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  1. I hope the wall are well insulated otherwise all the other guests got to hear a wild ride! ;–)
  2. droughtquake

    Chapter Twelve

    Are we sure that Aaron is straight? He has some unusual interests for a hetero guy. And Beth does have a history… ;–)
  3. Dear friend, no *I don't do poetry* excuses this time. You have to read this


    the "chapter" name is redacted because the powers that be would not let me upload content using this three-word phrase

  4. droughtquake

    Any Day

    This is weird. It’s not uncommon for a story page to be posted before any chapters are available. But the link for ‘Sunday’ is broken and doesn’t lead to anything yet… ;–) Any redheaded men in this story? ;–)
  5. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    I’ve missed my favorite Lego minifig head! ;–) This is an interesting concept. It’s unclear to me just how much hearing Anders has. He uses implants, but was he lipreading the delivery guy’s words or does he have limited hearing? We know that Nico is interested in Anders, but how do Tommy and Tyler fit into the story? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need to wait to read the following chapters. ;–)
  6. droughtquake

    Chapter 2

    The gang is clever to exploit the talents of young Damien, Mattie, and Reggie. Lots of adults would dismiss the information they discovered. (But then again, lots of men would dismiss Harry’s assistance as well due solely to misogyny.) It should be exciting to reread Henry’s adventures uncovering the antichrist. The rise of the megachurch phenomenon is frightening. Of course, being an Agnostic, the increase in power and influence of any organized religious organization or institution scares me.
  7. Every time I thought I’d hit rock bottom, I found new, lower levels I could sink down to. Homelessness was the most humiliating and frustrating thing I’ve ever endured. With lots of help, especially from many people who didn’t know who I was, I was able to climb out of that black hole and become housed again. If not for my obsessive (stubborn) personality, I might not have succeeded… ;–)
  8. droughtquake


    Billy clearly has Cognitive Dissonance – just like me! ;–) People have told me they like me because I smile all the time – I think I’m either frowning or neutral in my expression, but many people around me have a permanent scowl so the difference might make me look cheerful in contrast. Other people tell me I’m a nice guy, but I’m only following the suburban Social Contract I was raised with (which is very different from the more urban Social Contract where I now live). I have an excuse for everything… ;–)
  9. IQ doesn’t have any connection to ‘common sense.’ There’s no association with EQ (Emotional Quotient) either. I can personally confirm the latter. ;–)
  10. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    Okay, so Henry ‘Atwood’ has just completed his triumph as presenter of Eurovision. And Ed has just wrapped up the Dressner/Josseran crisis with Rudi. This tells us where this story fits in the saga! While I’ve read this story before, I am hopelessly forgetful when it’s been literally years since. I remember bits and pieces (as usual). But I can’t remember the basic plot anymore. Too many Rothenian tales read out of order! ;–) I look forward to being thrilled all over again! ;–)
  11. Thank you! I just follow the directions in books or online. Some of the folds are trickier than others. It was pointed out that origami is a great activity for failed perfectionists. (If I mess up too badly, it’s just paper I can crumple up and throw away. Modular origami lets you practice folding the same unit numerous times, allowing you to get closer to perfecting the folds.)
  12. droughtquake

    Chapter 11

    I’m several years younger than you are. I wasn’t very aware at the time, when the draft actually ended. I’m sure my older brother was very conscious of that date. He was only vulnerable for a year or less. I’ve always thought I have an addictive personality, but like many things in my life, it’s not pronounced enough to be a diagnosed. I was given a series of psychological tests (twice, a couple years apart). The tests only confirmed what my therapists had already diagnosed: that I am clinically depressed and suffering from generalized anxiety. I felt like I was cheating with a couple of tests because I’d played them as games in the past. One was the tower game where you have to move a series of graduated discs from one peg to another, one by one, without ever putting a larger disc on top of a smaller one (there are only three pegs). Another involved a group of cubes with faces that are either white, colored, or split diagonally – you have to put the cubes together to recreate an image. The test I felt I did the worst on involved listening to the test giver read off a series of numbers and adding the two numbers together (A+B, B+C, C+D, etc). It’d be easy to add the last number to the sum of the previous number, but you have to forget the sum and just add the two numbers. There were other memory tests that I didn’t think I did very well either. There was a guessing game (similar to ‘I Spy with My Little Eye’) where the test giver had a word that I had to figure out by asking yes or no questions. One word was ‘whale’ which the test giver thought was a fish. I disputed the answer and even wondered if that was part of the test (an intentional wrong answer), but apparently, the test giver was just uninformed. (It’s annoying when supposedly educated people are so clueless.) Many authors here on GA would like the test where I was shown black and white drawings and asked to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and ending based on the drawing (a visual prompt). To me, the images all looked sad (possibly because there was no color). All of my stories had some sort of LGBTQ+ connection – why not? I’m telling the stories! I had to make things interesting for me! ;–)
  13. droughtquake

    Raw Deal

    The Billy Club sounds painful! ;–)
  14. droughtquake


    Ah, the director commentary track! ;–)
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