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  1. On 2/28/2015 at 2:32 AM, jkeele777 said:

    Oh where, oh where has our cliff dwelling goat gone to?


    This is not our goat (well, ok, he is my goat). According to my neighbors 5 year old, his name is Goaty Goaty McGoat Goat. His actual name, of course, is Dickhead (aka, that little goat brat ate my car keys), but we didn't want to try to explain that to Nickie...


    Car keys are sometimes called another name; "lunch".

    This perhaps explains why I often can't find my car keys right after my lunch.


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  2. No one has told me how long my new story is, either, so how would I know? :P 

    Seriously though, for once (I'm notorious for massively underestimating), I think it's coming in roughly where I guessed - just under 20 chapters. Of course, I shall refrain from either mentioning or admitting that this is mainly due to the chapter length being around 20k words, about 4 times my usual. Chapter 14 is currently showing as 50 pages, 21k words.  

    My current guess - 2 chapters to go (after the one I'm just about done with, 14.). Then I can send it out to the team. I really can't do so yet, as some key details keep changing, which has required a few changes to early chapters and will do so again.

    The new story is called "Going Sideways".  For those not familiar, it's mainly a southern US colloquialism, meaning things not going as planned, and doing so badly. 

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Go Sideways

    Beyond that, the only thing I can say at this point is that, as always for my stories, it will be 100% utterly and totally cliffhanger-free - not even a hint of one, as I'm sure Graeme will be happy to attest. 






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  3. Thought I'd start a new thread, just to harass everyone. :P


    I think I'm back now... I got into some of why I've been gone in the other threads, but I plan on logging in once or twice a week from now on, though probably no more than that until lightning season is over (it plays hell with my transceiver, which is my only link to the 'net).


    I hope y'all have been staying away from all cliffs and cliffhangers! :)

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  4. All in all it was quite nice to have CJ not bleating all the time while the overwhelming majority of members here at GA decided to dedicate the Cliffhanger Award to CJ. Also this year he will be getting the Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed on him and the category permanently closed down :)


    Imagine the ruckus he would have kicked up if he was around for all that?


    Huh? WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? But but but..... I never, every use cliffhangers!!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly what he's up to, I don't know (though he has run a story idea past me that would require a lot of research on his behalf). I do know he's okay, though, because he's beta-reading my new novel for me :) He has mentioned having Internet problems, though, which may be part of the reason he hasn't been on to GA for a while.


    I've had internet problems, plus life got super hectic. I basically had to deal with a lot of things, including an illness in the family (thankfully resolved, but it was a rough go), so my internet time went basically to zero.


    I've been away on business a lot, and had a lot of work to do at home as well; I had to create a wildfire buffer zone around my house, so I spent a lot of quality time with my chain saw.  Thankfully, Monsoon season is here, and the rain has ended the fire danger, so I'm far happier.


    To be honest, I think the writing pace of Circumnavigation burned me out for quite a bit; it was a struggle to churn out a chapter a week for a 99 chapter novel. It was also a real challenge to get it all posted by the end of December (December 186th, I think?)   0:)


    Actually, seeing as you bought it up, I'm going to have to admit another of the reasons for my absence; the cliffhangers in your novel made me catatonic for weeks on end! <shudder> I was traumatized... :ph34r:



    He has internet problems because he lives on the fringes of civilization..."Arizona. Ari-fri-kin-zona" to quote Rory.


    Yep... at best lately, I have a lag state of 300 miliseconds and packet loss. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get satellite internet (which is my only other option here...). 


    And... things are at last less hectic for me, so I'm really back this time, which means I'll be logging in one or twice a week at least. :)

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  5. Anyone heard anything at all from CJ since he made this post four months ago? Hopefully a new story will appear in the near future!


    I think I heard from him, whilst talking to myself.... :)


    And yup... I do have a new story in mind for GA. :)


    B) ..............Never give a goat a road map he will just eat it then spend all his time roaming the cliffs trying to get back home!


    But Benji... you know that a goat would never have anything to do with a cliff. :P

  6. Wow... thanks!!!!!!!


    I'll take this opertunity to mention that Circumnavigation, like all my novels, is a TEAM effort, so this award, like any, rightly goes equally to all members of the team, not just me. :)


    And Low Flyer is absolutly right - in spite of the scurilus, unfounded rumors, I never, ever use cliffhangers!!!!

