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  1. If you registered with that as your primary reason then I am very humbled indeed, and thank you again for your kind words, it was very touching :)


    I really hope you enjoy being here with all of us and please know that you are very welcome. Plus Im thrilled I have another fan! :D

    Your awesome!!!! :D

    You sure have a fan in me, m gonna make it a point to read all of your stories on here whenever I get the time :)


  2. Hi, Joen.  Welcome to GA.


    Tell us a bit more about yourself.




    Thank You Mike!

    Well... I have been a big fan of this site for nearly over 6 years now, having read most of the stories by Comicality and many by other authors too!

    I even was on chat sometimes on the IRC thingy but that was some 1-2 years ago. 

    I have been a long time deciding whether to register or not, I guess now I finally did! xD




    We already did the pre-drinks ceremony so I dont really need to say welcome my new UK transplant friend. But what the hell. Welcome to GA and remember to steer clear of anyone who stays on your profile longer than 3 minutes... they are probably stalking you! :D


    Welcome Joen :)


    Thank You WestcliffWriter!

    In a way, after reading the story 'Puppy for sale', I just had to thank you, so I finally registered. :D


    Hello Joen. Be welcome! Loads to read here and lots of really great people as well from all walks of life. It's a place you can feel at home. We're all different and that makes us all unique. Your presence just made the place all the more special. So sit back in your chair and take a breath and join in the conversations where ever you feel comfortable doing so.


    hehe, You made me feel a little bit more special with your kind words!

    I look forward to meeting all the awesome people out here :)

    Thank You Ricky! :D

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