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  1. For those of you who are bisexual: Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
  2. So things are looking up for me! ;–)
  3. droughtquake


    Ezra is Trans – and a Republican like her hero, the decathlete? ;–)
  4. Kenner is the company that brought you the Easy-Bake Oven, Star Wars ‘action figures,’ Playdoh, Spirograph, Strawberry Shortcake, Stretch Armstrong, among others. Kenner was originally independent, then owned by General Mills, Kenner Parker, Tonka, and now Hasbro.
  5. Sorry this isn’t a recipe, but I thought you all might appreciate it anyway: ;–)
  6. droughtquake


    We need to remember that this is a small high school team. This is not a professional team. This is not even a college team. @travlbug is right, they should play to have fun! ;–)
  7. Many people born or raised in Hawaii leave, often for California, because there are few opportunities in what is basically a small town. There are large communities of Hawaiians spread throughout the Golden State. Familiar foods are available in restaurants and major grocery chains like Safeway. At least one small store in San Francisco sells King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread flown in from Hawaii – because they claim it tastes better than the ’same’ bread baked in Southern California (Honolulu is closer to SF than it is to LA). ;–) Many leave the state to attend college and find employment on the mainland. It’s not as difficult a choice as it was even into the Seventies. Unlike the pre-jet age when ships took weeks to cross the Pacific, it now only takes a few hours to return home.
  8. droughtquake


    If the team loses, they’ll have to deal with the disappointment. However, no one ever expected them to do so well when the season began. They should take pride in their accomplishments, no matter the eventual outcome. They’ve done so much already! ;–)
  9. Now I really feel like an old grandpa! I have no idea what those initials mean other than that they refer to some sort of game – which like ‘Dota’ I’d never heard of before! Then again, this old man only plays Civilization… ;–)
  10. droughtquake


    I’m not a sports-kind of guy at all, but even I can see that baseball* has been a good distraction for Artie. He tends to get to caught up inside his thoughts. This is helping him become a more well-rounded person. ;–) * Here’s where I was tempted to quote SNL’s “Chico Escuela’ (Garrett Morris), ‘Baseball… bean berra, berra, goud… to me.’ But since he appeared in 1975 – 1980, some of your parents were barely alive yet! Very few of you have any clue what I’m talking about… ;–)
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