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  1. The first official trailer for the "Chucky" series was released today! I LOVE my favorite killer doll! Always have! Hehehe! But what's super cool about this series is 'Jake', the main character (Played by Zackary Arthur), is apparently going to be a GAY teen this time around. And I'm really interested in how they're going to work that into the story! Plus...CUTE!!! So, can't wait! Coming this October!
  2. "GFD: Children Of Sunset 8" Walking through town, I almost felt as though I was lost in a daze of some sorts. I just didn't feel like 'me' anymore, if that makes much sense. I felt like half of me was missing...and I found myself wandering around in the road, hoping to find it again and reattach it before the absence of Colby's presence swallowed me whole. It don't seem right to think it...but I feel like I've fallen in love. Not like...that kind of playground feeling of being sweet on some gal and blushing whenever she walks by. It was more than that. This was more like...wanting to do things for him that I couldn't do for myself. This was like going beyond my rapid heartbeat and my desire to kiss his lips over and over again until I nearly fell ut from the overload of joy that it brought to me. This was different. Selfless. A feeling that didn't really mean two bits of nothin' if I couldn't share it with him, and make him understand that all I wanted was for him to feel it too. I know he's another boy, just like me. And I know it ain't right for me to entertain thoughts like this. But it ain't like I can do much to help it. He's 'pretty' to me, you understand. My heart just knows it. My eyes don't lie. A part of me really wishes that he could be a girl so I wouldn't have any conflicts about thinking about him the way I do...but that's just not how things worked out. He's a boy. Loved by another boy. And if that's how the good Lord scheduled things to play out...then so be it. Because I can't quit on him. I just can't. I doubt I'd ever be able to live with myself without at least going out there to tell Colby how I really feel. It makes me nervous, sure...but looking him over makes me feel good inside. I just...I want him to feel good inside about looking me over too. I was heading home through the town square, trying to figure out how I was going to get my daddy distracted long enough to saddle up one of our horses after sunset and ride out to the outskirts of town to find Colby and warn him about what might be coming his way once that Gideon Priest fella and his outlaws go hunting for monsters out in his neck of the woods. It's best that Colby and his friends just move over to the side and stay out of their way. I don't want him and his friends to get hurt while he goes hunting for devils out that way. Best he steer clear of that kind of nonsense, that's for sure. But as I was walking through town, I happened to notice a few older boys circling up around that kid that came along with Priest and his squad of cowboys when they came rolling into town. I can't imagine what he might have done to anybody, outside of simply looking and dressing different than the rest of us. I don't even think he knew how to talk like we talk. His language sounded a bit sideways, but I reckon it made more than enough sense to him and to anybody who understood him. They kept fussing with him, pushing him around and calling him names while he simply tried to avoid the situation. He started to just walk away from them and keep his head down so as not to draw any more attention to himself. I suppose his father was busy inside with his crew of 'hunters' at the moment, and he looked like he just didn't want any trouble from the likes of a few bullies. I recognized some of them older boys from the schoolhouse, and I can tell you that I didn't much like them neither. Not even smart enough to learn at the level as the rest of us. They were just there to cause problems and kick up dust, really. It didn't take much more than a few growth spurts for them to start feeling proud of themselves. Shoving the younger kids around like walking these roads was some sort of birthright. Had I been a little bit bigger and a bit tougher, I definitely would have hauled off and bloodied their noses myself. Bunch of jackasses. As they pushed him backwards, the little boy worked up enough energy to say, "No trouble. No trouble!" I had never heard a 'China boy' talk straight English before. This was a first for me, and I stopped walking to see what would happen next. I was thinking that maybe I should step in and keep them other boys from picking on him they way they were. Way I see it, he wasn't bothering nobody. What was they pushing him around for? "NO TROUBLE!!!" He said again, and one of the older boys pushed him down on his back, right there in the dirt. "HEY!!!" I called out, not really thinking about what I was saying ahead of time. When they turned their angry eyes on me, I froze up something awful. I wasn't trying to get myself involved to the point where I might take an ass whooping myself...but as long as I was already tangled up in this mess, i reckon I might as well earn whatever beating they've got planned for me. "He ain't done nothing to none of y'all! Just you let him be!" "Well, well, well...if it ain't the sheriff's kid?" Said the biggest one of the group. He started walking towards me, and I felt myself getting mighty nervous, balling up my tin fists to give him as good as I got it if I had to. "You need to mind your own business, boy. Get back home and quit poking around in what we got going on around