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  1. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, JR.
  2. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Belisima. I've got him on my list of possibles to use again.
  3. WolfM

    Chapter 8

    Thank you, Belisima.
  4. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Chris. It's always a pleasure to have you along for the ride.
  5. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you for your help on this and past books.
  6. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Smoothy. I've always been attached to Ethan the most. For me him and Aiden were different sides of myself. One the homeless teen who found his place. The other the anchor to hold on to life. Brandon is now up there with the other two, for me at least. He gave me a way of shaving my experiences with the Australian fires. Early on as I was starting this, I talked to Carlos about the project. He and my husband pushed me to do it. I needed a way to deal with the effects of the fires. More so after the California fires hit later in the year. I think Carlos made a joke about Ethan
  7. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Bre. It's always fun when I get a chance to talk to you. I've always appreciated how supportive you've been. And a nod of professional courtesy from one dancer to another.
  8. WolfM

    Embers 17

    You always make me smile, Gee. I'm going to say his wolf had some of his fur back for his run with Dainen, maybe like a husky that's been shaved. Ultimately he recovered all his fur to look like the beautiful wolf he was before getting barbecued.
  9. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Jeffrey, thank you so much. I was unsure about this as I wrote it. Trying to figure how much to share about the fires and hoping I could build characters that interested the readers was a difficult process and hung me up several times. The response from you and everyone else leaves me pleased with how this turned out.
  10. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, star.
  11. WolfM

    Embers 17

    I admit that part of my fun in writing has been working with you, Carlos. The other part is sharing it with everyone here and seeing their reaction. Thanks for everything you continue to teach me. Also, thank you for allowing me to use Spencer Liston and the winery. It was a true joy for me to cross both our worlds in this small way.
  12. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Centex! We'll see who the cast of characters is for the next. Pretty sure we haven't seen the last of Brandon.
  13. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, drsawsall
  14. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Mike. All things must come to an end, and so must Brandon's time in Australia. It was nice having you along for the adventure.
  15. WolfM

    Embers 17

    Thank you, Kris. This was a fun chapter to write. Ethan and Brandon are special to me in their own ways. He's on the list for possible future use.
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