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    These eyes of mine, desiring beautiful things,
    and their spirits wrapped up in their fitness,
    seek no other able vitality than 
    to ascend to the heaven that looks after them. 
        From heights of the highest stars
        descends one, united splendor
        to enlight what desire draws them to; 
        and what is rightly called by the name of love.
    And so, for another of gentle heart,
    that can fall in love, and burn and tell him 
    his looks are there in the face that looks after him. 
    Michelangelo Buonarroti
    1. MichaelS36


      Simply splendid. Thank you for taking the time to share these, AC. 

    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      @MichaelS36 Thank you. This one I found really, really difficult. Michelangelo was a manneristic painter and sculptor, so it only follows his poetry should be too. And this one, it is... 

      N. 107

      Gli occhi miei vaghi delle cose belle,

      E l'alma insieme della sua salute

      Non hanno altra virtute

      Ch'ascenda al ciel che rimirar in elle.


      Dalle più alte stelle

      Discende uno splendore,

      Che'l desir tira a quelle;

      E quel si chiama amore.


      Ne d'altro ha gentil core,

      Che lo innamori, & arda, e che'lconsigli

      Ch'un volto che ne gli occhi lor simigli. 


    3. MichaelS36


      I don't speak Italian but I believe you, AC. And well, it seems Michelangelo was a good a poet as he was sculptor and painter. 

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