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  1. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.
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  2. I am not young enough to know everything.

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  3. Never ask for help unless you are willing to pay the price. No good turn goes unpunished.There alway's is one person who will pursue your end. 

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  5. Never ask for more than what you can give in time, heart or money that can be be paid back in truthful giving.

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  6. People are quicker to take credit for what others do, than blame for for what they do.

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  7. another chapter of Pangaea was put up

  8. Randy Wade

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 9 Oak had suggested that Nick stay in Philadelphia He would leave enough blood behind for the young vampire to feed. Nick started to get panicky, so now Oak sat in the back seat of the Maybach Excelero limousine with Nick and Aiko beside him. Aiko insisted he come as back up. It was decided to make special preparations for Nick. Oak filled a blood bag, and it was decided he would wait until they reached the embassy in Washington DC to feed. This was done so Oak could make the scheduled meetings. By midnight Oak, Nick and Aiko, driven by Rolf, were on route 495 and minutes later were entering the city limits. An hour later they were turning right onto 30th Street from Massachusetts Ave. The four Mansions that made up the embassy were on the right. They pulled in through the gates. Though not marked as an official embassy it was recognized by the executive and some legislative branch members as one. This was a new embassy for Oak. It was a large two story Georgian style Mansion. Though he had provided the floor plans back in the 60’s, the house wasn’t built, in secret, until the late 80’s, almost a decade after Oak had left. Though he didn’t dictate the style or the façade he was impressed as they stopped on the paved drive in front. They were greeted by two new world vampires, which made Oak frown at bit. His trust level was iffy on many levels with the ambassador to start with. New world vampires increased that two-fold. It got worse as he entered the building, where there were a dozen more. A female approached him. “Good morning your Highness, I am Valkyrie. It is an honor to meet you sir!” bowed the old-world vampire. She was blonde and had the kind of beauty and grace that could make heads spin and men fall at her feet. Oak was positive many have done just that, some not living to tell the story. “Thank you, Valkyrie.” Oak smiled warmly. For the first time since entering the grounds he felt a little more at ease. “If it pleases your Highness, I have been assigned as your secretary while you are gracing us with your presence.” She seemed to be genuinely humbled, but Oak was not going to take any chances. “Yes of course. Shall we go someplace private to discuss the schedule?” She nodded and directed the guards to take Aiko and Nick to their rooms, so they could freshen up. Then she led Oak down a flight of steps to a secured office. “I opened this office as soon as I was assigned to your Highness by Ambassador McHugh. I cleaned it myself and I can assure you to the best of my knowledge that since the construction of the Embassy I have been the only one to enter.” We walked into the office. It was large and comfortable, with a sitting area around a fireplace and a large older model TV. On the far end of the 20 foot deep room were bookcases and in front of them was a large carved 18th century oak desk. The floor was marble with large handmade rugs. Oak was about to shut the door when Nick slipped in making Oak smile. He wasn’t all that surprised Nick showed up. The bond was strong with him. After the door was shut Oak turned to Valkyrie and sighed. “Loyalty is important to me, Valkyrie. Even more so at this point in time. If I may make sure of your loyalty?” Oak asked, even though by his standing he didn’t have to. He did it out of old-world vampire etiquette. “I would expect nothing less, your Highness.’ She answered and bowed. Oak reached into her mind. She was born in 1642 in Salem, Massachusetts. She came down with illness in 1664. She was sick for weeks. Her intended married another, just a week after she had taken ill. The local preacher prayed over her bed. When the family lost hope, a visiting preacher prayed for her by her bedside. He of course was an old-world vampire, and it was he who turned her. Oak studied more of her mind and thoughts and saw nothing but loyalty in her towards him and broke the link. This took less than a minute. “Sit Valkyrie and tell me if I can trust McHugh.” He asked as they all sat in front of the fireplace. “Your Grace, his heart is loyal to you, though I feel he may be compromised by the elder council. They are pressuring him to inform them of everything you do and say to him.” “I thought that would be the case. We will have to use a more clandestine approach to how we handle things from here on out. I would like you to serve me while I am here in Natural Earth.” “I would be honored your greatness.” She said as she blushed at the honor. “Now since we will be working closely together, let’s do away with the formalities of titles when in private.” Oak chuckled. “Very well.” She bowed her head. She went on to inform him that he had a 10 am appointment and luncheon with President Bush. At 3 he was to meet with representatives John McCain and Chuck Schumer who were the two designated representatives to Handle Pangean interests in Natural Earth and current non-mortal issues in this world. Just as she was finishing the itinerary, the office door opened, and McHugh rushed in with an older new age vampire following behind him. McHugh was a roundish human. He looked to be in his late 60’s. He wore glasses and had the kind of demeanor that reminded Oak of a kiss ass. The vampire however, carried an arrogance that just annoyed Oak. Before McHugh could say a word, the vampire pushed past him and reached out his hand and stated in a sarcastic tone “So I finally get to meet the great Okeanos.” Oak looked at him and turned his back and said. “McHugh get that thing out of my embassy.” “Now, now, Oak, I am here to serve the interests of the elders. No reason to be so, shall we say, pompous.” Oak turned around and looked at the Vampire. He reached out and watched as the vampire fell to his knees in pain. Oak didn’t stop there. He stepped forward and pushed his hand into his chest and held his heart. “Like those who have sent you, you have forgotten your place. You are nothing. You serve and live at my discretion and pleasure, nothing more.” Oak pulled his hand out of the vampire’s chest but not before he got what he needed from his mind. Most important was the fact he was the first new age vampire made some six hundred years ago. The process was a horrible method, too. They would put the venom into their intended and all but drain them. The intended would go through horrific pain for several weeks and would not be fed the sires blood. Oak knew the method. The pain that the vampire endured was horrific. The new vampire needed to feed on more blood. They drained their victims whereas old-world vampires need only a few ounces for a 3-month period. Oddly the new age can’t eat human food, a bad flaw aside from their weaker existence. He also got who and where the vampire was to report his findings. Oak stepped back and said to Valkyrie. “Dawn him. He is a traitor to Pangea and all it stands for.” “Also inform Aiko that I require his presence right away.” He said as if it was an afterthought. “Yes, your Highness.” She called for the guards. “McHugh you have compromised me.” Oak said as he walked behind the desk, sat down and put his feet up on the old desk. ‘I am sorry your Highness, it was not my intention. I had no idea he would be so disrespectful.” “That is not important McHugh. The fact you allowed an elder spy into my presence is my concern. Makes me wonder how the elders knew I was coming to Washington.” “I did not tell them, your Grace. I told no one other than Valkyrie. She must have informed them. Please believe me. It was not me.” He begged. Valkyrie didn’t blink an eye or seem concerned at all over the accusations thrown at her. Oak probed his thoughts and found he was telling the truth, though he was being pressured by the elders. “I believe you didn’t. However, the fact that you were so willing to throw someone else to the wolves with no proof to save your skin I find disgusting.” “I apologize for my inappropriate actions, your Grace.” “Don’t apologize to me.” He turned and apologized to Valkyrie who nodded her acceptance. “Good. That being done, McHugh, you are taking a long vacation to anywhere you please, as long as I don’t have to see your disgusting, sniveling ass.” “Your Highness, I thought we solved this misunderstanding.” He all but whined. “We have, I just don’t trust you. Now get out of here.” Once they were alone, Oak turned. “I want every single person in this embassy checked as to where their loyalties lie. If anyone’s loyalties lie contrary to me, dispose of them. If they are vampires dawn them.” He said to Valkyrie. “Everyone, your Grace?” She said looking at Nick who was watching the TV now. “Nick is bonded to me, he cannot be disloyal.” Valkyrie nodded her understanding. There was a knock on the door. With a nod from Oak, Valkyrie opened the door. A NW vampire entered and bowed to Oak. “Your Grace, Aiko left the embassy shortly after your arrival.” Oak nodded, and the guard turned to leave. “Wait.” Oak ordered him, and the guard tuned and obeyed. “Will you submit to me?” he asked the vampire guard, who