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  1. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    BHO will be running a whole lot better. Changes are afoot for them. Maybe a little shady business in the new book... we will see.
  2. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    Glad you like the ending. I had planned on ending this story with the proposal as it just seemed right. I am starting the new story today should post the 1st chapter in the next few days.
  3. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    Um... sir please stay out of my head...
  4. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    Yep. I toyed with having Kat and Emily getting together. Who knows might happen
  5. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    Yes and then there are those who won't approve because they are brothers.
  6. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    He's been using Kevin's for the face to face but yeah he doesn't really need it. Thank you for your kind words. I was planning on bringing Stephanie and Darren in but couldn't work them in. You will see more family in the next story because JC and Trace do have cousins and their brothers from Liz will show up too.
  7. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 35

    Yes there will be in the next story. I had to decide who else would get engaged. I didn't want TJ also popping the question... I was thinking of Kellan and Jordan but decided against it but the logical choice was Brooks and Miles
  8. “Rusty?” Mark said “Yeah it’s me, I thought I’ve never seen you again” he said as ran towards Mark and embraced him and both men were crying. “I am so glad to have found you, I have wanted to contact you for years but after my parents died I was shipped off to Vermont to live with my Aunt and Uncle and a few years ago moved to Oakland to live with my cousin.” “I’ve missed you so much and I was devastated when you left abruptly.” Rusty said “My parents didn’t want a gay son and they were dead set on your dad paying them. They threatened to go to press and wanted me to go to a conversion camp. I don’t know what happened one day I went off to hide during the day like I usually did and came home to an empty house and found out they had driven off some cliff, it was terrible.” Mark said and started to cry “Oh Mark I had no idea. I had run away and was found a few days later as my dad had someone looking for me. He had sent me to be with my mom in England for a while and I came back for college.” Rusty said “I had looked for you online but since I didn’t know you were in England I couldn’t find you.” Mark said “Well sorry to interrupt, but I am glad you guys are together again.” I said smiling “Wait a minute TJ, did you set this up?” Rusty said “I pled the fifth.” I said smiling and walking away with JC “I hope they can reconnect and rekindle their love.” JC said “If we can do it so can they.” I said grasping his hand and walking out of the house. We went back to our hotel and went online looking at real estate. To get what we want in the city it will be expensive and I wasn’t too fond of the place the realtor told us about. It lacked the style and essence I was looking for. I had expanded out search and found a place in Oakland that had what I was looking for at a reasonable price. I called out agent and asked him to arrange a tour tomorrow. “Hey babe, Dad and Pops anniversary is coming up would you mind if we jet back to New York for it?” “Sure, that would be awesome. I want to try and lock down a place here before we go if at all possible. Those condo’s in LA and San Diego that Jeff did the walk through for us were awesome finds and are locked down. I just want a place here in northern California.” “Ok we can check out you place in Oakland and I hope it is as lovely as the pictures. Now can I interest you in some real estate of mine?” “I don’t know, it’s kind a tubular place and likes to go into dark holes…” I said laughing “I love to play hide the sausage.” “I guess we can make noises” I said with a smirk. We got naked in record time and made love. The next morning we drove over to Oakland to tour the house. It was listed for $2.5 million and had 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. JC was giving me shit about the size but I assured him with the amount of family that will visit we will need the rooms and we can have our own home offices. The neighbor was nice and the house was as lovely as the pictures. I asked our agent to draft an offer at $2.4 million and he said he would and send it to us for signature. I reminded him to use TJJP Properties on all documents and not to disclose who we were. I also provided a check for escrow. We headed back across to San Francisco and went to Buff Boys for me to meet with the manager and owner to let them know I was leaving. They were holding my job for me as I was super popular and they wanted to keep me. When we arrived