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  1. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    If there is I think Doug's mother will intercede. She knows he's gay.
  2. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    Chago will be an asset, children bring a permanency to a relationship. He may not be the first,. I'm sure the other couples will be watching.
  3. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    When I awoke in the morning I heard someone screaming, I quickly jumped out of bed, pulled on a pair of pants and hurried to the first floor. Hearing the screaming coming from the kitchen, I walked in to see Larry holding a young kid. “Let up Larry, but blocked the doors” “He isn’t going anywhere as all the guys are here.” I pulled up a chair, looking at the kid, “Sit here.” He was scared no doubt about that. “What is your name?” “Chago” “Chago, where do you live?” No answer. “Chago, if you don’t answer me I’ll call the police.” No answer, ‘Larry hand me the phone. No, well than tell me where you live?” “I don’t have a home. I made a shelter and sleep there.” “I want you to show this man where that shelter is, do you understand?” Tears are now pouring down his cheeks, he nods his head. Larry takes him by the hand and walks out of the door, within 5 minutes he’s back. “He has a shelter built against the garage in the back. You wouldn’t see it for all the foliage in that area.” “Thanks Larry. Puppy, could you whip up some food for this child. Chago, how old are you? “I think I’m 10. I’m not sure.” “What happened to your parents?” “I don’t know, they just left me along the road one day and never came back.” “Here eat this, you'll feel better.” “Hey eat slow or you'll throw it all back up.” “Doc, you better check him over. I’d recommend a bath first.” “You’re the new Doctor, I heard the people talking about you?” Puppy just smiled and nodded his head. “Let’s go take a bath, I’ll give you a check over ok?” I could see the kid wasn’t too excited about a bath but he went with Doc. I called Brenda, “Good morning Brenda. How are things on your end? --- Really well that is good news. I know he feels like a load has been lifted off his shoulders. Brenda the reason I called there seems to be a young boy called Chago. Do you know anything about him? --- Oh really. That doesn’t sound good. Are you sure? --- Umm, no relatives or any one to take him in. --- So there are no homes for these children like an orphanage or something. --- None. Approximately how many kids are like this. --- That’s not many, I guess the government doesn’t think they are that important.--- Ok thanks. --- Yes, I’ll let you know.” “According to Brenda, because the weather is so nice here, except for the rains, these children are allowed to run free. The neighbors give them left overs and old clothing. She said there aren't many, just a few and in general the people take good care of these kids.” “What are you thinking? This house is pretty big, plenty of rooms. Need to talk to Dad.” “I’m going snorkeling.” “Carlo, do you think it's a good thing about him staying here?” “Larry, what’s he going to do, steal food? If he’s living here, he won’t have to steal, he’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep in and be protected by his older brothers.” Larry just looked at me and smiled. We sat in the living room waiting for Doc. “You know breakfast is not going to fix itself. Anyone wants to help?” “Just show us what to do?” “Ok, you need to put that kettle on for coffee and tea. One of you need to make toast and one needs to fry up some bacon or sausages or both. One of you need to scramble a dozen eggs.” I had them all doing something when Dan came in. You’re looking better today. You can pitch in and make fried potatoes.” Just as everyone was humming, Doc came in with Chago. “Puppy where’s Chago?” Chago just smiled. Just then the water started to boil, I made coffee and poured the guys a cup and then made another pot. I made tea for Puppy and I, the others preferred coffee. “Puppy, did you do a good scrub? What’s the diagnosis?” “Generally, he’s in good health taking into account he is undernourished. His teeth need cleaned, his ears have a peck of dirt in them. No lice or other infection, I think one week in my hospital will have him in find shape.” “Oh poor Chago, he has to be confined to Doc’s hospital for a week. Chago, can you leave your personal business go, so you can stay in Doc’s hospital for a week?” He just laughed and hugged Puppy. I saw the tear in Puppy’s eyes. I need to call Dad. “Help these guys get breakfast ready. I’ll be right back.” Handling Chago a glass of orange juice, I went to our room to phone dad. “Good morning, oh it’s not morning there.--- Yes, and tell Mom her package arrived. By the way, are we entitled to a PX card? I don’t think Mom can afford to send care packages.--- The guys are doing fine as well as Dan. He’s a nice guy. But the reason I called to discuss two things, the first you may have a grandson.--- No, we didn’t get anyone pregnant. We found a waif living on the property. --- About 10years old. --- Yes, a native as far as we can figure out. I had Puppy clean him up and give him a medical. He seems ok, but hungry, Puppy said he was undernourished. I think you'll get a call from him soon telling you. The second reason I called, I spoke to Brenda Thornton,--- yes Doug’s wife. It seems that there are more of these waifs living off of begging and sleeping outside. -- Well, if Chago is any example, rags. Brenda says they are fed left overs and given old clothes to wear. Dad, that isn’t right. The government provides nothing for these kids. They say they don’t have the money or not enough kids to warrant a home for them.-- Yes, yes, This house has ten bedrooms and they are big.-- Yes, I do and I know Puppy will agree. -- Of course we will be careful.