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  1. To whom it may concern.
    Don't let the  hard days win.

    - Toby Mac

  2. Job

    President's Day

    Great story, great chapters. I read any story with Cap Mr. A, CJ, Ozzie, Ritch and the others. Again, Brava!!
  3. A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret.

    - David Wolfe

  4. Job


    BRAVA!! Glad Rick and Gus are reunited. As always great chapter, great story!
  5. Common sense does not grow in everyone's garden.

    - minion quotes

  6. Job


    Indeed, thank heaven for Martha; he found Gus, yes!!! Love this story.
  7. What is the best we can do for our friends? We can offer our time, our trust, our compassion.
    We can be the shoulder to cry on, hands to hold, ears to listen.
    But most of all, we can be the mirrors affirming the virtues our friends may have forgotten about themselves.

    - Ellen Erlanger

  8. Job

    Subito Forte

    Indeed, you rock Rick! Rita is such a conniving B, pardon my french. His dad will find out that his investment is not that lucrative! Jerry is a true friend! Love this chapter, actually I love all the chapters. Now he needs to contact Gus. Two are stronger than one and can deal with Zoltan. Flipping Zoltan!
  9. Job


    This Zoltan dude needs a good kick in the behind, arrogant guy! Poor Rich and poor Gus. I am a romantic and a optimist, they will get together and Zoltan will regret that he treated Gus like a slave. Great chapter.
  10. The trick is that as long as you know who you are and what makes you happy,
    it doesn't matter how others see you.

    - soulseeds

  11. Job


    Great chapter, so the rumors going around again ey? Has Rita opened her big mouth again? I wonder if the city will find out that the real estate lady is is nothing but a dishonest lady busy with a big scam. I do not trust her. I really like this story, I have read other stories of you and I can say that they are always very good. When I see you name and a new story, I just know that i am going to enjoy the story. Oh, I love the romance of Rick and Gus they definitely deserve a happy ending.
  12. Job


    I love this story, looking forward to the next chapter. Well, the story is completed, so I just go to the next chapter. I love the characters. You did good.
  13. Job

    Chapter 10

    Suspense, a serial killer and a happy end, great ingredients for a great story. Brava!!
  14. Job

    Con Moto

    Uh oh, Will Gus be deported? Rick better propose soon to Gus. Great cliff hanger.
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