the club still wasn’t open but they were prepping the place. I saw Brooks helping clean the stage and running a dust mop so it wasn’t slippery. I caught his attention and waived. “Hi Bruce and Big Mike” I said greeting the owner and manager. “Jack, it is so glad to see you” Big Mike said “People have been asking about you for days” Bruce said “Well that is what I’ve come to talk to you about. First my name is really TJ and Jack was a name I chose to use when I moved here to hide from my family. Apparently they knew where I was but left me alone. Second, I wanted to tender my resignation in person as I have another job at a company that was left to me.” “You can’t be serious Jack, I mean TJ. You bring a lot of our money and people love you. I really want you here.” Big Mike said “TJ, you have been a great asset to us and I’d love to keep you here. Could you do both jobs?” Bruce said “No I can’t. You see I am majority owner of a security firm and I need to help revamp it as there have been a lot of issues as of late” I said and JC snickered “What am I going to tell people?” Bruce asked “They couldn’t have thought I’d be here forever.” “TJ, you are young and a gorgeous hunk. We thought we’d have a few more years out of you.” Bruce said “Tell you what, let me work on revamping my company and if I have time I’ll let you know.” I said “Sounds fair” they both agreed. I thanked them and we walked out. “Sounds like they wouldn’t take no for an answer” JC said concerned “I told you I was popular but didn’t think I was that popular. I am not planning on having any time because any time I have will be with you.” I said. We left and went back to the hotel. I called and checking in with Kellan and asked him to do a check on Bruce and Big Mike and gave him what info I had. I wanted to make sure blowing these guys off wouldn’t bite me in the butt. Since I hadn’t planned on a return trip to NYC so soon, I called the local airport where our company jet was kept and arranged to fly back home tomorrow. As I was watching TV with JC, we got the offer letter to sign from our agent. Everything looked fine and we initialed it. The company was set-up but shows as a subsidiary of BHO to protect who we are. I told JC we should buy houses and rent them to have some additional income. The next morning on the flight to New York I noticed JC was a little distracted. “Everything ok babe?” “Yeah just trying to decide what to get my parents” he said “Let me know if you need any help.” “Will do.” He replied. That was a strange interaction; something is up as he has been overly involved in his phone. We got to New York in late evening and had dinner with mom. She had made meat loaf and mashed potatoes. “Have Grandpas’ moved into the house yet?” I asked “They will be here next week sometime; they are excited to be closer to the family.” Mom said “How’s Grandpa Joe?” “He’s doing ok but they aren’t sure how long he will make it. The drugs those guys had given him got into his system were supposed to kill him not give him Alzheimer’s.” Mom said with tears coming down “I can’t believe that Brayden did all of that just to get BHO” “People will do anything for money.” Mom replied “Got that right” JC chimed in The next morning I was sitting at the counter having breakfast when I got a facetime from Miles. “Hey Miles, what’s up?” “WE’RE ENGAGED!” Miles and Brooks shouted “Congratulations guys! I am so happy for you. Who asked who?” “Well funny story, we both had rings and had brought them on the date last night and waited for the perfect opportunity and we kind of blurted it out at the same time.” “That is so awesome. I am happy for you both.” I said “We wanted to you to know as you mean so much to us.” Brooks said “You guys too. I am surprised you are both up at this hour.” “We have been too excited and been up and wanted to call you before we go to bed.” Miles said “Well congratulations, go get some sleep.” “Thank you TJ” they both said JC came down looking tired “Someone keep you up last night?” I asked “Yeah you know that hot guy that lives nearby? He wanted to have a good time after being at his mother’s.” JC said with a wink “Brooks and Miles got engaged.” “Congratulations to them” That’s good news. “Yeah I am excited for them.” I replied An email came through telling me that the sellers accepted our offer. “We got the house!” I shouted “Great news but I am sorry to rain on the good news parade but I am meeting dad soon to go over his surprise for pop. I will let you know when and where to meet us.” JC said “Ok, I guess I’ll hang out here.” I said dejectedly “Its ok babe, trust me you don’t want to be there for this. He is making Trace and I do this thing and we need to rehearse and I don’t want to hear you laughing at us.” “Ok I will find something to keep me occupied.” He kissed me then he was off I tried calling Kevin but he was busy and couldn’t talk. I knew Beau and Lucas were due back but I didn’t know when. It seemed