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  1. I'll be back to the thread later tonight or tomorrow (I'm on a writing jag, finishing up the final chapter, which was drafted but needs a lot of work). So just a fast note for now. First off, a bug THANK YOU to everyone who has commented. This story would not exist without feedback and comments, so in a very real way, the story would not exist without you. THANK YOU!!!


    On the defibrillator issue; in 2007, they were far less commonplace in non-medical settings than today. Atlantis does not have one, and likely would not have one, even today. Good thought though.


    Shane's lifesaver training included CPR. Therefor, he's the best hope whomever has the non-beating heart has. However, yes, he was standing in the bilge water, so he was the most at risk. That bilge contains electrical wiring, and also the grounding line for the mast routes through the area.


    If it's Trevor with the non-beating heart, if the cause is blood loss, CPR (or a defibrillator) can't help him. 


    Lisa was seen after the lighting strike, so we can rule her out. That leaves Shane, Joel, or Trevor.


    Atlantis is in bad shape; no rig (the mast, sails, etc are all trailing over the side), she has bullet damage, and worse still, structural damage. Even without all that, she could not survive the storm's passage. The back side of the storm is carrying 100 foot seas and 150mph winds; if Atlantis gets in that, she's kindling. A non-survivable event. Also, the only reason the front half of the storm is milder by comparison is the wind (due to the counter clockwise rotation of the storm) is from the rugged, mountainous shore of Jamaica.


    One way to think of the back calf of the storm is like a solid wall of death running for over a hundred miles north to south, from the shore to the open sea to the south. That wall is moving west at 18 knots. Atlantis is in the way. Atlantis's top speed on engines is, in perfect conditions, 16 knots. Rough seas slow her. Thus, she cannot get out of the way or reach shore. The narration rules out rescue from any source. Also, time is of the essence. Atlantis was already marginal to begin the speed run to the southwest with her rig; she was barely, barely fast enough to have a chance of evading the storm. If her rig could be restored instantly, she'd have a chance, but how does one restore a rig instantly? It'd take a boatyard days. Could four people do it at sea, even without the storm? No. Even if they could splice the mast, they'd need a crane to step it back into place. It took Trevor days to jury rig a sail in the Southern Ocean, and then, he had a mast. And a jury rigged sail would not be enough now; Atlantis needs the speed of her full rig, and it is beyond saving.  

    So, the three with beating hearts aboard Atlantis have a little bit of a conundrum, even without the issue of one person aboard lacking a pulse, a condition that may be permanent.  


    I see the eye of Dean mentioned... okay, let's assume they could make it to the eye. What then? It's about five miles wide and moving about 18 knots. And per Wildone's map, it does not make landfall on Jamaica. (Closest approach was 20 miles per the national hurricane center, and 19 miles from other sources) And Dean will be obeying the historical record in all particulars. Caveat; as you can see from the map, when Dean was off Jamaica, he was not heading perfectly due west, but about three degrees north of true west. Due west is a bearing of 270 degrees, and Dean's course at that time was about 273 degrees. However, in the chapters I said "West". This was done for simplification only and has no plot significance. Dean's course will be exactly as the historical map shows. 


    Okay, I do admit that the situation at the end of Doomsday is a bit on the tense side.


    And I was very happy to offer Wildone a lightning-less version of the chapter. I have to admit I was hoping he'd decline, because I could not figure out a good way of doing it, and I've had a long, long time to think about it (I knew the ending for Doomsday before I posted the first chapter of Circumnavigation.) About the only thing I could think of was to replace "lightning" with an innocuous term. Maybe "Fuzzy pink bunny". The problem there is Wildone would have had a chapter where they sky erupted and a fuzzy pink bunny blasted Atlantis. :)


    BTW, at critical times in the story, Trevor has been watching lightning. Remember the first paragraph of chapter one?


