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  1. I'm really looking forward to Milo learning that Nelson knows about that painting. At the moment, I'm thinking Milo is still suspicious that Nelson isn't actually gay, and it's all a plot to "out" him. Nelson's knowledge of the existence of the painting gives Nelson the perfect "alibi". I agree with you regarding the smoking (pot) and driving. The designated should be doing neither! Personally, I'd feel more comfortable with a high driver than a drunk one (I find pot a lot less debilitating to the judgement than alcohol) but I'd much prefer neither! I think you are right about Haily, too. She might have a big problem with Nelson being gay. Hmmmm... If she's dating Jame (Assface), and has a big problem when she learns about Nelson, I can see Jame finding out, and putting the info to "use" against Nelson and Caleb. I'm also wondering if the main crux of the story will be Nelson being outed, and Milo having to choose to stand by him or not?
  2. Agreed, but Nelson has never had a BF, either, and is only out to his family, and only that due to being caught looking at a guy. So, all this is new to him, too. Nelson, though, has guts!!! He's very much unlike Owen, Quin, or Rory because he's sure not shy about going after a guy! I like him! He also seems to have slightly better Gaydar than Rory (who lived in a "house of queers" without ever even wondering...).
  3. OK, Tim, I'll sign up for the "recruit more Danimals" campaign! We need a slogan... Hmmmm... How about "Why settle for the lesser of two evils?" Well said! A few weeks ago, I was a lurker here too, mainly due to being too lazy to register. But, it takes about 30 seconds, and it's easy, so I hope anyone reading this will GO DO IT NOW! One thing any newbie will soon discover is it's FUN to participate here. So, it's free, so why not give it a try? Yep, EMP can have some nasty effects on electonics, and so too can the x-ray pulse that preceeds the neutron high-energy neutron flux (assuming it was a 3-stage weapon) so he's lucky he made it at all. :nuke: I'm definitly going to have to go back and re-read the part where Sean has an incomplete do-over, as I suspect that is tied in with this somehow. One thing though: The real threat Davey needs to deal with is the other time travelers. So, would stopping the mad scientist work for that? Or does he need to eliminate them as they arrive? If it's the latter, I think DOR is far from over, as it's years in Davey's future. It will take Dan a LOT of chapters to cover the interveining years. (and I for one sure wouldn't mind!)
  4. Ahhh, that might explain it. I do recall one of his blog entries, quite a while back, where he complained (rightly IMHO) that no one seemed to be reading his blog anymore. I felt really bad for him, that readers could be so fickle. I tried to post a comment, but got a system error message (which might have been part of the reason he was getting no comments). I was taken offline by sudden (now resolved) health emergencies very soon thereafter, so I never got around to registering here until recently. So, now, here I am, to infest his forums. Forum traffic does seem to be increasing, though, so I'm happy to see that.
  5. That's a darn good point!!! I've often felt like there is a slight discontinuity between chapters, and then when beginning the next chapter you are trying to figure out what went on since the last chapter. I think that's one of the things that makes Dan's writing so riveting: you really have to pay attention!
  6. That's what I'm thinking, too. I'm going to have to go re-read that bit about Sean having an incomplete go-back, as I think it might be important here. I've also got a nagging feeling that there was something about Sean's incomplete go-back that made it dangerous for him to try another goback? Maybe that's why Davey is having the headaches: Dan is foreshadowing major problems with his next do-over? BTW, while I'm speculating, I'll speculate on something else: The comparative lack of speculation in this thread compared to the thread about DD, one of Dom's stories. The last couple of chapters of DOR have been, I don't know the literary terms, but background and stage setting more than crisis or action. I think they have been great, and more to the point very necessary for the quality of the overall story, but it seems to be crisis, major events, cliffhangers, or action that causes more speculation and posting. However, rumor has it that DOR37 will have some major events and trouble, so we shall see if my prediction and speculation pan out...
  7. Welcome, Innoce!!! I agree with you about Caleb. How could he not figure out that if you are seeing one girl, asking another to the dance right in front of her might not be overly well received? Just a guess, but I suspect he's completely non-monogamous, the the extent that he can't understand why some people are monogamous. But, that's fine IMHO, as long as he's honest about it. So far, he hasn't tried to hide it, which is good. As for Joe: I agree there too. Being the designated and then drinking REALLY soured me on him, and his attitude since has re-enforced that opinion. I also have a hunch he will be the one of Nelson's friends to most object to Nels being gay.
  8. I was wondering that, too. Something along the lines of thinking Nelson is just trying to cause trouble. Hmmmmm... Are you saying that the goat is a car thief, but framed somebody else for it, and will soon be dating Nelson?
  9. OUCH! If he's alive, it's by a hair: That Suburban was tipping over right onto him before rolling back.
  10. Is there a reason this news isn't in the story announcements forum? Just curious, as I'd assumed that was standard practice. Spoilers below. Don't read if you haven't read the chapter. And, a question: All the other multi-chapter stories on Dom's story page have graphic logos, but "With Trust" does not. Has Dom stated a reason for this? Does he need one making?