everyone but me was busy. I was getting depressed and went upstairs when I heard Tristan “You ok brudder? “I’m bored and don’t know what to do” I hope he heard me “I heard you. You are the bestest brudder.” Tristan said “Yes you da best” I heard in stereo “Who was that?” “It me Jack and me Josh” they replied oh man I am going crazy. I decided to sleep. I woke hearing a whisper “T2 Wake up” I sat up and looked for Tristan “Tristan?” I called out my phone rang “Hey babe” JC said “Hey how’s rehearsal?” “It’s done and we are ready for you to show up. Come over to Julliard dad is using the auditorium for the show.” “Ok, should I dress casual?” “Most definitely.” “See you soon, text you when I get there.” I showered and got dressed and walked over to Julliard. I went in the main entrance of the auditorium and didn’t see anyone. I texted JC and didn’t get a response and the doors were locked. I heard some music coming from inside and then the one door opened and out came a shirtless and sweaty JC. I stood there with my mouth hanging open as he looked so hot I wanted to jump him. “Hey babe” I said and JC proceeded to get down on one knee. What is happening? “Tristan James Michaels Jr, six years ago you walked back into my life. We met here when you came to audition to fulfill you dream of attending Julliard. I came out of the auditorium just like this sweaty and shirtless and you stared at me like you are now. I knew right then you were still infatuated with me after all these years. You got caught staring at me by taking a door to the head. I helped you up and I know you felt what I did by the look in your eyes. I didn’t see you again until we took a trip to Cincinnati to see my grandparents. I begged my dad and pops to take me not to visit my grandparents but I wanted to see you again. I talked to my grandmother and she agreed to help me create a situation where I could see you again; as luck would have it was on Christmas. You are the first and last person I think about when I go to sleep. You have the biggest heart and are so kind. That is one of the things that I love about you. You are a big brother not only to Beau and Grayson but to Tristan, Jake and Josh. You think about others before yourself, even when things may not be going well. You saved Cody without knowing it, you got Rusty and Mark back together. You stand strong in all situations no matter what. You’ve over come so many obstacles that I could go on but there is one thing I want to ask. Tristan James would you make me the happiest man and be my husband?” ‘Before I could answer I heard Tristan “you better say yes brudder” “YES! YES! YES! Jackson Paul Craft-Woolery, I will be your husband” JC stood up and kissed me and then I heard a huge round of applause. I looked up to find Mom, Grayson, Beau, Lucas, Trace, Tracy, Jack, Kat, Kellan, Jordan, Christian, Cody, Kevin, Jeff, Tristan, Jake, Josh, Mark, Rusty, Brooks, Miles, Grandpas’ Ron and Tony standing there clapping. “Wait a minute… is it even your parent’s anniversary?” “No, I had to get you here somehow and what better way than to trick you. Do you forgive me?” “Yeah I guess I can.” I said as I leaned in for another kiss. The End
  9. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 34

    Two birds one stone... Tristan is going to be a huge part of TJ's life and so will Josh and Jake eventually will too. Remember TJ is their godfather. Tristan is one of my favorite people to write. He is young but so full of knowledge. He will play a huge part into how BHO moves forward.
  10. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 34

    I was combining weddings? I have fixed it I guess I shouldn't write about a wedding while listen to my commanding unit talk about inclusion. Thankfully I didn't have them making any weapons purchases.
  11. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 34

    The reunion will continue into the next chapter and they will be a part of the new story since TJ and JC will be living in San Francisco. In other news I've been looking for a place for those two to live and it's super expensive there. Maybe they will love outside the city?
  12. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 34

    No he is not... some one is of British decent.
  13. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 34

    So it is pure coincidence that he works for a BHO vendor. No malice or anything and I have succeeded in corrupting your train of thought. Everyone who is alive in this story will appear in the new one... including little Tristan. @Wesley8890 one more chapter left
  14. AquariusGuy

    Chapter 34

    This story could go on but I want to switch gears and let TJ have a semi-normal life. The other reason is I am going to write a lot of chapters a head of time and might not post as often. Reason being is I may need to have surgery on my right should and won't be able to type. Oh and this was the penultimate chapter. 1 Chapter left.