    The blue flicker of lightning on the horizon lit the night, the air thick and humid, unrelieved by the offshore thunderstorm. Trevor, in his accustomed place at the end of the breakwater, sat watching. It was his favorite place, one where he could be alone with both his thoughts and the moody sea, each of which so often mirrored the other. 


    Also, the first line of the prologue,

    The dawn came as with a thunder, a fitting omen for the day.


    Also, in Carnarvon, when an absolutely dejected Trevor was watching distant lighting. That was when Shane appeared in the rain, come to apologize for their fight. Until that point, they'd been enemies.


    There have been a few other times as well, but those two are the most important, and foreshadowed the end of Doomsday. 


    Actually, quite a few bits of the story foreshadowed Doomsday. Remember Fantome, the big clipper cruise ship lost with all aboard in Mitch? (that's a real story, BTW). There are other things as well. 


    Okay, I do admit that the end of Doomsday was a tad on the tense side. Those aboard Atlantis do indeed face a bit of a conundrum. They have a killer hurricane the size of Texas coming at them from the east, and Bridget's massive fleet to the west and southwest. And that heartbeat issue. And Atlantis is severely damaged in several ways. So yes, I admit, they face a bit of a conundrum.


    I'm sure we'd all like to see the final chapter as soon as possible. I'm hard at work on it now. What would spur me to even greater efforts (and thus get the chapter ready sooner) is if we could all agree that Doomsday was not a cliffhanger. (Wildone and MikeL are right!). A tad tense, yes. A bit of a conundrum, yes. But surely not a cliffhanger. (as we all know, I never, ever use those).


    Oh, and in case anyone gets any evil ideas, I'll point out that Circumnavigation won't be eligible for the 2013 Cliffhanger award, because it will be finished posting before the end of December, 2012. :)


    CJ :)


                                                 Posted 111th of December, 2012.

  2. Cautiously avoiding the

    Life and limb drama unfolding

    I must say that

    Finally reaching the

    First part of the ending...


    Hopefully the boys

    And Joel and Lisa survive the

    Night and

    Gain the safety of land

    Everything seems to have gone wrong and

    Really it's all a bit tense 0:)


    I do admit that it is, perhaps, ever so slightly tense, and there is a touch of mystery to it. But it is the end of the story, and the major showdown, so I wrote a chapter 3 times normal length, to avoid breaking it. I felt that breaking this chapter up would spoil the flow of action. 


    There are clues in the chapter. Quite a few. ;-)


    At the Moment as I have not seen the last chapter and knowing what I do.  Dean existed and rose to become a category 5, I cannot see how this could be a cliff hangar. I can see no sucessful ending. 

    This I think sums the situation up but there is no light house, I can see



     for people who cannot see it



    Plug for  www.runrig.co.uk


    That's perfect!!!! :)


    B) ................. I generally don't try to point out mistakes....but ......though the resort’s switchboard no longer allowed outbound or inbound calls on its lines. As Bridget had anticipated, many of the guests called their friends and families, and word reached the media’s ears within half an hour.  So how did the reporter call in? 


    Hmmm, For brave souls, three beating hearts – adrift in a massively damaged Atlantis close to being devoured by Dean. Shane will have to do some CPR on Trevor because we need four beating hearts.


    Now that Bridget's entire fleet knows that Trevor has ridiculed her, she will lose face if they don't find the Atlantis. I think she will be in further trouble as the first amoungst equals dies on her. Xavier heard the exchange and is well aware that she disobeyed him, I wonder how much of her fleet is intact or if they fled from the approaching storm?


    Not sure how Atlantis is going to survive, could be dumb luck having the bilges flooded and keeping her stable in what is going to a very rough ride. Nice cliffhanging chapter, it will be interesting to see how you get our heroes out of this mess you created with the help of Bridget.


    Thank you for the goof alert!!! I did indeed goof there.


    I've just edited the chapter to fix it. Thank you Benji!!!!!!!


    As my team will surely attest, I'm notorious for missing words. This was one such time. The missing word was "room". It was supposed to be "room lines". They cut off the hotel lines to the rooms. Sorry for the confusion!