these parts. Run on home and keep us out of your focus, you lil' fucker." I could hardly catch my breath, expecting to take me a punch to the eye or the mouth any second now...but I didn't step back away from him. I found an ounce of manhood in me and stood my ground. Just like my daddy taught me when I was still a youngin'. "What you're doing ain't right. And you know it ain't right." I said, looking around him at the five or six other boys that were participating in the same act of cruelty. "None of y'all! Quit picking on a little boy and go find yourselves something productive to get into. He ain't done you no wrong, and you know it." The other boy got up from the ground and dusted himself off. I wasn't quite sure if he knew much of what I was saying, seeing as he had a whole different way of speaking...but I think he got the notion that I was standing up for him. He definitely knew that much. The tallest boy turned around and said, "Did we give you permission to get up? Huh? HUH???" "No trouble." The boy said again. "Please. No trouble." "Trouble? Oh you got a whole fucking wagon full of trouble the second you rolled into town! And now you've got to deal with it!" Him and his posse wasn't about to let up, but then...something else happened. Something that I wasn't expecting at all. When the oldest boy used his finger to push against the boy's chest...he reacted by swiftly grabbing his hand and twisting it so far to the left that I thought he was going to twist it right off of his wrist! It was SO fast! I ain't never seen another boy move so fast! And he pushed him away...saying, once again, "NO TROUBLE!!! No trouble!!!" But now that he was hurting, that only angered the main bully and all of them moved in for an attack all at once. And this is where my shocked and confused stare nearly caused me to go cross-eyed from what I was looking at. What the hell was going on??? All of a sudden, this boy began spinning around and lashing out at these bullies with the speed of a rattlesnake! Lord BLESS, he was fast!!! I couldn't even keep track of his hands! And his feet were even faster! I don't even think the dust could keep up with him as he put down a beating on those boys two or three at a time! I watched him spin around low to kick the legs out from under two of the boys, and move his shoulders and arms so darn fast that two of the other boys didn't even know their noses were bleeding before the had already stumbled backwards a few steps and fell right on their asses. Another boy took three or four rapid punches to his chest, and one to his stomach that, sure enough, knocked the wind out of him...only to be kicked right off of his feet to 'splash land' in one of the horse troughs behind him, folding him up like a baby as he crossed his arms over himself to deal with the pain of it all. That boy became a hellish whirlwind that not a single one of them were ready to deal with, and all I could do was stand back and watch as he made short work out of six or seven boys all at once. He jumped up and spun in a circle in the air to kick another one of the boys in the face, and then ran up the side of the wall to flip behind another one to elbow him twice in the ribs and pull him over his shoulder to push his face down in the dust. What kind of fighting was this??? I ain't never seen nothing like this before! He got to flipping and cartwheeling in ways that I ain't never bared witness to, and by the time he was finished...all of those brainless bullies were squirming around in the dirt like a bunch of sick hogs with a belly ache. They didn't stand a chance. Not a single one of them. That boy made short work of them in a matter of seconds, and I didn't even have enough time to be impressed by what he was doing before it was all over and done with. He was just that fast. He was facing the other direction when I stepped forward...and when I lightly placed my hand on his shoulder, he quickly spun around and his leg shot up to almost kick me dead in the FACE until I put both of my arms up, wide eyed, and surrendered immediately. His foot was literally inches from the tip of my nose, but he controlled himself and just held it there for a while. Can't say that I've ever seen anybody balance on one foot like that for any length of time. Much less even be flexible enough to kick that high. Scared that he might do to me the same thing that he did to those other boys, I tried to communicate with him. "No trouble..." I said. "No trouble." He saw the surrender in my eyes, and he put his foot back down on the ground as the other bullies scrambled to get to their feet and ran off like the cowards they were. Then he pointed to himself and said, "Xiodan..." I tried to mimic his gesture, pointing to myself, and said, "Deacon. But most people just call me Deke." "Deke. Ok." He said. "I'm sorry. Those boys are bullies. Ain't got the sense of a mudpie, my opinion." I told him. I was surprised when he said, "I told them I didn't want trouble. My father wanted me to stay out of conflicts." "You speak English?" "Yes. Some." He told me. "Most, I think." He added. With a grin, I said, "You sure did kick the shit out of those other boys! How did you do that? I can't say that I've ever seen nothin' like that before." "My father taught me. With discipline...since I was very young." He said. "I am not supposed to fight, though. Not unless it is necessary. My father doesn't like it when I use force." "Yeah, but...they were pushing you around. If I could do the stuff that you can do, I would have hurt them a heck of a lot worse than you did." But he looked down at the ground. "My