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  1. No, sir, don't mind at all. I reckon you'll be good company around a campfire. This story does sort of amble, and a lot of action has happened off 'screen.' That might change. I like your speculation... it shows you're paying attention, and that makes me happy. As far as Coy pleading to come along, we'll see. You're right that their stakes won't likely buy land outright for each of them, but we don't know how much their gold is worth. Boone is banking on paying in installments, a new policy for the government that doesn't involve loans and interest. I think separation will be hard for both men, but Boone feels he needs to break Coy's hold on him. Will he see your sense? Thanks, buddy... so glad to have you along for another of my stories.
  2. Really glad to hear it, spikey. I usually have doubts for the first few chapters of a new story. Just because I might like the story doesn't mean others will. No, Coy doesn't want to Boone to go, but Boone wants happiness. He's been on his own since he was nine, and didn't really have a parent before that. Coy became his family, but unrequited love can weigh a person down, and that's where Boone is now. I wouldn't say he's strong in his conviction, but he's determined to build a good life, one way or another.
  3. Hey, spikeman! Lol to those yahoos. It's true, though, even today, the cowboys I've known don't talk much. And yes, there is a lot being unsaid. Boone is tiptoeing a bit about what his plans are because he doesn't want to upset Coy, and Coy is going in circles over losing his brother, and probably Boone, within days of one another. He's tiptoeing too because he doesn't want to hear it. I hope you're enjoying it so far... no one has complained yet about the style of writing I'm using. Thanks for hanging in there, buddy... cheers... G.
  4. I'll take either one of those brothers.
  5. Think I'll have a cup of tea. Will hit the spot... it's a little chilly here too.
  6. That's Dean from Supernatural... he's a handsome dude, but I don't see him as Coy. Coy has shaggy black hair and sky blue eyes, tall, broad-shouldered, and lanky.
  7. Hey, re2! Welcome to the ride. Another western fan! The old west has always fascinated me. I showed horses for much of my life, and met a lot of 'cowboys.' I've always been curious as to the circumstances of gay men in that era, and have enjoyed writing this tale... Boone's tale. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Hope I hear from you again next Monday... cheers... Gary....
  8. Hey, Dave! Happy Birthday, once again! Boone doesn't see a future in hanging around Red Bluff. I think he needs the weight of the past couple of years off his shoulders... and he needs to put himself first for a change. Still, there are things to clean up first. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for reading. Cheers... Gary....
  9. Glad to hear that, Parker. There's lots more story to come. Boone's experienced a lot in his young life, but that was common in that time period. He really had no family life and still turned out decent and caring, whereas Will had a family to rely on and was truly toxic to all whose lives he touched. Go figure. I don't think Boone has been happy for a while... and certainly not since Coy busted his nose, but that fact is driving him to make a change... follow his dream. We'll see what the farewells are like. Coy is a decent man as well, in part, thanks to Boone's steadying influence. How would Coy handle it being gone? Thanks, buddy... see you Monday...
  10. What? You'd be calling him Kevin? Will sounds like if he were alive today, he could work for the DMV. Alas, he's long dead... but he's still a main character in this story. The old west had good people, of course, but I also think the general lawlessness of it allowed the bad apples to do a lot of damage. Throughout history, killing has always been easy for some, and this time period and place provided ample opportunities. Hope you got satisfaction, Wes... from the chapter and the DMV. Cheers, and thanks... G.
  11. I promise that's the last time we hear of chamber pots. I agree, dugh. I think Boone has reached the point he knows what he needs to do... build a life he wants. He's been a great friend to Coy... but he wants someone 'made like him.' I don't know how big his regrets are with regards to Dan, but he saw the possibilities of that kind of life, and I think it had an effect on him. Dan was made like him, and what that means is the building a life part. Boone wants to find a way to be happy, and that includes finding love. It really is an unanswered question as to how many gay men actually found that in the Old West... but it did happen. Thanks for the support, bro... glad you're enjoying this ride... cheers... G.
  12. Lol. We haven't met the Sherriff yet. He's adorable.
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