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  1. I saw this and was again reminded of you…


  2. Very nice! I love it. I wonder how many will recognize it.

    1. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      Guess we'll see. :P I'm just glad I found a nice font that actually had the þ in it.

  3. And apparently, Donnie never looks in the mirror at his own grotesquely overweight body! ;–)
  4. So, Trainwreck 2 – An Even Guiltier Pleasure in 2021? ;–)
  5. Or anytime during flu season! ;–)
  6. Is it possible to write a story that’s dialog-free? ;–)
  7. But this is a soap opera! Someone’s going to get caught having an affair. Soaps are notorious for the previously unknown child from a drunken encounter showing up, fully grown even when the father appears to be much too young to have a child that old. Where’s the evil twin? Or the mysterious stranger with amnesia? Will Frank & Ben eat the oddly gray fish that Stephanie brings them for lunch? Who is the secret admirer that keeps sending Terrence flowers, candy, and expensive gifts – Gail denies being the guilty party, and besides, would she even know how to arrange all that herself? Why is that strange man in a trenchcoat (in the middle of summer) hanging around all day across the street from SNET headquarters? ;–)
  8. droughtquake


    Orange tic-tacs! ;–)
  9. Trainwreck is a crazy, wild ride from start to finish! Two unlikely writers team up to create a new Gay soap opera for a Canadian all-soaps TV network. Their lives are as much a soap opera as the show they are writing for. This was a very successful collaboration of two extremely talented writers, neither of whom are known for writing this sort of story. They claim that this story is complete, but I think there’s plenty of room for a sequel. Perhaps their boss, Gail, will ask them to create a second soap opera for the network… ;–) All I know is that they said to tune in next year for more! ;–)
  10. droughtquake


    It’s rick’s fault! He made me think in that direction. But I forgot all about Jessica, she’s ditzy enough to forget to get her birth control pill prescription refilled… ;–)
  11. So even after an entire year, Ben is still insecure. He sounds like me! ;–)
  12. So Trainwreck – A Very Guilty Sequel arrives in 2021? ;–)
  13. There were (up until this chapter) only three women in this story (I completely forgot about their ditzy PA)! ;–)
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