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  7. G'day! As you can tell by my accent, I'm an Aussie. Your advisors on all things Antipodean (in Let the Music Play) have done you a bit of a disservice with incorrect information.

    For instance:

    - Your 'bottle tree', we call a boab tree and is not found in Queensland.

    - Toowoomba is a temperate mountain town west of Sydney, not Brisbane.

    - trucks are called trucks, only the English use the term 'lorries'.

    - the farms west of Brisbane are cattle, not sheep.

    - the desert is further than three hrs from Brisbane.

    - if the first concert is in Perth the group would not fly into Brisbane.

    - flying from Europe to Australia you would go over the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific Ocean.

    - the desert really does not extend into Queensland. (State where Brisbane is).


    The story is great, and I'm sorry to be pedantic, but the incorrect Australian items just make me cringe. I'm happy to help should anyone need some background info on Australia. Oh, I live in Perth, so am keen to read the next chapter 'Revelations' to see how you deal withy home city.






    Okay, flight routing; I'm going from memory here, but if we're talking the flight from Rome, they changed planes in Hong Kong, so would not be going the firect route, which is as you say over the Indian Ocean. :)


    Toowoomba is in Qeensland,inland of Brisbane, not in NSW. :)


    I probably screwed up on "lorries". I'm American, and though I've been to Oz, it was long ago, thoguh I go to the UK often. I probably, and wrongly, assumed that the usage was correct.


    West of Brisbane, yep, cattle in the main, but once you're well past the Darling Downs and well west of Toowoomba, it's more arid, and you start to get more sheep.


    They flew into Brisbane for a reason (such as photoshoots and a vacation) not just for the Perth concert. Also, their tour was arranged by the ever-freindly Jerry. :)







    Oh, another thing... I kearnt when travelling with a cast that it's not a good idea due to in-flight swelling. The cast would need to be cut open for the flight and a new cast put on at the destination.

    That's absolutly true, but limited to the first 48 to 72 hours of having the cast. :) 


    A couple more things...

    - the compound would use solar power with solar panels for electricity.

    - when committing suicide by cutting wrists, it's best to be in a bath, the wound taking longer to clot.


    Solar power absolutly would not have worked for them; the kind of equipment they were using pulls a heck of a lot of amps (for example, metalurgical furcances are most often electric), so they'd need a vast array, plus a heck of a lot of batteries. A generator system makes far more sense for their particular needs. :)


    One thing I've learned is that just because things are a particular way here in Victoria, they're not necessarily the same in other states :) The simplest example off the top of my head is what we call "potato cakes" in Victoria are called (I believe) scallops (or potato scallops) in NSW.


    That's why I said above that I don't know how likely it is in Brisbane that they'd use the term 'lorry'. The context of the use in the story is:



    The character at the time is in Brisbane, so the question is whether the locals (ie. the people in Brisbane) would use the word 'lorry'. I'm hoping C James will join in on this conversation so he can let us know where he got the above statement from.


    I'll also confess that I missed it when I was doing the beta-read :) However, I'll also admit that I'm corrupted, because I've worked in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK, so I've experienced terms and phrases from all of those countries. I lived in the UK for a year, so I recognise the term lorry easily and it's natural for me, though truck is more natural.


    I really don't remember where I got that "lorry", but it's an error on my part.  


    One thing I do want to remind everyone of; I'm the author and do the final checks and reveiws, so any errors are mine alone, not those of the team. :) 



  8. I'm finally back, and appologize for my long abscence. I hope to be here on a more regular basis from now on.


    I'm about to go look at the threads now. :)

  9. But but but... isn't is still October?


    BTW... I'm finally back. :) I've been traveling a lot, both on the trip I was on to South America, and then an unexpected and also longer than expected biz trip upon my return. My house has serous cobweb issues at the moment! 


    CJ :)

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  10. I'll be back home (and online again) around Oct 15th.


    I hope everyone is well, and I appologize to all those I owe e-mail, PM's, and forum replies to.


