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  1. AC Benus

    Woodland Walk

    Yes! Real Haiku! Each and every one of them is a gem, my friend. I particularly like the word painting of a toad pausing upon a sea of grass. You've lifted my spirits today
  2. AC Benus

    Chapter 12

    A beautiful chapter! I love the inclusion of the poetry
  3. Thank you, headtransplant! The dance is my favorite part of the poem. I'm very happy you singled it out for mention
  4. AC Benus


    Parker, thank you and I hope your post Demon Dream slumbers were unperturbed. Once more, thank you for reading, commenting and supporting my work. You're wonderful to do it
  5. AC Benus


    Thank you, headtransplant, very much. I imagine the 'what if' is, Yukei and Tarago would have gone on their way after a hearty breakfast the next morning. But even so, how long would it have been before the ogre's mystical song lured in more humans to test? By your comments, I can tell you did enjoy reading and thinking about this piece, and that you found it beautiful as well is a wonderful extra! Thank you again
  6. AC Benus


    . Just then, within the house, Tarogo had woken When the old woman’s sounds Of happy chattering Had interrupted sleep. Turned over now, he tried To fall asleep once more, But the bodily pain Rumbling from his famished Stomach kept him alert. What’s more, it kept his brain As restless as his gut. His rationale spun that, ‘She said she’d make breakfast Once the morning appeared’— Like iron to magnet, His glance flew over to The one restricted place— ‘So in there must be where Sh
  7. What if, my friend. What if? I think Tarogo asked himself a similar question earlier in the evening. Only one more installment to go, Parker. And there is nothing the woman would like better than to go to be still happy with her self-discovery
  8. . While Tarogo reclined, Re-hearing this old tale He had known as a boy, He thought this opening Of the story gruesome And perhaps a local Variance on the theme. All he knew was of how The clever young rabbit, For love of the old man, Got Badger’s punishment. Rabbit's revenge he knew. The two visitors felt At ease and comfortable, While under them, the wood Flooring around the hearth Brought heat from the embers All through their bodies. For, although it was June, Mount Adatar
  9. Thanks, headtransplant. The next segment I'm posting might address your question concerning Yukei's soul. And I really like the spinning both flax and her tale Next part up in a few mins
  10. . I feel the truth in his body Later: Everything is okay again and I didn't have to move downstairs after all. He slept alone on the beach [last night] because he needed some sleep. Doesn't get much with me. But that's his own fault for being so incredibly beautiful. We wake up two or three times in the night and start all over again[.] The ceiling is very high like the loft of a barn and the tide is lapping under the wharf. The sky amazingly brilliant with stars. The wind blows the door wide open, the gulls are crying. Oh, Christ. I call him baby like you call Butch, tho
  11. AC Benus

    Following On

    Thank you, Parker, for a wonderful set of comments. I particularly like your mentioning a wide sky. Thanks again
  12. Well, the fairytale of the song may be grim (as in very Grimm indeed!), but many of them are. How else is it that children are supposed to learn...? Thanks for reading and commenting, Parker. You're the best
  13. . Warmer now, the travelers Stretched ‘round the robata, Or the sunken hearth Of the main living space. Half the shack was mud floor, Compacted down rock-hard, Where messy things were done – Including the cooking. Where Yukei and servant Reclined with outstretched legs Was where the old lady, Or indeed everyone Known as ‘down to earth’ folks, Spun and smoked; dreamed and died. Tarogo’s mind drifted, Seemingly with the smoke, Up to the charred rafters Being licked upon by Feeble ligh
  14. AC Benus

    Following On

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, headtransplant. Your description of this work is excellent. "Beautiful and horrible." Thanks again
  15. A funny bit starting 16:40 - Benny gets a chance to go to Oxford University, if he can find it, that is. Winds up in a little town called Marmalade-on-Crumpet, what, what! 


    1. ancientrichard


      I've never put marmalade on a crumpet though my homemade lime and lemon marmalade might work well. In the past I've used honey, but recently I usually have Bovril.   :2thumbs:

  16. I think it's a tad overcooked, don't you?
  17. Two poems from Robert Nichols. During the First World War, Nichols was often anthologized and greatly admired as a soldier poet. Some of the graphic scenes I've read from him are worthy of study and remembrance today. Here are two poems from him: the first, a War Sonnet; and second a rhapsodic piece he wrote in 1918. In context of one another, they are very telling. Begin, O guns, your giant requiem Over my lovely friend the Fiend has slain From whom Death has not snatched the diadem Promised by Poetry; for not in vain Has he a greater glory now pu
  18. AC Benus

    Following On

    . Some one hour later, The trail growing dimmer With each footfall they made, And the shadows taking The last hue from the plants, Tarogo stopped to light The wick in the lantern. It was while he was stooped The sound first came to him. Nearly toppling over, Thinking the meadow grass Had somehow conjured song, And was singing to him. He jolted to his feet, But Yukei raised his hand To keep his servant hushed. For deep from within the Sea of switchgrass prairie, The men could hear a chant Rise
  19. "Her eyes are up there, Veronica..."
  20. AC Benus

    Light within Dark

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Parker. I really appreciate it
  21. . I need a new master; A new and better one!’ The servant’s mood was tried And worn out through travel. Now this desolate road – Just a ribbon of dirt – Seemed to be the last straw. ‘Didn’t he consider The late hour we struck out? Now, stuck in the nowhere; No people, no houses, No place to bed, no…oh.’ A new thought hit him hard. ‘Nothing for my stomach!’ He glanced up at the man Walking in front him, The re-hashed notion come: ‘I need a new master.’ The plains surrounding them Wer
  22. AC Benus


    Yes, hold your bowl up high. More is coming
  23. Goodness, the snow is beautiful, but it's something to see a cat perched so perfectly amidst that much delicate glassware
  24. AC Benus


    . Demon Dream Prelude: Once, when an old woman came to perish As truant exile on a barren plain, Her fragile limbs snapped, not letting her rise; So in the spiteful dirt she writhed in pain. All the fear she still composed, feared this death. Being cut off now, she fought that unknown; Though it drained strength and stole the time still left, She fought for it, for what else had she known? Remembered, past memories began to rage, The woe of life, a moment to endure: From father who sold he
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