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  1. Tonight's chapter isn't up yet as I'm having posting problems. As soon as I figure out how to fix them, I'll get the chapter up.


    I've tried pasting it in from word the regular way, and also saving as filtered HTML and opening with firefox to past it in, but the formatting gets screwed up badly.


    This may be due to a possible bug issue GA's software might be having, or it may be due to my very screwy (at the moment) ISP, or it might be due to me bungling it. (the most likely reason is the latter).


    Sorry for the delay, I'll do what I can.


    Update: I've tried using IE instead of Firefox, no difference. I'm going to try this with a different PC.

  2. I've got to rush off to post the chapter, (internet connection has been down except briefly for hours) I'll return to this thread... that's a good point on the haggis recipe. It was a clue to the pressure tank (the hiding place of the tape) but it may have been more. If so, we don't know -yet. :)


    However... its meaning may be obvious; a weapon to use against Bridget and the cartel; haggis! It's far harder to legally import haggis into the US than it is anthrax, bubonic plague, or all manner of chemical and bio weapons (you need permission, which is stunningly easy to get.) But haggis... that's been under absolute ban since the 70's, no exceptions. Therefor, obviously, haggis is far worse than weaponized anthrax.



  3. Yes, yes.....another exciting chapter!! Another cliffhanger that makes me think I'm an idiot!......well, a hanger, no cliff.....goats don't do cliffs, right? Wait, that sounds wrong....maybe goats don't do hangers and live on cliffs.....which is where the guy is with the binoculars.....so maybe the goat could tiptoe over and knock him off....are lift him up and suspend him on the hangar!!....since people watching other people in this story are never good people, they always have bad things in mind! Why is it that the bad guys in this story always communicate and everybody always knows what page everyone else is on and the good guys keep secrets from each other and never help each other?? I mean, if Gonzalez, and Trevors friends and parents, etc would all level with each other they'd be so far ahead of that witch! This is an exercise in organizational futility.


    Now....at this point it should be clear that I'm just going to have to wait until the next chapter to have a clue what will happen next....otherwise I wouldn't have spent the entire paragraph above distracting you from seeing that I don't have a clue what you know who is going to do with this story next! Nice hat, goat.


    Hello and welcome to the forum!!!


    Don't listen to some of the rumors around here... I would never, ever use a cliffhanger. I wouldn't even know how.


    You've raised a very good point; communications. The good guys were absolutely handicapped by this, especially in the beginning. (it was, to a huge degree, the cause of Trevor's flight from Florida). It's gotten less over time, to the point where they are sharing most everything (it takes time to build trust). As for the bad guys, they have their issues too; Bridget has secrets from most everyone, though she's been far better at cooperating when it comes to trying to kill Trevor and Shane. :) But absolutely, the good guys have often been chasing their tails while the other side is far better informed. Organizational futility indeed. :)



    I'm surprised Bayoudreamn was the first to mention this huge cliffhanger that CJ has left us with :o Could it be that we are so used to them that we may actually be immune to the effects it leaves on us :(


    So looked up on Wiki and found this:




    This tells me that indeed they have been noticed by the Chilean Navy, who knows, maybe it is a priest in the chapel who will pray for them ;)


    The big question is, how will the Chilean Navy respond. I'm sure they will be watching for Argentina to pursue them and that should get their ire up. Too bad there isn't any surface to air missiles to remind the Argentinean Orion that they are in their airspace.


    One last note, a few people I have known have taken cruises around the Cape and those people have said that when they entered Argentina it was beautiful, but they knew by all the rules that there was corruption everywhere. They were encouraged to stay in groups and not to wander off. After the rounding and making port in Chilli, things were much different. People weren't on guard as much when there.


    It seems Trevor has picked a few choice spots for troubles with government corruption. First Egypt, now Argentina.


    I should say that this is others impressions of Argentina, not my own. Most likely the average Argentinean is welcoming and honest person to tourists. Just like when you have a corrupt central government, it tends to flow out to all the branches and arms of that government and takes years to correct and improve upon. :(


    Ahhem! There was no cliffhanger!! The binoculars thing may well be very minor compared to having a patrol boat and an Orion chasing after Atlantis.


    BTW, the Orion could use its radar to look into Chillian territory without coming into their territory itself. ;=)


    How would Chile respond? Good question!!! One one hand, they may not be overly fond of Argentina, but Atlantis has entered their internal waterways without permission. (Atlantis didn't need permission to enter the Beagle - it's an international waterway. Murray Channel isn't.) So... they won't be happy about the patrol boat, but they may not be happy about Atlantis, either.


    Good sleuthing. There is indeed a Chilean naval station (a tiny one, mainly an observation post) just a few hundred yards from Cape Horn, usually staffed by one officer and two enlisted. It was one of them that told me that the sounds the wind makes on the memorial were unintentional. (the walkway up from the arrival beach goes right by the base). 


