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  1. lwj

    Checkout Time

    One can feel for Clump, chasing his dragon, that is leading him to destruction. Is the last concert in Brisbane to be the last test of this bomb madness. Eric's love of drinking tequila, see his last sunrise.
  2. At last the two young men get it on. Gentle and playful searching and discovering the best of all feeling that love can be. Beautifully written, with care and love awakening.


    1. drpaladin


      Perhaps you intended to post these comments elsewhere, but you are posting them as a status update and they aren't associated with any story.

    2. lwj


      You are not wrong, as a complete computer novice and dumb as an ox on all things related to them. 

  3. That was a bigger of a thing to do by the brothers, still it would not be the first time someone oversteped the line. As for the star chancer she was cut short in the act. Will be Interesting to see if that goes away. Still interested in what's going on in the outback. A good read as usual.


  4. Powerful writing as the hurricane batters the Sea Witch to it's death with all on board. What can Trevor do to save the bride and groom along with Shane and himself. Great tension builds.



    1. Zombie



  5. lwj

    Lump's Return

    A other great chapter! The ex KGB has got me intrigued. Interesting twist, a chase for the the antagonist thug and stand over merchant to end the chapter. LWJ.
  6. While I am not being picky. One only says G'day when meeting an friend or rello. When saying goodbye, it is usually hoo roo, or see ya.

  7. Why can't I open the pictures you have added, this happened after you changed your page settings? Interesting as it it the pic's gust added to the story.

    1. lwj


      Another interesting chapter, reporters make things difficult and slant their opinions to spice up the truth. Looking forward to next chapter.

  8. lwj

    Chapter Eight

    Sebastian really is the pits, l am sure many of ussuffered at the hands of indifferent men, who only wanted a quick flick behind their lovers back. So sad but so real.
  9. lwj

    Chapter Three

    A very nice story full of interesting characters it just gets better every chapter. Thanks.
  10. lwj

    Chapter Two

    Like the steady pace you have set. Looking for the next chapter right now.
  11. lwj

    Chapter One

    Good start we all know how hard it is to get out some mornings. Untidy hair late and the chill of Autumn in the air. All sounds good.
  12. Thanks for a really entertaining and interesting look back in to a different world of being gay. Today after many struggles and hurt Gay people are able to married in many countries and as of January 2018 Australia became one of them. I look forward to the next book in the series. Was kind of you to share it with us, so once again thank you from the two young lads on the bus when you began the story until we met Vlad at it's conclusion.
  13. As with all life it draws to it's close, l can feel for them all as the receive the news of JB' s cancer. As with our own ancestors so we must follow.
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