nodded his consent. Oak probed him. Though he was scared of Oak, he felt honored to be probed by him. His loyalty was to Okeanos. This was out of a combination of fear and respect. He had a long desire to see Pangea. “From now on James, you will report only to me or Valkyrie. You will report all you see and hear that may be considered treasonous towards me and the Pangea alliance. If you are loyal you will see Pangea.” The guard smiled. “Yes sire.” He bowed and left the room. “Nick, I want you to stay here during your sleep.” He said after noticing the time. 30 minutes to dawn. Nick smiled and pulled the bag out of his shirt and drank. It was more than enough and soon was laying on the large sofa in his deep sleep. Oak looked over the notes Valkyrie had provided on George W. Bush. He seemed to be extroverted, stubborn and very conservative in his religious beliefs. The later was a concern, but not a large issue as he saw it, in dealing with the President. He then looked over all the deals made with the United States government over the past decades. Some were understandable such as, the cleanup of bodies left by vampires. Of special concern was the billing for the services and the fact hunters were used to clean up and answered only to the elders through a spokesperson that was unnamed. Most disturbing though was the amount of clean up and the increase in hunters over the years. To pay for this they had wealthy individuals pay for their and families safety. This money was put into an account held by the elders and was separate from Pangean accounts. This answered how they were able to buy their transportation to the secret meeting and why they had to watch tickets being purchased instead. He read enough to see what he wanted and closed the file. He looked up and smiled as he saw Nick sleeping. He had grabbed Oak’s jacket and had buried his head in it, so he could have Oak’s scent as comfort. He felt the urge to cuddle up with him. Oak, though not bonded to the Young vampire, had become very fond of him. His presence has kept Oak from losing his temper completely at some of the things that have been going on, especially in his Embassy. Oak looked over the dossiers of McCain and Schumer. Though he had met McCain on previous encounters during the Viet Nam policing or war as it was now termed, he read over his political activities. Though somewhat conservative the man had an open mind to the world around him. His loyalty was to the truth and his country. Chuck Schumer was liberal in many of his view points and was loyal to his morals but more loyal to his party. Though that was a concern in some ways it wasn’t a concern for him in general. He believed he could work with this man. There was a knock at the door. With Oak’s approval Valkyrie opened the door. Aiko walked in smiling. “I did some reconnaissance for you sire.” He said after bowing his head. “Thank you. May I look and save some time?” “Of course, sire.” Oak probed gently into Aiko’s thoughts. He saw Aiko watching some vampires near a club, then in different locations. All seemed normal, but two things bothered him. There were a few minutes missing and a bit of dark spot in the probe. He nodded as he let go of Aiko’s thoughts. He dismissed Aiko. It bothered him that he was hiding something and by the fact he could do it. He remembered the Zen education Aiko had taken centuries before. He must have learned how to block certain memories to being probed. Oak could have easily broken into them but decided in discretion. “Val, have our vampire shadow him if he leaves the building.” Valkyrie made a call and passed on the information. Oak sat down and made some notes in regard to the Elder’s activities. He would need to have More PHG’s placed in the UK. That meant a brief visit there also. They did not deal by tradition with the prime minister but with the crown. He passed his notes on to Valkyrie. “Make sure to set up a visit with her majesty right away, and it must be soon. Do the same for Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Germany. I need these meetings done before the end of two weeks.” “Yes sir.” She said smiling. She liked the way The Great One worked. He thought several steps ahead, though he was still playing catch up to the Elders. She went over to the phone and started making the appropriate calls. Within an hour she had all the meetings set. She checked the time. “It is time to get ready sir.” Valkyrie informed him, stifling a yawn. She directed him to a door. Oak went in and she followed. The room was a large bedroom suite. She opened a door and there was a closet filled with new suites, shoes and other clothing. “Pick something out for me, then go sleep. “ She nodded and went into the closet while Oak went out to the office and picked up the young vampire. Even in his deep sleep the young vampire sensed Oak’s touch and tried to curl up in his arms. He carried him to the bed and laid him