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  1. I was just told we are on permanent telework until July 2021 :blink::o

  2. No new chapter today... found out I will need surgery on my shoulder so I am not in the right head space for writing.

  3. despite my threat chapter 2 of TJ's Journey to Parenthood will post tomorrow before @Wesley8890 wakes up :P

    1. Wesley8890


      Hmmm think i might have a bout of insomnia.....

  4. Remember those who lost their lives 19 years ago today. We will never forget.:heart:

  5. Sorry to say there will be a cliff hanger on tomorrow's chapter. Not having one just didn't feel right. 

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    2. Wesley8890


      Yall are being mean to me on my birthday. Thats not nice😝

    3. AquariusGuy


      Happy Birthday 

    4. Wesley8890


      Thank you!

  6. Umm... so Chapter 12 has been up for a half hour and nada. You mad at my cliffs?

    1. Wesley8890


      I didnt get a notification!!!!

    2. AquariusGuy


      Well consider this my personal invite ;)

    3. Wesley8890


      Me and you are gonna get along great!

  7. Happy Mother's Day to all.

  8. So much truth in this...


  9. On telework indefinitely.... was told could lift June or later. 😯

  10. Happy π day

  11. Hope everyone stays safe from this COVID-19. 

  12. so the fire on the New Jersey side of the river is 80% contained and they said it won't hit 100% because its at the top of the mountain and they can't get crews up there and just waiting for some rain... well hope it rains soon

  13. There is a forest fire in New Jersey and it was crazy to see it on my way to work. 

  14. I think my parents golden retriever is broken... had him 6 months and still hasn’t retrieved any gold. 

  15. Today is National Make a Friend Day... 

  16. Today is the 17th observance of my 21st Birthday.... kind of funny that most of my coworkers can’t figure out how I am 😂

    1. Daddydavek
    2. Brayon


      Happy Birth-iversary to you!

  17. Well it's not 2020 without her.....


  18. 2019 was not my year... hoping that 2020 turns out much better. 

  19. wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. 

    1. Daddydavek


      Merry Christmas E! 🎅

  20. Happy Friday the 13th... hopefully it’s not a nightmare before Christmas :rofl:

  21. I love how the Federal Government decides the day before that they are going to close tomorrow... Verizon would have told me 2 minutes before my shift there would be a delay. 

  22. lets see... I was stood up... took over 4 hours to get back home as several accidents clogged my normal route so I got to see parts of PA I haven't been through since I was 3 years old. Just happy to have made it home before the bomb cyclone strikes and dumps snow... 

    1. Zombie


      sounds like an all round lucky escape

    2. Ron


      ^ This ^

      But, sorry man.

  23. looks like I need to cut my trip home short as supposed to get messy weather back in N.E. PA. 

    1. Daddydavek


      Better safe than stuck in bad weather....

  24. looking forward to a few things this week.... short work week, playing with the puppy at my parents, and date #2 on Saturday.... 

  25. today is my last day of training.... I can't wait to be back in my own bed. 

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