    BTW, although I've been in some very mountainous areas, I have, as always, been unrelenting in my avoidance of cliffs. :P

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  11. Just got back... I'm super tired (36 hours of travel to get home, ugh.)


    Sorry for leaving without a heads up... I had a sudden opertunity open up (in other words, a way to do the trip very cheap), but it meant I had all of six hours to get to the airport (which is 3 hours from here). So, 3 hours to prep my home, pack, etc, etc. That wasn't quite as bad as it sounds, as I'd been thinking of going to Chilie again anyway this summer (winter there, so low season rates), but it was hectic when the seat opened up plus a last-minute major discount on a hotel came through. 


    I was supposed to be able to log into GA and elsewhere via a VPN I set up (but hadn't tested yet), but it kept kicking me out of anywhere I tried going. Part of the problem was the dial-up (at best) internet speed I had (when I had any at all).


    Where did I go? Chilie mainly, and spent a lot of time in the Andes. I even did some climbing. :)  



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  12. A goatwriter? Hilarious! It was great to finally see all the loose ends tied up and events brought to a satisfying close. The part about Trev and Shane getting married was icing on the cake; I hadn't really thought about that. But everything from how to use both cats for charters, to visa questions, to how to handle the gold, and everything in between, had a totally believable solution presented. Once again, CJ, hats off to you! The only appropriate way to sign off would be to say, "Thanks for one hell of a ride!!".


    Thanks!! It's been a long ride, for sure. :)


    excellent story - the abuse of Australians, our language, customs and general behaviour was unrelenting and inventive but did add to a great story.  I was concerned for a while that Bridget was going to survive, I am bloody glad she didn't.  Thanks again


    Huh? But but but... It was Trevor, not me, who made the crack about Australians. I can't be blamed for that!! 0:)


    And yep... Bridget is absolutely dead. :)


    Thanks for a great story which I look forward to re-reading. Finally, Happy New Year!


    Yes indeed, Happy New Year!!! :)


    Makes a long very long and enjoyable read complete. Now to start reading all over again...


    Goatwriter indeed!


    What else could one call a writer scapegoat? 0:)




    Thank you for one of the best reads ever. Happy for an ending with answers to all. Sad to not have a chapter to look forward to.


    Best wishes,




    I want to express my sincere gratitude for writing Circumnavigation.  It is a wonderful combination of adventure story, a love story and a travelogue.  As I'm approaching retirement, it has inspired me to visit some of the places Trevor and Shane did.  All I have to do is figure out how to pay for it (small detail - ha ha).  I am looking forward to reading more of your work; please, continue writing.


    Again thanks for writing Circumnavigation!


    A Fan,






    I'm a travel addict myself, so I know the feeling!

    Thank you CJ it has certainly been an epic journey one that I have thoroughly enjoyed

    I started to read it again last week and the "Epilogue" was posted just a few days after I finished reading the last chapter GREAT TIMING

    I did lean a few new things from your book and had to exercise my grey matter as I researched them more deeply

    As an Aussie I congratulate you on the writing about Australia with only a few minor errors


    Looking forward to your next book


    Thank you again



    I had tremendous help in every way, including on Australia (though any remaining errors are mine alone).


    Could you do me a big favor and let me know where I goofed??



    B) .............. You caught me off guard goat, I didn't expect to see it early today, I thought maybe tonight.  Anyhow great job of tying up all the loose ends, you don't say, but I gather Bridgett's estate was a lot more then first thought. If Wesson  has a scholarship fund named after him, the estate must be worth in the tens of millions. I guess they did need to find the body of Bridgett, to solidify their case. Perhaps somebody will do her justice and cremate her and spread her ashes in a pig stye. LOL!  Well, the end had to come, and a great ending it was too!  Thanks for the voyage CJ!




    Heh, I didn't expect it either. I checked my mail, saw that Emoe had sent it, and I got to work prepping it for posting. That was about 2 hours before actually posting it. That's why I didn't give anyone a heads up that it was close - I didn't know. :)

    • Posted 233rd December 2012 - 02:45 AM

    Epilogue  is up! (it might take a minute after this post to appear).


    Well, we almost didn't make it, but here we are, on the last day of December, 2012, and the epilogue is up, and the story is over. Whew, I was afraid we wouldn't get it done in under 100 chapters and before the end of 2012 as promised, but we squeaker in under the line!!


