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  1. This story sets the scene and provides a good insight into the lives of each of the characters. A tale filled with a lot of drama and excitement, making every moment a surprise. Thanks for the great story! ☺️
  2. Joen

    Raging Love

    The characters draw you in, and you feel like you are a part of the story, being there, watching it all happen, sharing in their joys and sorrows. A wonderful tale, that makes for a really good read! Worked perfectly to brighten my day, especially in these trying times. Thank you! ☺️
  3. I enjoyed reading this story! Thank you! 🙂
  4. Joen


    I really enjoyed this story, thank you!
  5. Joen


    I like the way you build up the introduction and suspense in this chapter. It creates great interest and opens up many doors in my mind. I can see that this story has a lot of potential. Looking forward to explore the direction this newly created world will take. Thank you! 😊👍
  6. Joen

    Chapter 12

    Thank You for such a wonderful story! I really liked the way your stories flow. It is as if you put your heart into every word. I find it hard to put down the story once I start reading, it totally draws me in. Thank you once again Cynus!
  7. Joen

    Chapter 1

    A remarkable story! I loved the different point of view! Thank You!
  8. Joen

    Chapter 1

    A truly heart warming story! I can really relate to feeling like summer when I would see that special someone smile, it was like the whole world would stand still just to be lost in he's smile! I am glad that this is the first of the stories written by you that I have read. Wonderfully written, plain and simple yet heart touching! Thank You for taking me back to that bright and lovely sunshine smile!
  9. Joen

    Chapter 1

    I really enjoyed reading this story, it brought back fond memories to me! Thank You!
  10. Joen


    Wonderful ideas depicted very creatively! The way you have co-related it all together is amazing!! Was an interesting and enjoyable read! Thank You!
  11. Thanks Aren't cats soo adorable! <3 Your avatar is cooler! xD
  12. Joen


    This is one of the best stories I have read on here! Such an interesting, magical and lovely tale. Hope to read the end of this series in my lifetime! Thank You!
  13. Joen


    I really enjoyed reading this story! Thank You!
  14. Your awesome!!!! You sure have a fan in me, m gonna make it a point to read all of your stories on here whenever I get the time
  15. Thank You Mike! Well... I have been a big fan of this site for nearly over 6 years now, having read most of the stories by Comicality and many by other authors too! I even was on chat sometimes on the IRC thingy but that was some 1-2 years ago. I have been a long time deciding whether to register or not, I guess now I finally did! xD Thank You WestcliffWriter! In a way, after reading the story 'Puppy for sale', I just had to thank you, so I finally registered. hehe, You made me feel a little bit more special with your kind words! I look forward to meeting all the awesome people out here Thank You Ricky!
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