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  1. Evening Bertie what's up with you and your man?
  2. Late morning starting with a dip in the pool followed with a 25km bike ride. My legs are jello. Now steak!

    1. Marty


      All you need now is to go for a good run and, who knows, you might be representing France in the triathlon event in the next Olympic Games... ;) 

    2. clochette


      Me running?! You're funny Marty! :rofl: our bikes are electric though  mine ran out of batteries in the 20% hill to access the campground 

  3. Oh I will! I didn't pack the soothing cream as I had packed the sunscreen I'm lucky enough that it does t actually burn, it's just warm and a bit tickling, it'll probably turn into a tan in a few days
  4. Hi all, I hope you're all doing well and a for you my Sexy Lumberjack. First real day of holiday here. We took the car and followed the "cliffs path", a path going alongside the cliffs with nice little beaches all the way, it can also be done by feet. We then stopped on the Bonaparte beach - where French resistance was spending back English paratroopers - where we walked in the sea and had lunch and got sunburned (for our defense it was very cloudy in the morning). This afternoon we continued toward the pink granite coast, had a terrific ice cream and a nice walk. We had a nice dinner overlooking the boats and tiny islands. It rained when we left the restaurant but it was a very good day. With my glasses the sunburn on my face makes me look like Rudolph the reindeer...
  5. Spending a few days camping in bretagne with dad. The first few minutes on the campground  were interesting... he has forgotten to pack the metalic bars forming the structure of the tent :facepalm:

    Good thing the place isn't pack so we are now renting something  kind of like a mobile home: 2 bedroom and a wooden deck with a 4 burners stove, microwave,  coffeemaker,  sink and a garden table and chairs. 

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    2. Headstall


      Have fun, clo!! :hug: 

    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I hope you have a good time, Clo.  :hug:Thought Morgan and I might visit Sleepy Hollow, New York this Fall.  :yes:

    4. wildone


      Hmmmm, did he actually forget to pack the poles. 0:) Or did he know about the much more civilized accommodations ahead of time that would be conveniently there 😛 



  6. thats what popped in my head reading your post
  7. Massive thunderstorms have just hit with heavy rain though the heat hasn't drop 🥵
  8. Talking with the upstairs neighbors couple in the hallway, my apartment door open, their cat sneaks in. Him to her "your cat!" Her, very seriously "that's cause he smells pussy" obviously she was talking about Looping Me and him
  9. Dinner is a prime rib and bake potatoes with a sour cream/cottage cheese and chive sauce. Yum!
  10. 35°C! It's too hot, even my ass is sweating! I can't wait for next week. I'm leaving with dad for a little week in Bretagne. The forecast is for 25°C and we've found a small camping just by the sea. Sea, (no sex obviously) and sun sound like paradise.
  11. Appointment with the parents' banker this morning following mom's death. Mom didn't like him, said he's not the sharpest tool in the box. He's clearly missing the basics of professionalism too!

    He started the meeting by saying he was sorry for our loss and then asking how it happened, if she suffered... During the whole meeting he was dropping the f word every two sentences, took a call from a friend's kid and had a buddy conversation while we were sitting right in front of him, patronized and talked to me like I was a kid and asked me to take notes since I'm "still in school". I was fuming!

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    2. Slytherin


      I am so sorry for your loss 💔 I didn’t know your mother died Poor Clo :hug:

    3. clochette


      @Slytherin Thank :hug: it's ok, I didn't "advertised" it. She slipped into some kind of coma and passed away the next morning on the 15th. 

    4. Lux Apollo

      Lux Apollo

      Deepest condolences. 

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