father says that it's wrong to hurt people who don't deserve it. I shouldn't use my fists to solve my problems." "You don't think they deserved it? Even after pushing you down in the dirt?" He said, "No one deserves it. No matter what they've done. I should have known better." For someone who was so unbelievably quick on his feet, and clearly able to beat the stuffing out of anybody that dared to look at him awkward, it seemed a bit off that he would feel bad about it. Had it been me? I would have whipped the feathers off of every last one on them boys and held my head high while proudly strutting away from them. Then again...maybe that's just me. "Xiodan! Come!" Came a voice from the left side of the road, and I saw his father and them other fellas come walking out of one of the nearby saloons. I don't reckon they knew anything about him fighting with the town boys of nothin'...but his son was quick to hurry over to their side. They all seemed to be walking with a purpose, getting their wits together to go hunting down whatever monster they claimed to be looking for. Whether it be a killer coyote or a monster devil snake...they were sure hell bent on seeking it out. And that just made me all the more anxious to get myself back home and find a way to get out there before they do something that might catch my sweet Colby in the crossfire. Who even knows what Priest and his outlaws got planned when they go trotting out there in the dark, looking to string up anybody that they think might be a step down from God Himself? I can't imagine him and his posse being too careful when it comes to drawing their shooters on whatever might be moving in them woods. I picked up the pace and made it back home as quick as I could. Buster was cooking up some beans and had tossed a few chicken vittles in the pot for me and Daddy. I was surprised that he wasn't swaying with his usual drunken swagger, but thankful for the fact that he had the house smelling good. "Deacon? You're home." He said. "You bring your daddy with you?" "He's still in town. Working things out with them new fellas, come into town. I s'pose they're looking to find some justice for Ms. Sampson and a few others." "Right." He said, opening up the oven to put a few biscuits in for us. "Such a shame. Innocent folks getting all chewed up like that. Can't quite wrap my head around any creature that would do that to another person. It just don't make the right kinda sense." Then he said, "Get some of them strawberry preserves off of the shelf in the next room. Make these biscuits nice and sweet for us." With a grin, I said, "You sure are feeling bold tonight, with the cooking skills." "Every now and then, I like to show my ass." He grinned back. "Sure will put a shocked look on your daddy's face. I live for that look, Deke. Let's me know that I've still got a few surprises left in me when I ain't full of liquor and gambling losses at the table." "You ain't never lied, hehehe!" I said, and I went to grab him some jam for his biscuits. But, seeing as Buster was busy being a chef and all tonight, I made sure to wander outside and look at the few horses that we had back in the shed. Four of them. But I always went to my horse, Benny. He was my favorite. I walked over and lightly petted his nose, his shiny brown coat glistening as he greeted me with a loving grunt or two. He was beautiful. Something to behold and be in awe of. Quietly, I said, "You think you can take me out of here tonight, big fella? I've gotta wait until Daddy comes home and gets his belly full first...but after that, you and I are gonna go out on a ride. Ok?" I said, lightly stroking the hair of his majestic mane. "Hope you ain't too scared of the dark. I don't much know what's out in those woods after sunset, but we're gonna be just fine. You hear me?" It wasn't long before I caught sight of my Daddy coming back home. He looked a bit tired, but still managed to stand upright and remain steady. Just like he always did. The kind of man that I always wanted to be someday. "Deacon? You coming in for supper?" "Definitely." I smiled, walking over to join him as he headed towards the house. "Believe it or not, Buster has been pulling out all the stops tonight. Put a full dinner together that would even make Mama proud." "Is that right? Well, let's not let any of his hard work get cold on us, shall we?" He put an arm around my shoulder and gave me a loving squeeze. It was soft little moments like this that made me so proud to be his baby boy, you know? It was just...something that made me want to keep my head held high. For him, it might have been a simple gesture of affection...but to me...it was everything. It was the validation of a life that I honored and cherished with every breath that I could muster. A validation that I sincerely hoped wouldn't be tarnished by...not being what he expected me to be. I guess you could say that the emotion was bittersweet. Because...if he knew what I was feeling about Colby...another boy...and how unnatural it must seem to anybody and everybody who might find out about it... ...That validation of my life might change. Or, even worse, might vanish completely. I don't think I know how to handle something like that. The only question now is...will my feelings for Colby be worth risking the loss of everything I know to be 'normal'? Because...right now? I'm thinking it is. And when I saddle up on Benny tonight and ride out to the woods...I might find myself heading out on a journey that I can't come back from. I'd be lying if I said that didn't scare me a touch. Because it does. It really does.