    Argentina is, unfortunately (especially for Argentinians) afflicted by severe corruption, and not just in the government (though that's the root cause). I've been there on a cruise a couple of times, but I also stayed a few weeks ashore (Like my recent trip to Italy; if I'm flying all that way anyway, I'm going to do more than just a cruise, I'm going to spend a few weeks ashore). Cab drivers, clerks, and even a hotel manager tried the old counting scam on me, and that was just one of the ways they tried to rip me off (it happened a lot - one day in Buenos Ares it was three different tries in one day). My experience was not unusual. This also happened up at Iguazu falls, and a few other places in the north. In general, the more 'tourist destination" a place, is, the worse it is for that. I was traveling on my own, mainly by car, so I saw all sorts of places, good and bad. However, once out of the tourist destinations, it's much better. For example, Ushuaia; when I was there, it was basically crime-free except for government graft. Nobody even bothered locking up. Yet in Buenos Ares, they even have a luggage wrapping service at the airport; they wrap your suitcase in several layers of cellophane for a fee. This is done by a lot of passengers. The reason is to stop baggage handlers rifling through your luggage and stealing; it's so commonplace that they need the service. They also need it (but don't have it) at a heck of a lot of hotels. 


    I also spent a couple of weeks in Chile, and the difference was astounding. It's not free of trouble, but it's less by an order of magnitude or more. If I go back to South America, I'd want to spend a few weeks in Chile, but not Argentina (except for Ushuaia).  

  4. I'm wondering how they're going to get out of this one. Hopefully changing the satellite phone will keep Bridget from directly tracking them. The tough part is that Bridget has her Argentine contacts. The really must elude the patrol boat or an Orion aircraft, but I don't see how they can pull that off.


    Anyway, I enjoyed the chapter and can barely wait for the next one.


    I wouldn't worry that they need to elude the patrol boat OR the Orion. They'll more likely need to deal with both. :)



    Happy December 54th. At least we know Shane and Trevor are safe. Someone is watching out for them through binoculars. I am beginning to think the next couple of chapters are going to require some nail biting. And no potato salad, please.


    Exactly!! They aren't alone, which has got to be a comfort in such a lonely place. :) 


    Safe?  Heading into an area with some of the worst winter weather on the planet in a Cat? 

    Bridget is still scheming and actively planning their demise.  I don't think Trevor and Shane

    are safe by a long ways just yet.  And yes, Arrrghhh!  Another week until we find out anything!


    Most cats are superb boats, but, they are not ideal for violent seas. Like every design of boat, they have their strengths and weaknesses.  


    Don't worry though.. the weather isn't the greatest danger to them, not by a longshot. :)


    I agree, Dave.  They are not safe and their fate may be horrible.  Not only do they have to contend with severe weather and dangerous seas around Cape Horn, but they have many miles to go to reach the Falklands...about 48 hours.  Bridget isn't the only one trying to track them down; there are the Argentines and possibly the Chileans.


    You forgot Xaveir and his team of killers, whom we last saw inbound for Ushuaia. So, there are lots of possibilities. :)


    I wish you would include more details, history lessons, etc. to make the story continue for (at least) another year.  I love this story, it's given me something to look forward to (just about) every week for so long, it feels like forever.  I truly don't remember what life was like B.C. (Before Circumnavigation); nor do I want to remember those dark days, much less experience them again.  Mr. James, I urge you to give serious consideration to the fact that you have--whether deliberately and knowingly, or totally cluelessly--coerced innocent people such as myself into becoming addicted to your story.  It is difficult and painful to contemplate the monumental suffering that awaits if you follow through with your plan to force us addicts to quit cold turkey in less than a month.   You appear to be unaware of the high levels of dependence that you have created in some, if not most, of your readers.  Because of this, you have a moral obligation to mitigate the harm that will inevitably befall these highly dependent readers if you were to suddenly revoke their weekly sustenance.  To put it plainly, you must not do this!  There is no reason why Trevor and Shane can't stop in Venezuela and become embroiled in some sort of complex international incident involving Hugo Chavez and nuclear weapons.  (And the Scar could be resurrected here to team up with Bridget.)  This could easily go on for another 150 weeks or more.  I think I can deal with it if I know that there are only 150 more installments of Circumnavigation left before it ends.  That would be much better than cruelly gloating about your plan to end everything in 3 or 4 weeks, and not even pretending you've already written the draft for the sequel, which you could easily do if you really cared about us.  I had a hard enough time overcoming my addiction to cigarettes and frankly, I don't think I have the fortitude to make it through Circumnavigation withdrawals.  Thank you in advance for hearing the sincerity of my desperation and revising your plans accordingly.  And although I haven't ever actually discussed this with any of the other readers, I am confident that many, if not most, of them feel the same.  Mike in San Diego


    Thanks!! :)


    Oh, there's some history in the coming chapter, though not quite as much. It's plot-relevant, plus it contains at least two things that I don't think can be found anywhere on the internet, and one not even in books. :)


    It's too late to alter the plot... The story ends in August, 2007, and it's already June. :)



    CJ's words always make for great images. :great:  I was encouraged to look up some information on the 'Albatross' and came across this site http://www.caphorniers.cl/CH_monument.htm dedicated to the sailors that have perished in these turbulent waters.  I don't know about anyone else but I have thouroughly enjoyed learning about things I knew nothing about prior to reading this novel. The scenery, geography, history, understanding what a radar reflector is, AIS, learning about the bilge (I thought it was the nautical term for the human waste tank) and that's just from this chapter.  Once again I must say thank you so much for the time and effort dedicated to this tome. :worship:


    I was saddened to see the outcome of the $200 bribe only bought Trevor perhaps a few minutes, but smart for him to give himself an excuse to leave the dock in order to get a head start on the Penguins!  I have no idea what the 'False Hope' is though.  Could it be the hope of our boys surviving?  The hope of Bridget believing Joel to be Trevor? The hope that Gonzales will locate BB; well at least they have her narrowed down to a 2000 mile radius.  :lmao: I am a lttle concerned about Fowler, how did he know to mention to Trevor not to answer calls, that doing so could 'wreck the phone or worse'.  This was after we found out that the sat phone that Joel was using was destroyed by BB's agents.  Hmmm.


