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  1. I just found out that my Lesbian(?) Aunt just died a couple hours ago.


    I’m about 30 cranes short of my goal. They are planning some sort of memorial service at the assisted care facility where she had lived. I’m going to try to arrange to attend the service since it doesn’t sound like anything else will be planned.

  2. droughtquake

    Chapter 8

    Both Jesse and Ryker (why does that name keep making me think of a certain ‘90s Gay for Pay porn actor that I wasn’t even a fan of?) have made some progress with their demon through their interactions with each other. But Troy destroyed Jesse’s self-confidence so badly, he cannot rid himself of his self-destructive urges. I don’t know how Ryker could realistically have made any more headway with Jesse’s demons.
  3. droughtquake

    Part 3

    The heterosexual Australian, Barry Humphries as Dame Edna, refers to her audience as ‘possums.’
  4. droughtquake


    What a clever idea! I forgot about Sadie. She certainly knew Ezra back in the day and is likely to know if he’s changed over the years. ;–)
  5. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    There were several people who told me I ‘present well’ when I was homeless. ;–) That just means my issues aren’t visible to most people. ;–)
  6. droughtquake

    Readers, What Do You Skip?

    Teen Romance as a sub-genre of the Wish Fulfillment genre. That seems about right. Most of the stories are written by authors who want to revise their teen experiences to suit what they believe are wildly different circumstances. But they forget to adjust their reactions and experiences to a level consistent with the age of their protagonists. Of course, there are exceptions to these generalizations. Several of the authors I follow write very realistic teen characters. I do have a few guilty pleasures and one or two that I got so far into that I’m just waiting for the conclusion after a once promising beginning.
  7. droughtquake

    Chapter 7

    And I’m loving that the temperatures outside right now are in the mid-60s, dropping only into the mid-40s (Fahrenheit) at night. ;–)
  8. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    My therapists were shocked that I was so Out when I was homeless. Of course, they also couldn’t understand why I couldn’t use that strength to overcome my other problems. But it just doesn’t work that way for me. ;–) I started Coming Out to others in my mid-20s in the mid-‘80s. ;–)
  9. droughtquake

    Chapter 1

    I cannot imagine Coming Out back in 1972 – of course I was barely a teenager back then and living in the then very conservative little Navy Town, San Diego at the time! It you;d be four or five more years before I met a classmate who was actually Out. He told me he thought I was in the Closet, but I denied it. I’m sure it was as transparent a lie back then as it seems now! ;–)
  10. droughtquake

    Chapter 7

    Now they’ve both felt what it’s like to be held by the other. They’re both going to crave the feeling again, but not know how to get the other to repeat the hug. Jesse doesn’t understand how important his music was to Ryker. When they were hugging their size difference seemed to disappear (I know from personal experience that lying down makes height differences go away too). ;–)
  11. droughtquake

    The Boot

    I like this idea. At one of the shelters, we talked about how it could make a great situation comedy TV show. There are some people who never seem to move on from homelessness and others who briefly appear, then disappear (just like a cameo appearance) – both clients and staff. ;–) One of my friends was supposed to have bedrest while recovering from surgery. But he’s a restless sort of guy and he tried to sneak outside. He's legally blind, but not totally unable to see things, and he thought he saw his nemesis (a staff member) leave the main area and tried to make a run for it. He opened the door and bounced off her more than ample bosoms! She asked him where he was going, he could only meekly say, ‘Nowhere’ and turn around to return to his bunk with his tail tucked between his legs. ;–) Homeless programs don’t work in isolation, they often refer clients to others who provide services they can’t. Some agencies are better set up to help find housing for clients, others help with legal issues. One of the most important referrals I got was to a group with pro bono lawyers who represented me at my Social Security Disability hearing – they helped me win my case! ;–) A few years ago, there was a movie that played at Frameline (San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival – the world’s oldest and largest LGBTQ film festival) called Saturday Church. Set in NYC, a teenager runs away from home and eventually discovers Saturday Church, a program set up to serve the homeless LGBTQ community. It’s based on a real organization with a fictional protagonist. Many of the actors are actual clients of the real agency. Aside from providing food and clothing, they also have a drag runway presentation event. While the lives and situation were very different from my own, it was a fascinating view of their world and I recommend the movie. ;–)
  12. Sending you a couple Hugs on Happy Hug Day!