-- All right see if you can get us a PX card. -- My guess, probably 10 minutes. Ok Love you tell Mom the same.” “Don’t tell me you ate all my breakfast. Surely Puppy you saved me something.” “Don’t worry here.” Tea and a plate of eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. That is enough, more than enough. “Oh you forgot that extra seasoning.” I pulled him to me, Joe and Roy’s eyes got big, but I just wanted my kiss. And it was a quick one. I looked at Joe, wagged my finger at him. He just smiled. I think of all the meals, breakfast is the most important, not only for the food, because when you have breakfast with the people you love, it sets the mood for the day. At least it does for me. “We’re going to take Chago shopping as soon as I get our tour guide. Larry can you check the garage and see if there’s a vehicle.” I passed Puppy on the way to the phone. “Hi Brenda, Sorry to bother you again, but I’ve decided to go shopping and if your offer is still good could you send the young man over? -- Excellent, see him in a few.” “Carlo, there’s an old, what looks like a van, in there?” “Does it start.” “No keys.” Chago to the rescue, “I sleep in there when it’s raining, the keys are under the front floor mat.” “There you go Larry. See if you can crank that car up. We have a shopping trip including a haircut to do.” Chago went with Larry to show him where the keys are. “Carlo, are you thinking about adopting him?” “I’m not but Puppy is. I’m not surprised he hasn’t talked to Tony and got his approval. Wait until he comes in. If he’s smiling, I’m right.” We watched him as he came into the kitchen. “Carlo, baby.” I started to laugh I looked at Joe and he was laughing. “Yes, Puppy.” “Do you remember talking to Dad about adopting children.” “Yes, is there a baby that you want to adopt.” “You all ready know. Did you speak to Dad about it?” I just started to laugh. “How did you know he would want to do this? “Hey, I know my Puppy. He has a heart of gold. I saw the way he looked at him when he heard his story. There were tears in his eyes. Why do you think I sent him to bathe the boy. I could have done it just as well.” “I hope Joe and I are able to read each other that well.” “You probably do already. You just don’t have the mirror that you guys provide Puppy and I.” “Someone is at the door.” “That should be our tour guide.” Opening the door, a young man was standing there about 5 ft 7. Black hair and blue eyes. A little hottie. “You must be Doug.” “Yes, Mom sent me over to show you around.” “Good come in and meet the gang. Guys, this is our tour guide, Doug. Doug this is Joe and his mate Roy, this is Vic, he’s straight but that’s ok. What! What’s the matter?” “How did you know I was gay.” “Well, being gay myself, there’s no way a hottie like you would show up on my doorstep offering to be a guide. If you were straight like Vic, you would have had a girl on your arm or at least on both arms. Anyway you’re among friends. This is my mate, the new Doctor, This is David and his mate is out trying to start that old station wagon with our new son to be. Who did I miss. This is Dan, he’s gay but unattached. He’s an airline steward and part of the cabin crew on our plane. Oh there’s another straight guy, Mario. Mario has a degree in marine biology. Care to guess where he is?” We all chuckled. “Wow, This is a lot to absorb. So you all live together but you don’t share.” “There’s no sharing. We’re like brothers and we are all married. We’re close and all over each other but as brothers. None of us want to share or get involved in any action that would require sharing. Most gay relationships don’t last because of cheating or sharing. We’re committed for the long haul. Now Dan, is another case. He knows about cheating and how much it hurts. But Dan is also our brother, we take care of family. We want every gay man to find what we found and have. Dave, better go and see if we walk or drive.” “My dad can tow that over to the base and see if he can fix it, if you want.” “That would be fantastic Doug. See you’re fitting in already. Guys, we may have a new brother here.” You could see Doug’s chest push out a little more and his eyes now have a sparkle. “Doug can we walk to town?” “Sure it is only about a mile.” “Great, let’s go guys. A mile is a skip and a jump.” Puppy looked at Chago and then me, “Ok, I’m the first to give Chago a piggy back ride. Ok Chago, climb on. Puppy, show him how. OOF, I didn’t mean for you to jump on me. Ok Chago, climb on.” And off we went, all of us. We must have looked like some bunch of crazies. Walking down the road, holding hands, with this kid in rags riding on my back. Doug walked beside me showing us stuff as we walked. Soon he gravitated next to Dan, continuing to show us the various plants and what some of them are good for and which ones to avoid. As we turned the corner, we saw the start of the town. “Doug, the first store I want is a clothing store.” He looked at Chago and smiled. He led us to a clothing store that had clothes for teens. I put Chago down and we walked into the store. A man came over and when he saw Chago, his face got very serious. Puppy stepped up to the plate. “I’m the new Doctor, I want new clothing for my adopted son.” The man looked at all of us standing there. He wasn’t going to make a scene, we could tell he wasn’t pleased . We followed him back to one section of the store. “Doug, you know what he needs. Pick up enough clothes for a week. Everything, socks, underwear, pants, shirts.” Doug nodded and took over. He went to the front of the store and picked up a basket. Took one look at Chago and started filling the basket. When he was done, we went and paid for it. He may not have wanted to see us, but I saw the little smile as he looked at the total. There was a diner of some sort, “Doug, take him to a shoe store and buy him a pair of shoes like yours. Puppy, take David and Vic and go with him. I’ll wait here, but I want to know what happens. Here take a pair of socks. Chago got on Vic’s back and off they went. They weren’t gone thirty minutes, when they game back and Chago was walking in a very nice pair of shoes. “You should have came, it was funny.” “Let me tell you what happened. As soon as you walked into the store they made a big fuss over Chago. When you asked for shoes, they couldn’t get them fast enough. And they called you doctor.” “How did who know?” “The guy in the clothing store. You better sit down and order. This place will be full soon. Chago, what do you want to eat, hamburger, fries, Doug the same, good, take Chago into the bathroom and have him change into the new clothes. Toss the old ones and be sure to take the tags off.” We placed our order. When Chago came back, “Doug, what did you do with Chago and who is this new kid.” He just smiled. It was good to see him smile. If I had my way every kid would have a smile on their face. The waitress started to bring us our order as the door of the diner started to open. People filed in until there wasn’t a seat left. You could hear them gossip, ‘which one is the new doctor,’ who is the kid, that isn’t Chago,’ who are those other people that’s Doug. I heard he’s gay, the gossip continued. We finished, I paid the bill. Before leaving, “That was Chago, but Chago doesn’t exist any more, he died from maltreatment. This is Carlos, he’s my and the new Doctor’s son. Good day.” Doug looked at me, Chago looked at me, “Chago, you do not exist. As of this moment, your name is Carlos Tomas Wyman. You got that. Say it. I want you to say it until we get home. Is there a barber here. Someone needs a haircut.” Doug led us to a barber, He was sitting in his chair, obvious not busy. All of us walked in, “I would like a haircut for my son.” “I’m not cutting Chago’s hair.” “My name is Carlos Tomas Wyman not Chago.” “The barber