    Also what's this with the grandparents, nice to finally get to meet them and their motorhome. My guess is the coach is serving as the Trojan Horse delivering Lisa and Joels 'free' honeymoon, courtesy of you know who.


    The person eyeing the cat with military binocs will hopefully be a Chelian coast guard that happened upon the signals sent out by Trevor when they were targeting the patrol boat and of course all will live happily ever after!  But then again I am always wrong. :blink:


    Thanks again CJ, from one of your many fans!!!!  I don't know what we will do. I do have experience in treating withdrawls and will need to ponder the exact cure for C.W. (circumnavigation withdrawl)....Maybe others on the forum can help!!


    The "end of the world" is referred to by Shane; some people cal that region that. It's also an allusion to that memorial, which bears this (in Spanish) on it's base;

    I, the albatross that awaits at the end of the world...

    I am the forgotten soul of the sailors lost,

    rounding Cape Horn from all the seas of the world.

    But die they did not in the fierce waves,

    for today towards eternity, in my wings they soar,

    in the last crevice of the Antarctic winds.


    Incidentally, a detail that I could not fit into the story is that the albatross sculpture sings. In strong winds (very common there) it has a deep tone, almost like a pipe organ note, only several, and continuously changing. It is an intensely mournful sound, yet apparently it was an unplanned effect.



    BTW, the long walkways and stairs to it are mainly not paved, unlike the ones in the pic. A few feet further back and they are wood, and I'll warn anyone who goes there; they are sometimes loose. 



     Another (wot the hell is going to happen) chapter I do hope that Trev and Shane survive and are still alive at the end. As always looking forward to the next chapter


    Don't worry, what's the worst that could happen? :)


    I agree 'no potatoe salad'. Those 2 got more balls than me


    They are between a rock and a hard place. :)


    B) ............Hmmm, nobody really mentioned the title to this chapter. I get the 'end of the world', but now to the 'false hopes'!  Was it that Joel was hopefully going to finally get to see where their honeymoon was located at? Was it Bridget thinking she finally had Trevor in her grasp? Or was it that the custom officer thinking that he got off Scot free from giving his permission and was bribed? Or could it be Trevor's assumption that when they reached their designation at sea they would be 'safe'?


    Bridget is going to be furious with the boys escaping her yet again, will she just send out Xavier and his crew after them then Trevor takes them out with the 30-06 rifle. Or will she go along to make sure that 'if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself'.  I doubt that with 3 more chapters, and I think it is more likely that Bridget try's to lure Trevor in at Joel and Lisa's honeymoon suite with the threat of death to his friends. Hopefully, Gonzales will be all over it with trepidation of Bridget. 


    The "False hopes" were Gonzalez, who had believed until then that that tape alone might be able to take down Bridget. The "end of the World" is Cape Horn :)

    Argghh! Indeed! We have to have faith that not even the goat would have our boys come so far only to be caught by the Argentines - no, it must be Chilean eyes behind those binocs...the question is, are there any of them in the employ of Brigit and the Cartel? One can only hope the the Chileans if that is who they are have been watching long enough to see that Argentinian patrol boat chase Atlantis only to lose them. At that point maybe the Chileans will catch up to Trevor & Shane, have a celebratory drink and then send them on their,way to the Falklands… There's a happy ending we can live with, at least for the next chapter!


    That radar plane might prove a problem, but what could go wrong? :)

    Great story. I am looking forward to its conclusion so that CJ can begin a new story! I believe that Trevor and Shane need to get to international waters as soon as they get by Cape Horn. I'm guessing that Trevor's uncle will contact the Brits in the Falklands and get them to provide an escort to protect them from the Argentinians. After all Trevor has some very valuable evidence against the drug cartels that has international significance, so it would behove the Brits to come to their rescue.



    International waters won't stop Argentina; it, like many nations, will persue and stop in international waters. :)

  5. I'm partial to angora goats from which I have some great mohair sweaters.  I suspect that CJ is a separate genus.  

    One that hangs around precipices and cliffs....


    But... I'm a mountain goat (I live in the high mountains of northern Arizona)... and contrary to malicious myths and faked evidence, , a mountain goat would never have anything to do with a cliff (or a cliffhanger!) Nor any sort of a precipice...


    Much like we see every time CJ claims he doesn't use cliffhangers :P


    But I never, ever use cliffhangers!!


    From the Associated Press:


    OSLO, Norway (AP) — A road tunnel in northern Norway will be shut for several weeks after a 27-ton truckload of sweet goat's milk cheese caught fire.


    Regional traffic department chief Geir Joergensen says flames engulfed the tunnel last week and gases from the melting, brown load hindered firefighters. It took four days to put it out.


    The driver was not hurt and no other vehicles were in the 3.6-kilometer (2.2-mile) tunnel at the time.


    Joergensen said Wednesday that the tunnel near the small Arctic municipality of Tysfjord, some 1,350 kilometers (840 miles) north of the capital, Oslo, likely will be closed for two more weeks.


    Goat's milk cheese, a sweet delicacy with a high sugar and fat content, is an essential part of many Norwegians' daily diet.




