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  1. Penn's POV about the conversation with his brothers would be good too... just throwing that out there. I'd love to read how he, Ryan, and Logan plotted and executed that sweet move on "poor unsuspecting Nash" and then the follow-up after the high five. But I'll also take whatever you give me @Mrsgnomie
  2. What a rollercoaster of emotions these two (and Mrsgnomie) have put us through. Mature communication with a little bit of humor. Perfect recipe for a successful relationship going forward.
  3. This is such a tough scenario. I feel like Penn's family can see that both of these fools belong together. Their methods are just off-putting and downright trashy but they are pushing them towards a goal: Realize what you had/have and make a decision. I commented on last chapter that I wanted Jason to be Penn's HEA, but after this chapter it's very obvious that these two cannot just have a platonic friendship. Loved the chapter Mrsgnomie. I graciously await the next installment.
  4. It would be awesome for their characters to get their HEA together. Let's see how Mrsgnomie weaves this web!
  5. Jason is a great choice for these exact reasons. That whole misunderstanding and then not trying to hash is out and ignoring Penn only come back and try to "win him back" just doesn't sit right with me. Personally I'm pulling for Jason and a move to California. Let Penn sell the house to Nash since he's so attached to it, and let Nash meet someone new and have his happily ever after too. This story could literally go anywhere at this point and this is what makes it amazing, in my eyes.
  6. Nash. Jason. Neither. At this point, it's gonna be a rollercoaster either way
  7. A grand hot mess of desperation and apologies and lust. And jealousy.
  8. I hope Lee is indeed the "storm" that's coming.
  9. C.K.

    Chapter 11

    I absolutely love the ending, but then again I "got" the hidden clue. So beautiful. Thank you
  10. Glad to hear that you and your family are alive and well
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Even after this all these years I still check on story updates from LittleBuddah and HYLAS

  13. I've entered the twilight zone: No More Puppy Stibbs :-(

  14. C.K.

    Chapter 7

    C'mon Damien! Connect the dots. But I wonder if Kayden would tell the truth even if asked. Another excellent chapter.
  15. C.K.

    Chapter 6

    Poor kayden but it looks like he's found some people who care for him. I'm very happy that it looks like Garin has come around. Another well done chapter. Thank you
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