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  1. Ah ha! Not exactly an answer, but I found the original 1897 version of "A Winter Elegy". This considerably longer poem is dedicated to J. F. H. So there is your answer, although who it could be in relation to Mr. Howe would take some digging to uncover. A schoolmate I would imagine. https://archive.org/details/shadowsx00howeiala/page/18/mode/2up
  2. I think Howe and I would both agree your pen has produced some mighty worthy verse, my dear friend
  3. It's my honor, @JACC, to share the wonderful same-sex love poems I have encountered through the years. Your poem is wonderful and reminds me of many Japanese ones I have read. Perhaps you might consider posting some of your verse on GA...? Thanks again
  4. @Parker Owens Thank you, Parker. The poem that inspired both Longepierre and Moore is an ancient Greek one surviving in the collection began by Meleager (added to by later editors and known to us as the Greek Anthology). Thanks for reading this; Thomas Moore does not get the recognition he deserves today due to long, pointed neglect in British circles of this most brilliant (and patriotic) of Irish poets.
  5. . Five Poems for Winter “Whom the Gods Love” “Whom the gods love die young” – if gods ye be, Then generously might ye have spared to us One from your vast unnumbered overplus, One youth we loved as tenderly as ye. A Winter Elegy for J. F. H. Now he is gone, I would not find These waters summer-fair, Girt round with meadows bland and kind; The rigors of the winter wind
  6. @Parker Owens Was there anything in there about her performances being raided by the police? I can see that happening 1950s America, as the powers-that-be persecuted, arrested and tried to ruin Allen Ginsberg for standing up in public and acknowledging Gay people exist in the world
  7. @Parker Owens Dear Parker, I hope you had a chance to listen to the performance as well. She calls these lyrics sacred, and while she's singing them, they do become hypnotic in the way the Torah lists all the so-and-so begat so-and-so. I think it's all wonderful, and being as open as this was beyond brave. Thanks for your comments!
  8. Anyone want to hazard which one is me...? I was 6 years old at the time


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    2. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Maybe I agree with Ma’mselle Clochette. Or one to the left…

    3. chris191070


      Red coat on the right, sat close to Santa 

    4. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      No, no. I thought my Gay Boy status was easy to read... The kid in the quilted blue satin coat. That's me! :) 

  9. . Love and Friendship or, the story of Alcander and Septimius (Taken from a Byzantine Historian) Athens, even long after the decline of the Roman empire, still continued as the seat of learning, politeness, and wisdom. Theodoric, the Ostrogoth, repaired the schools which barbarity was suffering to fall into decay, and continued those pensions to men of learning, which avaricious governors had monopolized. In this city, and about this period, Alcander and S
  10. Happy Thanksgiving


    1. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Somehow reminiscent of Vince Guaraldi. I love it! 

  11. . 'Tis love that murmurs in my breast And makes me shed the secret tear; Not day nor night my heart has rest, For night and day his voice I hear. A wound within my heart I find, And oh! 'tis plain where love has been; For still he leaves a wound behind Such as within my heart is seen. Oh, bird of love, with song so drear, Make not my soul the nest of pain. Oh, let the wing which brought thee here In pity waft
  12. Thank you, Parker. I have another gem from Goldsmith, and now that we have read about how same-sex love was portrayed in ancient novels, his story will fit in beautifully!
  13. . from Coming Out Issues for Gay and Lesbian Mental Health Professionals in Voluntary and Involuntary Settings Unlike racial minorities, who are usually recognized by common physical characteristics, most Gay and Lesbian individuals are challenged continuously with whether to self-disclose their orientation (come out) in almost every social, and in many professional, situations. The Gay or Lesbian therapist faces a decision other minority-group therapists do not confront,
  14. Thank you, Parker. There were challenges translating each of the three, but I kept true to original line lengths and music of the metre. And they are (the originals), as you can see, mostly Free Verse
  15. I believe it's the traditional setting, but I don't know for sure...
  16. .

    "Blue skies shall overarch me at the end

    When innocent sleep will aid my choosing

    To venerate the grass in which I’ll lie

    With a poet’s troubled untroubled eye.