    A truckload of brunost cheese, like the kind seen here, recently caught fire in a Norwegian tunnel.






    Never underestimate the power of goats.


    Cheese of mass destruction. :)

  6. I love this!!


    And of course the goat had a lawyer. What's odd about that?


    My favorite part, because it shows the wisdom of the goat;

    "The goat, who was met by a throng of reporters outside court, was not required to give evidence and made no comment on the verdict."

    That's a goat who knows when to keep quiet.

  7. There's an episode of Mythbusters where they poured loads of sugar into the petrol tank of a car. It made no difference whatsoever to the engine - it ran smoothly throughout.




    I'm willing to bet that was a fuel-injected car. If was a carburator, I think a significant amount of sugar would have built up in it over time, leading to the engine conking out. Or, maybe they used pure gasoline to add the sugar to. Sugar in that case will clog a fuel filter, because it does not dissolve in gasoline. It does, however, dissolve in ethanol.


    Sugar in the engine oil though, would cause issues with lubrication as well as clogging the filter up. Not a fast kill, but more of a slow problem. Water in the oil is bad too; the sludge it makes clogs the filter, plus causes other trouble. 


    Even Trevor's grit in the engine oil took hours to cause failure. Engines aren't as easy to kill fast as most people think. :)

  8. Sugar would not do much damage to an engine or transmission, but put sugar in the gas tank?  Look out!  It's why ethanol should never be added to gasoline.


    Ethanol is murder on engines not designed for it, and it can be trouble for ones that are designed for it, even at the 10% concentration normal at the pump these days. Aside from reducing vehicle's miles per gallon (it has a lower energy density than gasoline) it can play havoc with seals, and it also often introduces water into the fuel: Water and gasoline don't mix, but water and ethanol do, even when the ethanol is mixed with gasoline. This includes absorbing moisture out of the air. 


    Sugar, if introduced to the engine oil, wound not be a good thing. :)

  9. B) .....After spudding the gunship, is Trevor planning to board her and perhaps disabling the engines?   That is almost a bigger risk then rounding the cape.  One thing is for sure they have to get out of there tonight and head for Chile. Bridget having contacts with the customs  people in Argentina, they might send out more then one boat for Trevor after their gunship fails. It would be fitting that Trevor's action results in an International incident between Chile and Argentina!   :lmao:  Then they will be in the papers again!! :whistle:  That will be great publicity for the book! I'll take a stab at next weeks title The Chase


    Great chapter CJ!


    One problem; though the Chilieans would not take kindly to an Argentine incursion, they might also not take kindly to Atlantis charging into their waters. Just getting to Chilean waters might not be a good haven.


    We are all getting a bit testy waiting for the safe return of Trevor and Shane, and for the slow, painful demise of Bridget. 


    Speaking of Bridget, early on in this chapter she described herself, "I freely admit to being no angel, though I am to a large degree utterly misunderstood, as well as being wrongly accused of some things. So you see, I am very much a victim of awkward circumstance." 


    Those words just jumped out at me!  Was this Bridget speaking or was it CJ speaking of himself?  Can't you hear CJ say, "I freely admit to being no angel, though I am to a large degree utterly misunderstood, as well as being wrongly accused of some things."  Such as accussed of cliffhanging and the liberal adjustment of the calendar.  So the truth has finally emerged in the author's subconscious.  Aha!


    Thanks for getting us all around the world and back to the Americas.


    Oh come on now; when have I ever claimed to not be an angel? 0:)


    As for Bridget, there can be no argument; we've seen her, time and again, do the very things she's claiming she didn't.


    As for me, we all know I'd never, ever use cliffhangers. I'm not just misunderstood by some in that, I'm downright persecuted and libeled! :ph34r:


    Being from a potato growing state, I fear I must denounce the author for abusing potatoes... 0:)   Okay, enough of that!  What is Trevor up to now?  He's pretty smart, but I ain't, so I can't really figger dis out... :blink:   Whatever is going on I hope they give the Argentine Customs a black eye and maybe point out some of their (Argentina's) graft.  CJ, make Trevor remember to put the battery back in the phone!  

    Another great chapter, CJ...even if it does feel a little bit like a hanger of the cliffy type...


    Argentine graft: I was struck by how widespread it is. On my trips there, I frequently ran into many attempted scams and rip-offs. To name just one, the counting scam. Say you owe a cab driver 50, and you hand him two twenties and a ten. He then skillfully palms one of the twenties, replaces it with a one, and tells you you miscounted. I had the majority of the cab drivers I encountered try that on me, plus even a hotel manager at a large resort.


    I found the majority of people to be honest and friendly (And for example, there's almost no crime in the far south, through it's endemic in the north), but a sizable minority were corrupt as hell. I've never encountered such a high rate of scams and attempted rip-offs anywhere else. The contrast between Chile and Argentina in this regard was drastic.



    I LOVE this story. Bridget will get and I'm happy about that. You are throwing me a bit with the potatoes. :2thumbs:


    Maybe they just want to make potato salad? :)



    Sorry about that TR.  It's a wonder I beat you to it; I had several interruptions and thought I would never get that posted.  The history bit is essential.



    Chile?  I've been thinking they are going to the Falklands.  Wasn't the Falklands capital, Port Stanley, mentioned earlier?



    Yep. The airport code was in the story, and I think it was explicitly named as well. That's where Fowler sent the encryption gadgets.


