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  1. 3 hours ago, Daddydavek said:

    An appropriate entry for the first weekend of the return of Major League Baseball.  Thanks! 

    P.S.  My Cardinals won their opening day game yesterday against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    So did my team, Dave... against the Rays. Lost today, though. :( 

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  2. This is so sad. I consider myself fortunate to be a Canadian. The only thing I've paid for in healthcare is $40.00 for an ambulance trip from one hospital to another... I had a 100% paid drug and vision plan from my work, and a full dental plan... I paid into these every month, but it amounted to less than $1000.00 a year. Now, at sixty-five years old, all I pay is a dispensing fee of $6.11 for any drug I need. I would wish that for everyone. 

    It breaks my heart to hear of these kind of situations... healthcare should be a human right, and it is in many countries around the world. Your extremely large and wealthy country needs to get its act together and put human beings first... politics have no place in decisions that affects peoples' lives and well being. Thanks for sharing. Cheers... Gary....

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  3. Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 28 - Jul. 4)

    Hey, Steve! I have a hood ornament on one of my cars... took me months to hunt it down... 1949/1950 chev pickup hood ornament in excellent condition--didn't need re-chroming. It was the finishing touch the car needed. It's a 2010 HHR (Team Canada Edition) with chrome everything, including chrome roof racks I had installed after I bought it, front grille, handles, and mirrors, and I decided not to trade it in when I bought my new car. I don't use it for much other than picking up grain and building supplies, but I still love it. It has sport tuned suspension(all redone) and is amazing in the snow. :) 

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