  3. The newest chapter of the "Gone From Daylight" vampire spinoff, taking place in the wild wild West, has now been posted! So check it out, and let me know what you think! Cool? And if this is your first time reading this series, feel free to start from the beginning! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-children-of-sunset/ This story and many MORE "GFD" spinoffs throughout history can be found in the "GFD: Worlds" section on the site! So don't miss out on the party! There's a LOT to absorb, believe me! Hehehe! Have fun!
  4. GAAAHHHH!!! OMG, I am SO in love with you, Stefan!!!! Hahaha! And I'm digging the floppy blond hair too, by the way! Sighhhh, dreamy! But...you leave Noah alone! Don't make me choose! Also, RIP to Biz Markie, who passed away last week...
  5. A brand new chapter is up for you guys to enjoy! Hehehe, this one is for you Saile! ::Giggles:: I know you've been waiting for it! ((Hugz)) Seezya soon! More to come! And if you want to check out the story from the very beginning...check it out on the 'story page' on the website! Cool? If you haven't been reading...you've been missing out! Dive in already! And have fun! And grab the ebook versions too, with extra material and re-edited for an even better experience! https://comicality.gayauthors.org/stories.html
  6. "Savage Moon: The New Breed 37" It took us a couple of minutes to figure out a safe way to get down from the old man's roof...but Isaac and I were able to figure it out eventually, walking through the front door of his cabin just as he was sweeping up some broken glass and attempting to breathe normally by holding an old bandana up against his face every now and then to filter out some of the eye stinging ammonia that I had dumped out all over the floor. Grumpy and out of sorts, the old man grunted, "Well, don't just stand there. One of you go grab a mop, and the other can get a bucket and fill it with soap and warm water so we can get rid of this mess. My cabin is a wreck." Isaac and I looked at one another for a moment, and then he spoke up. "I'm afraid that I can't see anything in here, sir. It's too dark." The old man, told us, "Just give it a couple more seconds..." And sure enough, with a few flickers and a couple of struggling attempts to get back to full power, the light bulbs in the cabin came back to life, and provided us the light we needed to see one another and take a good look at the chaos we had made in the secluded cabin. "Look at this shit. Awful Just plain awful." He said. "You know...they probably would have left this place alone if it weren't for you two, barging in here unannounced. And look my tool shed! It's been demolished! Bunch of goddamn savages..." He grumbled. Both Isaac and I were pretty much frozen in place, baffled by his reaction to all of this. And once he paid attention to our silence, he stood upright and looked us in the eye. "Let me guess...you two wanted to be a part of their little gang of misfits...until you didn't anymore. Am I right?" That shocked me. It really did. "You...you know about...them? You know about Cyrus?" The look on his face changed. "Cyrus, huh?" He paused for a moment, and then turned his back on us to continue cleaning up some of the debris that he saw on the floor. "So...you're one of his, are you?" "One of his?" I asked. "So...you DO know who they are? What...they are?" A long hesitation. And then the old man said, "You boys can't stay here. I'll allow you to get some rest, but I want you gone as soon as possible. You're best bet is to wait until morning, follow the path that runs parallel with the river, and you'll find yourselves coming out somewhere in the middle of highway 47. From there, you can hitch a ride back into town...figure out how to get back to your folks. You seem young. I'm sure your parents are out searching for you." He wouldn't look us in the eye. And the mere mention of Cyrus seemed to create some sort of disturbance in him that made him want to distance himself from the situation entirely. "Sir...please..." "I'm not a 'sir', kid. never have been, never will be." The old man growled. "The name's Virgil. Virgil Wyatt." He had these piercing, dull blue, eyes...but the weathered and worn out wrinkles around his eyes and mouth appeared to draw a bit of light from their once youthful brilliance. "You got an scratches on you, kid?" "A few. I think they hurt me pretty bad. I might need some bandages or..." "Those aren't the scratches I'm talking about." He said. Then he grabbed me by the shoulder to turn me around and lift up the back of my shirt. "Shit. He got to you already. Nothing