    I've been thinking Falklands too but there is an interesting spot in Chile not far from where the boys are... "Cabo des Homos" :lmao:  Um... not sure what the exact translation is....


    That's a typo; it looks that way though, so sometimes it gets typed that way. It's Cabo des hornos. (the r and the n kind of look like an m). That's Cape Horn. :)


    Uum isn't Chile in the wrong direction? I am afraid at the rate we are progressing the end will be that one of these growlers is going to fall on Atlantis and the story will end.... I miss the sailing adventures and fear we will not get to see much more of that due to the time restraints. Ah I fear that I am just trying to come to grips with not having this story appear(more or less)every tuesday for all this time. Without these regular cliffhangers perhaps I will need to take up paragliding. Pax Steve S/V Gandalf


    Now now, there are no cliffhangers. :P

    And from Ushuaia, Chile is west, northwest, southwest, south, and southeast. :)  

    As far as we know, the history included in the chapter is not actually relevant – we could simply have been told that Argentine immigration and customs procedures are open to corruption. However, it may be that we’re about to find out that getting into Chilean water is (or is not) a safe place for Atlantis.


    It seems to me, though, that sabotaging an Argentine warship is a lot further up the “likelihood to piss off the authorities” scale than not completing the customs forms completely. More than likely, I’d have thought, it would be sufficient to provoke the Argentine navy to violate the border – as we know they’ve done in the past.


    You could say that quite a lot of the “travelogue” scenes aren’t necessary either but I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ve been following them around on Google maps and vicariously enjoying their various stops.


    I can’t think of any purpose to the potato-throwing other than to establish whether the patrol boat is manned or not but what the boys do with that information is still a mystery. I’d have thought their safest option if she’s unmanned is to slip away quietly and get over into Chilean waters ASAP and thence out to the open Atlantic. It’s debatable whether the Argentine authorities would bother chasing after a single yacht.


    Chasing after a single yacht that left port illegally, and plus they have orders from on high to stop her.


    How far would they go? This is the same Argentina that responded to a fishing boat fishing just inside what they claim is their exclusive economic zone by opening fire and sinking her, killing two aboard the Taiwanese ship. And that's just one incident.


    So, nothing to worry about for Trevor and Shane. :)

  10. A very interesting chapter.


    I was hoping Bridgette wouldn't figure out where they were. Even though she has an idea it was enough to spook anyone. Trevor definitely needs to get out fast before anything can happen. He's probably going to wonder why he hasn't heard from his uncle, hopefully he will remember to insert the battery.


    Great Chapter Mark!!!


    Potatoes Away!!!


    Bridget got lucky this time... the background voices let her figure it out. And now Xavier is on his way. :)


    The Spud is mightier than the sword????? :2thumbs:


    Oh, it may be. :)


    Trevor is a bit of a scatter brain, I think. I guess the potatoes are to see if there's actually anyone on duty on the patrol boat. I'm not sure what would be gained in alerting the crew.


    Trevor did goof in forgetting the battery was out of the phone, but... under the circumstances, leaving it out is a good idea anyway. :) 


    I find myself loving this story more with every chapter posted. I know we were told to expect only a few more chapters, and I can't wait to read them, but I am also completely not ready for it To End!! AARGHHH!!!


    I'm going to miss it too. :)


    Quite a chapter. Can't wait for the next one , seems to be getting a little heated hope Trev and Shane make it out of there safe and sound. Great Chapter. Jim


    They do have a few minor conundrums at the moment, don't they? Don't worry though... in a week or two, we'll look back at this nice, relaxing chapter and smile. :)


    Potato salad sounds better than the Argentinian beet salad I had once.

    Another Great Chapter! 

    The Google map links and photos are deceiving though. 

    They don't show the true height  of the "cliffs" surrounding Ushuaia, Argentina.  :thumbup:



    Did you ever try the pickled beef that's common in Argentina? I did while I was there, not to my tastes at all. The flame-cooked beef though... wow, that was awesome! I loved the emanadas too. 


    As for cliffs... well, as we all know, there can't be any in Circumnavigation. :)



    I guess I am gonna be the wet blanket once again but I found this chapter to be pretty much a total waste. Yes I said a waste. CJ had an opportunity to give us an exciting chapter instead he gives a boring history lesson. I said it before and I will say it again you have gone way overboard on the details that do nothing to enhance the story but only serve as mundane filler when you dont seem to have any idea where you are going with the story and only offer a few little teases as to where things might be heading. I am seriously doubting that you will end this ??????? in the next two or three chapters as you had said. I am sure you are asking yourself if I am so dissatisfied why am I still reading, I am asking myself the same thing. I guess when you have invested several years of reading you hate to just stop without some sort of closure. At least that is what I keep telling myself but to be honest I am at the point where I am not sure I want to continue. I have read most if not all of CJ's stories and have found them to be interesting and exciting but this one is by far the longest and seems to be falling flat for me in comparrison. So there you have my thoughts and feed back CJ, you asked for it you got it. I will let those who worship at your feet heap thier praise upon your ramblings and I will go off and sit in my corner as a minority of one and contemplate what a good story this could have been.


    The history lesson was less than a third of the chapter. Some people liked it, some didn't. Why not do what I do as a reader? I happen to dislike sex scenes in stories, so when reading I skip them.


    I received these sort of complaints during Let the Music Play too, due to going into detail on the inner workings of a nuclear warhead. However, many more liked that I included it. I did it there for the same reason I did it here; the plot called for it. Without the historical background, some coming events make no sense. They only work because of the history. 


