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  1. Reader1810

    My Dad

    I am sorry for your loss.
  2. No worries Mike. Something tells me au natural is a good look for you.
  3. I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified that this an actual thing. I first heard about it when my local pharmacy sent me an email regarding said day - which happens to be today - and the sale due to said day. smh is a good reaction, I think… https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-lipstick-day/
  4. Reader1810


    I disagree. Your writing always makes me think. I may not share all that goes through my mind, but what you write are sometimes my thoughts, too. Thank you for being the brave one to say them out loud. Reading the comments helps, too. Edit: PS If writing this down and putting it out there helps you, then we’re okay with that.
  5. Reader1810


    This I know to be the absolute truth: you have a beautiful heart and soul, tim. You have doubts, and that is okay. It’s the ones who have no doubts we all need to watch out for. Take care, tim. And as always and forever, I you lots no matter what. xoxo
  6. This is the second version of this prompt that I have read. It’s quite different from the other, but nonetheless, it is very good. Comicfan would be pleased with your offering. PS: I’m glad they didn’t open the fridge, because if they had, they would have discovered the body hidden within its depths. I just know that to be true… yes, my mind does go strange places.
  7. Reader1810

    Prompt 310

    Well, that was different. You’re very good at doing “different”, Val. Well done.
  8. Reader1810


    Well done with the prompt, Ivor. PS: I really enjoy your writing style.
  9. What a perfect shot of the sunset.
  10. Reader1810

    Words of Prey

    For not being an editor Jon did a most wonderful job telling this story with just a few passages in his diary. Earlier today, After the Past was in my mind, so reading this tonight I’m seeing parallels to that world. Like that story it’s heartening to know beauty can still be found amongst the darkness. Jon is a good soul for not pushing Parwez to accept him and his life knowing the timetable for that was up to Parwez - only then can something real be had. I’m glad they had a happy ending, one which I hope continues beyond that final period. There wasn’t much meat - until Alsukar came along, that is - in the story, but it certainly was meaty for a short story. Well done, tim, we’ll done. You did justice to this prompt and to Comicfan’s final offering as well.
  11. Good to know. Thank you. PS: I bought a couple of nectarines today.
  12. I can’t seem to stop thinking about the two cobs of corn that came with your order. Is that just happenstance you got two and there’s two of you or can you order based on it being for a certain number of persons? Weird question I know, but it’s in a loop in my head and doesn’t seem to want to leave not knowing the answer it seeks.
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