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  1. I am so upset right now, I have the shakes. I don't remember the last time I was upset to the point of involuntary shaking. When I first started working, part of the paperwork process involved naming a beneficiary should anything were to happen to me. I don't have any kids, but my sisters do. One of my sisters is married and the other isn't, so I figured "hey, the male child of my unmarried sister makes sense." He'd need it the most right? 

    Fast forward to present day. Everything has to be updated and more forms need to be filled out in terms of 'severance' since I'm finally leaving that job. 

    Somewhere in-between present day and the day I was first hired, my nephew grew into a young man and left the family on bad terms. But, he has a life of his own now. 

    I thought "well, I may not be happy about his choices in life, but he's still my nephew" and I never removed him as my beneficiary because I'm still childless and will likely not be able to have children at this point in my life or ever. 

    Well, it just so happens that some time in recent history, my nephew's private information seems to have been leaked. I was never made aware of this. Having no knowledge of that incident, I sent him a message that I needed a copy of his ID for an update on the paperwork for severance at my job. The words "important" and "as soon as possible" were used, because my last day working for them is this Friday. 

    Well, that simple message apparently opened up a can of worms on his end. He became paranoid and not only refuted my claim, but called me a liar more than once throughout our interaction. "I don't believe you." He responded. "I don't feel you're being honest with me."

    Why would anyone lie about something as important about naming a beneficiary? 

    Now I have to go back to work tomorrow and explain this whole mess to see what I have to do in order to remove him as a beneficiary, if he's so adamant about not trusting the aunt he grew up with enough to send her a copy of his ID. If they require his signature to do it, I'll likely break down in tears. 

    I mean, as it is, I feel I'm going to have to cry myself to sleep if I'm ever going to get any rest, as I'm too shaky and upset to fall asleep by my own means. 

    I guess there's no rest for the wicked even when they try to do a good deed.

    1. Headstall


      That sucks. :hug: Families are hard sometimes.

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      So sorry you have to endure this, sweetie.   :hug:  I hope things work out for the best.

    3. Valkyrie


      Ugh... sorry he's putting you through this.  :hug: 

  2. I haven't been online because of training the person that will take over for me at work immediately after ensuring the safety of 80 kids. For the last four days or so. After tomorrow, things will be calmer. Either way, I'm not dead. Exhausted, but not dead.


    1. Jdonley75


      I'll be honest, I've totally missed your comments and look forward to having you back.  But for now, you take care of you.

    2. Thirdly


      @Jdonley75 Yeah, I have two series (and another story not related to a series) on pause in terms of reading. Yours and @Timothy M.'s. I was pretty much forced into my final two weeks of work in terms of payment (they literally can't afford to pay me beyond next week). I'd be happier if it didn't mean I might have to spend the rest of the month (or worse, longer) without any kind of income. I expected to be well into a new job by now. Have to try harder. 

  3. Thirdly...what can I say...?? 🤔 but a UUUUUUGE THANKS for your support to the boys, they even said you left a very interesting menu for me to try...😁😂😂 (still looking for it) hugs xoxoxo



    1. Thirdly


      I was talking about the crazy new cereal flavors for the "Honey Bunches of Oats" brand...one was "Chicken & Waffles" and the other was "Maple Bacon Donuts."  They sound insane but I still want to try them. Sorry for the late response, I've been going crazy at work. Glad you guys are all doing better over there!

    2. Dmrman


      Hmm...maple bacon donuts...😁😁😁okay I have to find where to get me some.??😊😊 No worries about quick responses...you have a life too and well, they still hurt me too much lol big hugs,😗

  4. Thirdly

    A Solid Bond

    We had a lot more planned for this than was actually written. I alluded to it many times, that there was a lot more in store for the boys. But, we reached a point where we had to "pause" for two reasons: 1. Kidnap needed to be wrapped up. 2. We didn't want to become bored writing about just this group nonstop. It was not as well wrapped--up like Kidnap, neither did it properly hint at a continuation like Cuddlefish (which ironically enough includes Kidnap's continuation)...but, we will definitely see them again. Probably not for a while, though. We're working on something "shiny" and then we'll likely work on wrapping up LP after that. Our plans for converting CTM into a comic were shot mercilessly in light of the "shiny" new thing. I'm still feeling a bit of jet-lag from visiting @Rambling Robin and I have to go into work early tomorrow, so, that's about all I can say about that. P.S.- You'll definitely get a kick out of our "shiny" new thing. (though that sounded way wrong lmao)
  5. Thirdly

    Chapter 18

  6. Thirdly

    Chapter 18

    Our new project makes us very happy. But, we will see these guys again. At some point. Eventually. *hides behind pillows*
  7. Thirdly

    Chapter 18

    ...even as we sidetrack to something else. Hard.
  8. Thirdly


    Yeah, no detail went by unnoticed.
  9. Thirdly

    Chapter 18

    Something like that! You'll find out for sure when we start off the sequel.
  10. Thirdly

    Chapter 18

    Yes, both sets of boys are doing just fine at the moment. And they have finally come across the bunny with the most stamina in the galaxy!
  11. I am officially at @Rambling Robin's!!! We're working on the end of Cuddlefish as I type. :3

  12. Guess I'm just awful at writing summaries. Glad it was still enjoyable though, considering it's one of my oldest collaborations.
  13. I'm going to be quiet for the next few days because:

    1. Going to drive to sibling's house tonight with my niece for a concert tomorrow night.

    2. Going to wake up before the roosters crow Sunday morning as I head over to @Rambling Robin's! 🤸‍♀️

    3. Much squealing and giggle-farting will ensue. 

  14. Thirdly

    Chapter 1

    It's ok! I glanced past them real quick and I'm not reading this again until after I've caught up (despite how much I want to, like immediately, but I'll behave), so we should be good til I catch up.
  15. Thirdly

    Chapter 1

    *GASP* It's another Cupid Central based story! Noooo, my battery's down to 28 percent! *dives for charger* Ok...it's been a good little while since I've read Cupid Central related things. Time to review a bit! Right. Timing's critical. Arrows of different levels...and silver arrow shennanigans. Got it! Now on to the story! A happy Ayil is enough to make anyone suspicious. “That’s not me! I hate Macklemore!” - LMAO!! Next morning Theo knew nothing had changed as soon he stepped out of the elevator and saw Rahmiel nodding along with OutKast’s So Fresh So Clean. - LMAO!! *dying* Sablo inhaled to do just that, when a kilt wearing Ayil moonwalked in, and took a sharp turn, proving he was wearing the garment according to the customary rules, and flashed them while dancing and singing I’m sexy and I know it. - OMG *dying some more* Theo made a choked noise as he saw their auras mesh. Shit, this was the A.I. pair Ayil had ordered him to shoot with silver arrows five years ago. - Mah preciouses~ ❤️ He would probably have collapsed on the floor, but Ariel reacted with Guardian speed and caught him with an arm around his waist and a firm grip on his right hand. - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee “Golden tips? Because they are commanders?”/“Exactly. Good luck.” - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee As with Ariel, Ayil reacted almost instantly to the hit. Murderously, he stared at the bush, behind which Theliel was hiding. Oh shit! - LMAO! Run, Theliel, ruuuuuuun. I loved it so much! Granted, I'm going to mentally erase everything I read about Azrael and Diego because of spoilers. But, I loved it so much! I hope we'll actually SEE how much the arrows affected Ariel and Ayil. I can't be the only one that wants them to boff like bunnies, right? *rolls around in joy* I love Cupid Central stories~ enough to stay up till 2 AM reading them~
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