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  1. I received a letter - heavy grain champagne color high quality paper - from a firm mandated to look for heirs. It has offices all over France, Italy,  Spain, Luxembourg, Monaco and San Fran! Am I about to get rich from an unknown old aunt? :unsure2:

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    2. dughlas


      Are you the long lost love child of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg?

    3. clochette


      Don't get your hopes up about any big sums of cash. It's for the great aunt who passed away 3 years ago and even if she wasn't poor last we heard 6 months ago the notary still hadn't done his job of selling the apartment so after 3 years the bills for the apartment (coownership of the building) were still pilling. 

      In case of no direct heirs such as partner and or kids  like here the government take 70% of the money that's left, the notary and the genealogy agency take a percentage too. What's left will be divided by at least 35 to 50 people.

    4. wildone



      Just as long as they don't come looking for you for the bills that were pilling up. I know they can't do that here in N.A. I believe, but a take of 70% by the government of all assets :o That is criminal :( 

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