down, just as Valkyrie finished assembling her choices, nodded and left to get her delayed deep sleep. The young vampire seemed to miss his scent. Oak chucked at the sight as he striped Nick down to boxer briefs. Which made him chuckle even more at the obscene bulge his erection made. Oak stripped down and grabbed a pillow and rubbed against it. He placed the pillow with his scent beside Nick, who like a magnet, was cuddled up with his head buried in it. Oak looked over the choices she made, a lightweight Christian Dior royal blue silk suit, a powder blue silk shirt, and a tie a darker royal blue. As he was dressing Rolf came into the room and nodded his approval of the clothing choice. “I am greatly surprised you didn’t pick out a jeans and a tee shirt.” He smirked. “I do have some idea of proper attire for these types of meetings Rolf.” “Yes, Sire I know you do. I am being facetious, though I must admit I am surprised you picked this style and color. You tend to more plain styles as a choice.” “Well actually Valkyrie picked it out.” Oak chuckled. “Good, maybe now she can try to get you to dress properly to fit you station.” Rolf commented as he picked up all the dirty clothing. As Rolf picked up Nicks dirty clothing beside the bed he stopped and looked at Nick sleeping and pulled the blanket up over him. This little gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Oak. He had seen the man taking a little more interest in the young vampire lately. Though of course to mention such a thing would be an affront, and denied. With Rolf in the driver’s seat and Oak in the back of the Maybach Excelero limousine they approached the Whitehouse gates On Pennsylvania Avenue. They stopped at the request of the Secret Service agent. Oak rolled down the darkened widow, and showed him credentials. He was greeted with respect and told to proceed as he spoke into his mouth piece to inform the Whitehouse of Oak’s arrival. Oak “I can take him and the other three.” stated Rolf, as they drove up the circular drive to the front of the Whitehouse. “I know you can.” I laughed. I needed that little laugh to break the tension I felt at the moment. Rolf steered the limousine under the portico and stopped. He got out and walked around the car to open my door before the Secret Service could get near the car. I stepped out of the car and waited. The aid stepped down and reached out his hand to shake. “Welcome to the Whitehouse sir.” I stifled a laugh when Rolf stepped forward. “This is his Highness, Prince Kean, a member of the house of Draken of Denmark. You are to address him as your Highness.” The poor aid just about peed himself as Rolf stood over him. The Lycan can be intimidating to mortals, even if they don’t know his true existence. “Rolf, it’s quite alright. As you were saying?” I said with the dignity and tone that was to be expected from the title I used. “Yes, your Royal Highness. The president is waiting for you with the Vice President and secretary of State in the oval office.” I nodded, a bit annoyed at the fact the Vice President and the Secretary of State would be there. They were not to have knowledge of the non-mortal existence. Rolf handed the keys to the Secret Service Agent “His Highness doesn’t leave my sight.” He informed the man who nodded his understanding and respect. We followed the aid though the Whitehouse to the oval office. I was told by the aid that the president had canceled the meeting and apologizes for the inconvenience. “Very well, make sure, though, that the President understands all current and future contracts with the Pangea Conglomerate and the United States are now voided. As CEO of the group I have the power to make the decisions and cancel contracts.” I turned and said to Rolf as we started to leave. “Have Valkyrie make an inquiry with the Peoples Republic of China when we return home.” We made it as far the main part of the house when the same Secret Service Agent Rolf had handed the keys to, approached them. “Your Highness, the president apologizes for the misunderstanding. The President requests that you meet with him, the Vice President and the Secretary of State.” “No. Our meeting is with the President alone. Good day sir.” I said and kept walking. Might as well go all the way. He caved in on the first part. We made it to the front doors as another agent came running up to us. “I am sorry your Highness, but you cannot leave.” “Oh? May ask why?” “I do not know sir. I was just ordered to take you into custody.” “Who may I ask is foolish enough to create a diplomatic affront to her majesty Queen Margrethe?” “Sir all I know is it comes from my superiors.” “Well tell your superiors they will have to physically stop me from leaving. If they do so I am sure you will be hearing from the Danish embassy in protest.” I said as moved to open the door. The agent grabbed my arm and attempted to pull my hand away from the door knob. I moved my arm down to my