looked, Vic looked at him, “Is there a problem cutting my nephew’s hair?” He stumbled, “No, sir.” Vic picked up Carlos and placed him in the chair. Half hour later he was done. Carlos Tomas Wyman was a cute kid. Doc paid him and we left. I looked at Doug. I knew he had a thousand questions. “Doug, I know you have a lot of questions, just hold on to them and in a week’s time you’ll have your answers. I do have a question for you, where can I get a massage table?” “What’s a massage table?” “It’s a special type of table that is used to give people massages.” “There’s a massage parlor at the hotel. They might sell you one.” “Carlo, have Dad send you one with the next shipment.” “Shipment of what?” “Food, he said he’ll ship food until you get your PX card.” “Doc, aren’t you going to be working at the hospital?” “Yes.” “Then you can get a PX card. All you have to do is ask at the hospital. I can walk you there.” “Ok.Vic, come along.” “Hey, I want to go to if that’s ok.” “Sure, come along David.” Now I can relax a little. I went and made some ice tea, asked anyone if they wanted some, made ice coffee for Larry and gave a large orange juice to Carlos. Life settled down for a few days. Doug came over often, hung around, chatted. I knew what it felt like to not have anyone who understood what you’re feeling. We had to wait a week for the PX card since Puppy wasn’t on the roster yet. Tony’s supplies arrived, no freezer, but plenty of meat. I noticed some cheeses, so we’ll have Italian again. I was surprised when they set up my massage table. I immediately took that to my room, along with a case of oil. “Hey babe, we’re home.” It’s always interesting to watch Doug when I kiss Puppy or when any of the guys kiss. I know what he’s feeling. I thought I better have a talk with him. That has got to be hard for him. “Dad sent me a massage table. If we have an Italian dinner tonight, I might give you a massage.” “Hey, what about the rest of us, we want massages also.” “Ok, you go fishing with Mario, who ever brings home the largest lobster gets a massage.” “What if it’s a tie?” “Then you both get one. There’s one caveat, your partner must be present and for Vic, Mario and Dan, Puppy has to be present.” “Can I get a massage?” “I’ll give you a massage on your 18th birthday, which is when?” “Next Friday.” “Ok, you have a birthday present. You do realize that everyone will want to watch. It’s like getting a smack for every year.” We all laughed. “Just to be serious for a moment. When does school start?” “Next week school starts, but I’ve graduated.” “Have you made any plans about college and what you would like to study?” “No, I think dad wants me to join the service.” “Don’t you have any interest, science, math, art, teaching.” “I like to teach. I tutored when I was in high school. The school provided tutoring after school, I enjoyed that. That’s like teaching.” “Yes, excellent, I don’t know how much Carlos Tomas knows. So if you want, I’ll pay you to tutor Carlos so he can slip into the appropriate grade. Then when you are done, I’ll see that you get a scholarship to the same college, Doc, Joe, Roy and I attended. You’ll love it. How about it, is it a deal?” “I’ll have to ask my dad.” Vic is not subtle, “Your dad doesn’t have control once you turned 18, you are a legally responsible adult.” “Yes, but he’s my father.” Vic didn't let up, “A father should do what is in the best interest for his son, not what is in the best interest for himself.” I just got an insight into Vic. obviously his dad made him go into the service. I wonder what he would have studied if he had the chance. Discussion for the massage table. “I have a meeting with your dad next week, We shall see how that goes.”
  4. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    Someone is providing the information, or else they are open about their plans. It is strange
  5. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    unfortunately you are right
  6. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    They are glad to be in Guam. But I'm sure they are still on alert.
  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    “Carlo, your dad wants to talk to you." "Hello. Yes, I think that is best. Really, ok the sooner the better. Right, we’ll call you from there.” “Dad has contacted a military base close to here. They will send copters for us. Once we get there, Dad will have another plane and crew to fly us to Guam.” “Tony seems to have a lot of military connections.” “I agree. Maybe he's CIA” It was an hour before we heard the copters. Watching outside, we could see them descend. As soon as one landed, a young man entered the terminal and ask us if we were the Wyman party , we said we were. “Let’s go.” Forty-five minutes later we landed at a military airport. There was a plane, waiting for us. Our bags were put into the baggage compartment. “Just a check guys, have you had your bags with you all the time after packing them?” We all said yes. This plane was larger than the first plane. The pilots went and check with the pilots that were sitting in the cockpit. Melissa checked with the steward, this time there was a male. “Gentlemen my name is Dan and it’ll be my pleasure to serve you this trip.” I laughed. “What is funny?” “He's gay and I know what he'd like to serve.” Puppy laughed, “He may be cute, but he is way out of luck here.” “Come on it's a long flight, sit here and rest.” I put the seat back and pulled Puppy’s head to my chest. He put his arm around me and was soon asleep. Dan came back to see if we need anything. Vic and Mario asked him if had any beer. He gave them a can. On the way back to the galley, he sat in a seat opposite me. “May I ask you a question?” “Or two? Yes, you may asked me a question.” “I was getting ready to leave for a vacation when this call came through. I needed the money so I said I'd do this run. But when I asked any questions as to who the passengers were, I received no answer.” “And you wanted to know.” “Yes.” “Ok this is Dr Wyman who will be working at the hospital in Guam, if you didn’t know, that's where we're headed. There are three couples on board, who are married, and two straight guys, I’m sorry to say. Some of us are in danger of being killed. Our plane was blown up just outside of Paris. Mr. Wyman made this arrangement.” “So which one of you is the one in danger? “We all are” I looked at Vic and Mario, they were asleep. I noticed Larry looking at me. I looked quickly to Dan. As Dan’s hand slowly moved to his jacket, I knife was pressed to his throat. I leaned over and removed the knife. “I’m really sorry Dan. You seemed like a nice guy. Larry make him talk. Get all the information you can then throw him out the rear door. If he tells us everything, then we might let him live.” Larry and David took him back to the rear of the plane. I couldn’t