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  4. Ellis snuggles up to Ben’s body once more before opening his eyes. Lifting his head up, he looks around the room in darkness. The alarm clock in its red glowing digits says it was just after six in the morning. He looks at the dark window. The sun wouldn’t be rising for another hour. Ellis never likes this part of the year with the changing of the clocks and the daytime getting shorter. With the combination of his stomach in need of food and his bladder needing release, Ellis pulls himself slowly away from Ben. Looking so peaceful with his mouth slightly open, he didn’t want to wake him up yet. Ellis finds a small bathroom across the hall from him and does what he needs done. Wanting to do something nice for Ben he heads out of the hall back into the living room to find the kitchen and make themselves some breakfast. It was the least Ellis could do for Ben. Remembering where Sarah went last night, he walks through the archway beside the fireplace and TV. After finding the light switch on the wall he sees what is a surprisingly spacious kitchen. What was a separate dining room at one time, had the connecting wall removed making the two rooms into one. It wasn’t fancy to Ellis, just a bachelor’s kitchen. The bare minimum of appliances and little to nothing else in the room. With all this space and the wildest thing that probably gets cooked in here is over-done ramen noodles on the stove and hot pockets in the microwave. Ellis thanks god it was clean. One thing he always hated was a dirty kitchen. Soon, Ellis has a pot of coffee brewing and thankfully, he finds something more than Pop Tarts and over-sweet cereal, He finds enough supplies to make French toast. As the skillet gets heated up he beats eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and other spices in a bowl. Pretty soon the smell of French toast and coffee fills the room. Ellis always had a love of cooking and baking. He could do about anything in a kitchen now if he has the supplies. It was a great outlet to keep his hands busy and let his mind wander and think over things in his life. He’s glad that Adam is out of his life. The ideas of having a fresh start excites him. He wonders if there were any diners in little Armstrong that was hiring. Ben walks in with bed head and sleepy smile on his face. “I need to wake up to the smell of breakfast more often. Good morning, Ellis.” “Morning Ben.” Ellis smiles at Ben. “Want a cup of coffee? I think you need it.” “Yes, Please. Black.” Ellis pours two cups of coffee, one black, the other with a bit of milk. He then loads two plates with French toast and syrup. Handing Ben his cup and plate, Ellis heads to the kitchen table and sits down. “Thank you, Ellis. You didn’t have to do this.” Lookup up at Ben as he joins Ellis at the table, “It was the least I could do. I’m feeling better today and wanted to show my thanks.” They both finish up with breakfast, Ellis is putting away the dirty dishes into the dishwasher while Ben refills his and Ellis’s coffee cups. Ellis is looking outside the French doors going out to the deck and backyard that is full of snow. “Unusual this time of the year for snow.” Ben states while handing Ellis his cup. “Yea. People like to use this as an excuse to disprove climate change, but it really reinforces the fact that the world is changing with these extremes.” “Watch much Weather Channel, do you?”, Ben asks with a laugh. Giving Ben an annoyed glare, “I happen to read a lot about it from several reputable scientific sources.” Ben’s eyes widen, “Hey, I was just joking. You have a bit of fire in you.” “I’m sorry Ben. It’s just…I always been a bit of a nerd with reading as much as I can about what goes on around me. With the way the world has been lately I get a bit defensive with my beliefs.” “It’s ok. I can understand that all too well.” Ben smiles at Ellis. Ellis walks back to the table and asks, “So, how about we start with this talk that was put on hold last night?” “That’s fine.” Ben goes to sit across from Ellis. “It really starts with about the reason I and the others was there in the first place. We were scouting the land we are expanding to.” Confused, Ellis asks, “That don’t make any sense.” “Well, I’m the leader here. I’m a…” Ben’s head snaps, looking outside into the yard now bright with daylight. “Ben, What…” “Stay here. Do not come outside!” Ben interrupts Ellis. He rushes up away from the table and runs out onto the deck, barefoot. With the door closing behind him Ellis stands up, wondering what the hell is going on. Soon, coming out from the tree line, a small group of wolves appear. There was five in all. Ben standing tall and intimidating bellows, “You have no right, stepping foot onto my packlands. Turn around and go back home or my pack and I will kill you. “Packs? What the hell is going on?” Ellis mentally asks himself. As almost like an answer, the wolves step forward snarling and snapping at Ben. Ben sighs, “So be it.” He runs into the yard and before Ellis’s eyes transformers into a wolf larger than any of the intruding wolves. Soon three of the wolves runs toward Ben and the fight begins. Ben clearly has the upper hand with superior strength. He bites one wolf by the neck and flings it several feet away back towards the trees and doesn’t get back up. Ellis is frozen trying to compute what is going on in front of him. Not knowing what else to do he steps right to the door entranced by the scene. The other two wolves slowly circle Ben as he fends off the pair at hand. One of the circling wolves sees an apparent opening and lunges at Ben. Ben seemed to know what the wolf was doing and with an almost acrobatic move the attacking wolf is sent flying towards Ellis and lands on the deck with a trembling thud that Ellis feels inside. The