side quickly, taking him slightly off balance. I grabbed him and tossed him across the large entry hall to land on the staircase. Half a dozen agents swarmed into the hall. I smiled and put my hand out to hold Rolf back. “Gentlemen I suggest you stand down now.” I wasn’t surprised when they didn’t. It took only throwing four men before they just stood there aiming their weapons at us. I watched as a gentleman who was apparently the head of Whitehouse security walked down the steps. I read his mind quickly. Cheney gave the order. “Excellent.” I said as he stepped forward. “You tell Cheney he has made the wrong man an enemy. I suggest you report to the president that if he does not make my next appointment there will be a few questions that will need to be answered from many countries we are allied with.” I knew damn well that Cheney was watching this. “Sir under the authority of the President of the United States you are under arrest for making terroristic threats against the Vice President of the United States of America.” “I think not.” I turned and pulled Rolf in front of me and we took a few steps towards the door. “Open fire.” I felt the bullets hit me and saw Rolf stagger a bit as he was hit. The one thing that mortals got right was that Lycans have to be shot with silver for bullets to actually kill him. Me, well as soon they hit they would be healed. My body would absorb any natural substance in a few hours. I turned and looked at them as they stared at me after they emptied all their chambers. “Now was that really necessary? I suggest you contact the president to rethink his decision.” He spoke softly into the communication device, thinking I couldn’t hear him. “Yes, sir I know the president left for camp David this morning. Yes, sir I understand.” “Sir, Vice President Cheney apologizes for the misunderstanding. He will have a meeting with the president made for you. However he is sorry it will be several weeks before it can be scheduled. You are free to go.” I nodded “Very well I am sure when the President returns from Camp David he will have a lot of questions for the Vice president.” I turned and opened the door. “Oh yes, inform the Vice president that he still has made a grave error in his deceit and that the Pangean conglomerate will not honor any contracts as he has seen fit to break the main clause in them.” We reached the car as it was driven to the front door. The original agent handed the keys to Rolf. I could smell the early stages of cancer. So early that it wasn’t detectable yet. I gave him a quick read. He knew of non-mortal existence through a relative. I probed a little more; acutely aware he knew what I was doing. His younger brother. He was worried because he was involved with a vampire house that was nothing more than a gang. “Come to this address tonight and we will discuss your brother.” I pushed into his mind. He nodded “Drive safely.” He said to Rolf, “Good day, your Highness.” Once in the car I listened closely.as we drove off. One of the better abilities I have is being able to hear sounds that m he the sounds that out of human range of hearing. Satisfied that there were no listening devices. I will have to have the car checked for tracking devices later. I made a call and received the standard greeting from the Sargent. “This is Oak representing Pangean interests. May I speak to General Conway if he is available please?” “Yes, sir I will see if he is available.” A moment later the phone connected. “General James Conway speaking.” “General, I am assuming you have been informed from your predecessor regarding Pangean interests.’ “Yes, sir and also of whom you are.” “Good. If I may make a suggestion that you are present at a meeting in Senator John McCain’s office at 3 pm today and not to inform anyone you will be there.” “What is this meeting about sir?” “Just something that may be of great interest to you.” Though Rolf, like me, healed fast after he pulled the three bullets out of himself he was usually ravenous afterwards. We stopped for lunch at Hamilton’s Bar and Grill a few blocks from the capital building. We both ordered burgers, but Rolf doubled his order. We talked about nothing of importance. I however used my thoughts to convey different ideas and retrieve Rolf’s thoughts about the day’s events. By 1 we were finished. I paid the bill with cash and we left to make our meeting. By 2:45 we were being escorted into John McCain’s office. “Oak, it’s good to see you again.” The senator said while giving a warm friendly hug. I could hear Rolf growl. “Good to see you again as well, John. I apologize again for not retrieving you but as you know, there were circumstances that kept me busy at the time.” “Yes, I am well aware you had to make a choice between the many lives over the one. I would have done the same. Now let me introduce to you to Senator Chuck Schumer.” I greeted the man as warmly as I could. There was a buzz and McCain