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  1. One week of in-person school is now done. So far, so good. 

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    2. dughlas


      Two of our local districts have had to close for this upcoming week because of active cases. One is the district where I live.

    3. Daddydavek


      Our local school district is trying to get the K thru 2nd graders back in school as remote learning is not going well for them... so they are hoping by October 1st or sooner rather than November 1st as previously planned.  But plans are subject to the vagaries of the pandemic....

    4. Lyssa


      We are working for five weeks back in the classroom now. With very strict hygienic rules. And it seems to work out. Nevertheless, it is exhausting for all of us (teachers and students). No more group working, no more partner working, our beautiful school yard, which reminds more on a park is parted in different sectors, so the students of the same grade can play together and don't mix with other grades. Students can't walk alone through the school anymore, we have to bring them everywhere and of course wearing masks on every step. All hallways are one way streets. It seems like we are permanently walking from A to B with at least 20 to 40 kids in line. And we wash hands and hands and hands and disinfect them.... and clean the classroom every two hours, in case the housekeeping team couldn't come. The windows are open for aring all the time and we got the order to dress warm if the cold season comes and let the windows open. Yay for wearing ski jackets in the classromm. Sometimes I wonder, how we actually master to really teach as well. Surprisingly the kids learn well. I guess, they are happy to be in school again no matter what.

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