three remaining wolves pounce on Ben all at once. Ellis, fearing for Ben’s life, screams out, “Ben!” As soon as he said it he knew it was a mistake. All the wolves trains their eyes on Ellis, including the wolf on the deck that was getting back up. Ellis backs away from the door and before he could blink his eyes the wolf lunges at him. The sound of breaking glass and splintering wood fills Ellis’s ears before he gets thrown to the ground by the wolf. The sound of a wolf letting out an almighty sound fills his ears from outside as he is pinned down by this snarling creature with strings of saliva dripping down on his face. Feeling like time slowed down the wolf rears back to strike and Ellis tries to find anything in his reach of his hands. With luck he does at the last second and as the muddy-colored wolf strikes he swings and hits it in the head as hard as he can muster. The wolf stumbles with a yelp back giving Ellis his chance. He scrambles up off the floor and with the first thought in Ellis’s mind he jumps onto the table, nearly toppling it in the process. Ellis sees in his hand a piece of the door with shards of the window pane still attached. Ellis raises it ready to strike at the wolf again as it paces back and forth. The need to survive utmost in his mind and courage that fills him on the inside as Ellis yells, “I won’t go down without a fight you rabbied mutt!” In outright rage the wolf lunges again at Ellis. Before Ellis could begin to swing Ben’s wolf leaps from outside and the enemy wolf is thrown and crashes into the wall. The force was too much as the section of drywall buckles and breaks apart. As the wolves tumble and thrash around the room hair and blood flying around the room, Ellis looks at something bigger to hit the enemy. The next moment Ellis grabs one of the kitchen chairs and raises it above his head. He jumps off the table putting his full force into landing the chair onto the wolf. The chair cracks and falls apart from the strike. The wolf yelps and with the moment’s distraction Ben latches onto it with his jaws. A second more and a sickening snap the wolf goes limp. Ellis’s heart is beating out of his chest as he tries to process everything that happened in the past several minutes. Ben drops the dead wolf from his mouth and nuzzles against Ellis. Ellis can’t figure out why he isn’t freaking out as much as he should be. Looking at Ben as a wolf he sees the beauty in what is in front of him. His white coat is long with varied shades of black and grey streaked from his face, down his back and ending at his tail. This powerful deadly creature is now looking at Ellis like a perfectly friendly normal canine. Reaching tentatively out to put his hand on Ben’s head, Ellis whispers out, “I don’t know exactly what I saw but I do have to say that you are a beautiful wolf. Thanks for saving me again.” Ben huffs and before Ellis can realize it he’s now petting the head of a very human Ben. A very naked Ben, as Ellis looks down. A feeling of warmth flushes in Ellis’s face. “I guess we can get past proving that I’m a wolf then.” Ben deadpans. Ellis finding the humor in it laughs, “I can say your right. So, you didn’t turn into a Hollywood type werewolf. What are you exactly?” “You could use the term werewolf if you want to but with the meaning of that word, given how Hollywood depicts my kind, it has fallen out of favor nowadays. The best term you can use around others like me is shifter. It doesn’t really describe all that we are but it’s sufficient.” Ben takes Ellis’s hands and helps him up off the ground. With a couple of seconds of Ben’s eyes seeming like they were somewhere else, he focuses back onto Ellis. “I’m having my Beta and the others from my pack heading inside to remove this mutt from my home. They got here to finish off the other wolves in the back yard.” Ellis digesting what he just heard asks, “I know a bit about wolf hierarchy. So, you’re alpha of your pack and the beta is your second in command. Am I right?” A surprised look come onto Ben’s face and Ellis chuckles, “I’m a renaissance reader. I can’t list all the subjects that I’ve read about over the years on my spare time.” Ben, recovering from Ellis knowledge, replies, “Yes, that is correct. I am the alpha to my small pack here.” Ellis glances and sees cuts and scratches across Ben’s stomach, but they didn’t look fresh but hours old. “Ben seeing the question in his face says, “Shifters are fast healers. Part of the package.” Ellis nods, impressed by that big of knowledge. “Going back to what you said before we were interrupted. You were near me the other night because you were expanding your pack’s land?”, he asks Ben. “Yes, I was. I wanted to expand the territory to give more breathing room for intruders to stop them before they get too close to our town like these wolves this morning. I still haven’t completed the plans on the patrols for my guards. I need to get that finished today, it seems.” Before Ellis could ask anything more for the moment two men in nothing but sweats enter the broken doorway. The one on the left is just as tall as Ben but slim with tight compact muscles. The other man on the right is shorter, between Ben’s and Ellis’s height. He has a large football player build. Oddly enough, with the height and size differences Ellis can see a resemblance between the two that seems they are related. The only thing that Ellis could tell was they had the same blonde hair and green eyes. “Alpha, I’m here to dispose of the mutt.”, the tall man states an almost military demeanor. The other man beside him Ben turns to show the wolf behind him and Ellis on the floor. Yet, to the surprise of Ellis, it was no longer a wolf buy a man. The tall man picks the body up and takes it outside. Seeing his shock Ben tells him, “It isn’t really known why we revert to