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  1. A very interesting chapter! Spoiler space (highlight to see the text) Edit by me, a few days later: There is indeed a circular window in the White House. I was going by memory, and my memory isn't that good. Mea Culpa! Another great chapter, Dan! Thank you!!!
  2. I sure hope you don't listen to your friend! Was the sex in WT different from the usual style? IMHO, yes: In the same way a Rolls Royce is different from an old clunker! It was great! Frankly, I often find myself bored by the sex scenes in other stories, but this one was very hot IMHO. I hope you don't change.
  3. Yep, It's up!!! I just read it and it's great! I won't mention any details yet (too early), but it's a very critical chapter!! I like the new banners, too.
  4. Oh, no, the acronym wars have begun!!!!! And, Nick, at least in DD you didn't propose that one of the main characters become dinner!!! Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wacko:
  5. Details, details... It wasn't easy finding a picture of a goat wearing sunglasses... The internet is a remarkable tool, but it's still slightly deficient in this one key area.
  6. Hmmmm..... I'm not fully sure I agree with your choice for the Goat... I see it more with horns, a billy goat with an attitude (and sunglasses). I'm still waiting for more character development for the Goat.. We don't even know the Goat's name, where it's from, whether it's gay or straight, what kind of car it drives, etc... Oh, and for Milo, hmmmm.... He seems to like to wear muscle shirts, and based on Dom's descriptions and my over-active imagination, I'd say he looks like this.
  7. Don't be thankful too soon, Juggler... Nels does have a Grandmother in the story. She's the one in the nursing home, who has violent, er, outgassings.... I sincerely hope I'm not giving Nick ideas...
  8. Had I heard that before I'd read it, I'd have found it hard to believe (I'm a huge fan of DO&DOR). However, now that I've read it, I think I like it even more than DO&DOR. I found the religious aspects VERY thought provoking, as it's certainly not portrayed in a stereotypical light for a gay fiction story!! I think one of the things I like most about your stories is how nothing is two dimensional, but instead is complex and multi-faceted. Just like real life.
  9. I've just finished reading the posted chapters of Dawn of Tears, and had to make some comments. I enjoyed it greatly, especially the fact that it is truly thought provoking on many levels. I won't go into details (read it yourself if you haven't already: you won't be sorry!) but talk about breaking stereotypes! The shattered wreckage of a great many resides within these chapters. The main characters are very complex, with very interesting aspects to their personalities, not the least of which is a very interesting set of internal values. Some readers might find some aspects of these values to be contrary to their own, though I must say they match my own philosophies rather well. It has been said that a society has the values that it can afford, so it would hardly be realistic to expect massive societal changes to not impact individual moral values. The only negative thing that I can think of to say is that I don't know how well this story would do posted chapter by chapter, in the beginning. It took me a few chapters before I was truly hooked, and I'm not sure I would have been hooked by reading just chapter one. However, that's quite possibly due more to my own reading preferences than anything else. DO and DOR have long been among my favorite stories, but, I'm now thinking that DOT has surpassed them for me. I sincerely hope that Dan returns to this story at some point in the future.
  10. Wow, what a chapter! After the way chapter 6 ended, it really looked to me like there was a set up for Milo to freak about being kissed, and claim he was trying to push Nelson away. I'm sure glad I was wrong! I agree with others here that Milo's father is begining to sound like a real problem, as is the upcoming wedding. Hmmm.. I also note that the goat makes an appearance again, this time trying to eat the hood of Milo's sweatshirt, while Milo is wearing it. ROFL! I loved the way that it was Milo who made a move on Nelson at the very end. That was great!
  11. Great! It sounds like the ideal "medicine" to get us over DOR Withdrawal... BTW, to anyone who likes DO and DOR, but hasn't read Dan's Dawn of Tears, you are missing out, bigtime! I'm still VERY perplexed as to how Dan will be able to wrap up DOR in just the three remaining chapters. I don't doubt that he can do it, but darned if I can see how. It's going to be an interesting ride! I really liked the opening of Ch 37, with it's reference to the spackling of stars and planets on the ceiling. My immediate reaction was "when did that happen?" setting me up perfectly to accept that years had passed. Hmmmm... I'm also really wondering what those two letters (to Sean and Reagan) contain. How will the other TT's be eliminated? As I recall, they tried and failed last time.
