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  1. Make sure to nominate C James for King of Evil Cliffhanger Award this year :)

  2. Just read that CJames WANTS to win King of Evil Cliffhangers, make sure you nominate him

    1. C James

      C James

      Wildone!! How could you?

      I never use cliffhangers.. so surely absolutely everyone deserves it more than me.

  3. is updating his status.

    1. C James

      C James

      But that's not a cliffhanger... It's just.. a mystery. :)

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  4. Happiness is... being woken up by a phone call - telling us that we got the house we put in an offer for! If all goes well, escrow closes Nov 15 so we'll be able to do Thanksgiving in the new house!

    1. C James

      C James

      Congratulations! That's great news, and you've probably purchased at the bottom of the market, too. (always a good move).

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  5. is updating his status.

  6. Got into an accident at work... The mirror on the van died and im still shaken up...

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