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  1. AC Benus

    Parting from Him

    Oh, the highest compliment of all! Hugs
  2. Oh, boy, they're getting ready for the prom. Lots of laughs abound, and thanks for this
  3. AC Benus

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    A great chapter. I like the idea of the puffin picture. It's a cross-generational way to ease Max into the family, and with the young man's artistic bent, maybe it will inspire more artwork of the kind. As always, the integration will not be 100% easy or smooth, but it seems realistically portrayed here that everyone is trying their best. As always, very well written
  4. AC Benus

    MS19 - Brainlock

    It's well-written and pulled me right along. One thing I wonder is how much time has passed since the camp firings and Andy sitting down to write his paper at the end. It seems he's still in college, so it can't have been that long ago....right? There is still hope that the two of them can be united, either while still in school or afterwards. Well done
  5. AC Benus

    Blank Paper

    I believed you helped each other by writing this, but I'm sad to think two such gifted artists worry their creative powers won't reach people anymore. As you can see from the response to this poem, that is not the case. Hugs for both of you
  6. AC Benus

    Two Blue Poems

    I know it's part of the seasonal pull to reflection, but the first blue poem seems to be on a theme you need not worry about. There are plenty who will have counted their life invariably richer for having had you in it. You can count me for one. I'm struck by the beauty of these two lines: Mortality, at any stage, makes some to weep and others rage For the second one, you have chosen an Elegy form. In a perverse way, this makes me smile. A blue poem, so you chose a blue format, and I think having worked through the poetry prompt placed this form in your poet's toolbox. For that I am grateful, as I think this mourning poem really works. Reading this, I can see how this form can become addictive a la Tennyson, and that is high praise indeed.
  7. AC Benus

    Parting from Him

    Thanks for reading this one, Tim. I agree that the images in this poem are all so strong and clear. Li Bai was known for that, that and loving his wine and boys -- yes, he's the Chinese Omar Khayyam
  8. AC Benus

    Parting from Him

    . Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai wrote one the greatest same-sex love poems of all time. This verse is well known, but hopefully you like my translation too ---------------------------------- 送友人 李白 青山橫北郭, 白水繞東城。 此地一為別; 孤蓬萬里征。 浮雲游子意 落日故人情。 揮手自茲去 蕭蕭班馬鳴。 ---------------------------------- Parting from Him Li Bai Blue Mountains roam beyond the town’s north wall, As water runs clear to the city’s east. We’ve come to this spot – just to separate; Lone dandelions on thousand-mile trips. And travelers’ cloudy thoughts often feel Like sunsets parting dear friends and their love. While calling back to each other, our shouts Sound like colts separated from the herd. _

    "...The moon, pillowed on his bower of cloud,

    Seems drowsy amid this macabre scene,

    While the gaunt winds beat wings softly aloud

    With dire warning for my ears most keen.

    Though the dark births monsters beyond control,

    Still a thousand times my courage blends

    With the fire of my consuming soul

    To go with it where’er my heart wends.


    Then I spy you with your subdued elation

    Buoyed atop sweet looks meant for me.

    My heart draws us without separation

    So each breath I take, you clearly see.

    There, rose-colored weather like spring appears

    To settle across your mellow face,

    Making me entreat the heavenly spheres

    How a man stands this worthy of grace...."



    1. Mikiesboy


      Wonderful!! muah xox

    2. AC Benus
    3. Lyssa


      That is so beautiful! Muha

  10. AC Benus

    Es schlug mein Herz

    Thank you for reading it, Tim. The way my translation reads is an attempt to bring the theater of the original to English. Before recently, I did not know his language is so 'modern' in its usage. I did not know because all the translations of Goethe's work I've ever read quake with thees and thous, so I thought he was unimaginative. Wrong. Turns out on the translators were Thanks again for your support. I means a lot to me
  11. AC Benus

    Bluegrass Symphony

    Yes, it's true - the woods out here are creepy in their silence. It seems deserted compared to the symphony of life, as you so eloquently put it, of forests back East. I miss it too
  12. For topics and themes in Changes (I'm honored to create the first story discussion forum for Promising Author, Mikiesboy )
  13. AC Benus

    Dead-Composers Society

    Following on the heels of our 'Live-Poets Society' over in the Writer's Corner, I thought we'd do something similar with classical music. The goal of this thread is to share videos on classical music we like. The idea is to introduce our fellow enthusiasts to pieces and composers we may or may not have heard of. Post a link to a video with a few words of introduction; mainly along the lines of who and how the piece interests you personally. Naturally, I encourage feedback on what others post, and suggest we all keep an open mind [[needless to say, the composers do not have to be deceased, lol, but it may help]]
  14. AC Benus

