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  1. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    They didn't need to travel far to find the war. If they had waited, it would have come to them. All roads would have likely led to the same path.
  2. drpaladin

    Chapter Fourteen

    With such a short time frame, you get the impression they might not care if he complies. Will would be a considerable thorn to remove. They also may have no intention of letting him go.
  3. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    Understand I didn't say take advantage of him, just get a conversation going.
  4. drpaladin

    Chapter Fourteen

    Lycans seem a tad hard headed. I believe in gathering intelligence first before wasting all of the bad guys.
  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    A couple of scopolamine patches or a moderate use of alcohol would loosen that reluctant tongue. lol
  6. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    Elias still has so many conflicting thoughts and emotions. He and Artemis need to have a long and frank conversation.
  7. drpaladin

    Chapter Fourteen

    I expected more surprise at Alexandra's resemblance to their mother. I doubt Damien will swap Alexandra for Will. I knew he needed to start carrying the sword fulltime.
  8. drpaladin

    part 1, chapter 5

    This doesn't look like a one off. Seriously, what Matt described he was looking for and couldn't find seems satisfied.
  9. drpaladin

    Chapter 16

    Hansen was the model Leon half assed dated after Logan. I doubt leverage was involved, more like grudge for spurning him. Meghan Markle was about as common as Grace Kelly, if a few steps below her level of success. She was a successful actress in a hit TV series, so she has money of her own, but hardly the kind the British royals have boarded over centuries of rule. I am under the impression Leon sent the photos to his cloud without thinking of the consequences. He briefly had the phone earlier.
  10. drpaladin

    Chapter 16

    What happened to Grace? She sort of disappeared amongst the other excitement. Petr's question along with Hansen's deceit almost ended in tragedy. The perfect diversion for all this royal intrigue is a royal gay wedding.
  11. drpaladin

    part 1, chapter 4

    Memo to Matt. Look at who is calling before you answer your phone. The Rose business is screaming about something's off. The whole Lucas and Matt thing suddenly turning into hot sex was a big surprise.
  12. drpaladin

    Chapter Thirteen

    Damien's rescue of Alexandra softened the ice queen in her. I imagine the kids will be as startled by her resemblance to their more as Damiien was. If she plays her cards right, she could have a more fulfilling life by becoming a part of their lives. the king's expectations from Will are almost impossibility high. Other than his exploits during the Civil War, you have to wonder what else he has accomplished to expect routine perfection.
  13. drpaladin

    part 1, chapter 3

    After Matt found out Julie bores him, why in the heck did he go ahead and ask her out 'so he wouldn't be bored?' It doesn't make much sense, but then he's a teenager.
  14. drpaladin

    part 1, chapter 2

    I'm guessing Rayne is either in the guise of Matt's study partner or occupying his body. It would be one way for a total stranger to get close quickly.
  15. drpaladin

    Chapter Twelve

    Dating Will is an exhilarating experience. If all the dates are like this, Damien should carry his sword full time. What could be the cause of twins becoming so dislike and holding such animosity? And why would Alexandra keep a photo of them together on her desk if there truly was a severe breech?p
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