    I've said, many times, that the story ends in August 2007, story time. It's currently June 2007, and the sea passages (long runs at sea) tend to be covered in a few paragraphs. I do know where this is going and how it ends, I always have, and yes, it's ending. I drafted the final two chapters and epilogue three years ago. Has it taken a hell of a lot longer to get here than I thought? Absolutely yes. no arguments there. Is it too long? Yes. 


    However, in spite of the speculation you raised in this post and your one other post, no, I'm not going to do a "book2" or any sort of sequel or ongoing version of this story. This story is ending. 


    And yes, I did ask for feedback, good or bad, so I thank you for weighing in.

  11. NASA developed the inflatable concept, but when congress killed it, they sold the idea to Bigelow.


    As was pointed out above. the inflatable concept is more resistant to puncture than current modules (a small fragment hitting the outer skin at thousands of miles per hour tends to vaporize and so won't hole the inner ones. In a solid wall structure, it can hole it via impact shock.). 


    We'll soon see how the inflatables work; they've announced a contract for SpaceX to carry an inflatable module to ISS in 2015, where it will be installed and then inflated. My best guess is they'll use air for inflation of the modual walls; using other gasses poses a risk of leaking into station air. It's multi-walled,


    My guess is that inflatables will prove much cheaper per cubic foot, but they can't be used for everything; solid moduals will still be needed for pre-installed lab equipment, life support, and other types of station support equipment. Inflatables on the other hand should make ideal crew quarters, galleys, general research rooms, storage, etc.

  12. Echos of War is up! (it may take a minute or so to appear).


    Happy December 45th, 2012!


    To those awaiting e-mail, forum, and PM replies, I'm catching up. Sorry for the delay.


    Finally, for this chapter, I strongly advise following the Google maps link at the top of the chapter and having a look. You can move it around, zoom in, etc. It may be hard to follow the situation without it (that area is quite complex, geographically, and so is the overlying situation). 


    Potato salad, anyone?

  13. B) ..............Echos of War,    I can hardly wait, meanwhile the boys are stuck there until customs allows them to leave, I'm sure after Bridget and Trevor catch up with each other. :rolleyes:  The next phone call will be to Gonzales or Fowler to have the Customs people allow them to get the hell out of there. If Bridget even suspects she knows where they are, with her contacts, they'd be sitting ducks.


    Echos of War will be up tonight - within the hour, internet permitting. :)


    Don't worry so much about the phone call. Maybe Bridget is just calling Trevor to congratulate him on arriving in Ushuaia in winter?


    Who is more resourceful?  Bridget or Trevor?



    They are both about evenly matched, though in somewhat different ways. However, both are skilled when to comes to the sea - and Bridget has vastly more resources. :)


    CJ, I have been following this story from the beginning, and always look forward to your next post. This one was especially exciting - how you know the details that you write about with the trip through the storm is beyond me. Now, why was the Witch so happy......that is what, of course has me worried. 


    The storm as easy, I've been in storms at sea before, though never on a yacht. In fact, I was in a storm at sea (and looking out at it) when I wrote much of that. Also, a huge factor is I have expert advice on yachting from RedA. .



    Things are starting to make sense now 0:)


    I am a total idiot :(


    I read the chapter on my phone as I didn't have access to a computer at the time. Unfortunately as I read about half I started getting the 20% battery left and then 10% and then it died. I thought I had finished the chapter and a lot of things didn't make sense about the phone call :unsure: . I recalled the smile crossing Bridget's face when Xavier mentioned about the phone companies protection of numbers but unfortunately didn't read the last line of the chapter :o


    I went back and reread the whole chapter to see what you all were talking about and at the end got the final sentence :o .Now I'm up to speed. That one sentence made the whole chapter into a major cliffhanger. If we will find this as nice and relaxing, I am in a way not looking for the torture I'm about to endure over the next few chapters :(


    I noticed above CJ made the comment about Bridget making others do her dirty work to a comment about Grundig being on her side. I will take this now as confirmation I guessed right about Grundig many, many, many, many chapters ago :P


    Then again, there is the outside chance Trevor has now choked on his empanadas and is in the hospital and about to be medivac airlifted to the states, hopefully with the tape with him :D




    Just because your battery quit does not make this a cliffhanger!!!


    And, we don't know why Bridget called (and we do know how though) so it's not a cliffhanger.



  14. Here I was, trying to figure out where things were headed from here, congratulating the guys on some great seamanship, and then.....that phone call. As cunning as the Witch is, as sure as I was that she had something brewing in that evil mind of hers, I just didn't see that phone call coming. You continue to keep us on our toes as well as on the edge of our seats. Quite a balancing feat! Welcome back, CJ!




    But, maybe Bridget is just being nice, and is calling to congratulate Trevor and Shane? Perhaps on their arrival in Ushuaia?


    I read this with morning coffee and nearly spit out a sip or two with the phone call. I know I've been a bit surly over the length of the story, and the amount of time it has taken us To get to this point in the story, well now that we are here, I know there is going to be at least An hour a week, gaping from the loss... I'm not saying I'll miss Bridgett, seems everyone else keeps missing her, though...with guns, and bombs and such.. Very good addition to the journey...the photos were breathtaking, as was the description of the storm.