that I can do about that now." "Got to me? Wait...I'm so confused." I said. "Can you maybe slow down a little bit and tell me what's going on here." But the old man was already moving towards Isaac to pull his shirt up to check him for marks as well. He didn't find any. "You're clean." He said. "You...on the other hand...you belong to 'him' now. As long as he's living...you'll never truly be apart from him. You're a permanent member of the pack. And I really don't need you hanging around and being a liability to my personal safety." "So you know what they are?" I asked. "What...we are?" "Damn right, I know what you are. Been fighting off this kind of evil for a couple of decades now. Haven't made much of an impact though. At least, not yet." He said, taking a cigarette box out of his back pocket and lighting one up in front of us. "We're working on it, though. Me and a couple of other folks. Believe me." Blowing out a cloud of smoke, Virgil turned to us and said, "The true wickedness of your kind comes from a loss of control, you understand? It's primal. Unpredictable. You remind humanity of what it's like to be truly wild. No consequences. No boundaries. It's your kind that tears down the walls of civilization and reverts us all back to being 'animals' again. Your boy, Cyrus...he revels in the idea that we can all be reduced to violent savages once he's able to plant the right seeds in the right places in our minds. But the true deception is convincing you that your sense of freedom isn't just a manifestation of his control." Looking at me with squinted eyes, he said, "I take it that he got you to drink the Kool-Aid, eh?" "Kool-Aid? What the...?" "He found whatever it was that you felt you were lacking in your life, and promised to fill that void for you. Am I right?" Virgil asked, now lifting his bookshelf up from the floor and putting back up against the wall, placing the books back in order like he had them. "Blah blah blah...just trust in me, and not in your own ability to think for yourself. It's what he does. That's how he's built the effective squad that he's got surrounding him now. He got them all invested...the same way that he got you. But I assume you've been having some doubts." "Sir..." I said, getting an angry glare from him. "Virgil..." I corrected myself, hoping to get more answers from him. "...What do I do? All I want is to go home and be with my family." With a heavy sigh, Virgil said, "I wish I could tell you that things would be that easy, kid. I really do. But the truth is...you sold your soul to the Devil...and he ain't too keen on giving refunds. You hear me?" Picking a few more broken pieces of his cabin furniture off of the floor, he turned to us and said, "If you really are one of Cyrus' boys...he's not going to let this go. Not ever. Chances are, he's already picked up on your scent, and he'll follow you to the ends of the Earth if he has to. Him and all of his...'brethren'. You're linked to him now. Bonded. There's no escaping that. The change, once it happens...it's for good. Plain and simple." "Monsters..." Isaac whispered, more to himself than to rest of us. "Werewolves..." Virgil told him. Then he straightened up and said, "Listen, if you think I'm going to be able to protect you from the likes of your pack, kid...you'd be sadly mistaken. That's not how this kind of thing works. You're interrupting a seriously delicate 'balance' here between me and those beasts in the shadows right now. My boys and I don't quite know how to handle it yet, and these creatures, Cyrus specifically, don't know how to handle it either. There's more going on than you may realize...but it's going to come to a head someday. And when it does, both sides need to be ready. You know what I mean?" "No! I DON'T know what that means! What the fuck are you talking about??? None of this is making any kind of sense to me right now!" I cried. "Why cant you just HELP us?!?!? Drive me into town and let me go and see my parents again! My friends! Just..." "Do you think I haven't seen you, boy?" He said. "Yeah...I saw you at Rainbow's End. I saw you hanging out with the rest of your pack, and I saw you walk in line with them...step for step. I saw you 'transform' and stand as one of those blasphemous 'things' on the roof of my cabin tonight. Plus, I know that Cyrus is constantly biding his time and looking for ways to keep me off of his back, searching for a quiet way to END me that won't expose him and the others to everyone for who they are. Possibly sending someone like YOU to my cabin to rip me to pieces!" He grunted. "Make no mistake, kid...the