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  1. I think the scary part about being able to write drama and sad pieces so well is that I'm drawing from my own negative energy.
    I dish out good tear-jerkers but it just means that I'm so in-tune with my inner sadness that it tends to be visceral.

    I mean, I look at my happy fluffy stuff and they're all half-finished or half-baked. It's sort of surreal. :D
    Does anyone know any fluffy, happy, tooth-rotting pieces of happy to recommend me?

    1. Brayon


      I've found a lot of sappy romances here on GA. Check out @Timothy M.'s Angel and Imp trilogy of Anthology One-Shots. Those will put a smile on your face.

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      LOL, I can't believe a story of mine get listed as sappy romance. :huh:  But thanks for the shout-out, BHopper2.

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