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  1. 3 days of rain, 5 cm's total, and the trees have burst their new growth pods ( :unsure: ) and are covered in green now. Grass is completely green and needing mowing. I know we are late this year, but I declare Spring has finally arrived :gikkle: 

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    2. Ashi


      We had rain a few days ago, IN MAY!  Rain in May in California!  WTF.  It's not a drizzle either (a very small storm lasted one hour, and then decided it should be sunny again like nothing had happened).  Last few days has been alternating between 78 and 60 degrees, it's like the weather hasn't decided it's Spring or late February yet.  I think it was in early May we had an one-day sale with 90+ degree....  Weather is crazy nowadays.

    3. wildone


      Well once this damn Covid is somewhat safe to travel, I plan a trip to California to see @viv and @shadowgod and do some tourist things. Can I rely on you for weather forecasts Ashi? :P  Maybe you can tell me the Costco where Costco Boy works ;) 

    4. Ashi


      Weather is no longer predictable.  LOL.  Your guess would be as good as mine.  I don't know where is Costco Boy is now..., so gotta live a life beyond that now....  Enjoy your trip here.  Dress in layers.

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