    Do soothing thoughts these words portend? –

    As if choice is of our own perusing

    And every love a melted lover’s sigh

    Reborn fresh under some new warm-weather sky.


    But for today, if only now, pretend

    There’ll be no winning if some the losing

    Face in the winter welkin by and by,

    With souls upturned pure on the day they die.


    So blue shall overarch us in the end

    When innocent sleep will aid our choosing

    To venerate the grass in which we lie

    With a poet’s troubled untroubled eye."

    —John Clare


  17. "Let my prayer arise in thy sight as incense, and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice. Lord, I have called to thee, hear me! Attend to the voice of my prayer when I call to thee! Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord, keep watch over the door around my lips! Incline not my heart to words of evil, to invent excuses for my sins. Let my prayer arise in Thy sight as incense, and let the lifting up of my hands Be an evening sacrifice."
  18. . Odes for my Friend, Behrisch First. Transplant this lovely tree, Gardener, as he yammers to me; So thrice happier the soil be To receive a trunk such as he. Still, his nature has the strength To withstand the earth's sucking envy, Along with the air's corrupting rot, By resistance of remedy. See how he bursts in spring With pale green armor-like foliage; Their orange-oil fragrance rep
  19. Thank you, Parker. Chopin was considered a major novelist, and she imbibed the same literary waters as a girl as many of the great writers: Maya Angelou; Eugene Field; Tennessee Williams; T.S. Eliot; William S. Burroughs; and hundreds of others (like AC Benus...) from the magical fount of blessings bubbling in Saint Louis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Writers_from_St._Louis
  20. AC Benus

    Chapter 1

    As with many of your tales, you subtly show the reader their lives float above a world far more dark and dangerous than they realize. The protagonist here may have just sidestepped a similar fate to the victim's; that is assuming army-cut guy really does not remember the one and only witness to the deli counter altercation. Thrilling, as always, my friend. Well done
  21. I must shout my love for Emerson! Who combined poetry in prose more perfectly in the English language than he? His work is an inspiration for the ages. Thanks once again, Parker
  22. . from Friendship, an essay It is certain, the best method to cultivate this virtue is by letting it, in some measure, make itself; a similitude of minds or studies, and even sometimes a diversity of pursuits, will produce all the pleasures that arise from it. The current of tenderness widens as it proceeds; and two men imperceptibly find their hearts filled with good nature for each other, when they were at first only in pursuit of mirth or relaxation. Friendship is like
  23. Thanks, Parker. The inclusion of the Our Town playwright was ballsy, not became Wilder's orientation was ever in doubt, but after his death, his cashing-in sister (who'd won his literary estate after his death), hired a team of loud lawyers to keep her moneymaker's image free of the H-word taint. She'd sued -- and won -- against many who'd even casually mentioned her brother's private relationships, and Martin Greif (The Gay Book of Days, 1982) only included "T.W. - American Playwright" in his list of those he dare not name for reasons of legal exposure. So that Morse published the name in the same year as Greif's reluctance to says a great deal about Carl Morse's bravery
  24. I listened to this today. A former royal butler breaks down the daily meal schedule for royals (circa 1960). There are even more of them than in Regency times!




  25. Another contribution from Bennett Cerf's 1952 Good for a Laugh


    There are a number of allegedly living and solvent citizens

    (Jim Marshall does the alleging) whose names and addresses

    make complete sentences. Here's the evidence:


    Hans R. Dirty, Jr., Goan, Wash.

    Quoth D. Raven, Never, Mo.

    G. Thirza Mighty, Pritty, Miss.

    Ide Lamy, Down, N.D.

    Lettice Finder, Shady, Del.

    F. U. Pager, Income, Tex.

    I. M. Phelan, Slightly, Ill.

    Daniel Inner, Lyons, Tenn.

    Wish I. Newther, Reese, N.Y.

    C. U. Sunday, Early, Mass.

    Allis Frenza, Deadan, Conn.

    R. R. Crossing, Look, N.C.

    Will U. Raider, Cookie, Ga.



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