our human form when we die. The best I can assume it is some way to hide our identity as shifters since we are much larger than normal wolves.” The tall man walks back inside. Ben points his finger to the man, “Ellis, this is my beta Sam Prenter and this,” he points at the beefy man, “is his brother and my Head Pack Guard, Trent. Guys, this is Ellis.” Proper manners kick in with Ellis and he smiles at them both, “Its nice to meet you both. I had a feeling that you both was related. There is something that was telling me you both was brothers.” Sam with a stiff nod to Ellis answers. “Nice to meet you as well, Ellis.” Ellis can see he isn’t a man of many words. The other hand Trent smiles wide, “Don’t mind Sam. He’s a pretty no-nonsense guy. I’d like to say it was the marines that did it, but he always was this way as far back as I can remember growing up. You’re a pretty smart guy to see that we were related. Sam has more of our mom where I took after more of our father.” Sam, in a clear military stance to Ben like facing a superior officer, drones in his monotone voice, “Alpha we need to have a meeting about this new attack from the Trinity Pack immediately.” Sam giving Same a slightly annoyed look, “Sam, how about you give me a few minutes to explain a few more things to Ellis before we do that? You can head to the Meeting House and gather the elders. I will be there soon.” With another stiff nod Sam turns around and heads back outside. Ben looking at Ellis, sighs, “Sorry about that. I didn’t want to tell you about that right now.” Giving Ben a steely stare, “If I am here, you need to tell me things like that. I figured it was just random occurrence and not a constant threat. Don’t hide shit like that from me. People that do that piss me off.” Ben looks like someone smacked him on the nose like a puppy. “I won’t do it again. I didn’t like how my beta said it. That military training skewed most of his social skills.” Ellis waves his hand, “Its ok. I just want you to finish your explanation of shifters to me.” Trent perks up and asks Ben, “Can I help with that as well Alpha? I have been studying with the elders on my spare time. Also, I have a change of clothes for you.” He pulls off his backpack and opens it up and pulls out a long-sleeved shirt and sweats for Ben. Ben smiles as Trent, “Thanks man. That’s ok on the shifter information right now. You can fill Ellis in on the more in detailed stuff later.” Ben quickly covers himself up with the clothes and Ellis blushes again at glancing at Ben’s department. As Trent pulls out a long-sleeved shirt for himself out to put on, Ben asks Ellis, “What else do you want to know right now?” Thinking for a few moments, “I still need to take some time to think a lot of this over. There is something I do want to ask. It’s been at the back of my mind since this stuff began to sink in. Did you kill Adam?” Ben with a bit of fear in his eyes says, “Yes I did. Before you get upset please understand that I couldn’t stop my wolf.” Ellis is surprised that the news didn’t affect him as much about Adam being dead. The relief that he won’t ever be around to treat him like shit and have him trapped lifts a hidden weight. What annoys him is what Ben said at the end. “What do you mean your wolf couldn’t be stopped? Does this happen often? It seems dangerous.” “No, it doesn’t happen often. There are shifters that do lose themselves to the wolf in serious events but over all its very rare that it happens. Normally our minds are one. The reason I lost control was because my wolf was furious that Adam hurt you. We smelt your blood and he took over.” “Why would that make you lose control of your wolf?” Ellis asks. “Let me explain quickly. We as shifters have something special about us. We have what most of us wolf-shifters like to call true mates. We don’t know much as so much of our history has been long lost over the eons. There is a pull towards this other person. Its like a pheromone but that doesn’t describe it enough. It’s the person that we will want to be with for the rest of our lives. It doesn’t happen often. Many naturally fall in love with another but with true mates there is an extra pull towards each other. It is very rare for true mates to not be totally compatible for each other. The reason I killed Adam is because he harmed my true mate, which is you. The smell of your blood spilling sent my wolf over the edge. We both feared your death at that man’s hands before we even got to know your name.” This news was more shocking than Adams death by several folds to Ellis. “I don’t really know what to say about that. There is a pull I have noticed that makes me want to be near you, but I am not comfortable on the idea of just instantly being together forever. I have so much to digest over.” Ben smiles and nods his head understandably, “I wouldn’t want to rush you into anything Ellis. I didn’t think I would find my true mate. I didn’t want to find someone else when there was that chance that you could come along, and I don’t want to ruin this chance. I have seen a few true mate pairings in my life and it convinced me to wait for the happiness and joy that they have for myself. I will take things at as slow at a pace as you want. You’re the leader in whatever relationship you want out of this.” “I do want to get to know you Ben. This whole new world that has been under my nose has me interested to learn more. We can start out slow. I can get a job here and find a place to live while that happens.” As soon as Ellis finishes he remembers that Adam is dead, and the human world is going to wonder where him and Ellis are when any more days go on. “Shit! I need to get back there. People are going to be looking for me and Adam!” Ellis exclaims, his breathing quickening. Ben hugs Ellis before he could spiral out of control in