  12. Hey Brax, I like this poll! It's running 100% in favor of a trilogy!!! I love DO and DOR too. But, as often as I've expressed my regret that it's ending, I'd rather see it end than drag on past a good end point (something I've seen many stories do, but not Dan's). So, although I voted for the trilogy, I have to reluctantly (VERY reluctantly) support ending it when the Author feels best. However, there wasn't too much of an opening at the end of DO for DOR, so I can't really see a sequel being totally out of the question, if Dan decides, at some future point, to do one.
  13. I'm only on Chapter 12 of DOT, but now I can see why it raises concerns! When did Dan write this? I known it's been around for a few years (at least the early chapters) yet I see such things as $4 per gallon gasoline, which would have seemed outlandish a couple of years ago and are everyday events now. I'm a bit of a military technology hobbyist, and a couple of things, although only minor details, really stuck out and impressed me. The first was a Ticonderoga class cruiser (often called an Aegis cruiser due to the SPY-1 phased array radar and the Aegis fire control system) shooting down a nuclear warhead heading for San Francisco. This really struck me, as it's something that's been chatted about within the SDI projects for some time, but is far from commonly known. It is possible, because the SPY-1 phased array can indeed track a ballistic target (at speeds, at that phase of re-entry, of around 9,000mph). Hitting the thing would be very problematic, but if you can track and are within range, then yeah, a Tico-class would have a chance. Only one other fiction writer that I am aware of (Tom Clancy) has ever even mentioned this capability of the Aegis system, and in his book it took some software modifications to both the radar and missiles to fit into the plot line. Dan's usage was much more feasible IMHO. Also, within the last two years the project to give the Tico-class cruisers a real ABM capability and role (both for boost phase and re-entry) has been given a major push. The second thing that caught my eye was the reference to the Russian ICBM's mostly failing to complete boost phase. That, too, is a little known fact: the Russians have major maintenance issues with their ICBM force, severely complicated by the fact that it's almost entirely liquid-fueled, and has a very high failure rate even under ideal conditions. Dan's portrayal of launch failure rates is exceedingly realistic, according to several intelligence estimates. So, those two facts just caught my eye as incredibly good background use of military details that are far from common knowledge. Incidentally, for anyone without the background to notice, Dan's military scenarios (I'm thinking of the fleet actions in DO here, too) are by and large far more accurate than even top-of-the-heap techno-thriller writers such as Dale Brown. Count me as impressed. Very impressed.
  14. Well said everyone! Thank you Myr and the GA team!!!!!!!
  15. I hope it works out like that, too. Very interesting possibilities are alluded to, such as exactly what is in the letters to Reagan and Sean. I'm also amazed that Pappy didn't steam those open, too. I doubt I could have resisted! I think there are many twists and turns yet to come... BTW, to dkstories: sorry I missed all your other complete stories, and implied they were not complete. I haven't tried those yet (but will soon!). I did note that "DO3" wasn't in your to-do list.. Oh well, can't blame a reader for hoping..
  16. I've been going by word count, even though I'm writing in MS word. I only checked a few chapters from a few of your stories for word count, so I missed the variance. OK, so, variability of chapter length works. Thanks. Unfortunatly, I don't think I can without wrecking it. It's a bit complex, as the story does not start at the beginning, and the early parts are told via a flashback by the protagonist. The seqence and tempo are rather critical in this case, so I think I've managed to write myself into a corner. I think I can alter it slightly, and move a bit of the development of one charachter into chapter one, which will push it to around 5k words. I've found that I've disregarded the outline a few times, such as when an interesting sub-plot occurs to me. I'll keep open to that, and try and let the characters develop "on their own" a bit more, like you do. My present plans are to get the first nine chapters totally finished, along with at least five chapters each of the other two I'm working on. I'm not a fast writer so this will probably take a few weeks. Once I reach that goal, I will probably have to take the really big step: let someone besides me read them. I've yet to check out the requirements for the story archive here at GA, but I'll do so. Thanks, Dan, both for the input, and also for inspiring me to try my hand at this. (Specifically, it was DO that inspired me).
