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  1. Thanks for introducing me to the term demisexual, didn’t know this one before.
  2. Taurec

    Chapter 10

    Better late than never … Tina lived a lie as well as Gene did. How could it be that mothers knew if ther sons/daughters are homosexual but a wife doesn‘t realize this? Okay, I have never been close to a woman and all this could be theoretical bullshit … but come on … what kind of relationship do you have if you can’t figure out that there is something bothering your partner … 😕
  3. Taurec

    Chapter 18

    A really nice and emotional touching story has come to an end. I loved every chapter of it, felt the pain and joy of its characters. You have a really inspiring and touching writing style and I hope to read many more stories of you!
  4. Taurec

    Chapter 18

    A very good and well balanced description of Germany, either good research or you lived here for quite a while. I love the story and all it's characters, great job!
  5. Żegnaj, moje wilki! Somehow the end of the series and this promt make me feel … empty. Soon after I joined this formum and the MetaWolf storys I was flooded with work, so I couldn't leave my comments or contribute to te MetaLogues. The Wolves were my company on my sunday evening baths in a hot bathtub and a glass of singlemalt whisky … they helped me a lot to forgett the stress and sometimes unpleasant encounters of the whole week. Again, thank you very much JohnAR for writing all this stories. It was and will be a pleasure to read them (again). Maybe later this year (with your kind permission) I will generate printable books from the stories … its more convenient for me to read a book in the old fashioned way. Koniec wieńczy dzieło!
  6. Taurec

    Chapter 42

    This will be an intrresting fight … is Eathan about to reveal/use his Elemental powers to the "public" or is he fighting on its wolf-powers only? Nice character study and background information on Jean-Pierre … can we blame him for the things he did? I wont …
  7. Maybe as a gift from the Feldberg pack … but please: the short version of Lederhosen! They look awesome on bubble butts! This is what it could look like … *oooops*
  8. Mine would be Alpha Demon … damn, is this fake fur on my tail?
  9. I liked the French one the most … but didn't get the German one … still looking for my Lederhosen! ;-)
  10. Hi and thanks for the warm welcome! Well, I am kind of addicted to good stories … I read the entire Lord of the Ring books within the christmas holidays years back. Of course I will look out for all the Meta Music Proposals … why do I now have pictures of YMCA from the Village People in my mind? Must be some uniforms … Special greetings go to Puppilull in Stockholm, will be hiking the Kungsleden (again) later this summer … its so awesome being in the north! And with some luck I will klimb the top of Kebnekaise this time … Will soon dig into other shifter stories as well … a very welcome topic to me, as of some days ago I only had read some gay Vampire stories … Hopping of to bed now … lot of work ahead tomorrow! Have a nice start in the new day! Cheers T
  11. Hi Folks, as I wrote J several hours ago, I am a complete newbie to this site and his wolves. I have read the complete books up to the recent chapter within the last couple of days (didn't help me with meeting some tight job deadlines). As I am a huge fan of the wolves and (gay)fiction in general, I have to say that I really enjoyed how the story and their characters developed. Having my own business (letterpress printshop), I might not be able to contribute as much as the other fans to this forum, but will do occasionally. While reading all those pages of the Meta Wolf series, my iTunes Playlist of the Battle Star Galactica Soundtracks was in a constant loop. Currently I am hearing "Prelude to war" in my head when thinking of Saturdays Epilogue of the current book. Prelude to War Anyway, looking forward to read your comments and the next episode of this awesome story! Cheers T
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