    I've been through the area twice, though on much larger ships and not in winter. It's spectacular, especially the northern arm of the Beage that Atlantis sailed through. It's called "Glacier Alley" The scenery is much like the fjords of Norway and Alaska's inside passage; absolutely awesome. 


    Your descriptions of Trevor and Shane's battles with the storm are thrilling.  Their perseverance, determination and courage are inspiring.  Wish I had learned to sail when I was young;  although not in such extreme conditions. 


    Shame on you!  I thought the boys were finally going to have a brief relaxing interlude.  But you just had to add the last paragraph and leave them hanging over a cliff again.


    I've been following this story from the beginning and want to compliment you and your editors for the wonderful job.  I have really enjoyed a creative story well told.  I would like to present an idea about this story.  If you tone down a few of the sex scenes, you might have a book publishable for a mid-teen audience.  It's the kind of adventure tale boys (of all ages) love to read.


    Again thanks for a great story!


    But, it is a relaxing interlude. Honest. Trust me on this; a chapter or two from now, you'll look back at this and think it was relaxing. :)


    Hrmmm!!! If I axed any dating or sexuality, Trevor and Shane could just be close friends. That's feasible, but then I'd have a problem explaining Trevor's run from Florida (the gay misunderstanding with his father). Great idea, and I'll see what I can come up with, but I'd have to rewrite huge amounts to make this free of sex or sexuality. I'm not familiar with the genera at all, so I'm wondering if I'd need to cut a lot of the violence, too? Interesting idea though, I'll think in it.   



    Very entertaining chapter. Loved the photos and descriptions. Makes me want to sail around the world...but in a huge yacht!


    Thanks! Same here. I'd love to sail a yacht around the world, a big one like Atlantis. The closest I've come to a circumnavigation by sea is two half circumnavigations, Australia to the UK, one eastbound, one westbound, by cruise ship. I've been out on yachts though (but not for long distances) so I'd love to give it a go. 


    Wow, another epic sea voyage, made me woosy feeling their plight while I read contentedly in the parking lot prior to work!!


    So who's the snitch? Fowler (we hope not, can't be, no way), Gonzalez (certainly not in his character) orrrrr Grundig? (hum...), with my luck it will be neither of them; for those keeping track, I have yet to guess correctly :thumbdown: .


    Loved the pictures and of course the Google maps were awesome! 


    Thanks again and welcome home CJ!!




    BTW, I wrote much of the storm-at-sea part while in a storm at sea, while crossing the North Atlantic a few weeks ago. It wasn't as bad a storm though, and the other little difference was I was on a thousand foot long ship, not a 60 foot long yacht. Still, it was fun sitting and watching the sea while writing that. :) 


    The passage into the Beagle was again epic and of course we (those of us north of the equator) had to endure it during our winter.  The pictures and maps were neat.  Too bad Bridget wasn't on a small Cat following them and freezing her skinny ass off.  As time goes on I think Grundig must be the weak link. 


    Bridget likes others to do her dirty work for her. :)


    Here I was, all relieved that they'd made it to safe ground and suddenly...RING, RING, RING!!!  This is definetly a cliffy if there ever was one!  I may have to retract an earlier statement I'd made about CJ not using cliff hangers...

    Great chapter, CJ and thank you very much for putting us through all that...I never felt to cold in all my life!  I used to bitch about shoveling the drive back home during the winter because that was so cold, but with almost 20 knot winds in freezing seas...man! :puke: I assume they had a heated cabin at least, can you imagine sailing around the horn without any heat at all in a wooden ship?  They probably had to make the topmen reef sails at gun point!  I can't wait for the endgame in this story, although I might have a heart attack until Bellvue is dealt with!


    Huh??!?! What?!!?!? But it's not a cliffy!!! You know I'd never, ever use a cliffy. And, thanks to Talonrider's post, we can look and see proof it's nto a cliffy: we know how Bridget got the number, we see her doing it in the last chapter: checking Julie's caller ID. See? Mystery solved, so not a cliffy.


    Atlantis does have internal heat, both ducted engine waste heat (same principal as the heat in your car) and also a propane heater. It's warm inside, but probably not all that warm; maybe in the 60's. They wouldn't want it hotter even if they could; it makes going in and out too rough. Good thing Ned put some insulation in the salon ceiling. :)


    Argh! How did Bridgette get that number? I'm sure the goat well eventually tell us after we have dangled over the cliffs edge for a week... He would put us there while claiming not not venture near to one of his cloven hooves... ;-)


    Julie's phone. In the last chapter. And, seeing as we saw her do it, that means this cannot be a cliffy. :)



    Once again a nail-biting chapter ,Looking forward as always to the next chapter . Thanks again for such a GREAT STORY




    I'm going to miss this story when it's done. It's been a huge part of my life for three years now. Wow... I never thought it would take this long.



    B) .................. Indeed how did Bridget get Trevor's satellite phone number? 


    Gonzales called Fowler’s office, spoke to Grundig, and received Fowler’s satellite phone number. Grundig was involved in 'helping' Trevor find the tracker, but in previous chapters he was given Trevor's satellite phone number;


    Fowler’s eyes opened a little wider. “Good thinking. Okay, follow that up. Write up a request to them and then kick it upstairs to the commander; he can get action pretty quick. They’ll need the phone number,” Fowler said, reaching for a pad and pencil to write Trevor’s number down. 


