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  1. Just watched the final two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 1!


    It was so fun to hear the TOS end theme over the closing credits of the season finale – and see Clint Howard in green-face as the Orion drug dealer!

    I don’t remember how the Prime timeline handled Qo’noS. But I know Discovery couldn’t create a continuity problem, especially over something so critical. There’s enough of an issue over the appearance (sans forehead ridges) of TOS Klingons vs later appearances of the species in the franchise from STMP onward.

    Another Star Trek trope is the crossover. Along with Sarek’s appearances throughout the season, we see the Enterprise and Captain Pike is mentioned as the finale ends. So far, none of the original actors from previous Star Trek series has appeared as their Trek characters, but Jonathan Frakes (STNG’s Riker) directed episode 10.

    Georgiou is given her freedom in a way that allows her to return to appear in the future.

    I get the feeling that giving human minorities European names is supposed to show how humans have continued to mix. But, to me, this feels like a different sort of racial marginalization. Names are a link to our history and the loss of that connection is damaging. This is the behavior of oppressors, not what is expected by the Federation. This is why there needs to be more diversity (gender, orientation, ethnicity, cultural, etc) in Hollywood.

    However, I did notice a reference to surgical ‘reassignment’ when discussing Voq’s transition into Ash Tyler. I’m not sure most people would make the connection to Trans though. Or whether it was intentional…


    I’m not sure what I’ll be watching next since I have OItNB seasons 4 & 5 as well as ST:D season 2 already…

  2. Anthony Perkins, 1959 No wonder Tony had so many boyfriends! ;–)
  3. In a semi-arid desert, you have dirt! ;–)
  4. 8 weeks might be possible if your friends are women. Straight men might never notice unless it directly affects them. Or they might never admit they’ve noticed anything! ;–)
  5. Well, Deuce left his church denomination because his interpretations of his holy book differ from theirs. Deuce seems more focused on the NT (ie transformative and merciful). Many churches are obsessed with the OT (ie angry and vengeful). ;–)
  6. Is there was any possibility of a counter-offer for the plea agreement? An offer where Eddie gets to decide what level of punishment is appropriate? One where the defense has to decide whether they want to risk a trial with an even longer sentence. I would think that Eddie would want to include a provision where Donald learns why his homophobia is so wrong. A way to educate Donald, not just hurt him. Something constructive rather than destructive. Something transformative and merciful rather than angry and vengeful…
  7. droughtquake

    In The Limelight

    That’s why I skip SF Pride and attend the much longer (time-wise) Frameline film festival. It matches my interests better and it’s more comfortable because I get to sit inside all day for ten days rather than stand in the sun for six hours! The advantage to living near a large Gay-empowering city is that there are many Pride events going on simultaneously and it’s just a matter of me finding the best fit. ;–)
  8. droughtquake

    What Could Be

    Shhhhhh! Don’t say that! The Xerox machines will start cranking out bad copies just like Hollywood does with unexpected hit movies and TV shows. ;–)
  9. I think being around the relentlessly cheerful Teddy would be exhausting even if you were just sitting, watching him. My depression isn’t quite as serious as Ryder’s, but I don’t think I could spend a lot of time around Teddy. Teddy’s personality would suck all my energy out just being in the same room with him!
  10. droughtquake


    I was surprised that Imagine Dragons’ (straight and Mormon) lead singer, Dan Reynolds, feels strongly enough about teen suicide and acceptance of LGBTQ youth, that he founded LOVELOUD with ex-Mormon, Tyler Glenn, the Openly Gay lead singer of Neon Trees. The documentary. Believer, discussed LGBT youth suicides, the LDS church connection to a huge increase of teen suicides in Utah, and the first LOVELOUD concert. The doc premiered at Sundance, was featured at Frameline42, and played on HBO. That’s something that would greatly impress Theodore, but would not be as important to Ryder. It’s funny how ‘Theodore’ makes me think of Beaver Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver, ‘Theo’ makes me think about Theo Huxtable from The Cosby Show, ‘Ted’ reminds me of Ted Baxter from Mary Tyler Moore (as well as numerous politicians and celebrities), and ‘Teddy’ is a stuffed bear or a creepy toy from the mid-Eighties – I watched too much TV while growing up! ;–)
  11. droughtquake

    Family Ties

    From the Wikipedia page: It was particularly ubiquitous in the Seventies and Eighties. Corelle dinnerware is opaque white, usually with patterns printed on it. Being glass, it worked in the microwave, but got very hot. Arcoroc and Arcopal appear to be transparent or translucent glass.
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