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  1. 1 hour ago, Zombie said:

    We’ve all heard about “method acting”, but what about method writing?

    Meaning you try to immerse yourself completely in the character(s) and / or the narrator in order get into their mindset (behaviours, emotions, speech patterns etc) which you want to be different from yours, as the writer, in order to create an authentic and interestingly varied “cast”.

    Is this something any of you have tried, or do regularly?



    Btw I can’t post this in Writer’s Circle because I’m not a writer so it has to go here...





    Interesting question, Zombie. Here's my two cents. I believe I have done this from the beginning. As much as the characters are inside my head, I do my best to get in theirs. I not only want, but need to understand the people I'm writing about. Whether it makes it fully onto the page, there is always a backstory I explore in my mind. I need to understand why they act the way they do, or their motives and reasons for being how they are. I would suspect that is the way of a lot of writers. It's easy for a reader to see the opposite, when an author is struggling to pin down their characters, because a character usually acts 'out of character,' leaving us scratching our heads and saying WTF. That said, some characters are totally or partially unpredictable, but I feel as long a readers understand that about them, it can be okay in moderation. I always keep in mind characters are a part of a reader's life for a time, and they want to feel they really know them.

    You mention speech patterns and I think that is intrinsic to how I write. I hear my character's voices clearly, and I hear their little speech idiosyncrasies. Never has it been as important as in my latest story, Sidewinder, set in the Old West. I must be a method writer, because I find myself using the western dialect and sayings of my characters in my everyday thinking and speaking. :)  Cheers!


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  2. 1 hour ago, Demented said:

    I've already started posting on here but I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been writing awhile under various pen names, usually within the realm of fanfiction. I thought I'd finally step out of that comfort zone and try my hand at some original fiction writing, especially after being so inspired by the care and effort put into some of the stories on here. Hope people here enjoy my efforts as much as I've enjoyed theirs so far. 

    Hey, Demented! Welcome, and happy writing... and reading... Gary

  3. 20 minutes ago, astone2292 said:

    Hello, hello!

    Hi! I'm Aaron! I apologize for being fashionably late to this, but better late than never, I suppose! I joined back in June, mostly as a reader, but I was working on the first couple chapters of a book, purely as a hobby. After mentioning the project to my co-workers, they told me to pursue the interest. So here I am:  an over-worked grocery store stock crew member, who hasn't had two days off in the same week for over six months, who, somehow has time to crank out a new chapter about every week and a half. I always had an issue of finishing a hobby, since I get bored very quickly. But writing has been a clinger. I'm having fun, which is something that I rarely have, even though I'm a little ball of energy who can't stop smiling. And I don't see myself stopping this hobby any time soon.

    I think I found a nice little home here with GA. Hope you don't mind me moving in!

    ~Aaron Stone 🤓

    Welcome, Aaron! There's always plenty of room at GA. Good luck with your writing... cheers... Gary.... 

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  4. 2 hours ago, clochette said:

    I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist/surgeon about having implants.  He did lot of exams, took measurements and pictures and explained very well.

    I have another appointment in 2 weeks when he'll measure the space between my iris and cornea, where the implant will be, to check there's enough space. He couldn't do it today as I was on my own and it requires drops that will make me see blurry for half a day. 

    He said the surgery will probably not happen before January as he won't be available all off December but then it could be go fast with barely 2 weeks between each eyes. 


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