anxiety. “It’s ok Ellis. How about you go back there and settle things. Adam is far in the woods buried and we disposed of his car in the Ohio River. People will think he never made it home. You can use my Tacoma in the garage. Trent will drive you and help gather anything you need.” Ben pauses for a second. “Which reminds me.” Standing straight as he lets go of Ellis except for a hand gently rubbing Ellis’s back, he looks at Trent, “Trent think of who will be the best replacement for you. Your new position in the pack is as my mate’s protector. You are to protect Ellis at any costs and be by his side always when I am not there. I am putting my full trust in you to keep my true mate safe.” To Ellis it looked like Ben just gave Trent a brand-new Mercedes by the smile on his face. Standing tall he tells in Ben in a deeper than normal voice, “Thank you Alpha. I will honor this privilege of being your mate’s protector and will do so until my dying breath to ensure his safety. I truly don’t deserve this.” “At ease Trent, don’t start acting like your brother. You just keep doing what you always do. You are a great guard for this pack. You keep it safe. I know this breach isn’t your fault and no hard feelings are felt. I am going to have Celia and Rick find out why the guard in this sector wasn’t at his post.” “Why do I need a damn guard? I’m not going to go off and fall into an abandoned mine shaft or something.” Ellis grumbles. “Sorry but this is how about all packs work, Ellis. Every Alpha keeps their mate protected, especially when their mate is human.” Ben tells Ellis, giving a look that says he will not budge on his decision. “Fine, but I don’t have to like it.” Ellis growls back. An icy gust of wind blows into the kitchen bringing a shiver to Ellis. “While we are out then, can this door get replaced before my nipples can carve glass?” he asks Ben. Ben, looking at the mess in the kitchen, nods. “If you both want to. I’ll have someone in the pack come by when your back to install it. Let me give you my credit card.” He walks back into the living room and returns several seconds later handing Ellis his card. Ben steps beside the unbroken door and picks up a pair of shoes with clean socks inside. Ben smiles and says, “It’s a habit for a shifter on having shoes socks and the like ready to go.” Ellis nods in seeing the benefits of that. Always having to lose your clothes shifting and finding another set to make yourself a normal human in the twenty-first century when you shift back. With Ben ready he steps up to Ellis. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Hopefully you both will be able to get everything done and be back at the same time I’m done.” He gives Ellis a hug. Ellis, knowing he wants to take it slow, couldn’t help it with this damn werewolf being so kind and gentle to him. He reaches up and gives Ben a deep kiss that makes him forget to tell time on how good it felt. The smell and taste of him is too good to not at least continue doing this while getting to know each other. Taking a deep breath as Ellis pulls way he gasps, “Go! You better be back! I want a date tonight. No excuses!” Ben chuckles taking a deep breath behind Ellis’s ear and says, “Yes, dear.” Before Ellis could think of a response to that, Ben leaves the room and out of the front door in the living room. That “Yes, dear.”, brought a tickle of butterflies forth in his stomach. Ellis looks over at Trent smiling at him with a goofy grin. “Shut it!” he growls at Trent. Trent busts out in a deep laugh as Ellis silently thanks that he at least didn’t get to be stuck with the brother that has a broom up his ass.
  5. Chapter 4 of Along the Trail is getting posted today! I'm gonna keep my muse in a cage and keep it happy by feeding it Doritos so it won't leave me. Hopefully it likes Doritos.

  6. lvlrogueone

    Night Kiss

    The man standing before Ellis was tall as a tree compared to him. Ellis bets his head would just reach this man's well-defined chest with hair peeking out from the top of his shirt. What does that body look without clothes on? The things that he could be done to this Ben fellow. Ellis stomps that thought as quickly as it came. Ben smiles widely at Ellis. They look into each other’s eyes for a moment. Ben’s eyes shine with affection that Ellis questions but just baths in a strange warmth that spreads through his body. Ben seeming to remember where he was, speaks up. "Hello. I am glad you are awake. My name is Benjamin Asher but you can just call me Ben. I hope my sister Sarah here, has been helpful and good company while I was gone today." "Hello Ben, I'm Ellis McArthur. Your sister has been the best. We had a great evening together since I woke up." Ellis replies, with a light smile. "She's a good sister but don't get her started her favorite pastime. She's the biggest gossip in town." Sarah with a click of her tongue gives Ben an annoyed look. "Ben, I'm right here! I am not a town gossip! If you want a town gossip you should listen to what those old hags cackle about at the diner in town." With a deep laugh, Ben tells her, "There is my proof right there. I know for a fact you talk with those same "hags" any chance you get." "Go to hell Ben." Sarah grumbles with a hint of a smile behind the facade. "As long as you’re with me, dear sister of mine, I know I'm there. Thirty years of annoying the piss out of each other since birth." "Twisted parasitic twin!" "Twat!" Both burst out laughing with Ellis watching the scene in front of him. It made him smile with a twinge of sadness that bloomed inside his chest. He wished he had a sibling bond like they do. Ben turns to look at Ellis, "I'm sorry Ellis. My sister and I are so close we get carried away with each other." "Don't be. It shows you both care about each other to the moon and back. It’s a wonderful thing. I never had any siblings or family to speak for myself." 