answered his phone. “Did you invite Marine general James T. Conway?” I nodded. “Show him in.” he hung up. “I hope you know what you’re doing. Involving the military in this maybe dangerous.” “It will be fine. The marines have been my ace in the hole since they were organized.” I smiled and laughed at his surprised look.” Once Introductions were made we sat down. It was agreed that this was not to be discussed with anyone outside this room and only by secured lines. I explained what the elders were doing, the plans we made to stop them, and the planned results after they have been defeated. I explained what I needed from the marines and the senators. I told them about the incident at the Whitehouse and was informed by the three mortals present they had heard nothing about the incident. I answered the questions posed as best as I could. “Well gentleman that can only mean the executive branch is compromised by the elders. I don’t know if it is the President or the Vice President, but we need to keep the executive branch out of this. General, how do you plan on doing your part?” “Well your Highness, I think it’s time we hold some joint siege exercises with our British counter parts.” He went on to explain his plans on how to transport myself and a small unit of RPHG to Europe. I was quite pleased with his idea and believed it might work. After 3 hours we closed our meeting down. I headed out of the office, followed by Rolf and General Conway. “It was a pleasure to meet you your Highness.” He said shaking my hand. “It was mutual General.” He nodded and went the opposite way. I gave him a quick read. Good, he plans on keeping this quiet. I nodded to Rolf and we made our way to the limo. The ride home was quiet and gave me time to tie up some loose ends of the plans in mind. Once home I told Rolf I was going to go lay down but to wake me before dusk. I smiled as I saw Nick lying in the same position from this morning. I took off my suit and lay on the bed. I removed the pillow and pulled him against me. I closed my eyes as he snuggled up against me. I knew I needed the comfort as much as he did at that moment as I drifted off for a short sleep.
  9. The best results come from hard work, imagination and patience.

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  10. Do not judge a person by where they come from from  Judge them how far they traveled.


  11. Randy Wade

    Chapter 8

    most animals are smarter lol
  12. Randy Wade

    Chapter 8

    Natural Earth Oak woke 4 hours before dusk. Nick was feeding less than he had in the previous feedings. He was weaning faster than Oak thought he would be. At this current rate Nick should be weaned by the end of the month. Oak would miss the closeness of the bonding involved, but as usual whenever he weened an old-world vampire it was a quick process compared to the year of more it would normally take. Though he won’t miss the constant need to sleep it took for him to recover half his strength back. Showered shaved and dressed, he entered the Command Center. He looked over the reports handed to him. With all the PHG crossing over he had to get more housing available. For now he was housing them in various locations around the city but it won’t be effective when all hell breaks loose. Then there was informing the federal government of the problems ahead. He had to set up a meeting with the president elect, whom ever that may be. His money was on the democratic nominee, though he had great respect for John. He instructed Rolf to find them a large building near the Center city and to check the loyalties of our representative in Washington. He went over different strategies with Commander Kardin. They came up with four different scenarios, for each defensive and offensive situation. Oak was satisfied, but sadly when it came to actual battles, the plans went out the window. Though luckily, they made the plans adaptable. Oak excused himself and left the command center. He went up to the office and saw Nick heading towards him smiling. Oak nodded and excused himself in a tone that said: do not follow. He went down to the the basement and pushed on corner of the wall. It moved in about a quarter inch. Oak slid that portion to side into the wall. He stepped in and went to the medallion on the floor and said the words needed to unlock the portal. Though not open it would be able to open by the one word needed. It was the Pangean version of an emergency exit. The only danger was it opened up into Yomi. This might threaten the treaty with the Dark queens, but it was a chance he had to take. Satisfied he took in the one thing that was over looked he returned to the Command Center. He saw Kardin leaning against a counter sipping a mug of coffee. He poured himself a mug and took a sip. “Pangean coffee! You are holding out on me old man.” “Not at all your highness, it just came in from home in the last cross over.” “How many PHG’s came