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About Me


 When was it decided that someone else’s life was worth furthering the agenda that another holds? When these horrible things are done in some madman’s idea of being famous, and the round the clock, minute by minute coverage is hard on a weary soul. 


 i speak my truth, i can't do any less. all i can do is
                                 hold out my hand and offer myself, and hope it is enough.
                                                                                         its painful when you realize it's not


Whether I'm right, or whether I'm wrong.

                                Whether I find a place in this world, or never belong.

                     I gotta be me. What else can I be, but what I am?  ~Walter Marks


Another year is passing, and still I shed tears for you. Tears of sadness that you couldn’t stay. Tears of joy for the memories you left. Tonight, tears of longing to join you.

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