'Way to kill the good vibes, Ellis.', he mentally says to himself. A frown forms on Ben's before he says, "I'm sorry. I know I'm lucky for what I have but you will have it as well one day." Ellis looks at Ben like he grew another head. This guy sounds too good to be real. "Seriously! Did you both have Michael Landon as a father?" Ellis sarcastically asks them. They both laugh at Ellis's sarcasm. As Ben begins taking off his shoes beside the door, Sarah stands up. "Well men, I'm going to head home and feed the cats. Apparently, that is what old gossipy hags do at the end of their day." Sarah jokes. After a quick goodbye Sarah leaves with just Ben and Ellis in the living room. Ben walks to Ellis and asks, "Care if I sit beside you?" "Of course, It’s your home." Ellis says in a higher than normal pitch. Why he's acting like he's back in high school with a crush baffles him. "I'm glad to see that you’re doing better. I was worried even when I was told that you were going to be ok." Ben declares with a look of concern and passion in his eyes. Trying to ignore the magnetic pull between Ben and himself, Ellis asks "Why was you in the woods behind my boyfriend’s house? The word boyfriend to describe Adam was sour in his mouth and he swears he just saw a flash of anger from Ben with the word. "I was with a couple of my friend's heading back from surveying the woods when we heard the commotion. My friend Rob's family owns the land behind your 'boyfriend's' house." The emphasis on boyfriend was not lost onto Ellis but let Ben continue. "I was concerned and debating on going closer when you ran out the backdoor into the woods. When 'he' chased after you and I saw a knife in his hands, I had to get stop him from hurting you. I didn't get there in time for him to stab you. I couldn't let scum like that get away. I tackled him away from you. We fought and was able to get you out and here to our doctor in town for help." "Why here and not a hospital? There has to be at least 3 hospitals between where I was and here." Ellis is trying to focus but the need for sleep sweeps through him with Ben being inches away. "That requires a bit of an explanation. I do want to tell you everything but you are still healing and looking like you need to rest more. Will you accept a rain check until tomorrow morning?" Ben asks with his silvery eyes pulling at Ellis. A little irritated on not getting all his answers tonight but the feeling of exhaustion pulling at him convinces Ellis that tomorrow would be a better time. With a nod Ellis grumbles out, “Yes, but I want answers. Got that?” Ben looks at him and laughs. “Yes sir.” “I’m sorry Ben. I’m just a little moody and tired.” Ellis feels guilty on being rude to his rescuer. “Its fine Ellis. You can be moody all you want. Let me help you to bed.” Ben replies in a soothing voice holding out his hand to him. Ellis takes Ben’s hand and lets the larger man guide him back to the spare bedroom down the hall. The urge to lean all his weight into him unnerves him. He has just survived almost being killed by Adam and over two years of abuse by same said man. Here is his body completely trusting this man that could snap him in half like a stick. After settling into bed and enjoying returning to the blanket that feels like a cloud, Ellis looks at Ben standing in the doorway. “Thank you, Ben. I been trapped at the house with Adam for so long. If you didn’t save me I don’t want to think what would have happened to me.” Ben with his eyes so full of care, “I would do it all again. You won’t ever be harmed by someone like that ever again.” “Goodnight Ben.” Goodnight Ellis.” Ben turns the light off and closes the door to just a crack. Sleep comes to Ellis surprisingly easy. Ellis is standing along a trail in the woods. The birds are chirping, and the sun breaks through the canopy shining beams of light to the forest floor below. A gentle warm breeze travels through the canopy with the trees rustling almost like soft whispers to each other. Ellis is feeling at total peace. Ellis walks along not having a care or thought in the world. Hearing a stream close by, he walks off the trail following the sound. In just moments he enters a small clearing of wildflowers and grasses with wild raspberry bushes in bloom growing along a bubbling, stone-filled stream. Sitting down on the cool earth, his hands weave through the Bluets, Miami-Mists, Buttercups, and various other flowers with-in his reach. “You are not getting away from me this time.” With wide eyes, Ellis’s eyes immediately lock onto the voice and sees Adam leaning against a locust tree only feet away. Something ice cold strings its way into his chest with the too familiar unhinged smile on Adam’s face. “I can’t have something like you anymore. You just don’t do anything right. I need a new toy. The only way for me to get a new toy is if I get rid of my old toys.” A gun appears from behind Adam’s back. Ellis’s brain kicks off so fast on the various thoughts he becomes frozen. He can’t think to speak or do anything. Just his brain fighting with itself on what to do. His eyes are frozen on what is in his twisted boyfriend’s hand. “Goodbye old toy.” Adam pulls the trigger. Ellis’s eyes snap open. His heartbeat thrumming in his throat, as he sits up in bed. A swift sound of footfalls approach and the door opens. “Ellis! Are you alright?” Ben asks, his eyes wide in concern. Just seeing Ben sooths Ellis’s fears and adds a rush of blood to his face. Ben is standing there in just a loose pair of boxers that do little to hide the pouch in front. Muscles nice and toned with body hair in all the right places in Ellis’s opinion. Ellis tries to shake the images of what he would do about removing those boxers. “I am now. It was a nightmare. Well, it