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    Writing Tip: Feedback

    I was trying to cover all bases with this. Not all authors are the same. When it comes to negative and constructive criticism feedback, some authors do welcome it. I am one who most certainly does. However, I certainly can't speak for everyone.


    Oh, and to Dark: a published author gets money. That's a whole different ballgame than posting stuff for free. It's a simple case of there needing to be some motive. Money is a motive. Feedback is a motive.

  1. Myr, thank you for founding this place and keeping it running all these years!


    A little background on GA stories software; I saw some of what went on during its development and also testing. Myr and the site techs did an absolutely monumental amount of work on it over a timeframe of over a year. It didn't just happen; they made it happen.

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  2. Dreams are odd things. IMHO, somethings they are meaningful, otherwise, just random. Recurrence is oft meaningful though, so I'd say there is something about your Aunt's house.


    1 For all you grammar nazis I checked and dreamt is an acceptable past tense term for dream, so is dreamed... that one just sounds ill educated to me for some reason.


    Sorry I can't resist; but its "Nazis" not Nazi's". The apostrophe makes it possessive. :P:P:P

  3. Well I've been in class and working all day so far so I haven't talked to him. He tried to call me when I got out of class but I just let it go to voicemail. Surprisingly, he didn't leave one for once.


    And thanks Robert, but truth be told I haven't actually done so yet anyways, so option two won't really work :P And option one would probably work, but I did kinda go off on him a little and I'd rather not let him read it. He's seen me on GA and knows I'm an Admin here so he might have already done so actually. I wouldn't put it past his stalking capabilities to find GA and hunt down my username just to check my blog.


    Thanks everyone :)


    Joe, you just made it easy: He knows you're on GA, and he knows you're an Admin, but not your usename.


    This is so simple; tell him that your handle on the site is C James. He'll look, find me, my posts, and my writing, and think they're yours. Thinking that you're a raving lunatic, he'll dump you. Problem solved! :ranger:

  4. Good news on your family member!


    Small steps, over time, can cover any distance.


    In other news... I visited with Steve#2 (wildone) on Sunday. We had dinner with Viv and totally failed at mini-golf, again. blink.gif It doesn't seem possible, it shouldn't be right. So in lue of put-put'ing, and Viv subsequently having to flee one of my errant puts, we plotted against the evil consortium CBOATS. ph34r.gif It was good time, and in true "family" fashion we dined by the large cock. No I'm not explaining it, I'll let your dirty lil' mind wander where it will... tongue.gif


    6 weeks and counting ... wink.gif


    until then you know where I am






    OK, here we have a meeting of the Axis of Steveeeil! The true source of Evil in the world...

    And, um, plotting? Against ME!?!?!?! Poor, sweet, innocent and defenseless ME?!?!? Shame, shame!! You big bullies...


    And, um, 6 weeks? 5 weeks? Until WHAT??!?!


    Evil stalks the land.. and its name be Steve... :o


    CJ :ph34r:

  5. Tim, I was about your age when my father died. That, too, was at the end of a long illness.


    There's not much I can say, other than it hurts but it slowly gets better. Try and remember the good times.


    It's been over ten years for me. It still hurts, though time has made it easier.


    Stay strong, my friend.


  6. The "April Fools" idea was a good one IMHO, an ideal backup plan.


    IMHO, it must be remembered that BK lives in an area where being outed is a far greater risk than many of us face, so therefor IMHO he was wise to have an "out" if things did not go well.


    I hope things go well, BK!


  7. I don't think I've ever dreamed of snakes...


    There was one time, last summer, when I opened my front door and a rattlesnake was on the other side, and I nearly stepped on it, but that wasn't a dream, and it didn't give me any nightmares (Rattlers are common hereabouts).


    Anyway, the best way to move a rattler is to pin its head, and then just pick it up and move it with one hand right behind the neck. I try and avoid moving venomous snakes this way but its an easy way to move king snakes into my woodpile (I like them near the house; they keep the rats ant rattlers away). Now you know what to do the next time you have a dream. :lol:

  8. Ouch, sorry you have to move, and I hope things work out for you! That has got to be rough, I know you've said you liked Dallas in some ways, so it will be tough leaving it behind.


    And Joe, would I ever call you a Redneck Cheesehead? 0:)


    Just like you would never use cliffie's right? :D


    Precisely! :boy:

  9. Ouch...


    Sorry that happened, Steve.


    Ugh, I don't know what else to say except that a good retort for "the bible says so" is to demand "where". Interestingly, I find that shuts up around half of claimants. "Leviticus" is the usual answer from the rest, and that can open up some great fun

    when you ask questions about some of Leviticus's more colorful pronouncements, such as it being okay to own slaves, provided they are from neighboring nations. Or that the eaters of shellfish are accursed before god? (God Hates Shrimp!). And what to do about a blind or crippled man who enters a church. If we believe Leviticus, should we stone them to death, or would a simple burning at the stake suffice?

    (he does call them an abomination, after all). Remember, the only claim they can make regarding literal interpretation is that dietary laws no longer apply (dang, there goes God Hates Shrimp) but little gems like the slavery issue and the blind or crippled being abominations aren't dietary. Those who claim that Leviticus' "moral laws" still apply need to take a close look at those issues. There's also the larger issue of anyone seeking to impose their religious beliefs on others: That's always wrong, and you can always name the most famous person who has that philosophy. a man by the name of Osama Bin Laden.


    It's also fun to throw in the bit from the new testament where Paul says that if you're circumcised you're Jewish. :)


    Exposing the claimant's ignorance of the biblical laws they themselves are referring to is a wonderful opening to suggest that they should pound on the good book a little less, and instead, actually read it on occasion. (If they are going to cite it, it behoves them to at least have a clue what they're talking about).


    Sorry for rambling, but I live in an area where I get confronted by "biblical claims" a LOT. Grrrr.


    This probably doesn;t help you with your mother, and I wish I could think of something that would.

    Best Wishes,


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