only reason that I haven't put a BULLET in your heart yet is the fact that you and I seem to share a common enemy in that hell bound son of a bitch, and you've got the scars to prove it. Scars that will probably be all healed up within an hour or two. But don't think that I'm going to be to taking my eyes off of you for more than a few seconds a time while you're staying here in my cabin away from home. A situation that I also hope will be fixed by tomorrow morning." "I'm not here to hurt you." I said. "I swear." "Not the kind of epitaph that I prefer to have written on my tombstone. So excuse me if I don't jump at the chance to be gullible enough to believe you." He said, and then handed a broom and dustpan over to Isaac. "Start sweeping. Room and board ain't free around here." Isaac didn't even question it. He just started sweeping up the dust and debris that came from John Boy's attack and the fallen shelves. Me? I still had more questions. "How many people know about us?" Virgil said, "Knowledge and belief are two different things. Unfortunately...belief disguises itself as knowledge, so most people around here would rather call you crazy than accept reality. Even if it they see it with their own eyes. Even when they feel it in their hearts. It's a cult of denial that very few people are smart enough to be able to break away from. They prefer the illusion. They want to feel that their reality operates with a stability that coincides with what the already know about the world." He told me, inhaling deeply to take another drag off of his cigarette and blowing another puff of smoke in the air. "I'm guessing that the existence of werewolves don't quite fit into that stable design, does it?" "Look...I just want this to stop, ok?" I said. "I don't want any part of this anymore. I just want..." "Listen to you." He said with a gritty smile. "This ain't about what you want, kid. That time is over with. You took the initiative, you jumped the gun, and you made some adult decisions. Now you've got to deal with adult consequences. Point blank, period. That's it. That's all there is. I can't magically fix it for you now, Do I look like a fairy godmother to you?" He said, and stood up from his seat to stretch for a moment before asking, "Listen, I've got some beer on ice in the truck...you two need a drink?" Isaac and I were both a little surprised by the casual nature that Virgil was approaching us with, even offering us beer when we were both clearly underage. Still, it didn't stop him from shrugging his shoulders and heading back out to his car anyway to grab a cooler full of ice cold beverages. "I thought you said everything was a secret?" Isaac whispered to me, still sweeping up the mess on the floor. "I thought it WAS! It's not like I had ever heard of this kind of thing before." "But if he knows, then...wait...shhhh!" Isaac said, directing his eyes back down to the cabin floor as he went back to sweeping...seconds before Virgil came back through the door. Cooler in one hand, duffel bag in the other, and a hunter's rifle slung over his shoulder. He set everything down and opened the cooler. His grisly voice saying, "The price of a cold drink is a name. Nothing more." Clearing my throat, I timidly said, "Wesley..." He reached in the cooler and tossed me a can of beer. "Good to meet you, Wesley. At least so far. And what about you?" "I'm...I am Isaac..." He threw a can in his direction as well, with him having to drop the broom in order to catch it in time. "Wesley and Isaac. Got it. Sit for a spell. But don't get too comfortable. You still made one hell of a disaster out of my home, and I'm getting a bit too old to cover up for a young boy's deeds." He popped open a can of beer for himself and turned it up...guzzling almost half of it down right away at a speed that I'm sure would have made Kriegar proud if he had been here to see it. Then he rubbed his belly and let out a loud belch as he relaxed back on the living room sofa. "So...life wasn't good enough for you boys as it was. I take it that you had to go searching for something more. Is that right? Cyrus had to draw you in with something." A bit aggravated by his lack of explanation, I tried to measure my patience as much as possible...hoping to get some answers out of him eventually. "Father embraced me. I guess that's what I was looking for more than anything." I said. Virgil scoffed gleefully at my comment. "Father, eh?" I don't think I even realized that I had called him that until he said it out loud. "Cyrus. I meant to say Cyrus." "Yeah...but you didn't." Virgil grinned. "He's got his claws