hear everything. “David, is he talking? I tried to wake Vic but he's out of it. I think he’s been drugged and so has Mario. I hate to say this Dave, but I’m really disappointed in them. We need to find out if the pilots are in on this? “What’s up?” “I’ll tell you in a little while, Puppy but I need to talk to dad first.” I took the phone and dialed dad’s private number. “We're on the plane. The steward was a plant. I need you to vouch for the pilots. Ok hang on for a minute, Melissa get me the pilots names and I want their code numbers. Just ask them. Yea he was sleeping but he is awake now. Sure, say hi to Dad.” “No, I’m fine. Carlo has been taking good care of me. I really don’t worry when he’s around. It was he who thought the plane deal was phony and he was the one that told us to land. I don’t know how he knows these things, he's mouthing reads a lot. Here he wants to talk.” “I have the names of the pilots but no codes numbers. They gave Melissa their social security numbers. The pilot is John Rampston and the co-pilot is Richard Hessions. Yes the social security numbers are, Rampston 001 24 9566 and Hessions is 002 25 6778. Good thanks. Yes we'll call from Guam.” “Those are strange social security numbers aren’t they?” “I don’t think they are social security numbers, I think they are code numbers. Dad asked for names and codes, so I think identifying a social security number as a code is smart. Melissa any food on board.” “Should we eat the food knowing who Dan is?” “Good point. Melissa is the food sealed or fresh.” “I’m sorry but there is no food.” “Check with the Captain. I don’t believe Dad would not provide food on this plane.” “The pilots said the food is in the luggage compartment. It was never placed in the food compartment because of the necessity to get airborne.” “Ok I know there has to be a way to get to the luggage compartment from inside. Where are our original pilots?” “They are in the cockpit talking to the pilots flying.” “Tell them, for me saving their lives, they are requested to go to the luggage area and retrieve our food. Dan, why did you try to do it. He hasn’t hurt you. He’s a Doctor, helping people.” “They took my boyfriend and said if I didn’t do this they would kill him.” “If I was able to arrange to get your boyfriend freed, would you be willing to testify against these men?” “Yes, I’ll do anything to get him free.” “Ok, give me his name, address and any information that will be helpful. How long have you known him?” “I met him 6 weeks ago at a gay club. I was sitting there with a beer looking around. He came up to me and we began to chat. I liked him. About two weeks later we started to date and one thing led to another. We moved in together this week. “ “Is he the one that suggested you move in together?” He nodded his head yes. “Did he suggested you take this job when the opportunity arose?” Again let he nodded yes, “You told him no right.” “How did you know?” “Because he was a plant. He isn’t kidnapped and isn’t a hostage. He set you up but how did he know you would be asked and better yet how did they know that we would need this plane.” I picked up the phone, and called Dad again on the special number. We talked for a while, I explain what Dan told me. He said he'd check and get back to me. I went to the cockpit. “Dad thinks there's a bomb on this plane. He wants the luggage compartment checked thoroughly. He said even check the wall panels to be sure none are loose. How far are we from an airport?” “Rich, check the luggage department. There's a NATO airport about 45 minutes out.” “Make for it. Contact them by code and tell them we have a mechanical problem and must land.” “Ok, we will.” Rich came into the cockpit, “There is a small bomb in the wall between the tail struts. If it goes off, we'll lose the tail section.” “Is there a way to isolate the bomb.” “Do you have dry ice on board? Good, put the bomb into a container add water and freeze it with the dry ice. Hopefully it will crack and you’ll be able to remove the detonator.” Rich took the dry ice, a container large enough to hold the bomb and water. He was gone a long time. Meanwhile the pilot contacted the NATO base and received permission to land. The landing was smooth and foam trucks, fire department trucks and police where all around us. “Carlo, what are you going to do with Dan?” “I’m taking him with us. If someone told me they kidnapped you and I had to blow up the White House, I'd try. He thought there was no way out. I can’t blame him for his action. It must have been hell for him. If he really was a bad guy, he wouldn’t say anything and we’d been dead by now and if it ever came out that he blabbed he would be dead. No, we’ll take him with us, we can use him as our valet. Don’t worry, we'll find something for him.” Maybe in Rita’s resort, I thought. Now you would think Puppy would think I was crazy, not the case; I got a toe curling kiss from him. The bomb was removed in a frozen block of ice. The plane was checked over again by a special group assigned to the base. Vic and Mario finally woke up, with a head ache. The pilots with the help of the NATO staff checked the plane out. We threw away all of the beer, restocked the plane with food, and this time Dan and Melissa worked as a team. From the base, I called Dad and related all of the information. He faxed a picture of Dan’s so called boyfriend. The picture showed him with another kid and the clock on the wall showed 9pm but the day was yesterday. I didn’t know if I should show the picture to Dan or not. I decided that if that was me, I'd want to know. “Dan, you remember what we talked about. Look.” “That son of a bitch, he used me. I could've been killed because of him.” “Here, talk to a man who can help you even the score.” “Hello. Yes, this is Dan. I’m really sorry, I'd never attempted to do this if I had known that he was using me. Yes, Yes, of course, he wants me to go with you. OK I will. Thank you’” He handed the phone to me, “Yes I think he’s a good guy. Right now if he doesn’t stop crying, he'll flood the plane. Yes, Dad it’s hard to find a partner in the gay world. Sometimes you think he’s the one and then you find he’s cheating. Of course, but in your world there are a lot more opportunities. If a girl cheats, there are ten waiting. In the gay world, maybe one is waiting, if you’re lucky. Yes, I’ll find him a friend. We’ll call you from Guam our plane is ready. Bye love you too.” “Dad says he loves you.” Puppy smiles. “Let’s go guys, Guam awaits. Melissa, Dan, Are we all set?” “Yes, stocked and ready.” “Good, tell Santa to get this reindeer flying.” The rest of the trip to Guam was uneventful, which was nice. When we arrive, we were met by a car and driven to our Guam residence. To say it was big was an understatement. There was a really large kitchen, the dining area could seat 20, the