    I sincerely apologize for the delays. Everything that could go wrong, did. I'm finally getting time to be back on line again, plus some internet connection when the lightning isn't roaring (so the early hours of the morning are when I'm more likely to be around).


    I'll be working on my e-mail and PM;s, and making forum replies - I know I'm atrociously late, but I will get to them.


    Thank you all for sticking with this so very long!!!



    • Posted 233rd December 2012 - 02:45 AM
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  13. I know that the epilogue is coming but I can't wait to review the whole story (minus the epilogue).


    I started to read the story about a year ago, got hooked pretty badly and finished all available chapters. I normally prefer to read finished stories, so that was pretty unusual for me to start this one. I'm not so good in waiting for weeks for a new chapter (esp. with those cliffhangers CJ loves) so I bookmarked the story and hatched the plan that I would read all in one go when the story is finished.


    About 3 days ago I noticed that just the epilogue was missing so I started from the beginning an reread everything. It was a wild ride (and some long nights).

    I absolutely loved the story. I like the characters (even though I wanted to shout quite often at Lisa and Joel  for there obliviousness towards Bridget). I loved the adventure and I'm amazed at all the little details.


    I'm not sure if I ever learned so much from a story of this kind. I had no clue about sailing and most of the technical stuff before and haven't been to many of the prescribed places. So it was very interesting to learn sth about it. This story made me look up maps (not just google, even the suez canal where you could see the ships going through right at this moment), read up on historical, technical and scientific details (equation of time...) and I watched videos of rogue waves and rough waters to get a feeling for the southern crossing. No other story ever managed to make me so interested.


    I hope you continue writing for a long time. :) It will be interesting to see what your next topic will be. You seem to be someone who reads up on every little aspect needed for a story (I just can't believe that you knew everything before writing circumnavigation. Even though a lot sounded like first hand experience.) So I'm looking forward to learn about sth new again. :)




    PS: English is not my first language. Pls excuse any remaining mistakes.


    Francesca, thank you.


    Some of it is firsthand experience. I travel a great deal, I can fly a plane, I can sail, etc, and I do indeed do a lot of research. However,  I had a great deal of help on all of this from my team; I credit them and their varied areas of expertise with making this story happen.


    But... cliffhangers? Me? I never, ever use cliffhangers. 0:)


    Greetings friends of the Circumnavigation  :read:


    I have begun rereading also. d I'm past chapter 100, so I'll finish tomorrow. I noted some things that were loose ends but nothing terrible. So, I was going to say something but the epilogue is done and the little things probably won't matter so much unless CJ decides to do a rewrite or something at some point......but I'm just amazed again at how well written this stoy is.....the number of twists and turns......coming and going of characters.......variations in the story that cause characters to change their thoughts, ideas, plans......this is an EPIC accomplishimet!!


    I also noticed so many clues I completely missed the first time. For me, rereading the 3 or 4 chapters prior to trevors reunion with his mom and all those clues about the key lime pie, etc.....that was so funny the second time because I figured it out the first time through but completely didn't get all those clues.


    I really appreciate the work of this beta team, and especially our beloved goat of an author CJ........all of you are wonderful, ingenious, and dear to me and I'm sure to everyone else who has read this story........have great pride in what you have done,....there are few who reach such grand heights of accmplishment.



    I'm addicted to foreshadowing. :) The problem is that if I make it easy to get, it's a spoiler. But if I make it too hard to get, it might as well not be there. So, I usually use a lot, figuring that some will be missed. :)


    Thank you. I do admit to being very proud of what we (the team) have done. It was a very long and hard project for all of us - far longer than expected.


    Wow, I'm amazed.


    With English as not your first language, to plow through 156 chapters in 3 days is pretty amazing :)


    I like your comments about how it feels reading a story of CJ's and agree, it is like he has personally experienced the events himself. I have learned how to do so much from his stories that it almost wants to make me go out and try to do them. From sailing, to making makeshift fuel tanks to even building a nuclear weapon (twice).