    Bridget's fleet is intact, save for the speedboat Atlantis destroyed. There are around ten boats racing south, to get into position to jump Atlantis if she races free of the storm. The rest, 60 odd, are a few miles west of Bridget, arrayed roughly on a north-south line. They will have to run for it very soon - but they have more time than Atlantis does, due to being several miles to the west (dean is approaching from the east).


    BTW, I posted above that I took no artistic license with Dean. I just remembered that I did, very slightly. Dean's actual historical course is just a few degrees north of due west, so in the chapter I simplified it and said "west" and coming out of the "east" instead of, for example, "Dean was roaring in from four degrees south of due east". This was just for simplicity, the same as I often round off mileages; the actual course of dean will be per the historical record.


    And Benji, I didn't create this mess they are in. Dean was real; the conditions portrayed are exactly as they were on that date and time and place; the night of August 19th, 2007. So I cannot be blamed for Dean. As for Trevor, Shane, Lisa, and Joel being there, I can't be blamed for that, either; Bridget did that, via her oh so thoughtful wedding present for Lisa and Joel. So blame Bridget, not me! I'm innocent. I'm worried about Trevor, Shane, Lisa, and Joel, too. 

  3. :/ .........................HOLY SHIT, WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!!!!



    You've been taken in by the conspiracy... don't listen to them! This was not a cliffy.


    I'm sure all of our our faithful, hardworking team members will soon be along to verify that the chapter is entirely cliffhanger-free.


    Our wonderful team carefully scrutinizes every chapter for any hint of a cliffy. If there was one, surely someone would have seen it?


    You rat bastard!! Another excellent chapter, and I kind of hate you for the ending, but as always, will tune in til the last word!


    What? Poor, sweet, innocent me a rat bastard? 0:)


    Also, please bear in mind that the bad things happening are Bridget's fault, not mine. :ph34r:

    For brave souls, three beating hearts – adrift in a massively damaged Atlantis close to being devoured by Dean.  Will Shane be able to use his skills to restart one heart?  All with no relief in sight for our friends; and likely a week or more befor the release of the next chapter giving relief to those of us dangling on the edge of our seats, as we slide over to the edge of the nefarious goat's cliff..


    Atlantis has indeed taken quite a bit of damage.


    BTW, to anyone wondering: Dean was a real storm, exactly as shown. I didn't make him up or take artistic license. This also, of course, means that I can't very well be blamed for what Dean does.

    • Posted 109th December 2012 - 08:47 PM

    DOOMSDAY is up! (it might take a minute after this post to appear).





    Okay, we've got a chapter up. And it's a big one; it's longer than three regular chapters. :)


    I'm now positive; after this chapter, we have ONE more (and an epilogue) remaining after tonight's chapter, "Doomsday".  Doomsday is the next-to-last chapter.



    Posted 109th December 2012 - 08:47 PM

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  4. What an amazing journey. 3 years and well over a hundred chapters and the extension of December to lengths no month should ever be forced to endure! And now, at long last we are within the last 50 days of waiting. That is an exceptional amount of work for one goat to take upon hims-hoof. I really do understand that this is alot of work even though I've never accomplished this particular feat myself. So, thank you with deepest sentiment for the efforts you have exhausted! I look forward to reading what I have no doubt is an exceptional next chapter and the upcoming releases of concluding segments!!!




    Actually, we are still under 100 chapters, due to having to convert to Australian maths for numbering the Australian chapters (Australians. being upside down, use inverted numbers). Then. when we re-crossed the equator, wen ended up shifting to an alphanumeric system, so today's chapter is chapter P3. :)


    And this is definitely the next to last chapter, so two weeks from today, we'll be done.


    December has indeed been very accommodating, and I am thankful that it has, otherwise we'd have a hard time getting this story concluded before the end of 2012. :) 


    December 2012...where no month has gone before!


    It is indeed a very flexible month :)


    We live in exciting times!