living room was huge. The upstairs had 10 bed rooms with ensuite bathrooms, Five on the second floor and five on the third floor. There was a Captain’s Walk around the third floor and balconies off the second floor. The view was fantastic. The gardens were very neat and there were all kinds of tropical fruit. Doc was anxious to see the hospital but he had a full week before he needed to start. Mario was anxious to get into the water. After everyone unpacked, we thought we would take a stroll down the beach. Didn’t happen, we had a party that we hadn’t planned. Some of the wives stationed on the base, thought it would be nice to throw a party and invite our wives to join them in the woman’s club. You can imagine their surprise when they learned we were all men, no women and that all but two were gay. “I thought they told us a Doctor was coming to the hospital.” “That is true and you thought all doctors had wives or were eligible. There are only two eligible men here. All the rest are married or looking for a gay mate. Sorry ladies, I hope we didn’t disappoint you.” “I’d say disappoint is too strong a word. In fact, I think having gay men in a meaningful relationship offers some insight. For example, I have a 16 year old son who I think might be gay. I have no problem with him being gay, but this is a military base. Not the place for someone to come out gay. Maybe you can help him clarify his feelings.” “We could help certainly but there’s a problem. If, I say if, he’s gay, he may fall in love with one of the gay men here. We are all married. That could lead to a major crisis and disappointment. He would have to know up front that we're married. You can do that by telling him that we'd help him but we’re married. You should tell him you think he may be gay and if he is, you are fine with it and still love him. That's so important to him at this stage.” “Thank you, I’ll tell him and talk to him.” “I’m sorry, what is your name?” “I apologize, I’m Brenda Thornton, my husband is Doug Thornton.” “That name is familiar. I think I might be working with him on a project. I work for Tony Wyman Consulting and if I’m not mistaken we have a meeting in two weeks.” “That’s fantastic, you could find out how he feels about gay people.” “Yes, that is definite.” “We brought this food, would you like to have it?” “Yes, we haven’t gone shopping. We just arrived, but stay and enjoy it with us.” Vic came into the room, “Party?” “Yes, this is Vic. He’s one of the straight guys here. In fact, why don’t I introduce you all to every one. Let’s put the food on the table. I’ll call my gang here and we can eat and chat. Dan, will you please get some plates and silver ware, I thought I saw some when I was in the kitchen. Vic, can you round up the guys for me.” “He’s a very handsome man and he’s straight?” I nodded yes. Puppy came in and stood by me. “Vic said you wanted to see all of us.” “Yes, I want to introduce you all to our lady friends. This is Doctor Wyman and before you get excited, he’s my mate. We are married. This is Larry and that coming into the room is David, Larry’s mate, following is Mario, the other straight, this is Dan, gay and unattached at the moment. And here are last two, this is Joe and Roy also married. That’s it, ladies let’s eat. Dan, did you find any tea in the kitchen?” “No but there is water in the refrigerator. You’ll have to go shopping?” “Sorry ladies, only water. Dan please bring some bottles and glasses for whoever wants it. Leaning into Puppy, I have already found a place for Dan,” he hit me on the leg. “Where do you go to do your grocery shopping?” “There are a few markets in town. But if you're military, you can shop at the PX which is cheaper. And if you're willing to drive around the Island, you can find fruit and vegetable stands. I’m sure you won’t starve.” I chuckled thinking of all the rich cream I can get. As we were eating making small talk, a refrigerator truck drove up to the kitchen door. A guy knocked on the door, Is your name Carlo Wyman. I looked at Puppy. He smiled. “I have a delivery for you. Need to sign here.” The first thing he brought in was a freezer. Then a box of frozen meat, several boxes of canned goods, packaged goods, a french press, coffee and Earl Grey tea. Dan helped to unload everything, he put the frozen meat into the freezer. The rest he filled the cupboards and pantry. “Well, ladies may I offer you tea of coffee?” Between Dan and I, we had cups of coffee and tea ready in no time. I kept watching the ladies as they looked the guys over, me as well. I'd give anything to know what was going through their minds. As time passes, so do all good things. I said good night to the ladies, thanked them for the food. “Carlo, since you don’t know your way around the Island, I could ask Doug to show you.” “I can’t ask him to do that. I’m sure he’s a very busy man.” “No, not my husband, my son, his name is Doug also.” “Oh, ok, but not until you have had your talk. I think my mother-in-law has started us on our initial food supply. “What was that all about?” “They heard the new Doctor is here and they wanted to invite his wife to join their woman’s club. They were disappointed when I said that we are all married gay men except for two. Then there eyes lit up again. I think Vic and Mario will have their hands full.” Walking into the kitchen, “Thanks Dan, you were a big help tonight. Have you picked out your room yet? No, well you better. Where is everyone sleeping? We are on the third floor. Joe, where are you and Roy?” “3rd as well.” “Larry, you and David are on what floor?” “We are on the 2nd floor along with Vic and Mario . Anyone coming for you has to get beyond us.” “Dan, take the third floor.” “Carlo, do you mind if I do some snorkeling tomorrow?” “Only if you bring enough fish for dinner.” “Let’s call tomorrow a free day. The only stipulation is that 2 security must be with us all the time. You can trade off whenever you want. At least until new security arrives.” “Babe, do you think we still need security?” “Yes, I do. The guys that set up Dan are still out there, they won’t give up. We need to stay on our toes all the time. Ever alert until they are all either behind bars or dead. Dad will call the shots. And by the way Carlo Wyman? Did we agree to take your last name?” “No but would it hurt, how about we make a duel name like some women do, they keep their single name and husband name. Like your name would be Carlo Tomas Wyman Romano and my name would be Anthony Marco Romano Wyman what do you think?” “Yea, I could live with that or we adopt a new name all together.” “No, we might hurt our parents feelings. If it’s ok with you, let’s do the double name for now. This is the first night in our new home. We have to start off right.” “You naughty boy. Shower first.”
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 30

