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  1. I always loved rain. And always will be. Even though it's raining backwards... 


  2. It's Raining Backwards It's started to rain, in backwards All the clouds started pulling Every puddle out of the earth Drop by drop they filled It's started to rain, in backwards Sqalls succumbed by the trees Absorbing the musky air, filled with dirt, From the observant manly nose It's started to rain, in backwards Lands illuminated electrical shots Draining colours to result in white Sparkly spread throughout the sky It's started to rain, in backwards Mighty roar reflected from the hills To patch up between haze and to Lighten the gap to maintain level It's started to rain, in backwards Just like my poem's spirit of My definition and my ideation Against my heart's desires
  3. The city where I would die to live... 


  4. The Garden City A tremendous tree for every ten feet Manmade metal machines roam around Countable more than trees in the sight Soap-alike boxy buildings, side-by-side Dividing them, wide pure black roads of tar Underground tunnels for the debris Endless varied opportunities afar Different smiles and colours of skins No room for one to walk beside another With artificial laughs and greedy kinship Enjoying the amusing cool weather The Garden City glooms with worship
  5. A desi poem for you guys. And any and every comment will be appreciated... 


  6. नफरत प्यार से बढ़कर बेहद नशा नफरत में ही होती है || और नफरत से बड़ी बर्बादी दुनिया में होती ही नहीं ||
  7. I don't remember how my innocence turned to adolescence. I can't recall either. So enjoy these two poems for today...


  8. From Boy to A Man Lips might never remember When a hearty laughter Turned into a knowing smirk Crimson cheeks never recall How boyish they were before Blood started to fill with emotion Healthy pecs never know What made them curvy and fit From the baby smooth muscles Whole body never think of The adventurous religious experience It went through to become A whole new creature with The comical tender packages How innocent one was before They realise their life started A new page, new era, new emotions Before they step forward To become whole again Fast Breath With a fast breath I went rigid and sweaty And stepped forward, in life, To become a man
  9. Here is a Lost Soul for you guys. I am sorry that I am saving another poem I had written today, an Elegy, for my eBook. Sorry for cheating on you guys. But you can check it on my website if you want... 


  10. Lost Soul A soul break-down Where pain became The only strength One hold on to Never to be known For the definition; Running along With this selfish world Lost the battle —Only to left The loved ones An empty house
  11. Have a dinner with Roti and Rice along with this special vegetable curry... 


  12. Vegetable Curry With sizzling of peppers and tomatoes In vegetable oil, a sweet aroma spreads Added coconut milk brought an eye full Juicy texture and comes the spices —To give us a fully desi tadka Armed with a sharp chef's knife; The diamond shaped carrots And perfect squarely cut potatoes Along with beens and peas —The way they all get into the pot Leave it for the time as it brew For the veggies to go tender and slender Off the lid, let the stream reach neighbours Now taste a spoon for the salt —With Roti and Rice, serve a plate
  13. Enjoy the poem and feel free to suggest a title... :)



  14. I don't know what to name this poem. But I'll take all the suggestions given and will fix a title from them... Stabbed mercilessly Burned to the very core Just Left to wither and die My grim soul belongs to, The One, Satan, the Supreme Lord of the Hell
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