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  1. Okay. But it's gonna have to wait. I'm limiting myself to one story a month and August's is already loaded. Let me see what I come up with.
  2. Well, this is fun. A construction crew pierced a water main yesterday and today 1/4 million people have no water in the Fort Lauderdale area. They hope repairs will be completed this afternoon but we may not get service back until tomorrow. No showers and no flushing. Pools and the ocean may be the only way to clean up. Some hotels have been evacuated and restaurants are closing down.

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    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      If we're out tomorrow morning, I'll be in Miami. :)


    3. ancientrichard



      to you and all your friends and neighbours

    4. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Temporary fix in place but a boil water order is in effect until further notice. I get to shower tonight!

  3. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 48

    Arad's definitely ruined for anyone else. Dr: What brings you in today? Arad: I was mauled and impaled by a tiger...
  4. You're welcome! No matter where I stopped there would have been unresolved issues. I wanted to end with a happy, poignant story and didn't think a longer ending would improve the experience that much. I didn't realize using surnames as first names was an American thing. LOL When my youngest brother and his wife were tossing around potential names for their first kid, I suggested using her maiden name. Cooper would work for either a boy or a girl. My nephew's name is Cooper. CJ and Owen wanted to honor their friend Lincoln when their second child was born. Since it turned out to be twins, they picked two other presidents to name the boys after. We all know about CJ's admiration for Thomas Jefferson so that was one name. The other kid's named after Theodore Roosevelt. Owen chose the name because Teddy was an early environmentalist.
  5. Thanks, Jack! CJ's going to be a hard act to follow. The man wormed his way into my heart as much as he did with readers. I hope what I'm planning/writing gets at least as much love as CJ and his crew have. See you soon!
  6. I can't believe I posted this a year ago! The story's written, edited, and loaded. It'll go live mid-August. The time to get a story ready is so damn long when you try to get it right. I think it'll be worth it. I like it so much, I have a couple more in the plans. Haven't started writing them, but I hope they'll be ready a heck of a lot faster than this one. Story related ideas often come to me while riding the motorcycle. Something about the engine noise and vibration puts me into the right frame of mind. Earlier today, the thoughts were for a story I have on my potential list but won't even look at writing until sometime late next year. Of course, I returned home and had to jot down everything which lead to about an hour of preliminary outlining. And it all revolves around Will Bender and his neighbor Mrs. Griffon aka Animal Lady. LOL All that came to me while riding!
  7. Charlottesville Murderer James Alex Fields Jr. Gets Life Plus 419 Years.

    That is the white supremacist who ran a car into the crowd killing Heather Heyer. I fictionalized the events in my short story Hunting Season.

    What a waste of taxpayer money, the death penalty would have been a better choice.


    1. dughlas


      Oh, I don't know. There are bound to be some folks in there who will take issue with his viewpoint. Of course he'll have supporters too. His life isn't gonna be what he imagined.

    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Since he didn't get the chair, I hope he gets repeatedly raped by other inmates. Considering the frequency we incarcerate minorities, he'll be popular with at least the blacks and Hispanics behind bars. That twenty-two year old white boy will attract lots of attention. Let's hope he needs to wear diapers soon after he joins the regular population in prison.

    3. Daddydavek


      I think he got as much justice as the law allows.  A quick easy death is too lenient for him.  In addition, appeals of death sentences can in the end cost taxpayers more than incarceration.  While I'm not completely opposed to the death penalty, I would reserve it for mass or serial murderers or those who murder first responders.

  8. I've noticed the same thing while using updated versions of Firefox and Windows on an HP laptop.
  9. @geoff_8316

    Glad you found me!

  10. Watch it! If people start thinking I'm friendly it'll ruin my reputation. I'm flattered CJ brought you to Gay Authors and that the decision indirectly led to life changes. Best compliment you could pay any author! Thank you, Rick
  11. For what it's worth, I have a link to my GA page in my Instagram profile. I'm not overly active and don't have a lot of followers but you never know. Now that I'm done with my endless series, I plan to post cover art for each new story I publish on GA along with a link to it.
  12. As an author, it's often hard to read others' work and not do comparisons. How would I have framed the scene? How would I have the character say that? Unfortunately, it often detracts from enjoying what I read. I did exactly that with Mikiesboy's Changes, Again. Our differing styles meant certain sections I found jarring. Louis and Don's story would have been different if I had written it. But different does not mean bad. There's a certain honesty in this tale and others by the author I find captivating. Something I try to convey in my writing. A gay couple that has faced challenges before embark on a new adventure when they decide to help a young man in a wheelchair. This moving story does not need fireworks to shine brightly; it's simplicty's charming enough. Changes, Again is proof we don't need angsty, tortured romance to lure readers in and have them enjoy a story. I suggest you read both the original and the sequel. STRONGLY suggest.
  13. Hi, @Cia I held off replying in hopes some of the newer members would. It seems the same small group of people are the ones who always participate. As a couple others have mentioned, I came to GA following an author who ended up being banned from the site. I came back looking for something to read a few months later and haven't been able to kick the habit since. Cassie has mentioned a few times she found GA when she followed you here, and I know several members have chased me after first finding me on Nifty or CRVboy. @Talo Segura I spent six months or so reading, commenting on stories, and interacting in the forums. When I had the guts to write and post a story for an anthology, I had a built-in audience. My CJ series didn't become popular by chance. It took work to build up a fan base. Myr posted something about this a while back. Paraphrasing: You can build a following by writing outstanding stories or by being a social butterfly so all your 'friends' support you. By doing both, you ensure a larger reading group.
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