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  1. What movie do I belong to?

    "I love snowglobes." (pause) "I can hear the ocean!"

    1. Reader1810


      Legally Blonde 2! :D 


      Wait! Should I admit to knowing this? :unsure: 

    2. Ron


      Right you are @Reader1810 Legally Blonde & 2 are silly, fun things meant to be enjoyed just for what they are. So why not enjoy them?!

    3. Reader1810



      I admit, I did enjoy them. :D 

  2. Congratulations on your promotion, Tim (Mikiesboy)!
  3. My understanding is that you're frustrated about what you can and cannot say (or is that get away with?) here on GA politically, but the guidelines are clear enough. What's the alternative? Would you have Myr open Gay Authors to a maelstorm of political discontent? No, you say the rules are there for a reason and rightly so. I sympathize with you, both for your feelings and your individual (and collective) plight in this world. For what it's worth, I think you're smart enough and clever enough to make your point without breaking the political comment rules -- however blurry they may seem.
  4. Egads and gadzooks—Boston hit 85F today. There’s nothing like putting the air conditioner in your second-story window (by yourself) on a hot sunny day, but hot-diggity (or maybe it’s cool-diggity) that feeling of relief afterward.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Reader1810


      And, here I am in Toronto just leaving windows open this past week. There have been a few warm days in May, but they’re a rarity. 

    3. Ron


      @Daddydavek Well, you are considerably farther south.

    4. Ron


      @Reader1810 I used to live in Toronto (3 years) in the late 90’s and I found the weather here in Boston to be very similar to it there. The current temperature is unusual for late May/early June. We’ll be back to normal tomorrow, but the air-con had to go in at some point anyway.

  5. I've been digging Amen Dunes newest release - Freedom (the whole album). Here is an example...
  6. Best wishes for a happy birthday, Myr.
  7. So... Batman, huh? I can see it now... We give you, Robert Pattinson. The new—Vampire Bat!
  8. Ron

    Snack table!

    Happy birthday, belated.
  9. It looks like you came full circle. Oh, and stop whining. (chuckles) I’m still paying attention, if a little removed.
  10. Them: "I believe I'm right."

    Me: "Believing you're right and being right are two totally different things."

    Them: "I don't believe that's true.


    1. Daddydavek


      I'm speechless too!

    2. Timothy M.
  11. Ron

    Chapter 15

    Substitute bacon for the sausage in the recipe and you’ll have a whole ‘nother topping and need for American style biscuits.
  12. Congratulations on this furthering promotion, Parker Owens.
  13. For those who might be interested: Amazon has Microsoft Office Home download at $99 (six users) for one year. While this is the usual offer, if you look on the page where it says Version, you'll see a box that reads Home + $50 Amazon.com Giftcard. Click on that and make the purchase, and you'll get a download version of Microsoft Office Home (six users) for $49.99 +tax and an Amazon gift card for $50 in the mail. This is a darn good deal if you know you will use the gift card at some point. I currently use the least expensive version of Word 2013 (not even Office), so I made the leap to subscription and bought the deal, which I will share with family (who don't live with me - because you can do that, it's allowed) with each person getting 1TB of One Drive storage. This is a today only deal people.

    1. Reader1810


      I currently have the student version of MS 2011 as I didn’t want to pay big bucks for something I use at home. 


      This is sounds like a good deal.


      Thanks for the the heads up, Ron. 



  14. Author, are you a wordsmith? If not, beware...


    The Word Police


    I thought this linked article from the Boston Globe an interesting read worth sharing.

    1. Daddydavek


      A "badass" article!

  15. I read it once online and then again when I bought the graphic novels—to support the artist/author, plus as a thanks for putting it online for everyone to read. Maybe it’s time for me to revisit the boys.
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