    For some reason, that reminds me of the ancient Chinese curse; may you live in interesting times. :)


    Fortunately, the time is not the goat of the year, because it would just three months that history has started ^^ :gikkle: :gikkle: :gikkle:


    OK ->[]


    I think the next year of the goat comes in 2015, 3 years from now. :)




    UPDATE: 1 hour or less to Doomsday. I'm working as fast as I can.

  5. Thanks!!!!


    Three years and five months?!!?!? But I've been saying almost three years.... oops! It's 3 years and two months (October 2009 to December 2012, which is the current month) :)


    BTW, POSTING SCHEDULE UPDATE!!!! Scratch that 48 hours and make it no more than 24. It might be less, but it won't be more than 24 hours.


    CJ :)

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  6. Doomsday should be posted by Wednesday, so 48 hours or less from now.


    I am very sorry for being so slow with this, but this is the next to last chapter of Circumnavigation, and I had to get it right. It also took an enormous amount of research time. I've put in many long days and a few all-nighters on this chapter. Plus, the only thing I can say about it is it's a large chapter, the size of 3 regular ones. (so from a words per week perspective, we'll still be ahead).


    After Doomsday, just one chapter and an epilogue remain. (the epilogue is less than a chapter in length, so I'm hoping to post it at the same time as the final chapter).


    I would like to thank all of you who have stuck with this very, very long story. I also want to thank my team, who have worked tirelessly on this story for almost three years now. (the story is very much a team effort).


    CJ :)  



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  7. I'm catching up on some sleep, due to having put in several all-nighters finishing up Doomsday.


    It will post when I get it back from all members of the team.


    I apologize for the delay, but I had to get it right. It's the next to last chapter.


    The only thing I can say about the chapter is it's big. It's the length of 3 chapters.


    I'll come back to the thread tomorrow, but for now, I need some sleep. :)

  8. I'm with glimsong. Given that Trevor knew that Joel and Lisa were out of the resort, I think he's crazy to try to sail in and get them. Of course, he doesn't know about the plan to take the resort or that he's been spotted, or that there are dozens of fast boats full of armed men in the vicinity. He does know that there are at least some armed men, of course. I hope Shane doesn't live to regret not decking Trevor.


    If he'd done as Gonzales suggested, Bridget would have sacked the resort only to find that her primary target had slipped away again! What would that do to her credibility in the cartel?


    Lisa and Joel would have been stuck on the island with an approaching Cat 5 hurricane and, no, I don't suppose I can really understand what that might be like. I've seen photographs of places hit by severe hurricanes and it's not pretty but some structures generally survive. Are there no caves in Jamaica? The hurricane's 24 hours away - plenty of time to get to Kingston, surely.


    I suspect that a good part of Trev's motivation is in his statement to Shane that it has to end somewhere or they'll spend the rest of their lives running away. He may well be right, but I've grown fond of him and Shane and I'd rather see them living out their lives in the Falklands or the Australian outback or wherever than mown down by Bridget's henchmen.


    I'm pinning all my hopes on the Goat's ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat and, somehow, get all 4 of them out of Jamaica and to safety. On the one hand, I can't believe he'd kill off any of Lisa, Joel, Trev or Shane but, on the other, he's got form in this area. And if the story required it, I think he'd do it rather than compromise the tale.


    Me? But... It's Bridget who is causing the problems, not me! As for getting them out of Jamaica safely, that's a worth goal, ad I'm sure it's foremost on their minds. But, wouldn't that be an escape?

    The final line of the posted chapter says, "This time, there would be no escape". That's narration, not a character's opinion, so it has to be true.


    I'm sure it's nothing to worry about though. :)


    I'm sort of wondering if the prologue to the story contains clues to the end of the story... :)

    It has a vessel named Atlantis arcing out into the sky on twin columns or fire on a day with Thunder, escaping.... the earth.

    It also contains the supposed death of a major character and her subsequent funeral, all faked of course.

