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  1. If you were to never conclude this story, I would be happy. I know these people. Not one of them is perfect all the time, but yes, sometime.
  2. srchr35

    The Winner

    I have enjoyed all your characters throughout the series of tales. Chippers story was a good read. I pulled up several of the mentioned songs to listen too.. Neil Diamond has been singing all afternoon. Thanks for writing for us.
  3. srchr35

    Chapter 29

    Really liking the whole tale. Thanks.
  4. Totally enjoyed reading the entire story. 

    Thanks so much for writing. 


    1. Black Paper

      Black Paper

      @srchr35 I  promise the story of 🍎Rotten Apples gets much more positive especially from chapters 3 and beyond. I tried to DM you but your messages are disabled. Thank you for reading.🕯️

      ~Black Paper🥀

  5. I have gotten hooked into this story. I wasn’t sure at the beginning. Now I really want more of the tale.
  6.  I enjoyed following your characters develop. I looked forward to the next chapters.

    Thanks for writing.


  7. I feel that I have lost the part of the tale that explains how Noah came to be with Charlie. I re-read the chapters preceding Prodigy. I’d like to know. 



    1. FlyOnTheWall


      You can find that in the book "Charlie Danner Finds His Way." Noah comes into the story in Chapter 10. You might find it confusing at times if you don't know all the characters, but it shouldn't be too difficult. Here's the link: https://gayauthors.org/story/flyonthewall/the-barnstable-chronicles-charlie-danner-finds-his-way/11

  8. There is a seamless transition from Dom Luka’s writing to your own. The direction you are taking the story seems exactly correct. I look forward to more chapters.
  9. srchr35


    I appreciate the thought processes as you wrote the story. Very interesting to me. You definitely picked the correct ending. None of the others would have made me happy.
  10. srchr35

    Chapter 5

    You have a lot more story to tell us. Interesting characters, I like dissecting their thinking as I read. Thanks for writing. Thanks for continuing. Gotta know what’s going to happen.
  11. srchr35

    A Twist of Kim

    I wish there was a better vocabulary for non-traditional identities.
  12. I enjoy your comments.


    1. Wesley8890


      That is literally my mother's worst nightmare! I could be in a coma and she would only be worried about that! 

  13. I had to put down my iPad and walk away for awhile when Miss Ann Thrope grabbed and sliced Sylvan’s balls with her nails. I had to stop reading again when she attacked him with the whirling cutting club. I knew he would somehow get in control but it sure looked iffy at that point. Such relief by the end of the chapter.
  14. I am imagining how this new ‘race’ of individuals will change over time to be the same as the humans. Could they really stay pure in thought and action? “Utopians”. That was the name for our high school graduating class. We thought we were pretty special. I do look forward to the further adventures of our friends. Thanks for writing.
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