    It was preceded by this ” Grundig’s eyes glazed over for a moment, and then he added, “Speaking of calls… remember the wild goose chase Bridget led the police on by stashing that satellite phone in a truck? The satellite phone company was able to track it to a general area, and we know the Melbourne mob, plus Bridget herself, are very well connected. What if they had someone, somewhere, maybe in law enforcement or pretending to be, make a request to the satellite company? They could be tracking Trevor’s satellite phone while it’s in standby.”


    Then in this chapter we have;

    “I have dozens of people checking into everything that we can think of. Tracking his satellite phone is, unfortunately, proving to be beyond our current capabilities; bribes have been offered, but the companies guard that sort of capability very well. I will keep trying.”

    Bridget met Xavier’s eyes, and to his surprise, began to smile.


    Of course Bridget couldn't resist the urge to 'reach out and touch someone' via a phone call, hope Trevor doesn't choke on his meal!!  :P

    I wonder if he will hang up on her telling her is in the middle of dinner, that ought to frost her!! :lol:  But I guess I really want to know what she was going to say to him? Or was it ploy to try and triangulate his position?


    Great chapter goat! Now no more 2-week breaks for you!! <_<


    There is a risk here, one no one has mentioned; Trevor and Shane's Emanadas might get cold if they chat with Bridget for long, and Empanadas don't taste too good cold. They are awesome warm though.


    Maybe Bridget is just being nice, and calling to say "hi"?


    As a member of the team, I mentioned to CJ that some would think of it's a cliffy wondering who/where she got the number from. The answer can be found in the chapter released on Christmas Eve. Bridgette was looking at Julies phone and then smiled.


    As we see, that's how she got it, and also, this highlights something else; there's a lot of smiling and good cheer going on. Bridget smiles several times, Trevor is happy and chipper when he answers the phone, Bridget is cheerful too. Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? ? :)


    BTW, I usually release the chapter title about now, so I will. It's a nice, cheerful, happy title: Echos of War. Well, um, okay, so the title isn't all that cheerful, but titles can be misleading. :)

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  15. Methinks That Bidgets hubris may just be her downfall ;) She thinks that she has it all together and that is the time that she becomes the most vunerable. Doesn't an old proverb say that pride comes before the fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.... Great chapter CJ thnx for the B/day present :)


    Happy Birthday!!!!!!


    Bridget is a pretty good tactician, and believes in having more than one iron in the fire. But, will she overreach? She hasn't yet. :) 


    just once, I thought just once you'd give us a great chapter with no sinister overtones, and the that call......  what a bloody great downer!

    until next time......


    many thanks!


    But but but... everybody on the call was chipper and cheerful. What could possibly be sinister about that?

  16. This is taken off Stewart Island on the sea side

    A tanker


     Now where is it



    Awesome pics!


    Yep, those can be some very rough waters. Not all the time though; the first time I was off Cape Horn, it was dead calm, barely even any base swell, and the surface was glassy. However, that was in December (summer) and I was told it was very rare even so. 


    Is it just me or is Bridget an really nasty person?


    It's possible it's just you, but I must admit, sometimes she isn't the nicest of people. :)


    However, she was very cheerful when we last heard her in this chapter, and smiling when we last saw her, so maybe she's not all bad?

  17. White Hell is up! (it may take a minute or so to appear).


    Happy December 38th, 2012!


    Sorry I've been so slow. I'm hoping we are now back to weekly posts, and I have some news; the story is now complete as a draft. Lots of work remains, but reaching this point means I can say for sure: 3 chapters and an epilogue remain.


    To those awaiting e-mail, forum, and PM replies, I'm catching up. Sorry for the delay.


    Finally, for this chapter, I strongly advise following the Google maps link at the top of the chapter and having a look. You can move it around, zoom in, etc. It may be hard to follow the route without it (that are is quite complex, geographically). 


    CJ :)

  18. ?


    ??????? :P

    I think CJ is watchin' the "Time Warp" in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". 


    Nah, it's just that goats use a different calendar. We're sort of like Australians in that way; Australians (and other denizens of the southern hemisphere) insist on having Christmas in summer, etc, due to their inverted seasons calendar, so I'm simply exercising the same prerogative and using my calender to make sure we get this story posted by the end of 2012. :)


    Speaking of posting... 5 minutes. :)

  19. I'll post as soon as it's ready, I won't wait until Tuesday. I have no idea when it will be though. I do apologize for the delay.


    @MikeL; about the number of chapters and the word count; it's not 146 chapter - you're forgetting about Australian maths.


    As for the word count approaching one million, it's indeed approaching it. After all, you can approach something from either side, right? So we're approaching it from the far side, in reverse.


    I'm working hard prepping the following chapter, almost done. I've reached the join point for the ending drafted long ago, so I can say with certainty now: three chapters remain.  So, we'll finish before the end of December, 2012, just as promised.

  20. Hi!


    Just a quick note for now; I'm still alive and basically over the cold (it did get rather bad for a few days). I had a ton of work to catch up on, and to top it off, my internet connection has been going haywire; I was offline for days, and even now it's erratic as heck.


    While I was sick I just couldn't get my head into working on the chapters; they were largely written while I was at sea, but still needed work, research, redrafting, etc. The next chapter, "White Hell", will be going out to some of our team today (Wednesday, Dec 33rd). I do apologize for the delay and the lack of warning; I had hoped to have the chapter to the team before Xmas, and posted yesterday. It's a very relaxing, stress-free chapter.


    I'll be back online later today.

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