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  1. Carlos Hazday


    LMAO - You'll get another dose of CJ in a couple of days. Friday's still belong to him!
  2. Carlos Hazday


    I tried to make the entire chapter about family. It seemed appropriate to end it with the baby news. Let's see what I come up with between now and the birth.
  3. Carlos Hazday


    Thanks, bud. As with CJ proposing to Owen after a long build-up, we now get to wait for the baby's birth. Since this chapter takes place in November 2019 and the kid's due in April 2020, we only have to suffer for 5 months.
  4. Carlos Hazday


    Thanks, Tony!
  5. Carlos Hazday


    And we have a vote for one boy! If I had to start over, I'm not sure I would use the name for CJ or his dad. It's a pain with all those accents!
  6. Carlos Hazday


    Because I have the books done before I start posting, reader's suggestions and requests are rarely satisfied. Not sure how some authors keep multiple stories going, I looked at one recently with over a dozen marked as In Process. It's gotten to the point I rarely read anything unless it's marked as complete or I know the author has the story entirely written.
  7. Carlos Hazday


    We have our first entry into the sweepstakes! If I recall properly, fraternal twins are common with in vitro fertilization. Something about implanting multiple embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy.
  8. If I wasn't writing in the future already, I might have taken the guys to Capetown for the Mr. Gay World contest. The 2018winner was from Australia and I could have woven that in. Don't despair, CJ's going to work for the US State Department, you never know where he'll be posted.
  9. The number of scenes leading up to the proposal was on purpose. I wanted to surprise readers after lulling them into thinking it was just a regular ole' chapter. And for the record, that wasn't me writing the romantic stuff; the Romance Fairy temporarily took over my body.
  10. CJ may have a thing or two to say about Trump in future books, but this is it for heavy political content. I've tried to write a positive story and CJ's optimism is part of it. He's young enough to be an idealist although he's slowly learning we Americans don't always make the best choices come election time.
  11. Carlos Hazday


    @Kitt Hell, I have the same problem. It's taken a lot of willpower not to mention Liz leaving eggs for the guys. I'm certain they weren't meant for them when she froze them, but Liz was practical when she realized she wouldn't be able to use them herself. The kid will be 1/2 Abello and 1/2 Liston. How perfect is that?
  12. Carlos Hazday


    Between Gamon and Benjamin Mookjai, Fabricio Baravento, and Carolina Prado, their kid has friends before it's born. But no, I'm not writing so far into the future to cover their lives.
  13. Carlos Hazday


    @Daddydavek Fasteschapter to read? This one was over a thousand words longer than the last one! Wait until you read the story I'm working on right now. I'm experimenting with the thousand-words-a-chapter format! I can't remember exactly, but you may have been one of the people who cautioned me when I posted an excerpt from Summer way back when. I had a description of the dads' townhouse that sounded like a realtor's listing. I've tried to dribble things out and we'll get a few more tidbits next chapter when they reclaim possession of the house. And yes, they're stereotypical Millenials with the wealth to make most wishes come through. As for siblings for the baby, let me quote CJ: " And like you, we want to be our kids’ friends too." Notice the plural kids?
  14. Carlos Hazday


    Thanks! I want you to know my status update this morning was posted with you in mind. I figured you would question a chapter going live on a day other than Friday.
  15. Carlos Hazday


    You're one of a handful of people who know the kid's gender, so be careful. LOL Last year I got the presents on my birthday; I'm paying it forward. I may have overdone the sun today, I'm about to go harvest aloe leaves from one of my plants.
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