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  1. Thank you to @AC Benus and @Mikiesboy for putting this together and all those who contributed and read this collection. Mourn, reflect, remember, or just celebrate the lives of those who were lost and those who survived. It's a wonderful tribute from a wonderful group of people who make this more than just a website.
  2. WolfM

    Chapter 41

    Thank you, Normischell While I've made some big changes in places it's the smaller ones I tend to enjoy more. Adding a more human or lycan feel to it brings this to the story I originally wanted.
  3. Six more edited chapters of Running with the Pack are now posted, so it's now complete through chapter 46. Only 4 left and the project is finished.

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      More reading material. :)  I was thinking this morning it was about time for more of these.  Thanks.

  4. WolfM

    Circling The Drain

    All three are wonderful. #3 reminds me of every time I look at the projects I've got pending with no additional chapters written in months As well as a few unfinished poems.
  5. WolfM

    Chapter 2

    Thank you, Cata
  6. WolfM

    Chapter 40

    I'll try not to make you wait too long
  7. WolfM

    Chapter 38

    Thank you, Backwoods
  8. WolfM

    Chapter 39

    Thanks, Backwoods. I like that description Last minute decisions of, "Oh, I think I'll do this" or "that's too obvious, I need to change it."
  9. WolfM

    What I Leave

    These are beautiful, tim. Trusting our own voice is difficult at times, but even when it leads to the wrong road, there's always another turn up ahead. The second one has strong meaning to me. You've paid your debt to the spectors and monsters and they owe you a refund. You are a wonderfully gifted poet
  10. WolfM

    Chapter 37

    Thank you, Backwoods
  11. WolfM

    Chapter 40

    Thank you, Acid. I've been trying to work on two new books in the series for the last year. It hasn't progressed beyond the first couple chapters. Trying to decide where to go with them and how to incorporate into the stories timeline has been a challenge.
  12. WolfM

    Chapter 37

    Thank you. I've thought about it. I pretty much got my start here, so I like keeping my work here where it's free and accessible.
  13. WolfM

    Chapter 39

    Me too. The way I picture them cuddling, it just works ♥
  14. WolfM

    Chapter 37

    Thanks Normischell It's fun seeing this turn into the story I originally wanted.
  15. WolfM

    Chapter 36

    Thank you, Backwoods. Not sure a sarcophagus like that could fix him after cremation
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