    All very sad and believable... 0:)

    Wouldn't Trevor and Shane be released from the death sentence if they were already dead?

    Hurricane Dean could provide just the circumstances for all four protagonists to "die"

    I believe that even with Bridgets death (and let's hope it's a gruesome one) that the contract would remain on Trevor and Shanes life.

    Just a thought... :)


    Very good points! Yep, the prologue has been a key to many things. Are there clues in it to the ending? Yep.


    One small problem with faking their deaths though; it's the same as why they can't make use of the witness protection program. Trevor and Shane, especially Trevor, are famous. They'd be recognized. But, it could work, though only if they were willing to live in total isolation for many years. A self-imposed prison, really. But it's possible... except for the last line of the chapter, because that would be a form of escape. :)


    For a couple of weeks now, I've had this thought running thru my mind about a what it. What if this whole story is nothing but a dream? What if Trev is lying in a hospital bed from an accident of some type and is dreaming this whole thing?


    I don't think it's possible. For one thing, we'd have a dream within a dream; that dream sequence where Trevor (while still trying to get to Australia) dreamed he was arriving, and walked up onto the beach to be serenaded by the singing kangaroos. (they were singing Waltzing Matilda). Also, it's written in the third person, and many times the narrator knows things (such as about Bridget) that Trevor does not. 


    Have you read the epilogue?


    Only one person has... and that's me. :)


    I agree.  C J would not do that to us.  The end will be dramatic, realistic, and satisfactory.


    My goals for this entire story are to make it dramatic and realistic. And, of course, cliffhanger-free.


    B) .............A dream sequence would totally ruin the story!


    Well, it does have one (and only one). The singing kangaroos. :)

  9. Sorry to say I'd have decked Trevor and tied him up as soon as he came up with that plan for his own good.  Sigh...If I were to ask him a question it would simply be "What is wrong with you?"


    You haven't even heard the worst part of Trevor's plan.  ;)


    It is a very good thing indeed that Trevor has never claimed to be sane. :)


    You're right; Shane's alternative, trying to make the pickup and all of them escaping on Atlantis, was the saner choice by far.

  10. I've just remembered why I keep promising myself only to read completed stories! Think that Trev and Shane will survive, but that Atlantis is not unsinkable. With gold a plenty, the lads can re - build her. And please, in on of your calm, restful moments, can Bridget have a slow agonising end.


    This one will be completed very soon. The next chapter is the next to last. However, I do know what it's like to have to wait for chapters, and that's part of why I am so forthright and fastidious in my utter opposition to anything even close to a cliffhanger. :)


    I agree with bikerman. I used to read only completed stories, but sooner or later you deplete the store of stories that capture your interest. So now I'm left, more often than not, with current stories like Circumnavigation, or Learning Lessons, or Growing Josh, etc. All of them, and many more, all worthy of my time, but also leaving me at the mercy of the author's timetable. Curses, you evil goat, that you write such compelling fiction, that you torture myself and so many others with an increasingly difficult timeline in which to exist. Waiting for each new chapter reminds me of the old saying that straight men have had to contend with when it comes to the opposite sex. "Can't live with it; can't live without it." The only thing worse than waiting for each new chapter is the realization of not having one at all in a few, short weeks. Evil, pure evil!!


    I do seriously apologize for the delays. I hope to get the next chapter into beta in the next 24 hours, but it's already too late to post Tuesday. I'm taking extra time on it to make sure I get it right. It's the next to last chapter of a project that's taken almost three years (wow... I still can't believe it's been that long!). However, instead of waiting for a week from Tuesday, it could be posted when done. I'm not sure yet. I'm doing all I can (I worked for eight hours on it yesterday alone, and close to 40 hours in the last week.). 


    Two things I can say for sure; the next chapter is called "Doomsday" (I hope that doesn't seem ominous), it is the next to last chapter, and it is longer than normal. More like two chapters. However, it cannot be split, so it will post as one.  