started out as a wonderful dream of me in a forest in Spring. It was fine until the end when Adam shows up with a gun and shoots me.”, whispers Ellis. Ben walks over and sits on bed beside Ellis. “He isn’t going to come near you again. I promise.” “I know. I just hate that my brain must bring him up in my sleep. I never want to go back there again.” An arm wraps around Ellis. “Ellis, if it is ok to say, you don’t have to go back. You are welcome to stay here. You can start over here in Armstrong.” How can this man truly exist? The attraction that is blooming for this man is too much. He has to get away before it gets too deep. Looking up at Ben with a sad smile Ellis softly tells him, “I can’t stay here.” Ben holds Ellis in a firmer grip and asks, “Why do you have to leave?” “I’m attracted to you.”, sighs Ellis, looking down at his hands wringing the edge of the blanket. “You don’t seem real. I haven’t even known you for half a day and everything about you has me wanting to be next to you. It’s scary. I can’t be here and control these feelings. I haven’t ever felt something like this so strongly. Please don’t be angry.” So many thoughts race through Ellis’s mind. So many scenarios on what Ben’s reactions will be. Ben takes a few moments of thought before he lifts Ellis head by the chin and leans towards him. His lips meet Ellis’s. Ellis is shocked to hell and back. He never thought this scenario would happen. Not wanting to miss this moment Ellis lets himself go. The sparks and vibrations running through his body is nothing he felt before. As soon as his and Ben’s tongues touch Ellis loses all his inhibitions. He grabs Ben and pulls him closer. The sounds coming from them is turning each other on more. Soon Ben is on top of him. A trail of kisses along Ellis’s face leads to his neck just below his right ear. Ellis moans loudly and is holding onto Ben like the big strong tree of a man, his legs wrapping around him. Ellis doesn’t ever want to leave Ben’s side from now on. Ben is Ellis’s drug. Slowly Ben pulls away chuckling, “I think you’re staying here.” Ellis, miffed about Ben’s cocky smile, lightly smacks him on the shoulder. “Ass.” Ben, looking over at the alarm clock says, “I’ll let you get some sleep. It’s past midnight and we will be talking all morning.” Ben tells him, going to get up off the bed. Ellis grabs Ben by his large muscular arm. “Sleep here. Please.” Affection and fear is in Ellis’s mahogany brown eyes begging Ben to accept. “Alright but we have to behave.” Ben smiles with a twinkle in his eye. Ben and Ellis get under the covers. Ellis snuggles up underneath Ben’s arm, laying his head on his chest and both arms and legs wrapping around him like a baby primate with its mother. "Goodnight Ellis." Ben whispers with a kiss to top of Ellis's head. "Goodnight Ben." mumbles Ellis, pressing his face into Ben's chest hair. With a hand stroking Ellis’s shaggy hair, They lightly squeeze each other and quickly fall into a peaceful dreamless sleep.
  7. A sensation almost like slowly rising from a pool of water, Ellis begins to wake. Like a puzzle, piece by piece, his senses come forward. The aching in his chest tries to stay the focus but slowly more pleasant things become apparent. He is warm in a bed, a very comfortable bed at that. Wrapped in a soft blanket, his brain reminds him what got him here. As fast as turning a light on, Ellis is very much awake. A slight panicky feeling comes on. Opening his eyes he sees he is in a small bedroom. It was pretty sparse on furniture and decor with just the essentials of a bed, nightstand and a small chest of drawers. A nice and clean room if a bit bland and lack warmth for Ellis's tastes. Some higher being must of been looking out for him with how his last memories played out inside of his head, he thought. He had to get answers to how he got here. With much effort, he starts to get out of bed. Using the nightstand for support he goes to stand up. With a yelp, a piercing pain spreads through his chest and he loses all ability to stay upright and tumbles to the floor bringing most of what was on the nightstand with him. The pain of hitting the floor causes him to cry out louder. He lays there shivering from the pain and all the swirling thoughts rushing to him of what happened to him causes a panic attack. Everything starts to feel like he is rushing through a tunnel and he fails to focus on his surroundings just listening to the blood rushing in his ears. He barely notices the rushing footsteps and the bedroom door bursting open. "Oh my god, let's get you back into bed. You are in no condition walking yet with what you went through." Hands touch him and Ellis reacts by pulling away and closing himself into a ball. "Hey, hey. Its ok honey, your ok. You are ok. I'm not going to hurt you. Let me help you." Before he realizes it, the hands are back and holding him upright and rubbing the middle of his back. Comfort. He leans in and takes what he can from this person. After a couple of minutes of bringing himself back to normal he looks at who is beside him. A woman around his age if he could guess, which wouldn't be a good guess, since he is absolutely terrible at guessing anyone's age. With warm brown hair and kind hazel eyes she smiles at him. "Thank you." Ellis tells her. "Its nothing honey. You have been through a lot and I guess more than I know of. My name is Sarah." she replies with her warm smile growing. "My name is Ellis. Thank you also for bringing me to your home and taking care of me. I don't know how I am alive, let alone not in a hospital now." "You don't have to thank me. This is my brother Ben's house. He is the one that found you in time and got help for you injury." "I have to thank him as soon as I can. Tell me though, why am I not in a hospital? I didn't have just a simple