movement from Viotti's Concertante for piano and violin.
  8. A version of Purcell. Annie Lennox and the London City Voices perform "Dido's Lament" socially distanced
  9. . Sonnet No. 135 In our genes is what makes us who we are; The initials decoded as roadmap Marks our journey’s path as an avatar, But in the info’s void, souls overlap. The Master Geneticist planned it so, And no Frankenstein tinkering should be Man’s hubris and bigoted Jim Crow ‘Gainst our Maker’s plan, that they plainly see. But, you and I can smile in our “D ‘n’ A,” For you plus me equals God’s distinction, And His granting of Love upon the day We wed will be His chart’s true completion. Sonnet N
  10. Here's one to brighten your day
  11. Thank you for your warm comments, Parker. In regards to No. 134, I'll say technically speaking that poem is a bit ambitious. Arguably the most challenging place to put the pivot point in a Sonnet is at the very end, at the start of the couplet. Your remarks here give me hope the poem 'works' despite this unusual arrangement. Thanks again. I really appreciate your support
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