    Dead-Composers Society

    Have you ever found yourself wondering if Ancient Trojans yodeled? Well, so did Offenbach and he decided "Yes!" Here is an awesome performance of the finale of La Belle Hélène. What wonderful satire on, and if, Neo-classicalism has any value to the modern world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7trldSOwvoA And here is also the bombshell trio from act three where it's decided "to hell with sacrificing the virgins; it's time a married man steps up to bat." (because men, don't ya know, can do everything better than women, is the satire at hand.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROtte5cDJ08
  15. Hi and Welcome! This is an open thread, intended for poets to help one another on GA. It's not tied to any one piece, but a forum where we can exchange ideas, get feedback on a project we're intending to post, or one that's already up. Questions and advice are always welcomed, so don't be shy about stopping by now and again to say 'hey.'
  16. Our dear friend @Lyssahas made a translations of a Michelangelo poem. I advise each and every one of you to go and read it on her blog. Be sure to leave her some nice comments too :)



  17. AC Benus

    My Brat

    The relationship between a fella and his horse is a special one Glad you've found one who prefers bareback -- au naturale is always best, or so I've been told. I see you playing with the Lyric form, and I think it's great. Be sure to check out the newest Zero to Hero chapter, as it's the revised and expanded version of the Lyrics Poetry Prompt. Thanks for sharing with us!
  18. AC Benus

    Chapter 4

    So you get them down to their skivvies -- darn mud -- place bowls of yumminess in their hands, even bother to butter their bread (I may add!), and give us one of the hottest kisses I've encounter on GA for quite some time.... And then reality has to set in? Poo. I'm with everyone who foresees this "reticence" having a low shelf life. But when you light that fire again between these two, I imagine the dutch oven lid will nearly pop off. I'm looking forward to seeing that, and know you can handle the details just right. This is a well-written chapter, and I particularly like the way you ended it. Not exactly as sweet as a downed can of fruit cocktail, but a nice cherry on top

    All night long in love, in the darkness, passing through

    your lips, my love –

    Breathing the same breath, being folded in the same

    sleep, losing sense of Me and Thee,

    Into empyreal regions, beloved of the gods, united, we

    ascend together.


    Then in the morning on the high hill-side in the sun,

    looking down upon the spires of the larches and Scotch firs,

    Mortal, we tread again the earthy floor.


    O Earth, the floor of heaven –

    O Sun, shining aloft in the sky so pure –

    O children of the sun, ye flowers and streams, and little mortals walking

    the earth for a time –

    And we too gazing for a time, for a time, for a time,

    into each other's eyes.

                                                                                                                    Edward Carpenter





    Together for three and a half decades, until Edward's death, Carpenter and George Merrill were Europe's most famous out couple. Carpenter was the English language's first Gay Rights activist, publishing non-stop about our oppression and the days of liberation to come.


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      Love this AC … wonderful. 

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      brilliant and thanks for the information and the picture... wonderful

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      Parker Owens

      Heart-stoppingly wonderful. Thank you! 

  20. AC Benus

    Keep Quiet

    You have a gift, Albert. That's the way a Story Description should be written! From the first word to the last, it pulls the reader to deeper and deeper intrigue. It's really nice to see you posting a new piece of fiction. Best of luck!
  21. AC Benus


    I don't know if you can see it in your country, but here is First and Second Law, by Flanders and Swann. "That's entropy, man." The First Law of Thermodymamics: Heat is work and work is heat Heat is work and work is heat Very good! The Second Law of Thermodymamics: Heat cannot of itself pass from one body to a hotter body (scat music starts) Heat cannot of itself pass from one body to a hotter body Heat won't pass from a cooler to a hotter Heat won't pass from a cooler to a hotter You can try it if you like but you far better notter You can try it if you like but you far better notter 'Cos the cold in the cooler with get hotter as a ruler 'Cos the cold in the cooler with get hotter as a ruler 'Cos the hotter body's heat will pass to the cooler 'Cos the hotter body's heat will pass to the cooler First Law: Heat is work and work is heat and work is heat and heat is work Heat will pass by conduction Heat will pass by conduction Heat will pass by convection Heat will pass by convection Heat will pass by radiation Heat will pass by radiation And that's a physical law Heat is work and work's a curse And all the heat in the Universe Is gonna cooool down 'cos it can't increase Then there'll be no more work and there'll be perfect peace Really? Yeah - that's entropy, man! And all because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which lays down: That you can't pass heat from the cooler to the hotter Try it if you like but you far better notter 'Cos the cold in the cooler will get hotter as a ruler 'Cos the hotter body's heat will pass to the cooler Oh, you can't pass heat from the cooler to the hotter You can try it if you like but you'll only look a fooler 'Cos the cold in the cooler will get hotter as a ruler That's a physical Law! Oh, I'm hot! Hot? That's because you've been working! Oh, Beatles - nothing! That's the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics!"
  22. AC Benus

    Sweet and Sour

    I guess blondies can make everything better I do have to agree with others that Don's actions with the child protective officers seemed a bit rash. But knowing them, I can believe he'd do and say exactly what he did. Also knowing Louis, I can see he'd agree and stand up for his man. And it's good news Louis can arrange hours like that with his office, very good news indeed.
  23. AC Benus

    My First French Kiss

    Thanks for reading, Wayne! Yes, in NorCal, I don't really feel that waterfall of humidity like back home. Thank you again for checking out some of my work.
  24. AC Benus

    My First French Kiss

    lol, five fires... getting the stake ready for me too LOL. Just kidding. Thank you for reading, Def. Always appreciated
  25. AC Benus

    Bled the Blood


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