    But I only slightly resemble the guy with the sunglasses. Only slightly. I wish I looked more like the guy he’s hugging!  ;–)

  13. droughtquake

    The Pieces Move

    As much as I hate puns, yes! ;–)
  14. droughtquake

    More Than I Could Have Wished For...

    I think I always expected the three of them to end up having sex together eventually…
  15. droughtquake

    The Pieces Move

    I’ll bet! ;–)
  16. droughtquake

    Part 3

    I might try if I had even the slightest clue who that is/was/will be! ;–)
  17. droughtquake

    The Pieces Move

    Natalie is perceptive enough to realize who is causing Jeremy to back off, but not enough to realize that Alex’s feelings are being reciprocated. Such a rocky chapter! Is Alex actually betting money on that new app?
  18. droughtquake

    Part 3

    Okay, I was going to joke that their rivals would call it Ronald McDonald Middle School. But I looked it up on Wikipedia to make sure Anson wasn’t one of the early Canadian politicians that I vaguely recalled (John Alexander Macdonald, as it turns out – ‘arctic’ CA politics aren’t taught in ‘semi-arid desert’ CA history classes). And it turns out you hid yet another Science Fiction reference right under our noses! Anson MacDonald was a nom de plume of Robert A Heinlein – his middle name, Anson, plus his second wife’s maiden name. I wish I’d had access to the information on Heinlein’s Wikipedia page when I was reading his books in the ‘80s! It would have made things much easier to understand. The early juvenile stories vs the later Libertarian novels, as well as the frequent references to free love, nudity, and the sometimes disturbing sexual references (including pedophilia and incest). Heinlein’s politics shifted in time from ‘raving Liberal’ to conservative Libertarian in part due to the influence of his three wives (he was divorced twice, he didn’t have simultaneous multiple wives despite what his characters might have done).
  19. droughtquake

    Salix Babylonica - 11 - The Last Day

    Steve was discovered second, but had been stored.
  20. droughtquake

    Part 3

    On my limited income, I cannot afford anything else…
  21. droughtquake

    Salix Babylonica - 12 - 11:31 am

    So was Natalie dating Steve? Or was that just a ruse to get closer to his pottery? How did she get his body up under the bridge? We might know who the murderer was, but I feel like I have nearly as many questions as I ever did! ;–)
  22. droughtquake


    Eric might have more in common with @Timothy M.’s characters from The Cardmaker and the Caretaker – specifically the rose bush-growing neighbor who just sold his house to Patrick and Peter's Aunt Grethe who befriended him. ;–)
  23. droughtquake


    Personally, I’m not sure that the classroom antics will cease, I cannot imagine Dizzy not doing crazy things. As long as their grades improve, I think they’ll get some slack. Adam and Colleen know Ryan too well to expect that Dizzy cannot be completely suppressed. ;–)
  24. droughtquake

    The Boot

    When I stayed in one shelter, there were different groups who came in once a month to bring us dinner. One group was about half a dozen high school students, they weren’t from a school or religious organization at least that they ever identified. They planned the meals, bought all the ingredients, and prepared the food for us. There was one time when it was very obvious that teenaged boys planned the menu, but they were enthusiastic and friendly. And consistently there every month. Unlike some of the other groups, they ate with us. ;–) At least two groups brought young children (early elementary school aged) with them. One was a woman who brought her young son with her and they served us a tasty vegetarian soup (and I say that as a dedicated carnivore). The other group was two men who brought their young nephews in with them. The kids were always a hit with the shelter residents! ;–) The Berkeley Zen Center was another group that came every month. Before many of the meals, the groups would often ask for a volunteer to pray before we were served. It didn’t seem appropriate to me to pray when the Zen Center was there, so before the usual suspects could drone on with their King James-inspired thees and thous, I would ask for a moment of silence. ;–)

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