  11. If you ever want to see something truly funny, try watching a super-raised pickup (with the giant tires) try and negotiate a plain old jeep trail. ROFL! But, I hope Rory does get the 'burb. AZ has some of the best rock-crawling around. Heck, in a lot of places you need to do it to get where you are going.
  12. C James


    I think one sentence (by Dom) says it all: "Because I needed to finish the story, my way." It is, after all, his story. As for the cliffhanger: Was it evil? IMHO, yes! And that's part of what made it such an outstanding chapter! I think this is my favorite chapter, of all Dom's stories. One final thought: If Dom wanted to be truly evil, he could make chapter 36 short. Very short. Just two words: "THE END". So, we better be nice to him!
  13. Just don't lift it too much! A friend of mine did that, and kind of forgot about the higher center of gravity. Over it went... I'm thinking of going for hydraulics in mine, to avoid that problem.
  14. AHHH! What an excellent point!! Rory, don't drink the lemonade....
  15. In a Dom Luka story? The unexpected ALWAYS seems to happen! About the only thing I'm willing to predict won't happen is LGAITE (sorry, Nick).
  16. You had better hope he doen't see this! I agree on that part! So he's got one tiny little character imperfection.. He's hot, so surely we can forgive him that? ROFL!! If that makes him a bad boy, you really wouldn't have liked me at that age. Or, for that matter, now...
  17. ROFL! I really love the play on the "The Lo(n)g way" theme!!
  18. Spoiler warning!!!!! My comments contain spoilers, so are withing the black area below. Just highlight to view, but NOT if you haven't read the chapter yet! One more comment from me: I *REALLY* loved the first sentance of this chapter!!!! Thank you, Dan, and have a Happy Birthday!
  19. I sure do! I also think the chance to discuss a story in progress is one of the best things about the information age! Oh, and just to give further incentive to others to post: If I'm left here all alone for too long, I'll start arguing with my own posts. That won't be pretty. I was thinking that, too. It's one area where he has an enormous edge, physically, over his peers. Tennis might be another area for him for the same reasons. I wonder if Papa's access to items from that store (where he and Davey placed the first bet) will be coming into play on upcoming chapters?
  20. Thanks Dan! Ok, as for that last bit: Those of us who love seeing new chapters should see this as a golder opportunity to prove that a fast release rate does not reduce chapter discussion!!! So, chapter 34 or no chapter 34 (I just read it BTW, thank you!) I'm going to keep discussing chapter 33. Any opinions on Daveys headaches, anyone? I think they will prove significant.
  21. WOW! Thank you! I had no idea, or I'd have prepared an acceptance speech! (I assure one and all, my speeches are awesome! Best cure for Insomnia ever invented!) OK! So, I'm in charge of the Fan club! Absolute power!! They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all that, so I'll get right to work being absolutely corrupt! I'm actually quite good at it: Lawyers sometimes come to me for lessons. So, first order of business... Security! Let's see... Who do we know of who has the Security thing down to a fine art? Jarrod comes to mind... OK, Dan, would you be willing to let Jarrod, kind-hearted soul that he is, see to Tim's well being? Second order of business... Publicity! Publicity photos, of course! I guess this makes me in charge of club membership too, so, on to the corrupt part: Dan, Robert, I hereby graciously offer you membership in TTTSFC (The Tim The Slut Fan Club). Membership dues are cash only, sent to me.
  22. OK, it's been up for a day and a half now, so I'm hoping it's ok to actually get into detialed chapter discussions? (IF not, please feel free to delete this post). I really enjoyed the chapter. I liked the way it flowed, and really gave substance to Davey's new reality. It's clear it's even worse for him, this time around, due to the much younger age. He has to try even harder not to talk like an adult. I'm also wondering what is going on with the headaches? My predictions; it's either a result of the time travel problem that sent him so far back, or a result of his new body having a smaller, less developed brain (due to age). Either way, I predict this will play a major role eventually. I'm very curious to see what happens regarding the money, and the Plans Davey clearly already has for future actions. Davey's father is definitely one of the most complicated and contradictory literary characters I've ever seen. He varied greatly from timeline to timeline, and certainly has a great deal to dislike about him, but as we saw just a couple of chapters ago, eventually has some very redeeming characteristics too, if properly cultivated. Basically, he's very much like plenty of people I've known in real life. I don't mean to slight any of Dan's other characters, but I feel his father is one of the best he's written.
  23. What a rollercoaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I think I switched from thinking "Rory's going" to "Rory's staying" a dozen times! And Grandma Alice utterly shocked me with her speech on the plane! I also think a heck of a lot more of Seth now than I did. However, I'd still like to see Luke end up with somebody (anybody nice!). I was dreading the end of the chapter right from word one, because of all the "ending at chapter 35" speculation. (I think we can now fairly safely say that it isn't? ) The actual ending was one doozy of a cliffhanger, and totally unexpected! Poor Eddy! Thanks, Dom for an especially great chapter, a real rollercoaster ride!!
  24. Interesting that DD chapter 35 has no less then two very active threads, considering it isn't even out yet!
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