  15. When we left BHO and arrived home I decided I need a smile so I called little man “Hey TJ, how are you doing” Kevin said “I am doing ok considering. Are you back home yet?” “We just got here this morning and everything is spotless. Tristan couldn’t wait to get into our pool, in fact he, Cody and Christian are out there now.” “Oh well I don’t want to interrupt their fun.” “So I’m chopped liver now?” Kevin said laughing “No Kev, it’s just he always brightens my day and I wanted to talk to him.” “He’s been waiting for you to call and every time my phone rings he asks if it’s you. He’d kill me if he knew you called and I didn’t tell him.” “I bet he already knows.” I said jokingly “You might be right as he got out of the pool and just got a towel and is looking at me.” “You definitely have a smart son.” “Who are you telling; one second while I walk outside.” I could hear the door open and close “Is that T2 daddy, he supposed to call” “Yes TJ is on the phone.” “YIPPY, MY BRUDDER; Hi T2.” “Hello Tristan, happy to be home?” “Yes! This pool is better than the one in the mount-tins. I did something last night make you happy.” “Oh what was that?” “I stops the bad people; make tire flat” “What, how?” “They wanted to hurt my brudder so I fixed it.” “You fixed it?” “In my dream I used a knife and popped the tire and BOOM!” I am not sure how he knows this stuff “Brudder you believe me right?” “I do, did you know they were going to hurt CC?” “No, I was sad I didn’t know as it made my brudder sad.” “It’s ok little man. I wish I had your gift but it makes you extra special.” “Yes and I can also talk with my brudders without words.” “Wow that’s cool; when you get older you guys can talk about gifts for your dad’s without them knowing.” “Yes, Daddy gets mad when I tell him my brudders don’t like some-ting” “I bet, he’s not used to someone with that ability.” “I know yous has the ability too silly, you just not use. How do you think you still talk to yous daddy? He misses you and sad you angry wit him.” “He kept lots of secrets and it makes me angry.” “He luvs you lots. So does see-see.” “Thank you little man” “Yous gonna has good luck find Mark.” “How do you know about Mark.” “You my brudder so I know what you do” “Ok Tristan, I got go. Have fun with your brothers, Cody and Christian” “I wuv you brudder.” “I love you too little man” “Bye T2!” “Bye Tristan.” What a strange call. As I walked away I swear I heard Tristan say “See Brudder you cans hear me. I jump in pool now” and with that I heard a splash. This is getting too weird. I found JC sitting at the counter thumbing through a real estate page. “Where you looking at houses?” “Condo’s in LA and one in San Diego; apparently there is a place in San Francisco they want us to look at” “That’s fine by me. After the wedding we should go and hunt for a house.” “I agree and have you heard from Kellan about Mark?” “Not yet, I think I should call.” “Good idea” JC said and I called Kellan “Hey TJ, I was about to call you.” “Good news I hope” “Indeed, we found Mark. JC’s link paid off and he’s living with family in Oakland.” “Wow so he’s close by; this is awesome.” “He works for a catering company we frequently use to entertain guests out west. I was thinking maybe an event and have him work it and see if they recognize each other.” “That might work, maybe if they don’t we recognize Rusty for something see if it clicks.” “Smart man, I will get it in the works. Make sure you can make the trip as I know the wedding is coming.” “Yes let me know and I will black out the date. Also, Tristan told me things about the accident that wasn’t known. He said they were going to hurt me and he put and end to it with a knife to the tire. I know it would be hard to tell after the fire.” “Actually that would make sense based on the video footage we saw before the accident there was a shiny object flying in the frame and it appeared to hit the tire. He was driving at 90 miles an hour, so exceeding the speed limit and then experiencing a blowout would make it hard to handle.” “Yes it would; any idea where they were headed?” “Based on information in their house, they were headed for your apartment.” “Oh man, they would have killed hundreds or more.” “That’s right so Tristan saved them” “We need to thank him somehow.” “We definitely will.” Kellan said “Ok Kellan, see you tomorrow at the wedding” “Yes, see you then” After hanging up I looked at my man and he was sitting in the lounge chair reading. I hope he tells Grandpa Ron how much he loves the stories. “Hey can I interest you in someone one on one time with a hot guy?” I asked “Oh so you have a friend coming over?” He said laughing “Oh mister comedian.. Let’s go lover” I said pulling my shirt off and throwing it at him and running up the stairs. “hey you” he said coming into the room “You are in for a treat” I said pushing him onto the bed. I started one of my routine’s that I had done numerous times in San Francisco. His mouth was hanging open when I was done. “Your turn stud” I said and cued up the same song. It was hilarious to see him try some of the moves. He fell a couple of times “Hey babe, stop before you break something” I said “Oh thank you, I thought I was going to get hurt. How the hell did you learn to do that?” “Lots and lots of practice, now for the main event.” We made love to each other and we reversed roles quite frequently. I fell spent on the bed “When I can’t walk tomorrow, you can explain to my mom and brother why.” I said smiling “Oh then I better make sure you can’t walk at all” He said with a devilish smile and we started over again. I am so glad he set an alarm or we would have been late. We got up and showered and then we put our tuxedos on and he had a car come for us to transport us to the Red Hook Vineyard in Brooklyn. We arrived and the place looked awesome. I went and met with Lucas to make sure he had everything he needed. He looked stunning in his black tux with the rainbow tie and cummerbund. “Hey Lucas, you look absolutely stunning.” I said “Thank you. I am a nervous wreck” he replied “If you weren’t I’d be worried. You will do fine; we rehearsed your vows for hours. Here I made you note cards in case you need them” I said and handed him the index cards “You are a life saver; I don’t know what I would have done without you.” “I am really happy for you and Beau. You’ve become such a wonderful couple and bring the best out in each other.” “Don’t make me cry bro” “Well after today you are officially my brother in law and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.” I said giving him a hug. “Gentlemen are you ready?” the wedding planner asked “Ready as I’ll ever be” Lucas replied “I’ll see you up there” I said and hugged him again. On my way to the altar I passed Mom and Aunt Kat; they were both looking beautiful. As I made my way to front I heard little Tristan in my head “Brudder wish you could sit with us”. I looked around as I didn’t know they were coming and I got a huge smile when I saw Jeff, Kevin and the boys all sitting there. I joined Grayson and the other ushers on altar. Mom walked Beau down the aisle then Kat walked Lucas down. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. The ceremony went off without a hitch and they both threw a few jokes in their vows. Lucas made a joke about not wanting to be related to me but since he loved Beau it was something he’d over look. When we moved to the reception I went to find JC first and gave him a kiss. We were able to sit together and mom had put us with Kevin, Jeff and the boys. Everyone was fawning over the twins and Tristan was trying to be a good sport. “Hey little man, want to come sit on my lap?” “Yes brudder” He climbed into my lap and hugged me “I missed you little man” “I miss you more T2” “Thank you for saving me from the bad people and saving the people in my building” “I had to save my brudder; those people was bad.” “Yes they were and I love you for being my brother.” “Daddy said you coming to visit soon” “Yes I am; JC and I are moving to California.” “YIPPY. I so happy.” “Let’s dance little man” I said taking him to the floor. We danced the best we could and JC joined us; we had a blast making fools of ourselves. Throughout the night I watched Beau and Lucas dance, along with Trace and Grayson. I did hit the floor with JC several times but I think everyone was shocked when I asked my mom to dance. It was a rather slow song. “Thanks for dancing with me TJ.” Mom said “It’s my pleasure mom, honest. I still love you even though you drive me crazy.” “I want what’s best for you honey, I just don’t always show it.” “I know mom, I am sorry for running away.” “TJ you did what you had to do to have a normal life. I understand your need to get away once in a while but please next time just tell me.” “So how did everyone else know where I was but you?” “I did step away for a bit too. CC and Bob read me the riot act and I just had to do some self-reflection.” “Understandable, what would you think if I asked JC to marry me?” “I would be honored to have him as a son in law. I can see every day how you each make each other a better person.” “Thanks mom, if there is anything I know, it’s how much I love him.” “I don’t doubt you do.” We continued to dance until Beau cut in. I went and sat with JC and we watched Tristan, Josh