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  1. I get your point Iri...but i don't really think this was clearcut infidelity because of the unusual nature of their "relationship". It is at this point so hard to define because they are not people at the same time...yet they are in love with each other....arrgggh...Sasha is muddling up my mind. I "think" that this may have been a step in clarifying something for them...although what that is , I am not entirely sure...god help me...cheers...Gary
  2. I agree...but the fact is, unless you are the Boss, most often what is in an unlocked desk at your work is not considered private. I would never leave anything around that I didn't want perused....the reality of most workplaces. Personally, I would have looked to see if Oli had nude sketches of Boris ...don't judge me, Tim ...cheers... Gary
  3. Headstall

    Pulling Rank

    That was so sad. Their situation feels so desparate and the frustration, emotional and physical, must be overwhelming.To top it off, the image of Oli's dad and his bitch is back in my head. Stuart was an innocent bystander, who was Oli's only release from a situation that he can't get away from, and after what happened, it seems that Oli and Buddy are in way over their heads. Maybe if you pour snake oil over Buddy......cheers...Gary
  4. Headstall

    Chapter 6

    JJ again showed us more depth to his character by hiring Rosa and showing us that he does care and think about what other people need and in Rosa's case, deserve. Even more importantly, he exhibited a take charge aspect in this household situation that was really quite impressive. JJ is no helpless Diva...when it suits him he sheds that personna, and drops the drama queen act, showing that he can contribute and actually be pleasant to live with. Matt, and Wade through him, handled JJ's proactive iniative perfectly.I love how you are giving us somewhat innocuous but very illuminating glimpses into who JJ actually is...it is a process that holds my interest. I also love how you are showing Wade giving up his OCD like control tendancies and following Matt's lead with no resentment. Relationships work much better when you respect each others strengths. Matt's note was adorable, and that romantic, fun gesture was just what Wade needed to chill him out for his first day of school. Speaking of school, I would say that Brad passed his exam with a score of A+. It was sweet, what the family did for him on what could have been an awful day. The last line was great but it also made me feel a little sad...not for the obvious reason. If Robbie had been there, most likely he would have been the one all over Dustin and Brad would have probably been left in the cold, his attention all on Robbie and not Dustin. It sucks that Robbie is gone...but at least he can no longer wreak havoc with Brad's emotions and feed his insecurities. Maybe I shouldn't have gone there...theirs was a GREAT love but it was a tumultuous one and maybe it was fitting for me to be reminded of that on what should be the last official day of closure for 911. It is a good thing to feel happy for Brad...cheers...Gary
  5. Going to bed with a smile on my face :)

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      Sasha Distan

      always a good sign

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      thanks to you, Sasha

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  6. HaHa...I think you caught him Ron...he said "us".....nananananah Tim :P
  7. Sasha didn't forget..he delivered...and boy did he deliver....It was perfect perfect perfect. Another amazing story with amazing characters that I will never forget...( I would like, bake cookies or something, for Erin...just saying).Thank you, Sasha for giving us another treasure...cheers Gary
  8. Headstall

    Chapter 28

    Woo Hoo!! Great way to end this awesome story. You rock, Sasha! Erin's surprise visit and the "message" sent through Jame and the fact that he can cook, seals the deal on him being perfect...and there is no doubt that Luke knows it...You have made me believe that this is one high school romance that will last forever, and a little longer. Getting into the same college and having all his friends back and winning the championship puts Luke on top of the world, but only because Erin is right there with him. Once again, SashaForce delivers and I am a happy happy man. Cheers and many thanks to you...Gary
  9. Headstall

    Chapter 36

    At least Yuri hasn't fallen apart...that was my worry too. Benny needs to know that he is okay in order to be able to do what he needs to now. Can't wait for the next chapter...they are too short . The next one should be exciting...cheers...Gary
  10. I would generally agree that Brad has control issues....but I would say that Robbie's sexual needs and need for periodic, often romantic affairs, controlled Robbie...way more than Brad ever did.
  11. But yeah, in any event, I think JJ probably doesn't want Brad interfering in his life, after seeing what it was like for Robbie and then Will. Quote from Methodwriter. Interesting. I never would of thought of Brad as "interfering" with Robbie's life. I find this premise really, really surprising.
  12. Headstall

    The Conclusion

    I felt like I was witnessing the birth of something and someone important at the end. Simon's experiences all coalesced at that one moment in time to give him the understanding of what children deserve in life and the unfairness that exists...and the anger needed to get you through it. Such a perceptive thoughtful boy that saw through the bullshit around him and listened to what his heart and his gut told him. I wonder what he will do with what he has absorbed...did he impart enough strength to Jake that will allow him too, to see through the bullshit of his young life? Will he escape or succumb? It turns out that I am glad I read this. Such a tough subject to handle so well. What he witnessed from Ralphie to Allen to Jake was needed to get Simon to where, with a few simple words, he may have changed Jake's life and hopefully provided him with a way to escape being a victim. Cheers...Gary
  13. Headstall