    you may be on to something especially since Tony and Rita pretty much dote on Ants
  9. CLJobe

    Chapter 30

    I think they eventually will. Something about being burned once, but not twice.
  10. CLJobe

    Chapter 30

    In time all will be revealed.
  11. CLJobe

    Chapter 30

    It would seem that whatever Tony did, was to have a vendetta against him. They are determined to end Anthony's life and don't care who is with him. I hope they get to Guam, there they might find peace.
  12. CLJobe

    Chapter 30

    If they get to Guam. They still have to find a way now that there plane has been destroyed.
  13. CLJobe

    Chapter 30

    5 am comes awful early. I heard the sofa bed being closed, Larry claimed the bathroom first and was joined by David. “I don’t want to hear any noise in there, Puppy is still sleeping.” “Don’t listen. We didn’t listen to you last night.” “Hey, I just had some more dessert and you probably did the same.” The smile told me all. When they were finished showering, Puppy and I took our shower. We dressed and took our luggage to the living room with the rest. Coffee and tea was ready, Mom wanted to make something, just to take the edge off of our hunger. Dad told her that the plane was fully loaded for breakfast. He assured her the boys wouldn’t starve. Didn’t make any difference, she had made almond biscotti this morning. So we had coffee or tea with biscotti . Mom had to make sure we had something. “Puppy, you have to learn how to make these.” Mom heard me, “When you come home, I’ll teach him.” I then made up my mind that Mom and Dad would spend a few weeks with us in Guam. Puppy had to learn to make biscotti. The ride to the airport was uneventful, as we expected. While they loaded our luggage, we boarded the plane. I immediately asked the stewardess for tea, Puppy said he wanted one as well. She asked the others, they all took coffee. “As soon as we’re airborne, I’ll serve the drinks.” We buckled in and within minutes, or so it seemed, we were airborne. I drifted off a little when the stewardess nudge me with a cup of tea. “What’s your name? I don’t want to call you ‘hey you'.” “My name is Melissa. I appreciate you not calling me ‘hey you’. I think I’ll enjoy this fight. You all seem like nice guys.” “Let me introduce you. That way you’ll know everyone. May I have your attention, our stewardess is the lovely Melissa. For you straight guys, behave. This is Larry and his mate David, this is Roy and his mate Joe, this is Mario and he’s single and this is Vic and he’s single. I’m assuming you know Dr. Wyman, better known as Puppy and I’m Carlo. Since you’ll be with us the whole trip, please call us by our names.” She smiled just as a noise, like a ding, went off, “Breakfast will be served in a minute.” I watched as she went into the galley, pulled a cart out of a closet, and began to load pans, plates and utensils on the cart. She took some table linens, showed us how to raise the trays, place a cloth on each tray. As she pushed the cart down the aisle, she placed a plate loaded with eggs, ham, sautéed mushrooms and toasted muffins on each tray. Handed each of us a napkin, which contain the utensils for eating. She took the cart back, added cups, two pots and came back with coffee or tea. As we were eating, she opened the pilot’s door, handling them a cup of coffee. She sat down on her seat by the galley. She ate her breakfast, when she was finished, she made up two trays, knocked on the pilot door, when it open she handed off the two trays. Took their cups and refilled them. Then she came down the aisle with coffee and tea. When we were finished eating, she brought the cart and loaded everything to return to the gallery. Puppy and I kept our cups for more tea. Once we had eaten, most of the guys, laid back and slept. “Puppy, have you ever heard of the mile high club?” “No, what is it.” “When you make love on a plane that is flying, you become a member of the mile high club.” “Really? We can’t make love here. Everyone will see.” “Follow me.” We went back to the rear rest room. I opened the door, and pushed Puppy inside. I joined him, “I’ll sit on the throne, you sit on my lap.” I dropped my pants, and help him take off his. I reached in my pocket and took out a tube of lube. “You planned this?” “Yes, I always wanted to make love to you in the air.” I kissed his ass as I lubed his hole. I guided his love hole to me cock and let him take over, I must have been really excited, as it didn’t take long. That was the fastest I ever came. “Wow, you came fast.” “The view is what did it. You have the best looking ass ever.” “How many have you seen?” “Just two besides yours, not counting women. Chet and Dad’s. Now, it’s your turn.” We switched positions, and for me that was the best feeling in the world. We were one, not only physically, but mentally as well. Puppy lasted a little longer than me, but I could have done this all day. “We’ll be leaking, what are we going to do?” “Take some tissue and make a wad, place it in my ass. I’ll do the same for you. That will give our rectum’s a chance to absorb our love juice.” That is what we did. When we went back to our seat, Larry, David, Roy and Joe were checking our asses. We just causally walked back asking Melissa for another cup of tea. We relaxed, drifted off for a little while. I noticed in a half sleep, Joe and Roy getting up and heading back to the toilet. They weren’t there more than 10 seconds when Joe came up. “Carlo, how do you stop…?” He never finished, “Stuff it with toilet tissue.” He smiled and head back. “What was that about?” “He wanted to know how to stop a drip. I told him.” “How did he know to ask you?” “Because he knew what to expect after they made love. I’m sure they drip like we do. Let’s see what Larry and David ask.” I noticed Joe when he came back, he turned to show me no drip. I laughed, “What’s funny?” “Joe just showed me no drip.” I drifted off to sleep until Melissa asked us if we wanted some lunch. “We’ll be landing in a few hours, so if you would like to have lunch, you should eat now.” “Ok serve everyone lunch. Do you have mineral water?” “Yes, would you prefer that?” Yes, and the good Doctor as well. Please ask the others what they would like.” Lunch was a simple chef salad followed by ice cream sundaes. I think our support troops could have eaten more. Landing was exciting, we knew the next time we'd be on this plane, three couples would be married. “Are you excited?” “Yes, Puppy very excited. You?” “Absolutely, I wish it was morning then we could do it today. It’s too late now with the time difference. Tomorrow will come soon enough.” Our plane was met by our driver who introduced himself as Hans. He’ll be our driver the three days we’ll be in Amsterdam. He loaded our luggage into the car’s boot, drove us to the Continental Hotel. Check in was in front of a desk, no counters here. Our rooms were spacious and the showers were large enough to hold ten people. All of us had rooms on the same floor. Before entering our rooms, we talked about dinner. We had just finished lunch a few hours ago. “I’m not sure what's available, but if you are hungry, order from the room menu. Everything is paid, so eat what you want.” I’m not sure what they all did, I thought maybe Mario and Vic would check out the town, but Puppy and I decided to have room service. “Carlo, this says the kitchen is closed at 8 pm. It’s 8 now.” “Order and we shall see what happens.” While Puppy was ordering, Joe and Larry were at the door. “Room service is closed.” “How do you know?” “The room service menu says the kitchen is closed at 8, it’s 8:15.” “Just order and see what happens. These are expensive rooms and we have them for three nights. I’m sure they’ll keep the kitchen open for us.” I noticed Puppy hanging up, “Did you order?” “They said it’ll take 45 minutes. Do you think they’ll cook it