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Status Updates posted by WolfM

  1. Coming Feb 22, 2021. Stay tuned.

    Story Cover 2.jpg

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      You go, Jarhead.

  2. I guess finding out late is better than not finding out at all. Noticed a congratulations for most liked content from 26 May 2020. I know that gold, rectangular brick wasn't on my profile when I wished everyone a Happy Christmas. LOL

    1. dez421


      Very well and truly deserved.  Can't wait to see what 2021 will bring from you.  Happy new year and as always congratulations for works well done and well written.   

  3. My husband and I want to wish you all a Happy Christmas. Even though this year has been a challenge, we'll come though it stronger. Stay safe. With luck I'll have something new for you all soon ;)

    1. chris191070


      Merry Christmas 🎅 

    2. Reader1810


      Merry Christmas! :) 

    3. dez421


      Happy holidays to you two as well.

  4. Happy New Chapter Monday.

  5. Coming soon - The world of Running With The Pack will soon be coming to life again with the 3rd edition to the story. Stay tuned. ;)

  6. Could my writers block finally be easing? Taking a tip from @Carlos Hazday I've got a chapter's rough draft done to a story that's been stalled for some time. Maybe I'll have something new to post soon. ;)

  7. After 13 months, the editing and rewrite of Running With The Pack is complete. I'm eternally grateful to @Carlos Hazdayfor all his hard work and what he's taught me as a writer.

    1. chris191070


      I look forward to re-reading the story now that the editing and rewrite is complete.

    2. dez421


      Super excited to re-read too. 🤗

  8. Six more edited chapters of Running with the Pack are now posted, so it's now complete through chapter 46. Only 4 left and the project is finished.

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      More reading material. :)  I was thinking this morning it was about time for more of these.  Thanks.

  9. The edited version of chapter 36 through 40 of Running with the Pack are now posted.

  10. Five more chapters of Running with the Pack have been edited and posted. I'm beyond grateful to @Carlos Hazday for all his hard work.

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      I saw those notices go by, and had a Lupus-induced orgasm on the spot :blushing:

  11. May you all have a Happy Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Years.  Hugz to you all.

    1. Reader1810


      Same to you Wolf. :) 

    2. Normischell


      You too, hun!

    3. Mikiesboy


      Same to You, Wolfe! 

  12. The edited versions of chapters 26 through 30 of Running With The Pack are now posted.  The way the word count keeps increasing (almost 5600 for these 5 chapters) I may end up breaking 300,000 words by the end of this edit process.  The scary thing is that's about 40,000 more than before this started. :) I hope you all enjoy and I'm ever thankful to @Carlos Hazdayfor his hard word and everything he's teaching me.

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      Excellent, mostly from a selfish viewpoint.  I have more reading to do and longer chapters. :) 

  13. The edit of Running with the Pack has now hit the halfway point with the posting of chapters 21 through 25.  I hope you all enjoy the new content. 

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      Great!  More reading, if I ever find the time.

    2. Normischell


      Awesomesauce!  Just in time for bathtub reading!

  14. The fully edited chapters 11 through 20 of Running with the Pack are now posted.

  15. GA has a new author who should hopefully have his first chapter approved by the moderation group soon.  I've been pestering him for nearly a year to bring his writing to this site.  He finally gave in to quiet me down.  Hope you all enjoy his work as I have.  Welcome to Gay Author's @Backwoods Boy

    1. Brayon


      I followed him. Looking forward to reading his stories.

    2. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      Thanks much for the endorsement.

  16. Thanks to the editing work of Carlos Hazday, Running with the Pack chapters 1 through 10 are now in their final edited version.  This edit qualifies as a major re-write, both from the amount of errors that are being fixed as well as new content.  I will most likely post in groups of five to ten chapters when they are completed.

    1. Normischell


       Hmm... guess this means it is time for another re-read! 😍

  17. As of yesterday, 4/30/2018, all 50 chapters of Running with the Pack have been edited and gone through a re-write and the revised chapters are all posted.  Mostly correcting things I didn't like and adding details that were sorely missing in other areas.  And no, I didn't do this as a way of avoiding putting time in to write chapters for book 3. :)   It is progressing slowly.

    1. JayT


      Was there any major content change? Would you recommend going back and rereading it again? (Even though I've read it three times I think) 

      Oh yeah I still want Ethan to confront his sperm donor and shift in front of him and make him piss his pants. 

    2. WolfM


      I wouldn't say major changes, just refinements.  Areas where detail was missing, I tried to fill.  There will be another revision coming at some point since I'm working with an editor. 

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