    The Middle

    I almost had to quit at Allen. If Simon had gone back to his house, I think I would have. There would have been no morbid curiosity for me to find out...at least I don't think so. You painted the farm visit so real that I felt the whole thing...the connection with Jake on the stairs, drinking the sun tea, stopping the fan.....and Catholic...Three of the adults introduced so far are frightening...and at best, the teacher is unpleasant. It is the writing quality that keeps me going...not the subject matter as yet. Gary
  14. Headstall

    The Beginning

    Creepy and hard to read about..my brain doesn't like going there and the speculation makes me queasy. That said, the writing is superb...the mood, the emotions and most certainly the fear it surrounds us in, makes it hard not to continue. Adults who feast on innocence are monsters, and I hate monsters...Great work with a disturbing subject...Gary
  15. The temp index is 40+ degrees Celsius..bike ride..32 kilometers..flat tire..last 6K..sweaty but smiling

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      it'a all about the challenge

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      And the death-wish, hehe

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      AC Benus

      But I am glad you enjoyed your run. It's just not for me

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  16. The reality of their situation sucks, but Trey did the only thing he could...he has to leave but he won't be leaving Mark alone. Mark will have "family" with him to face this, and his sister will eventually come around. What a wonderful sweet thing for Trey and his parents to do.It is a further indication that what they feel is strong enough to get them through the separation. Great chapter Renee...more please, and hurry . Cheers and thanks..Gary
  17. Headstall

    Gods and Devils

    An absolutely horrifying desperate situation and you manage to make if romantic and sweet...after hamster stew...amazingly well done!!! Thanks for the quick posting to ease our suffering. The cathedral tactics were brilliant...Dan to the rescue once again. I can smile today because I know you won't let Mark or Dan die...you wouldn't do that to us...I have faith in you, and I have faith that Dan and Mark's story is not over. Thank you Kevin....cheers...Gary...another early posting would be unexpected but really nice
  18. Headstall

    Chapter 19

    What an amazing story...It broke my heart but also provided hope....powerful and well written...cheers...Gary
  19. Headstall


    Another great story...well presented with the flashbacks. Your writing style is simple and straight forward in a good way, the same way as the plot. Great job...cheers ...Gary
  20. Headstall

    Missing the Mark

    Where is Mark?!!! Don't do it Kevin...Great chapter..there are constant revelations in this story...keep it coming...and don't hurt Mark!
  21. Headstall

    Chapter 10

    Great story...I really enjoyed it...I am glad they all are finding their happiness...cheers...Gary
  22. Headstall

    Chapter 5

    JJ's narration is a real eye opener for me. They thing I realized about him that was a little surprising is how well he knows himself. He has no delusions about how he acts or what makes him tick. He totally owns that he is a Diva and can be a bitch or bitchy at times. I am now thinking that he wears this as a shield that he can put on or cast of at will. I can see how this personna serves a very valuable purpose for him and as such is a deliberate part of him. I thus wonder if maybe he is more savvy and less emotional than people around him actually view him. Brad and Cam continue to be interesting. My gut says that Cam is testing Brad to a degree. Cam told Brad that he doesn't give it up for just anyone and with his relationship history he is most likely quite cautious. Brad, admittedly expected Cam to give it up, and when Cam didn't, it changed things. What does that tell an honorable guy, who doesn't want to be a feather in some rich guy's cap. If it was a test, Brad may have failed or at least the jury could be out. I sense a great deal of pride in Cam and whether they work something out or not, I am glad he didn't give in before he was ready. Going dancing at Spartacus may have been another test as in that so far they have been in private settings. Meeting at Spartacus(which is actually what they agreed on..not upstairs) would give a better idea to Cam of where he fits with Brad...How would Brad interact with and treat him in a public arena? What Darius said, made a lot of sense...Brad was pushing for something before he even knew if it was there. It will be interesting to see if what they had is over, or if it is strong enough to build on. I hope the memorials coming up aren't too sad...there has been enough of that....Thanks for a great chapter, Mark.....cheers...Gary
  23. Headstall

    Chapter 1

    Wow. Powerful stuff in such a short story. the ending was very intense in an apoclyptic way. Great job of dealing with a what if scenario. Would this be the Pariahs of the Santa Clause Tales? If so, I am intrigued. Cheers...Gary
  24. And it is another great chapter in a very intriguing story...
  25. I just finished A Cook's Tale for the second time and I loved it, and being back on The Santa Claus again...It feels like home!! Bring on Priest and Pariahs...I am ready and very excited...
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