    As much as CJ is great on the technical details, I also appreciate his interaction between the characters as well. Take Trevorj's different relationships with the other characters. Joel and Lisa are like brother and sister. Dad was an adversary at the beginning and then they finally talked and probably will be best friends. His mom, when he found out she was alive, he was happy but angry. Wouldn't you be. Once he found out about Bridgett, his attitude greatly changed, who's wouldn't. All in all the characters are as important as the scenery and the technical knowledge. I think if it was all technical I would fall asleep like I did with so many textbooks in school :P


    Now the epilogue should be out soon all wrapped up. Then the suspense will be on for what is next ;)


    I'm fortunate to have led a rather odd life, so in many cases I do have at least a bit of firsthand knowledge of various subjects, at least enough to base further research off of. I also had a tremendous amount of help. For example, on characterizations; Graeme is superb at that, and not only does he comment (and challenge) on those issues during beta (for example, pointing out that a character is acting out of character so I can fix it) but he's tought me a tremendous amount over the years - he's a superb and brilliant writer (one of the best ever IMHO), and has long been my mentor.    


    I've had fun on some of the tech. Some of it I actually had to build to see exactly how it would work (such as Trevor's improvised nav tools).


    CJ :)

  14. .....wonder what kinda wind up Joel or Shane could deliver for that goat laden tree?....


    .....another thing that I don't remember thinking much about while reading the story the first time, but which really stood out the second time........Goat Island......LOL




    It was there, so I just had to mention it. :) I'm amazed at how many goat islands there are in the world. I think I mentioned two or three in Circumnavigation, but there are many, many more. :)


    Sorry I've been offline (it's monsoon season here now... the fire danger is past, but lightning daily, so very little internet). The epilogue is working its way through the team.


    BTW, we can blame Wildone for the delays. Why? Because a lot of the delays were caused by the heatwave and intense fire season. And what caused that? A high pressure area stalled over the southwest. And where did that high pressure cell come from? Canada, that's where. :)

  15. I'm okay, but I've been having a hell of a time getting online. Often, I can't get past the Ga main page, or even load CNN or other major sites. (internet connection is acting up)


    I've been super busy with the fire situation, mainly clearing fuel from around my home. I had rain yesterday and today (and a hell of a lot of lightning- it's lightning season) so for now, I'm safe from fire. That also gave me some time to finish the epilogue.


    I don't live in Prescott, but I'm shocked by the horrific loss of the firefighters, and also by the destruction of the town of Yarnell, which I know very well. 


    The epilogue went to beta a few minutes ago. :)


    It's 3:30 AM, so I'll get some sleep then be back to post in threads and catch up on PM's and e-mail. Sorry I've been so slow.

  16. Thanks for all the great points!!!!


    So far, so good. The only one I'd forgotten was Shane's immigration issue, which was going to be in the final chapter. I decided to ax it (it was a poor fit) and move it to the epilogue, and then forgot. So thanks Trebs!!!! (It'll be addressed)


    I also wanted to post an update on one of the many reasons I've been so scarce online in recent weeks. Fire. It's fire season here, and though my place isn't directly threatened at the moment, there is a large fire a few miles away and the weather conditions (hot, dry, windy) make for severe risk. So, I've been spending some quality time with my chain saw to clear out some trees and brush, and I've also been building and testing a jury-rigged fire suppression system (multiple wide area sprinkler heads near and on top of my house, fed from a large water storage tank by battery-run pumps, and activated by remote control).


    Hopefully, the summer monsoon rains will start soon and end the current wildfire red flag conditions.


    BTW, sorry Wildone, but Grundig was innocent; the cartel and the Aussie underworld got all the info they needed out of Carnarvon thanks to the press. :) It was a good point though. :)


    Edit: Benji also mentioned the immigration issue, twice, and I forgot. Sorry, and thanks Benji!!!!

  17. I've been involuntarily offline for several days (my internet connection, a transceiver, died... though it's been failing for weeks and I should have replaced it sooner). I hope to be back online within a day.


    In the meantime, I'd like to launch an epilogue suggestion thread, for any loose ends or issues that would be good to wrap up. I already have a long list that's already in the epilogue (Trevor's car, last seen being torn apart during the action at the marina restaurant) is in it, as are quite a few other things.


    I can't promise to include everything, but I'm open to ideas. :)


    CJ :)

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