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  1. Remember the old adage, don't accept rides from strangers?

    I decided to walk to the store. It was raining lightly, but it wasn't a big deal. I had seen some guy tearing down a cross street like a proverbial bat out of hell. A minute or so later a guy pulls up and offers me a ride and against my better judgement, I accepted. It wasn't until I got in I realized it was Mr. Bat Out of Hell. His style of driving was warp speed between stop signs and traffic lights. During the ride I find out the police had just tried to pull him over and he didn't stop 'because it was raining and he hadn't done anything.' He also told me he didn't have a license. Bubba, (I kid you not, he told me his name was Bubba) took me on one of the most circuitous and hair raising rides I have experienced since the time I was a wild child myself. I didn't let him take me back all the way home because I had a weird feeling I might see him again if I did.

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      watching old re-runs of The Twilight Zone, half the fun was shouting out:

      “Don’t go in there!”

      or “Run! Get out now!”

      Sounds like you just did :o  :lol:


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