and Jake so Kevin and Jeff could dance. We watched and played with the boys. “Brudder, Josh and Jake want to dance with you and JC.” “They do?” as I said that both boys became quite active “Ok, JC let’s dance with the boys. Do you know who is dancing with who?” “Jake want you brudder and Josh want JC.” We walked to the floor each holding the boys and we danced; both boys had giant smile. Kevin and Jeff both came and got the boys and danced with them too. I saw Tristan dancing with Beau and it brought a smile to my face. When the night was over I said good bye to Beau and Lucas before they left for their honeymoon in Northern California Wine Country. I looked at Beau “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t” I said with a smirk “Oh so there is a lot I can do” he replied “I love you Beau” I said and hugged him “I love you too Teej” he whispered. “Now Lucas, bring him back in one piece please.” I teased “Well I make no promises.” He replied with a smile. They left for a hotel by the airport where they were staying until their flight in the morning. I left the venue with JC and we headed back to the apartment. I was too tired to do anything, so we went directly to sleep. The next morning we woke and showered and cleaned up the tuxes from last night. We had an early evening flight to San Francisco. Tomorrow would be the celebration where we hope Rusty and Mark will run into each other. I had a text from Beau saying they made it to California and thank you for the trip. I replied that it was my pleasure as the older brother to make sure they had a fun place to go and relax. Our flight to out was uneventful and got in and went to hotel for some fun. We made love all night. The next morning we got ready for the party at the Grant Mansion. I was asked to come early to meet Prescott. JC and I arrived and were surprised how large the house was. I rang the bell and we waited and an older gentleman answered the door. When I identified myself and JC he said that Lord Grant was expecting me. We were escorted to a study that was huge. Sitting behind the desk was an older gentleman and he stood to greet us: “Ah TJ and JC I presume, what a pleasure.” “Mr. Grant nice to meet you” I replied and shook his hand “Please call me Prescott. I want to thank you for coming out here and for your help in making this happen.” “Rusty was a true friend to me and I really wanted to help him” “Ah a true gentleman, just like my cousin.” “You actually remind me your grandmother Jillian.” “You knew my grandmother?” “Ah yes, she was Bob’s sister, so of course I knew her. She was quite the catch and so enamored with you Grandfather Hunter; such a shame what happened to them; funny how my Henry got pulled into the mess. I can see the wheels turning, I am younger than both your Great-Uncle Bob and Grandmother Jillian; my father was a lady’s man. I want you to know I bear no malice over what happened to Henry. He did some truly horrendous things that can’t be forgiven.” “I agree, he put a lot of people at risk and people lost their lives.” “Ah yes they did. I wanted you to know that your grandmother had an inheritance that was set aside that was not disbursed to her heirs. I had been talking with Bob about it and we were working it out. You and your brothers have 25% stake in Grant Industries.” “Grant Industries? Wow I’ve heard of them.” “Yes we are quite large” “Prescott, could you just give the 25% to my brothers. I already have enough between my legal settlement and Black Hawk” “My dear boy, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I will have the owners papers drawn up for Beau and Grayson” “The party will be starting soon. Do you think we should head out?” “I do, but TJ please keep in touch.” “I will Prescott, please send the papers to Barton, James and Woolery attention Jack Woolery.” “I will and thank you again.” We walked outside where a lot of people had gathered. Brooks and Miles were there and they looked well-tanned. “Did you guys go on a trip?” “Yeah to a nude beach.” Miles said quietly “Must have gone a lot” JC said “Well once we went couldn’t stop” Miles replied “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Grant Mansions. Tonight we are here to honor Mr. Russell Grant; many of you know him as Rusty. Rusty had a hand in bringing down a criminal enterprise.” There was clapping. I was shown a picture of Mark and I saw him stop by a table and listen. “Please enjoy the food and beverages and talk amongst yourselves.” I saw Mark and Rusty lock eyes across the open space and it was like gravity pulled them together.” “Mmmark is that you?”
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