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  1. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    I had volunteered in 5th grade and used to check out the student's books during their library time... by 6th grade things changed. I was also on the TV crew for morning announcements which she ran.
  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    Was your school librarian a man by any chance? jk I know people who hung out in the library... I did in 6th grade but didn't read. Helped the librarian with different things like cleaning and organization and before you ask it was an older woman.
  3. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    Yes they are on nosy group.
  4. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    100 books a year, an hour, a minute? I need more context for this response.
  5. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    There will be a place he can go especially after he and Hunter talk. Maybe I'll reveal why Jamie had lost his ability for a while
  6. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    You know I was thinking the same thing about @Wesley8890 he surely does read fast. Everyone in their family can teleport Hunter just seems to be better at it. I'm outlining in my head how he's going to get privacy....
  7. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 19

    Almost didn’t have one
  8. Tristan’s POV “What did he mean sex room” TJ said eyes narrowing in on me “Well” I started before Hunter interrupted “He wants one like you and Daddy have” “What?” Jack choked out “Yeah Dad and Daddy have their own room” Hunter said innocently while we all turned to look at TJ “No one and I mean no one knows about it” TJ said meekly “Well obviously someone does” CC said turning towards Hunter and I “You forget we can read minds” I said and smirked watching the color drain from TJ’s face “Ok, I get that they have one but why would you want one” Jack aske
  9. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 18

    We needed a light chapter... things will "heat up" in the next chapter. Wait until you find out why....
  10. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 18

    you may have had a chance of comment there verses beating @Wesley8890 here.... I won't hold it against you. Jackson will be going through a lot when he leaves the hospital and it will be interesting. Julian's black book shows that you borrowed money... he accept's venmo. Justin is going to be devastated when he finds out about Julian
  11. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 18

    there is a reason it came up.... and I bet you can figure it out.
  12. Hunter’s POV Everyone looked at Dad as he took a seat on the couch and had tears in his eyes “I used to hear my dad all the time” Dad said “I stopped hearing him a long time ago” “Maybe you just weren’t listening” I retorted “Maybe” Dad replied softly “Where did you see him” “In Grandma’s lab” I said “Lab?” Grandma CC asked curiously “She never stopped working” I said “She was with us before we were born” “Sounds just like her, always working” Grandma said sarcastically “I heard that” Jillian said telepathically Tristan’s POV While
  13. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 17

    Or I have something up my sleeve
  14. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 17

    I would never kill Hunter.... just wait to see what else is in store for our clan. Why was Hunter chosen? Will anyone else be able to read the book? How come they could see it before but not now?
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