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  1. Thanks, Kitty! I think the aspect of Grandma Alice that says "Old" to me is her attitude and behaviour, which reminds me very much of both of my grandmothers when they were in their 80's and 90's.
  2. Is Grandma Alice's age ever actually mentioned in the story? I just re-read the first two chapters and didn't see it. I've been assuming she was around 80, not 50. But, that might be due to my own Grandmother being over 80 when I was Rory's age.
  3. OK, I'm somewhat new here, so excuse me if I put my foot in it, but: I thought the whole LGAITE thing was a running joke on this forum? If not, excuse me while I go get the taste of foot out of my mouth ... And, regarding people following in their father's footsteps, I certainly agree with Tim. In fact, some of the finest people I've ever met come from horrible backgrounds, and come to think of it, I know a few inverse examples too. (great background, but utter scum).
  4. ROFL!!!!!!!! I'd feel so sorry.. for Grandma Alice! And, Another possible scenario occured to me. Why does it have to be Rory and Seth, *OR* Luke and Rory? Luke and Seth might be another twist.. Or, what about Luke, Rory, AND Seth? BTW, Hot Avatar, Tim!
  5. 4th time? OK, what did I miss? In DO, he went through puberty once. So far in DOR, he's been through puberty once, and if he goes back now (as it looks like he will) that would be the third time? DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I just got it... I forgot to count his original life! So, you are quite right, this will be #4! Yipes, poor Davy!
  6. OK, OK, truth be told, I am not really predicting LGAITE... Interesting, though, as Dom seems to have set this up wonderfully: Luke has been my favorite charachter right from the start of DD, but Seth is also seemingly a sweet guy. So, not matter what, somebody nice gets hurt. Dramatic tension! Now for some serious predictions (and probably serious egg on my face). Option #1, Seth isn't what he seems. Perhaps, but Dom usually foreshadows, and I haven't noticed anything bad yet. Option #2, Luke meets someone and falls for them (probably not Grandma Alice). Possible, but it just doesn't feel like the story is heading that way to me. Just a hunch. Option #3 Seth has an accident. This would be my guess out of the first three option. Option #4, Dom is, as usual, unpredictable, and surprises us all somehow. I think this is by far the most likely scenario.
  7. Yep, Puberty, for the third time! I wonder if we will get to hear Davey's thoughts on this? :nuke: :wacko:
  8. It's not all hot Desert here. For example, I'm sitting up here at 7000ft, in pine covered mountains (and usually deep snow this time of year) and I'm less than two hour's drive from Phoenix. I lived in the Phoenix area for a decade, and ice skating was quite popular. Heck, when it's 115 outside, anything involving ice would be popular! There was even an Ice Skating rink in the State's biggest shopping mall, Metro Center, but they took it out a few years ago. Thanks for the two replies about the bow ties. I haven't figured out how to quote a quote yet, so I'll just say thanks, and that I agree. That would have been one very interesting scene to read, though, but I suspect Dom intentionally leaves things up to the imagination. Speaking of which, I've noticed that Dom is often vague regarding how a character looks. IMHO, this is great, because it leaves it largely up to the imagination of the reader.
  9. What a chapter!!! It's the best yet IMHO. Well, it's too soon to discuss much, as it's so new, but I will include this one tiny spoiler, mainly to see if I'm doing the spoiler blackout correctly.... Hey, I warned you it was a tiny spoiler, didn't I?
  10. Well, I personally think that being able to communicate with the author of a story in progress would be one of the wonders of the internet age, so I can't see how your posting here would be anything other than a huge plus. Not to slight any other aspects of your stories, but I have to say I was particularly impressed in DO with your naval warfare scenarios, and the use of actual then-in-commission ships. I also liked the reference in DOR 30 to Enterprise (CVN-65) having eight reactors. Not too many people know that it's the only ship ever built with so many reactors (A note of other people reading this: Nimitz-class CVN's have two). Your Naval background shows through wonderfully. I also found the surface-warfare tactics you created to be very, very conceptually interesting. I'm guessing they must be your own, as they weren't standard USN tactical doctrine. You mentioned in your blog a while back that you were thinking of publishing DO and DOR, so I was wondering if factual nit-picking from readers was wanted? For example, if I recall correctly, you inferred (probably artistic licence, not a mistake) that Reagan's library and Ranch as being at the same location. Reagan's Ranch was in the hills inland from Santa Barbara, while the Presidential library (where he is buried) is in Simi Valley, quite a distance away. I'm not trying to nit-pick, just wondering if such input would be welcome as publication might be intended. I certainly won't do any further nit-picking if it's not wanted. I remember reading that, but I had forgotten. Thanks. Thanks for the tip on spoilers, too. I'll hold off on commenting on the just-posted chapter for a while. Actually, I'll have to, as I haven't read it yet! I have to wait an hour or so to get free of my phone, and it's going to be a long hour! I'm really looking forward to it, and thank you!
  11. What a great chapter! Talk about moving the storyline! OK, I don't know how to do the spoiler blackout lines yet (just got registered today) so I'll keep my trap shut about the chapter. On the other hand, it's been up for a while, and this thread is about the chapter, so surely no one would read here and not expect spoilers? (I'm new, so don't know the rules yet..) BTW, are there other areas in the forums where DOR is discussed? This thread seems a bit inactive give the magnitude of the chapter? And, finally, a question on naming... If Davy goes back in time again, will that end DOR and begin a new story, such as the way DO ended? What would the title be (If this is public yet)? Do Over Redux Redux? Do Over Tres? Just curious. Hmmmmm... DOR3? eh? Could this be a clue? If there is another time trip, wouldn't it then be DOR2, or DO3? Not DOR3? Hmmmm... Makes me think that this could be a slip, and there is a DOR2 (or DO3) in the works? OK, OK, maybe wishful thinking on my part...
  12. Well, after a year of lurking, I finally registered so I could post, and this is my first post. Chapter 33 was great! And, like everyone else here, I have my theories on where DD is going. So, who will Luke end up with? I noticed that in DD 33 we see Luke getting girls phone numbers, flirting with girls, and proving himself to have less effective Gaydar than even Rory. And, for the Cliffhanger, we find Grandma Alice sitting on the doorstep. I think it's quite obvious, LGAITE! (Yep, I've been lurking for a while...) OK, now, a more serious question that I have not seen addressed: In DD31 or 32, Rory comes home to find Luke and Dave, shirtless and wearing bow ties, and they have one for him, too. But, we never find out WHY they were doing this? Rory doesn't even seem perplexed? Well, I'm perplexed! Any theories? And one final thing: Many, many thinks to Dom for all the truly great stories!
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