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  1. droughtquake


    Everybody knows that Aussies are all descendants of criminals and thieves… ;–)
  2. droughtquake


    While they're at it, maybe as part of Brexit, they can change their name to East America or Old America since they no longer want to be associated with Europe. ;–)
  3. droughtquake


    By now @lomax61 should know what his priorities must be! His readers definitely come first ahead of any silly real world obligations like work, sleep, vacations, or even weddings! Why haven't you learned that lesson yet, Timmy? ;–)
  4. droughtquake


    You are a mean and cruel author! You leave us with a cliffhanger and tell us you'll be away getting married for a couple weeks! I hope you're not crossing your fingers because you haven't asked your intended yet! I happen to know that the UK has internet access available. Even with all the uncertainty of Brexit, there'll still be places where you can upload new chapters. I'm sure Lord Mortimer would be happy to help you get on his network… ;–)
  5. droughtquake


    So you can monitor them on one of those game and trail tent cams? ;–)
  6. droughtquake


    Well, there's always San José's Out Gay (and HIV-positive) Mexican-American Olympic Figure Skater, Rudy Galindo! ;–)
  7. droughtquake


    Charles made Caleb compare the kiss with others in the past. And Charles wouldn't let Caleb just try to convince himself that the kiss never happened. With a less caring sibling, Caleb would have tried to deny that it ever happened in the first place and gone scurrying back into the Closet. Any chance of adopting a lynx or bobcat? ;–)
  8. Or as Sheldon Cooper refers to them, ‘severed plant genitals’! ;–)
  9. Is that a video someone took of you? ;–)
  10. droughtquake


    Well, it's been definitely confirmed that Jaymes was never Jayne! ;–)
  11. droughtquake

    Chapter 10

    I want to point to that I don't know who said it first, but I certainly wasn't the one who came up with the phrase. ;–)
  12. droughtquake

    Chapter 10

    If you feel overwhelmed by life and your circumstances, ask for help! In the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK — 1-800-273-8255) or contact The Trevor Project [focused on LGBTQ youth ages 13-24]. There are suicide prevention organizations in most other countries. The It Gets Better Project is another organization to look into, but is less focused on an immediate crisis. It features more than 50,000, inspiring videos from LGBTQs and our allies (occasionally very surprising allies) talking about how things do get better. There are now affiliated organizations all over the world. web links (the images link to their wikipedia image page): National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (US military vets can be routed to the Veterans Hotline through 1-800-273-TALK as well) The Trevor Project It Gets Better Project
  13. droughtquake

    Chapter 10

    In that moment, Richie was forgetting the obvious, that Uncle Ray, Aunt Barbara, Andrew, and Melinda all love him and he clearly loves all of them back! His brother and sister arrive at exactly the right moment to prevent him from choosing a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Richie has been so overwhelmed by his mother's illness and subsequent death, plus the added drama of his father's inexplicable behavior that he was only seeing the pain and suffering he had to deal with. Compounding his trauma was one of the few things that brought him joy was snatched from his life abruptly. Sometimes we are so close to our problems that we can't look past them to see the wonderful things that are occurring just a short distance away. Giving Richie a little space and time away from his sperm donor will hopefully allow Richie to see things from a different perspective. The sperm donor needs to explain himself and he and Richie need to listen to each other more respectfully, maybe with a neutral observer to moderate things.
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