here or send out. “It doesn’t matter, its food. Let’s take a shower and then we can get ready for bed.” Our showers are the best, a stand up massage by loving hands. Being young, it was no problem to do an external and internal massage, all done with a healthy measure of love. We just finish when our food arrived. Putting on a robe, provided by the hotel, I opened the door. The young man wheeled in a cart with our food. I took the check signed it and gave him a generous tip. He thanked me and told me when I was finish to just leave the cart in the hall. Dinner was good, Puppy order a large salad, chicken and fresh vegetables. No dessert, I’d have that later. And later I did, two large helping of fresh cream. Sated, we fell asleep in our customary position. Since that first time at the resort, neither of us have ever slept alone. I expect that to change as Puppy begins his internship. But for now, I’ll enjoy it. We had left a wake up call for 7. I wasn’t sure what the others did but when we went down to the dining room for breakfast they were all there. Vic and Mario weren’t out of it, but they weren’t hitting on all cylinders. I’ll allow this to pass, but the next time, we’ll have a discussion. They need to be in top form, not hung over from late night soirees. I think Larry saw my expression, maybe I won’t have to say anything. Breakfast was a buffet, we chatted while we ate. I looked up and Hans was standing at the door. I waved him over. “Have you had breakfast?” “Yes, my wife fixed breakfast for me.” “How about a cup of coffee while we finish up” I signaled for the waiter to bring a fresh pot of coffee and a place setting for Hans. The waiter asked Hans if he needed anything else. “Our waiter sounded like he knew you.” “Yes, he’s my brother. When the concierge tells him guests are arriving and need a car service, I get the job. The concierge is my wife’s brother.” I chuckled. “What time is City Hall open? We have a few marriages to attend too.” “They open at 9. I’ll be glad to take you there.” “Thanks. What time shall we meet?” “9 is fine. It’s close and so no problem.” “I’m going to brush my teeth. Everyone, be in the lobby at 9.” I noticed as we were leaving, Larry had his arm around Vic whispering in his ear. Vic looked back at me. Nodded his head and headed for the elevators. “It looked like you weren’t too happy with Vic and Mario.” “I wasn’t. They obviously were out drinking and who knows what else last night. They looked like anything but aware this morning. They’re security and need to be alert all the time. Watch Larry and David. They’re looking around all the time. If they do that again, I’m sending them home. I’ll ask Dad to send me two more and make sure they know what their assignment is.” “I think Mario won't do that again. I’m sure he may have been swayed by Vic, maybe not. Mario has more to lose than a job. He’s a marine biologist and Guam will be heaven for him. I’m sure he does not want to lose that opportunity.” “I hope you are right babe.” “Why are you laughing?” “You talk funny with your mouth full of toothpaste and a brush. Look at the front of your shirt, toothpaste and who knows what else is dripping from your mouth.” “Kiss me.” “No, you’ll get that stuff all over me.” I just grabbed him and kissed him. Rinsed my mouth out, “Hey, you got that stuff dripping out of your mouth also.” After fooling around, we had to change our shirts. “You know they'll think we did something. Clean shirts and the smiles on our face.” “That doesn’t bother me, does it bother you?” “Nope” At 9 we headed to City Hall. I had my grandfather’s wedding ring in my pocket. When he died he gave it to my mom and she gave it to me last night before we left. I smiled at my secret. When we approached City Hall, there was a line of people waiting to go in. “This will take all day.” “No, it won’t. When the doors open, everyone will enter, there is a counter, show your papers, fill out a form, they stamp it and then you pass into a hall. Once all of the papers are filled, the city mayor or church official, asks if you want to be married , you answer yes, he blesses you and declares you to be married. On the way out you pick up your marriage license which is the confirmation you were married in the Netherlands. Look the door is opening now. I can wait here or go with you, what ever you wish.” “Is everything in Dutch?” “Yes, but I think they have one in English and French. When you hand them your papers, they will know.” I always heard that Holland was pretty open minded. That isn’t true. Maybe more open minded than other countries but there are still bigots in that country. I guess they are all over. When we presented our papers, the clerk asked us if we were gay. We said we were. I guess one of the other people standing around made some antigay comment. I heard an 'oof' then no more comments. We completed out paperwork, waited for Larry, David, Joe and Roy. Followed by Vic and Mario, we were ushered into a large hall. Soon the door was closed. An elderly man came and stood on the stage. He spoke in Dutch, I didn’t understand one word. A couple next to us translated for us, “He’s the mayor, he said, if we're not here to be married, then we're in the wrong room. He’s going to administer the oath, which is similar to a church oath. When he’s done just say yes or yah. He then will pronounce us married. As you leave there’s a book to sign, pick up your certificate and in Holland you are married. All of the EU countries will recognize your marriage, but not all countries, but you know that as well. “Thank you for the help. Would you and your husband like to join us for lunch. My driver tells me there's a restaurant off of a square that serves delicious lamb. It would be my way of thanking you.” She looked at her husband, spoke to him in Dutch. He nodded. “We'd be glad to join you. I know of this restaurant, but you should know it’s expensive.” “For me, this is a once in a life time experience, so money is not the object.” It took us a while to get to sign the book and then wait for our license. Being American it took them time to check out our papers. Finally, they returned our passports and gave us our marriage certificates. That basically stated we were married and had the signature of the Queen. I introduced Hans to our guests and we headed for the restaurant. The food was great, while we were sitting there, I took Puppy’s hand, took my ring, sliding it on his finger, I whispered “forever” He looked at the ring. There were intricate carvings on it. My grandfather believed in something close to magic. I remember as a kid he use to say there are strange things in this world and not all can be seen. One of them is love and I firmly believe it can’t be seen, but surely felt. The next thing as I looked into Puppy’s eye I felt him take my hand, and slip a ring on it. I looked at it and I swear it was a duplicate of my grandfathers. This could only have happen one way, my mother. We smiled at each other. Roy looked at us and put his hand on the table showing us his ring. It was a gold band with two diamonds side by side.I knew what the diamonds represented. Larry seeing that, pretended to reach for the salt shaker, I saw his ring, two bands of gold interwoven, representing two people. All of the rings conveyed love and joy. I was happy for my friends and for myself. “Here, let me get that for you.” We talked some more with our new friends, wished them much happiness. We drove to the train station where we boarded a canal boat. The boat took us through several canals and a student proceeded to tell us about the canals and the various structures along the canal. It was a nice ride and you got the feeling that Amsterdam was the Venice of northern Europe. “Hans, let’s go back to the hotel, a nap would be nice.” They all agreed but I knew Vic and Mario probably will go out. After all Amsterdam