injury, I..." Ellis pauses on the painful thought before continuing. "I got stabbed." Sadness shows on Sarah's face. "I know Ellis, I know. Someone was looking out for you the other night. I can't tell you everything. Ben will explain everything to you when he gets back from...back from work. We have a doctor here in town that is very good at what he does. Thankfully he was able to save you without going to the hospital." "Why am I here though? Where am I? People don't just do things like this is 'Little House on the Prairie'." Ellis asks. "Your just outside of the town of Armstrong. It's about an hour west of where Ben found you. That was two days ago. Dr. Harris gave you something to sleep to let your body heal faster. The world isn't run by Michael Landon but there are still good people around like the people in this town. We care. I care. Ben cares. You deserve good things to happen to you Ellis. Don't ever forget that.", responds Sarah with a small caring smile back on her face. The warmth from what she says brings a smile to Ellis. He is thankful for such kindness from this stranger that he would love to hopefully be a friend. Feeling a little better and wanting to get off the hard wood floor Ellis says, "I don't want to go back into bed. Could I have something to drink and we can talk some more somewhere else here in this house other than on this hard ass floor?" Sarah mules it over with a thoughtful look and tells Ellis, "Ok. On one condition. You are going to go to the sofa in the living room and be good. I don't want you to get hurt again when I'm to take care of you while Ben is gone. I will bring you whatever you want to drink and something to eat. We can get to know each other more when I know you are getting food into your stomach. Deal?" "It's a deal." Ellis chuckles. With a little effort and help from Sarah, Ellis sits at the sofa in a very no-nonsense masculine living room. Reminded of a hunting lodge with the wood furniture, wood paneling and stone fireplace. Ellis can tell that Sarah's only contribution to trying to add a feminine touch to the room is the few decor that is on the walls. The large room is surprisingly inviting with all dark colors that fill the room. A large leather sectional that is deceiving comfortable and gigantic flat screen above the fireplace, dominates the space. It practically screams "Gameday Football". Sarah pulls a chocolate-brown and black flannel throw from the back of the sectional and gives it to Ellis. "You will want this to keep you comfortable. Winter seems to want to come early this year. The forcast says it will drop 30 degrees tonight. A storm is coming in from Canada and we could get at least 6 inches of snow! We just finished with October! I'm about done with this climate change shit. One winter is warm and the next is colder than a witch's tit." Sarah and Ellis laughs. "Well then Sarah, does your brother have any hot chocolate? We should at least prepare for snow the right way. Clutching a mug of cocoa while bitching and moaning on when spring comes again in 5 months." They both laugh together some more. "That sounds perfect. My brother always keeps a big box of that. He drinks is almost as much as his coffee. Sometimes he is such a serious adult but still a big kid at heart. I'll go get some made and bring out cookies too. Want marshmallows with yours?" "Yes, thank you." Sarah still a smile on her face, "Ellis, you don't need to thank me all the time. I'm just doing what any friend would do. Before you say anything, Yes, you are now my new friend." Sarah goes off into what is the kitchen to make the cocoa while Ellis ponders more on the luck that he has had since that night two days ago. That reminded Ellis that he had no idea on what the time was now. Looking around for a clock in the room he sees the cable box below the tv that reads 4:45 on the tiny screen. Taking a pretty sure guess it was the evening he wonders when his rescuer will be back. Sarah walks back in with two steaming mugs of cocoa and a plate of what looks like homemade chocolate chip cookies. "Sarah, What time is Ben to be back home?" "It shouldn't be too long now." Sarah turns to look at the same cable box. "Actually he said he will be back at 5 o'clock." "That's good. I've wanted to meet this brother slash rescuer of yours. I can't tell him how thankful I with finding me." "Don't push him too hard on the thanks. He may not show it but he gets a bit embarrassed on being told how good of a man he is. His modesty is probably one of the nicest things about my brother. Never asks for anything in return on helping another person out in a time of need. Need a bit more of that around here If I'm honest." "I'll try to promise on not thanking him too much but I may fail at it. Sort of a random question but what does Ben do for a living" Sarah's face changed just slightly when answering, "Oh, him and a few of his friends runs a small construction business here in town. They do mainly general contracting work and the like for people in the little area we call home. It's a good business for our little town when all the larger companies are farther away in the bigger cities. Many here can't afford what they want to come all the way here for the jobs that need done." Ellis nods his head. "I can understand that. Those bigger companies forget that these smaller towns don't have all the money flowing through like larger cities. EIther they forget or they just don't care and want to squeeze as much as they can out of them." They chatted over other things until the sound of what is a truck pulling up outside. A door slams and a few seconds later a man comes walking in the front door. Ellis looks over at the man. He never saw the most awe-inspiring dark blue-grey eyes in his life and never wanted to look into anything else ever again.