in you, deep...doesn't he boy?" He sat up and took another few swallows from his beer. "That's what he does to you, Wesley. He gets in your head. The whole 'father' mechanic? It becomes automatic. Second nature. Hearing someone speak ill of your new 'savior' is going to tap into that brainwashed mentality...creating an instantaneous emotional response. One where it becomes more uncomfortable to not defend him that it would be to let it slide." Looking me in the eye...he said, "You feel it. Don't you?" "I don't feel anything." I said. "You sure about that? Because Cyrus...? He's weak. Helpless. Impotent in more ways than you can count." He said. "Look, I just want to find my way home. I made a mistake, ok? And Isaac shouldn't even be a part of this. Can you just help us to get home?" I asked. "Trying to avoid the subject?" Virgil asked. "Go ahead. You can say it. Cyrus is weak. Completely helpless without his followers. A narcissist with no direction and no ability to self soothe or evolve on his own. Not without his pack, validating his very existence with their blind loyalty ad foolish antics to make him feel strong." "Listen, if you're not going to help us..." "SAY it, Wesley." Virgil demanded. And I felt the frustration within me growing rapidly to levels that I couldn't even control. My stomach muscles tightened up. My breath got ragged and short. My forehead wrinkling up as I fought to maintain some sense of self control. "Tell me how weak he is. You must know. That's why you left his ranks, isn't it? To get away from him. To break free from his idiotic enchantments and pursue the truth?" "Stop it..." "Ohhhh...he still has a hold on you, doesn't he? You can't let go." He smiled. "Say it. Humor me. You don't even have to mean it. Just tell me what I want to hear." "I don't KNOW what you want to hear!" I said through gritted teeth, my fists now balled up to the point where my knuckles turned white. "I want you to say that your leader is a weak, pathetic, piece of trash...constantly searching for someone else to make him appear to be more worthy than he really is..." "Stop. Don't say that..." "I want you to admit that you were tricked by a boy who has nothing unless he STEALS it from the people surrounding him. All because he doesn't have the ability to generate any sense of self love or worth on his own merits." "You need to stop..." "A so called 'alpha' that can't gain any love and respect from anyone who isn't a member of his private little club where he's able to call of the shots. A club that you allowed yourself to be a part of." Virgil said, pushing me further as a fury began to rise up within me. "He played you for a sucker, boy. And he made you enjoy every minute of it. He targeted you from afar, and used you to enhance himself through lies and deception. But deep down...you know he's full of shit, don't you? You know...he can't ever be anything more than what you make him out to be..." "FUCK OFF!!!" I shouted, even surprising myself. "Don't you DARE to talk about Father that way!!! I'll rip you to fucking PIECES if you disrespect him like that!!!" With a sigh and a satisfied grin, Virgil leaned back against the couch, and I began to realize what I had just shouted at him. I couldn't even believe that the words had left my mouth. Even Isaac gave me a strange look when he heard it. But, for some reason, my adrenaline was surging through my veins and I was soooooo angry that I simply couldn't hold it back anymore. Had I really been brainwashed by the calling that badly? Cyrus, literally, tried to KILL us tonight...but I couldn't help but to defend him when Virgil called him weak. What am I doing? Who am I? I don't think I even know anymore. "You see?" Virgil said, softly. "If you think you're ever going to break away from his control...you're lying to yourself. The seeds have been planted. The weeds have grown. Running away from him will only delay the inevitable return to his embrace." "I can't go back. I won't." I said. "Yes, you will. I'm sure of it." He told me. "And when Cyrus and I finally face off against one another...and you're there...I'm going to have to put you down, just like all the others. It's only a matter of time." Virgil finished off his can of beer, crushing it in his hand and grabbing two or three more out of the cooler before standing up to go to bed. He said, "You boys can stretch out and make yourselves comfortable for the rest of the night. Cyrus and his pack won't be back any time soon. But he's definitely caught on to your scent, and that means that he can track you for miles without even putting any effort