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  1. After reading some old archives of Imagine Magazine, I know you like E.T. I thought you'd get a kick out of this:

    @Comicality I don't remember this part ever being in the movie. I think they probably cut it from the DVD. :rolleyes:

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    2. BHopper2


      Weird Science was awesome.


      As for E.T. ever noticed the scene they changed at the end? Instead of guns they pull when the craft opens up, they all grab phones and radios now.

    3. Comicality


      Yeah, that was a weird decision, with the radios and stuff. But better that than pretending the movie never existed. LOL! it took forever to find a copy of "Cloak And Dagger"! And, yes...there were literal assassins hunting down a oung boy with knives and guns and actually trying to MURDER him! Hahaha! In the 80's that was just considered 'adventure', I guess.



    4. BHopper2


      I recently watch Cloak and Dagger on HBO OnDemand. They start off in a modern version of DnD, like E.T. starts off with them playing DnD.


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