    And what? Sweet, innocent me evil?   0:) 



    This has been a fantastic story.  I really like the authentic sailing terminology and information!  The chapter was well written and very enjoyable.

    When the story is finished I will really miss it.  Hopefully  you will publish this as a full novel for sale by a publisher or on Amazon.  I have paid for gay fiction from them that is nowhere near the quality of this story.




    I'll miss this story tool it's been a huge part of my life for a long time. :)

    B) ....... I also vote for Dean, what would Trevor do if he knew he was being chased by 8 gunboats? The natural thing of course, for Trevor would be to take Atlantis straight into Hurricane Dean. Let Bridget's guys follow that!!



    He after all did survive, barely, the Roaring Forties. So whats a  cat 5 Hurricane?


    In the roaring 40's, he was facing gales and rough seas (except for that rogue wave). A strong gale is around a 50mph wind, with seas in the 20 to 30 foot range. That can give a boat a heck of a pounding, and that's a 9 on the Beaufort scale. A hurricane is a 12, which is is high as the Beaufort Scale goes. That's a 75 MPH wind, with seas getting to 40 to 50 feet. And that's for a category one hurricane (the lowest on the Safir-Simpson scale). A cat 4 or 5 (The Saffir Simpson scale ends at 5) is an utterly different beast. Minimum windspeed (sustained, not gusting) for a Cat 5 is 156 MPH. Seas? Massive, but also even more powerful than their height (up to 100 feet) would indicate. It would reduce Atlantis to kindling. What's it like at sea in the full fury of a Cat 5? No one knows, because no one has ever survived it. One of the best accounts we have of being at sea in a hurricane (though called a typhoon, due to being in the western Pacific) was 5th fleet's encounter in 1944. Due to an erroneous weather report, they sailed right into the heart of it, and tool losses commensurate with a major battle. Several destroyers were lost, and I'll link a pic of what it did to an aircraft carrier. And that was with 100mph winds, a category 2 on the Saffir Simpson scale.


    The clipper Fantome, which was mentioned in the story a couple of times, was caught by a Cat 5, though was probably torn apart well before reaching the inner core (the best guess is she came apart when in the outer core, which had high Cat3 strength.) The only trace ever found of her and her crew were some lifejackets, and even those had been torn apart.  


    However, I'm sure that Dean is nothing to worry about (And just to be clear, Dean was very real, as are the weather bulletins seen in the chapter.)  Just think of Dean as a new character, one who doesn't say much. 

    As the old saying goes, into every life, a little rain must fall... (and a cat 5 does have rain... ). :)





    And that carrier was lucky.



    B) ...........The only thing I can't tell is if Trevor keeps his promise to Shane, time is not on his side. If those boats get to close he will cut and run leaving his freinds behind. Will Bridget be furious to know that Joel and Lisa escaped their capture? Will Xavier feel her wrath on that? After all she assembled this flotilla to show her power to the cartel, only to have it fail that all the intended victims escaped her grasp. If all 4 escape Bridget will be even more humiliated, if Trevor runs and tells his friends to seek shelter, she still loses.


    The window of opportunity for Trevor is small, as all of the other boats are coming in at him, he has no choice but other then run straight into the a cat 5 storm. But not to worry he is piloting a cat! LOL, indeed what could go wrong, he survived the roaring 40's, so a simple hurricane should not be a problem for him. But his pursuers are not as skilled as he is in this event, should be an interesting scene of 8 gunboats following into a cat 5 storm chasing Trevor. The door is shut alright but for whom?


    Trevor may have no choice but to do this Shane's way. Shane is refusing to go, so unless he changes his mind, that means Trevor gets to make the pickup. :)


    BTW, I was tempted to call the chapter "Mutiny on the Atlantis". Plus, Shane has often called Trevor "Captain Bligh". :)


    And as an aside, catamarans have many good points, but storms are not amongst them. So far, they have done well... but as we've seen a few times, that pounding on the wing (the structure that connects the two hulls) is one of the problems. Pound on something too much, and it breaks. 



