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  1. “Yes, I showed you last night. Did you forget?” He grinned down at the girl he was enamored with. “I’ll do better job tonight. You see.” Somehow I think Blu is in trouble. ... Bella is not-to-be crossed!
  2. jeromed28

    Chapter 20

    Where's the other shoe? I know Mr and Mrs P have their own shit to work through but at some point they're going to find out that Drew was attacked at school by Cole's granddad and I'm sure that will make things at the very least interesting. I can actually see Mrs P will be more of a grizzly going after Cole's mom and grandad. ... And her children for not keeping her informed of the situation.
  3. jeromed28

    Chapter 16

    "No grandson of mine" ... Yeah, because that always work right? Honestly, has that ever worked? Even the super rich - I've got to toe-the-line for a trust fund - doesn't completely fall for that (we've seen that story line play out before).
  4. jeromed28

    Chapter 15

    why just cross it? Leap across that line. Line? What line?
  5. “Um, please tell her, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and he’ll be raised with all the love in the world and he’ll always know she loved him,” Link told the man. He didn’t want his kid ever thinking his own mother didn’t want him. No point trying to hide from the situation as it would come out in the end and he didn’t ever want his kid thinking he’d betrayed or lied to him. He knew that as a mother she would in some way love her own child even if she wasn’t part of his life. I think that was the best part of the chapter. Link can go from brat to adult in record speed but it is usually from a good place.
  6. jeromed28

    Chapter 14

    I know i'm a slut but I never get tired of looking a a dick. ... or talking about dicks. ... But i'd never have that convo with one of my sisters!
  7. jeromed28

    Chapter 13

    Keith has baggage but the things he carries in those bags might be useful. ... But History doesn't have to repeat itself ... just echo.
  8. jeromed28

    Chapter 12

    “Once I found out, I understood completely, Mrs. Petrakis. You don't owe me any apology.” You know, being 16 years old - almost 17 - is an interesting time when you think you completely understand things. ... That makes one person that completely understand things. Seems to me we still don't have the details of why Mr. Petrakis was allowed to move his baby momma into a house next door and if being cut off from your wife AND your mistress for 16 years and counting isn't atoning before everyone - God included I don't know what is. Yeah, I get it we don't think about parents being sexual beings but there is evidence to the contrary (six kids between five dysfunctional adults - Six if you include Keith).
  9. jeromed28

    Chapter 11

    I don't know that a knife was involved at all. “That lock won't keep her out. There's a hole on the other side, she'll have it open in five minutes.” The door shook, its hollow core booming inside the small room. “Maybe less.” Old-school doors have a whole on one side that you can stick something into and unlock the door. A nail, a hanger, a toothpick if it is long enough. Obviously she was carrying such an object up the stairs when Cole crashed into her knocking her back into the kitchen. If that is what injured Cole it is not something she can be successfully charged with. The description of what happened in the bedroom was completely unclear. "Then she tried to put her hands on Cole, and I blocked her – so she put her hands on me. Things became even more chaotic and my memory is even less clear." ... Was that grabbing that turned into pushing which seemed like punching? Not really clear here. No, I think the poking the cop is what caused the handcuffs. (by the way, I got the lyrics wrong: You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jim.
  10. jeromed28

    Chapter 11

    You know, I was thinking the same thing! Rookie move to not lock the door for god's sake!
  11. jeromed28

    Chapter 11

    It has been my experience that it wasn't what was said but what was done. While the song says you don't pull on Superman's cape it could have just as easily had said you don't poke an officer of the law. .. That's assault.
  12. jeromed28

    Chapter 10

    I agree totally with that and they don't always have a given meaning behind them. I can't tell you the number of times I was greeted with "the garbage needs to go out!" or "come take your damned dog out!" And I had a great mom. ... who was a single-mother ... with 7 kids. Time for niceties often were short shrift for expediency. The problem with fiction - even on the Internet - is you only get so much space to create a character. In most teen-oriented stories parents are often not fleshed-out. Sometime you get back around to the back end and parents can present a surprise.
  13. jeromed28

    Chapter 10

    “Hey,” his mother said, entering the room. She was already in sweats and a long tee shirt. “Are you staying?” “Me?” She threw a hip out and gave me a weird look. “Cole lives here, so I think he's covered.” I loved this exchange. ... Shows that while Cole has a view of his mother - that's informed from his experience - she is a little more than he realizes. ... Parents can be asses but they also have to be parents. Many of them are doing the best that they can with what limited skills the have. I remember when I was living in Texas a young couple that lived across the street from me had their first child and I brought them the book "What to Expect The First Year." The comment they made blew me away as they were both thrilled that I gave them that book. They said, "I can't believe they let us come home with a child! We have no idea what we're doing!" I laughed and told them that unfortunately kids don't come with instruction manuals but you get to use the examples of the parents you had, the parents of the friends you had and people you want to be. Maybe Cole's mom (notice we never got her name?) is one of those parents. Just going off of what she had as an example of what a parent should be from her military dad and the parents of her friends who were all in the military.
  14. jeromed28

    Chapter 9

    “Yeah. Guy seems okay, but he's kind of...prissy. Like, fem or something. It makes me feel weird.” He shifted uncomfortably. “I mean, I'm not used to that, you know? Guys get made fun of for talking like that. Acting like that. Plus it's weird to see him with someone besides my mom.” I wonder why this subject is not explored more? It takes a long time for some guys to realize there is nothing wrong with being fem it is just who a person happens to be. At the same time it is OK not to be attracted to fem guys - everyone has their own desires. However, clearly Cole likes guys so he doesn't understand why his dad likes a guy that "acts like a girl." Or are there other dynamics at play here? It could be Cole is annoyed that Keith gets to be exactly who he is and the World be damned. In the meantime that draws "unwanted" attention that Cole would rather avoid? So many options. Of course, none of the adults are fully-formed characters so maybe they can be another tale in this universe.
  15. jeromed28

    Chapter 8

    Except maybe Adolf ... but that's may just be me being unChristian. ...
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