into it. The blind kid that he's got with him can probably track you even further than that. So...if you feel like running...I wish you all the best. But, if I was a betting man, I don't see this having a happy ending for either one of ya." "Does that mean that you'll take us into town tomorrow morning?" I asked. He groaned a bit, but said, "I suppose I can manage that. You came all this way...I s'pose it would make me a bad host if I didn't." Then he put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Look, I know you've been through a lot. And I'm sorry that you ever felt the need to get mixed up with the lot of them. But all I can do right now is keep you in my prayers, and tell you to stay strong. There's no other way out of this other than finding the courage to think for yourself. Don't let him tell you who you are, kid. You should already know on your own. Ya hear me?" "I thought I did. He just...he made everything sound...so much better when I trusted him to take the wheel." I sniffled. "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Virgil said. "Book of Matthew." And with that, he allowed me and Isaac to lie down and get some rest. He kept his rifle handy, just in case...but something tells me that he trusted us a little bit more than he let on. At least for now. At least for now.
  7. Youtube decided to start censoring all gay teen short films, and wiping out all favorite lists that include anything that MIGHT make the gay youth feel okay and normal about who they are. Just out of nowhere, for no reason. Saying that it violated their 'child safety' rules and regulations. But that's bullshit! So I'll be posting ALL of the stuff that I had suddenly 'removed' from my youtube account without warning. You guys please feel free to stop me when you find a short film that you think is 'dangerous' (Their words, not mine) for gay teens. K? What's so offensive about liking and sharing the stuff that I find on Youtube? Why am *I* getting a strike on my account??? Wednesday is now "Gay Like Me" short film day. Since 'shame' is the agenda for those who don't have to live with it these days. Every week! Every Wednesday! I'll be right here with another one! FUCK those people! Seriously! These are all gay short films that I had on my account that, for some reason, they found so dangerous and offensive. Like I said...you tell me what YOU think about them, and why they needed to be erased from my account. Is *THIS* what they were so afraid of??? Maybe I'm missing something here. Enjoy! This week's Short Gay Film - "A Silent Truth"
  8. Hehehe well that's misleading. Gavin's been 'pretty' all his life.
  9. https://imagine-magazine.org/releases/ It took a bit of extra time this month because of some outside circumstances, so it was a bit of a troubled release this month, and a few articles had to be left out. BUT...we've still got a fun July issue of Imagine Magazine up and ready for you today! So please feel free to dive in and have some fun. Huge thanks to all of our authors and content creators for their input and suggestions! If you like something you see in this issue, please click that green 'Vote Up' button at the bottom of every page to show them some love!
  10. My uncle is...ummm, dealing with things. But we'll get through it. I'm sure. Thanks.
  11. Thanks! I'll be fine. Just....'issues', you know? Ugh!
  12. I have been sick over the past week, and haven't been around much. If you sent me an email recently, I will get back to you, but I'm still sort of in a recovery stage, so please bear with me. I'm working hard to keep things in order, promise. I did have to go to the hospital for a short time for treatment, and ended up having to spend the night for safety's sake...but I'm fine. Everything is fine. For those of you who wrote in to find out where I've been, thanks. But I'm ok. Just need to recover a bit, and we're back on track. So...no more emails. Hehehe! THANKS, you're awesome! But...I'm fine. Things are cool. Go out and have some fun. It's Summertime, dammit! Just wanted to leave that here for now. And my apologies for the delay of Imagine Magazine's July release. That was totally my fault. But it will be up in the next day or two. Love you all. Seezya soon!
  13. I haven't caught up all the way on "Bad Batch" just yet, because movies and TV series keep slamming me over the head, constantly. But I've seen enough to want to see more. So.... that's a good thing, I suppose. Also...Marvel's got Deadpool back again. Cant wait to see how THAT turns out, now that he's in the MCU....
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