    I am reminded of the Spanish Armada sailing to invade England… That's the way I felt before our boys set out on their unfortunately timed plan. Perhaps though the winds of Dean will yet confound Bridget's henchmen causing them to fail, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! Where that would leave Joel & Lisa though, I am not certain.


    I am reminded of another story with a nearly hopeless plotline as well that had the heroes of that story at a significant disadvantage; facing a mad man with nuclear warheads and a raging volcano…they survived - So there is hope for the important foursome of this story…


    I seem to recall that story. :)


    The good news is that Trevor is a highly skilled sailor, wise in the ways of the sea.


    The bad news is that Bridget Bellevue is is well, as we saw in her escape from Florida.


    Both of them can read weather reports, and understand what Dean is, and what Dean can do. And Atlantis is trapped between most of Bridget's force and Dean, with Dean coming their way.


    One way or the other, this is the final encounter.


    Okay, I'm off to work on "Doomsday".

    CJ :)  

  11. Wow, it just keeps getting worse for our heroes. Lisa and Joel might be able to escape if they could find their way to the American Embassy, but I don't see a way out for Trevor and Shane.


    They say it's always darkest before the dawn.... but, it's nowhere near dawn yet. :)


    I don't see it happening, but I am still holding out hope for Shane and Trevor to make it out alive. I certainly don't want to see this end the way "TITANIC" did...with Trevor and Shane getting through every other thing and, then, dying at the end.


    I think Dean is going to throw an unexpected wrench into everyone's plans, but we will have to wait and see!!!


    Dean was unexpected by both sides, so he's definitely throwing some monkey wrenches.


    At least we're at a nice, calm, restful pausing point between chapters.

    • Posted 94 December 2012 - 09:47 PM

    Final Rendezvous is up! (it might take a minute after this post to appear).


    Happy December 94th, 2012!



    Okay, we've got a chapter up. :)


    I'm now positive; after this chapter, we have two more (and an epilogue) remaining. What's been happening is that as I've filled out the draft of the final chapters (I wrote the drafts of the final chapters before the story started posting) it's ended up being a lot more verbiage than I thought, so some chapters got split into two.  An example would be this one and the last one, which were drafted as one chapter. However, the next chapter to come (Called "Doomsday") cannot be split, so that won't be happening anymore. Doomsday is the next-to-last chapter.


                  Posted 94th December 2012 - 09:47 PM

  12. Often, adapting old systems for use in a new system costs more than starting over. The SLS SRB is a 5 1/2 segment design, on Shuttle it was 4. That might not sound like much, but it's a major, major redesign. It also keeps the flaws inherent in the old design, such as segmented fuel and casing (without which the O rings that failed on Challenger would not have existed). The reason they need a segmented design? So it'll fit through railroad tunnels in the Rockies. If it wasn't built so far from the launch site, this would not be an issue. 

  13. As I often say, but is especially appropriate when it comes to awards, Circumnavigation is a team effort, so that award belongs to the team.


    As for Bridget being a bit autobiographical... that's just not possible for one as sweet and innocent as I. 0:)

  14. Thank you to those who organized and ran this... and special thanks to SidLove: those banners are awesome!


    And I'm with Andy... All hail Cia, :joe: Queen of Cliffhangers! :joe: , Sovereign of the Malevolent Precipices, undisputed ruler of the edge of the looming abyss. Long may she reign!  :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  15. Just a fast visit from me; I'll answer the question in this thread soon. I've been super busy this week, as well as dealing with an injury that kept me off the computer for a few days (nothing serous, just racked up a few tendons in a leg, had to stay off it and keep it raised for a few days.).



    The title to the next chapter is Final Rendezvous.


    Now, as for the number of chapter remaining; I think I've been very consistent, for several chapters now, that it's about three. :) What's been happening is fleshing out the draft chapters (written long ago) resulted in them being bigger than expected, so some were slip into two.