is noted for their red light district. We took a nap after agreeing to meet at 8 for dinner. I had made reservations at the Five Flies Restaurant. We laughed at the name, but that was the English translation. Dinner was good and we enjoyed our time together. The waiter was extremely friendly and suggested some places for lunch. The next day we had lunch at a seafood Chinese restaurant and dinner at a Japanese restaurant on top of one of the buildings over looking Amsterdam. We walked around and Vic was glad to point out the red light district. “I think some of them are boys.” The next day after breakfast, we took our last stroll. I checked us out of the hotel and we headed for the airport. Boarding the plane, we greeted Melissa. “Where you able to accomplish everything?” I showed her our hands with the rings, then Larry and David did the same thing followed by Joe and Roy. She looked at Vic and Mario. They showed their hands, “We don’t play for their team. But we make sure no one has a problem with it.” We landed at Charles De Gaul airport and was met again by a driver. He said his name was Jaques. We drove to the hotel, had lunch in their restaurant. I asked Jaques if he would drive us to some touristic spots. He agreed and the first place he took us was the Eiffel Tower. “Did you know that the same man who designed the Statue of Liberty designed this as well.” “It seems that I read that somewhere. Let’s go to the top, we can take the elevator. There's a restaurant up there as well.” You know when every thing seems to go well, there is this nagging feeling in the back of your head. I wasn’t sure if going up to the top was a good idea or not, Puppy wanted to go so we did. There weren’t many people on the platform. We were looking over the railing at the people below when I saw a man fall over the railing. I look at our security and Vic winked. “Carlo, did you see that. That man fell over the railing.” “Yes, Puppy, I’m sure he’s dead. That poor man.” We had dinner at the Moulin Rouge. Vic and Mario were happy to see the girls dance. They got a lot of attention and I saw both of them disappear for a half hour and then return. I bought them a bottle of champagne to share with the girls. That night Vic told me what happened. Mario saw the guy remove a knife from his jacket and start toward Puppy. He nodded to Vic who helped him over the railing. “Is this never going to end? I don’t want Puppy to know this. I’ll tell him when I feel it’s safe. Vic, let Tony know what happened and that we’re safe.” That night I cuddled Puppy a little tighter. The next morning we met Jaques again after breakfast. Jaques this will be our last full day, I’d like to visit Notre Dame and the Museum.” “There are two museums, one of modern art and the Louvre. Which one would you like to see?” “I would like to see the Louvre, it's perhaps one of the most famous in the world. The church Notre Dame was made famous in the story, The Hunchback of Notre Damn. We have a university in the States called Notre Dame. It's run by the Catholic Church and there are no hunchbacks in their bell tower.” The trip to the church was quick, I’m beginning to believe European cities are built in a concise form, nothing seems to be too far. We entered the Church, and looked around. I saw Puppy put some money in the poor box. I smiled at him. We spent an hour at the church and then we went to the Louvre. We spent the rest of the day there and still didn’t see every thing. We were actually asked to leave. Joe was a little upset, he’s an arts major and wanted more time. “Joe, we’ll come back after breakfast.” “But we have to leave for Italy tomorrow.” “That’s like a 3 hour flight . We can leave at night. So you’ll have your time.” He was happy and so was Roy. “Jaques, when we were at the Eiffel Tower yesterday, a poor man fell from the platform. Does that often happen?” “Non, but that man was a wanted killer. There’s a reward for his death. Whoever was responsible for his death should claim the reward” We spent a lot of time in the art section of the museum. Joe was happy, I bought him a print of a painting he really liked. I had it sent to Tony and it was time to call Tony. “Hello Dad. Yes, I can legitimately call you dad. Oh he’s fine. I’ll let you talk to him in a little while. I wanted to call you to give you a heads up. I’ll be sending copies of paintings from the museum for Joe. I sent one today, he fell in love with it so now he’ll have a copy. Yes, it was taken care of. No but I will. Yes, the rings are great and in fact they all are. Hold on, Puppy do you want to talk to Dad? Don’t run you’ll get hurt.” “You’ll catch me.” And I would. Puppy talked to his dad for 45 minutes. One excited boy. “When are we leaving for Italy?” “Tomorrow morning early, we were suppose to leave today, but the plane wasn’t ready. Something about restocking and refueling.” While Puppy was talking to his dad, “Larry, David, Vic, Mario. Something is going on with the plane. They are telling me we can’t leave today because there are problems with the plane.” “Who told you that?” “The woman at the private terminal where the plane is parked. There's something fishy going on. Dad hired that plane and I'm sure it was in excellent shape. One of you stay here, the rest of you check out that terminal.” Vic, Mario and David went to the terminal. They came back in 30 minutes, “Are you packed?” “Yes” “Let’s go. The plane is ready.” We loaded our bags into Jaques car and headed for the plane. We quickly carried our bags on board bypassing the terminal. Once we were on board, the pilots started to roll down the runway. Melissa told us some man came on board and said that there was a problem with the plane and we couldn’t take off.” “Melissa, tell the pilots to land at the nearest airport. Guys get your bags and be ready to leave this plane as fast as you can.” The pilots found a small airport not too far south of Paris. They landed and we quickly deplaned. There was a small terminal building, and we waited in there. “Carlo, why are we waiting?” “There may be a problem with the plane. Puppy that guy that fell from the Eiffel Tower was attempting to kill you. Vic and Mario saved you by helping him take a flying lesson. Tonight, I was told when I called the terminal to check and see if our plane was ready, they said there was a problem and the plane would not be able to fly till the next day. When I asked would the plane be able to fly in the morning, they said they had another plane on standby. I sent the boys to check it out and here we are. But when we were flying, Melissa told me two guys came on board saying they're from the police and needed to check the plane. That's why I said to set it down as fast as possible. The flight to Italy would be about 3 hours, so if they planted a bomb it should go off in two hours which is in another 30 minutes.” The 30 minute passed nothing. “The two hour time frame is up. Do you think it’s safe to go?” “Let’s wait a few more minutes just to be sure. Does that machine over there work?” “I’ll check. Just as he reached the machine, we heard a loud explosion, the plane blew.” Vic looked at me, “How did you know.” “I read a lot of books. That plot is used often. It just seemed hooky to me.” “Now what do we do?” “We wait till the police get here and see. Vic, you have the phone Dad gave you?” “Yes” “Call him and report. Tell him we need transport. Babe, I’m sorry but Italy and Greece are out. We're flying directly to Guam.”
  14. CLJobe

    Chapter 29

    Yes, but sometimes you need to be clever as well. I wonder how Tony was able to get Vic from the CIA. I still think he is involved with the government somehow.
  15. CLJobe

    Chapter 29

    Not much, I think, more like a group wedding, if I remember correctly. Like getting a driver's license, only no driving test.
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