  8. It has been a long journey on the trail through his life already at 28 years old. The trials and tribulations marked upon his soul. The strength to carry on when all seems hopeless is weary. For how much longer to endure what the universe brings to the table is unknown. The prospect of a reward is unknown. This is Ellis's story. Being in a house far from prying eyes may sound like a good thing. It isn't for Ellis. The sound of a plate crashing to the floor and breaking into a dozen pieces jolts Ellis from his work rushing to finish dinner for Adam before he comes home. "God no! Not now!" Ellis cries out. Seeing Adam's cat Kor now sitting where the plate was on the counter just moments before. Getting on his knees he scrambles to pick up the remains of the plate that was now on the kitchen floor. "I hate you, you stupid cat!", barks Ellis at Kor. "Your going to get him to go after me again tonight." Ellis has been trapped, more or less, for 2 years since he moved in with Adam. What started as a good beginning of a relationship has gradually morphed into pure hell. Adam's paranoia and jealousy took over. Four months since moving in, He accused Ellis of cheating because he wasn't getting home in exactly 20 minutes from work. Driving the distance from Elli's job in town to Adam's house deep into the forests of Belmont county in Ohio is not simple with the winding roads along the hilltops and into the narrow valleys that spreads out like a spiderweb. Very rarely would any sane person expect the trip to be that short even in the best of conditions. No matter how hard Ellis argued, Adam had to be right. That argument ended with Ellis's first time being beat by Adam. Not too long later Ellis's car "suddenly" died with the engine throwing a rod. There went Elli's only transportation and along with that his job. As relationships like this go on, Adam goes to completely rule over Ellis like it's the 1950s. The abuse and flat out banishment of Ellis from the outside world has stripped Ellis from his previous self. The internet being locked to communicate with any friends or family. Ellis is a prisoner within the four walls of the house. A regular beating is always sure to come from Adam if Ellis hasn't done everything right, which is all the time. Ellis can't do anything to his standards. As Ellis is putting the remains of the plate into the trash can, the front door opens and slams with a force to shake the walls to the rear of the house in the kitchen. Adam stomps into the kitchen and sees him with a shard of the plate in his hand with dinner ready and bubbling on the stove. "Can't do anything right can you? You stupid fuck! I just lost my job because of you! You just have to ruin everything for me!: he yells at Ellis. Before Ellis can react, Adam is slamming him against the stove along with a punch to the face. His glasses slicing into his face as they broke. Ellis pleads to Adam. "I didn't do anything! Please stop!" "Yes you did! You distract me with you always fucking up and being the fucking burden you are!" Adam hits him again and again. The hits coming faster and faster. Kicks start as well. Not a word is spoken from Adam as he unleashes all his hatred and rage onto Ellis. Something in Ellis snaps as he's getting the worst beating he has had yet. Self-preservation asserts itself and Ellis shoves Adam hard across the room. Icy fear creeps into his heart knowing what he just did. "You put your hands on me?!? You'll regret that you fucking whore!" Adam roars and charges into Ellis. The pot of soup falls from the stove and spills on both of them, causing Adam to go the point of no return and grabs Ellis by the throat and begins to strangle him. Ellis knowing this is a fight for his life, tries to fight back by clawing at Adam's arms but is no use from being weak from the previous fights and Adam being double his size. The struggle goes to the floor and Adam is putting his full weight into crushing his windpipe. Ellis can't breath and dark spots start to cover his vision. Ellis panically looks around for anything to get free from Adam's iron grip. The pot lays to his right in reach. Grabbing the pot and swinging as hard as he can, Ellis hits Adam in the face. The sound of metal hitting skull reverberates through the kitchen. Adam loosens his grip and he chance is there. Ellis scrambles up and runs out the back door as fast as possible. He knew he didn't stop Adam just phased him for the moment. Ellis streaks into the trees hearing Adam giving chase screaming. Ellis blocks the voice out. Just the pure instinct to run and survive is at the forefront of his frantic mind. The area Ellis soon runs into is full of bushes and thorns that slows him down to the point that he is tackled from behind. Going down face first to the ground, cuts cover all his body. Ellis is turned over and sees Adam above him with a kitchen knife. No words spoken as Adams pure evil face looks down upon him as he plunges the knife into Ellis's chest. Blood blooms through his shirt. Ellis sputtering and in shock from what just happened, looks above him and sees the moon above him. As resigned to his fate he is calm as the moon shines bright bringing him the peace he's wanted for so long. Before the next stab happens something big and dark slams into Adam and he disappears from sight. Adam's screams are heard along with snarls from something like a dog as if coming from the end of a long hallway as the blood pouring from Ellis drains him of life. Staring up into the moonlit sky beyond the trees, he feels his body becoming heavier as darkness begins at the edge of his vision. Seconds before the blackness that envelops his vision and consciousness completely, Adam's screams go silent.
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