    However, as I've been saying for a long time, the story ends in August 2007, and it's already mid august 2007 in the posted chapter. 


    So, I'm well along enough in finalizing the final chapters that I'm certain now. Final Rendezvous is the first of the final three. The next one, the next to last, is called Doomsday. After that, ONE chapter plus an epilogue. I won't release the title of the final chapter yet though. The reason I'll claim publicly is that it's a spoiler. The real reason is I haven't made up my mind yet. :) 


    I'm now 100% certain we have three chapters to go, because Final Rendezvous is done, and Doomsday cannot be split. I'll even mention the reason, though it's a bit of a spoiler; there's a tiny touch of tension in some parts of it, and were I to split it, some unscrupulous scurrilous miscreant (perhaps from Canada :ph34r: ) might possibly imply that it's a cliffy. And, as we all know, our team and I are 110% dedicated to making absolutely 120% certain that there's not even a hint of a cliffy in Circumnavigation.


    And, earlier in the thread I was asked how many days in December, 2012. Well, it's a leap year, and in the goat calender, that means December is quite large. Circumnavigation will conclude well before December does. In fact, I hope to be well into posting another novel before 2012 ends.  :ranger: 

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  16. Not quite the bloodbath that Joel and Lisa's wedding like we were expecting…


    I have to admit to more than a few moments of chills as Joel and Lisa were next to the cliff, I felt certain that limo driver was Bridgets man – and he may very well be. I was especially anxious at the mention of alligator pond, or whatever. I felt certain they were going to be helped over the edge of that cliff, but then we really would've had the goat, for using cliffs! Only that, gave me a sense of relief before Joel and Lisa got back into the limousine and eventually were taken to the resort.


    Well, it was a bloodbath, of the exact kind Bridget was hoping to achieve. Her goal just wasn't what we thought.  :)


    Sorry about that, ah, largely vertical terrain feature, Lover's Leap. It's actually there, as is Alligator Pond, so think of this as just seeing the local sights. I've seen Lover's Leap, though from the seaward side. It's quite... horrifying, to one as cliff-averse as me. 


    Here's a pic I found, taken from the top, looking down at the rocks a quarter of a mile below.



  17. Nothing but cliffs in this chapter....Shame CJ, shame!!!


    Looks like Bridget's got everything neatly arranged, and Trevor, Shane, Lisa and Joel are in for a boatload of trouble.


    Looking forward,to next chapter.


    Cliffs? What cliffs? :huh::blink:


    Bridget is very good at neatly arranging things. And one way or the other, this is the final time. :battleaxe:


    Don't worry, I promise that this chapter will feel bright and happy once we have the next one to compare it to.  :ph34r:

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  18. :rolleyes: Benji.


    Any good reason why those two are not in the GA Stories system? (Besides CJ not bothering to put them there as yet... :P)


    They should have been in the GA system long ago, the only reason they aren't is abject laziness and procrastination on the part of the author (me).


    I'll get it done as soon as I finish my current serial in a couple of weeks. For now, the links Mike gave work. 


    I'm not sure these are the stories you are looking for, as the new member is a singer, not a drummer, but other than that, the description fits. :)


    BTW, Let the Music Play is the first of the two novels. Changing Lanes is the sequel. Both are complete. 

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    • Posted 86 December 2012 - 02:16 AM

    The Grand and Deadly Design is up! (it might take a minute after this post to appear).


    Happy December 86th, 2012!


    I apologize for the delay. I screwed up and managed to bungle sending an e-mail to one member of my team, and this, coupled with the fact he was offline for several days, caused the delay. It was then extended an extra day while I sorted out a continuity issue with the next chapter, which will be the first of the final three. I'm taking extra time and care on these chapters, because they are the end of a ride that's taken us all two years. I have to get them exactly right.  


    We are, thankfully, still on schedule (barely) to wrap this thing up before the end of 2012, and in under 100 chapters. :ph34r:


                  Posted 86th December 2012 - 02:16 AM

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