  17. Tim, you are right, the only stories I've sever seen Dan finish (with the exception of Shapers) ended up having sequels... And shapers was a sequel to "mists"... Hmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! OK, so my prediction is, the ending of DOR will be like the ending of DO: Great, but with room for the sequel, DO3. (or, will it be DO4, given that it will be the 4th trip back?). We have all the ingredients, including Sean coming back with the knowledge of how to build a new machine. Perhaps Davey won't be the central character? Poor Davey must be getting awful sick of puberty by now, and if he keeps having to go back into a younger and younger self, while getting subjectively older and older, he's going to be in diapers at both ends of the trip!
  18. I think you are right... I've found myself coming up with new sub-plots and twists out of nowhere while writing. Thanks! Dang you, Trebs! I'm recovering from eye surgery today (had it a few hours ago) and I'm not supposed to do anything strenuous, like rolling around on the floor laughing myself silly!!! Watcha tryin to do, kill me? BTW, Dan announced DOR 37 would be released on Friday, just as I'd scheduled the surgery! So, I knew I'd have to read it with one eye, and that one blurry from the drops!! And, I did! (It was either that, or wait until tomorrow, by which time I should be fully recovered). All I'm trying to figure out is: how did Dan find out when I was having the surgery, in order to set me up like this??
  19. I thought it was perfectly normal for Davey to talk to himself? (He's based partially on Dan, isn't he?) Seriously though, this chapter was excellent! I really liked the way the intervening time lag was first alluded to, and then explained in more and more detail. I certainly liked Papa being sneaky! I also have a real good laugh about Papa, even once he knew about Davey being older than him, telling him to watch his mouth! ROFL! So, if rumors (including those from Dan) are to be believed, there are only three more chapters in DOR. I keep hoping this is artistic misdirection on Dan's part, much like he said a while back that the, er, you-know-what hits the fan in chapter 37, but it turned out to be at the end of 36, and surprised us all. The way I look at it, it's a win-win situation for me. One way, I get to see how Dan does something I don't think is possible: wrap up the previous 77 chapters (DO and DOR combined) in the next three and give it closure. The other way, I get more chapters of DOR.
  20. Oh, shoot! I've put this in the wrong area! I meant to put it in Dan's main forum, not in the DOR forum! I also can't figure out how to delete my own post... Could someone either move this to the main forum if it would be appropriate there, or delete this post (or tell me how to delete my own posts). SORRY!!! My original post below....... This might be a little off topic, as it's only partially about dkstories's stories. If so, I'll ask anyone who objects and has the ability to do so to please delete my post. Basically, I'm endeavoring to write some stories (Gay Fiction). I've been reading Dan's old blog entries for clues as to how he writes, and also I've been attempting to analyze both Dan's and Dom's respective styles. I've been looking closely at structure, which is one of my weak points. Both Dan and Dom seem to run between 8000 and 11000 words per chapter on average. So far, this has been a major problem for me. I've boxed myself into a corner due to the story mechanics: the first chapter (Of a story tentatively titled "The Diablerie") as it stands is only about 3000 words, and can't really be expanded much further due to the nature of the story, and needs to end where it does as it's a perfect chapter end, cliffhanger and all. The following chapters are more standard in length (at least the five I have so far are). So, for my first question: Would such a chapter length be acceptable, when there are reasons for doing so? Also, have Dan or Dom ever mentioned precisely how they write? For the story I mentioned, plus two others I'm working on, I write the outline, then go back and fill in major details, and then go over it a third time, chapter by chapter, and fill in the rest. From reading Dan's comments in his blog and here, it does not appear that he writes in that manner: He's mentioned that sometimes things surprise him as he's writing, and thus major changes occur (such as Davey in DO falling for Brian, not Brandon).
  21. Now that is interesting!!!!!!! They do seem to be getting very close.. Hmmmm... Think about it from the Writer's point of view too: Rumor has it that Dan is not exactly thrilled with the current President Bush, and if Davey's Dad takes GHWB's place as VP, the effectively heads off both Bush presidencies.
  22. Uhoh!!! Couldn't we just blame Trebs instead?
  23. Never? Hmmmm... BTW, you do realize, of course, that if Davey DOES end up in a wheelchair in DOR 37, that you are going to be seeing a lot of this quote from now until doomsday?
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