over?” “A whole battalion.” “That puts us at at what?” “It was a contingent. We are at 190 PGN’s now.” “Anything from the lupine and Ambrogian territories?” “Not yet my lord but there is a message from Galen for you.” he said and handed Oak the message with a royal seal. “Let’s go somewhere private.” He said to Kardin and nodded to Nick. Kardin and Oak went to a small office followed by Nick. Oak sat in a chair and opened the message written in code. It read: I was able get a good strong quarter horse and get all the necessary supplies and equipment at a reasonable price thanks to Lady Ellora. There was however, an incident with Banker Grandy[KG2] . He not only did he have a hard time giving me the proper amount needed to make the purchases and leaving me enough for emergencies that I am sure will arise, he also referred to your finances as his own. Banker Grandy also said some unkind references toward Lady Ellora’s virtue and morals. I am afraid I allowed my temper and outrage at these unkind words to get the better of me. I dangled the impudent little man by the ankle over the balcony until he apologized. Though he did so I am not sure he will not pursue further actions against her ladyship and your highness. With all purchases made and adequate finances I will be leaving tomorrow morning at dawn. I estimate it will take me approximately three weeks to get the Capital. On a short note I have met Thorga and she has taken to be my protector while in Hampton by the Sea. She said I am of Oak. I take this meaning she could smell your scent on me. Your humble servant Galen son of Kardin. Kardin watched Oak’s brows furrow, then raise, then saw a smile and heard him chuckle. Nick followed along with seeing Oaks reactions to the letter. He handed the letter to Kardin who read it more slowly than Oak because of the code. When he set the letter aside, he sighed. “Seems Galen is coming of age soon,” Oak surmised. “Yes, he is. Eventually he will have to be told your highness.” “I believe you’re right. Though, he does seem to have developed your temper by association.” “I beg the difference sire. I believe it was you who threw a witch off the balcony when she turned your dog into a cat.” “I wasn’t angry. I just don’t think cats make as good companions as dogs. Besides Trap was a good hunter.” Oak chuckled Karin rolled his eyes. “What do want to do about the leprechaun? Tell them to go back a few months before I left” “Nothing at the moment other than have him monitored. Maybe send someone to audit the bank. By morning they found where the meeting place was going to be. The elders over the week had purchased various plane and train tickets. The exact location was found. Drakenlager castle, on the Austrian and Switzerland boarders. It was his home for centuries in this world. Before even Pangea was created. To use his castle as place of a treasonous meeting was an affront to not only his authority but a personal insult. “What do want to do sire, shift gates?” asked Kardin. “No, they would have more than adequate security. Even PHG’s would have a have a hard time breaching the castle, add the fact that they will have vampire guards it would be sheer luck to be able to get through the first defenses of Drakenlager.” “Then we allow the meeting to occur sire? Is that wise?” “No, it isn’t but I am not going to stop it. I am going to be there.” Oak laughed at the look Kardin gave him. “I designed and built that castle. No one knows all its secrets but me.” “Where does the ambassador to the Whitehouse’s loyalties lie.” “He is loyal to the Pangean prince sire.” “Contact him and get some kind of government cover for myself and 24 of your best RPHG’s” “Yes, your highness.” Karin said with a smile. Pangea We, or rather Thunder, galloped for a good hour before we slowed down to an easy trot. By noon the mile marker was 30 miles, so he pulled Thunder up by a small glade with a little stream. He pulled some dried beef out of the saddle bags and a small blanket then let him wander a bit. He sat on the ground and ate while he watched the horse chomp on some of the grass. When he was satisfied he wandered over to the stream and drank. I laid back and stared at the sky. I dozed off only to be woken by Thunder nudging with his nose. “Sorry big guy. I must have dozed off.” I looked at my watch. I was asleep for 20 minutes. Thunder stamped his hooves and nudged me again. “Okay boy I am moving relax.” I grumbled as I stood up and stretched. Thunder pushed me again to urge me to move. “Fuck Thunder what is it with you?” I said as I swatted at a large blueish fly. Thunder stomped again. Thunder huffed at me as I started swatting at more of the large flies. They were various colors and seemed to be dive bombing me. It dawned on me what was happening. I grabbed the blanket and jumped on Thunder. The best I could do was lay across him like a dead man. Thunder took off. I had a hard time not falling off. I grabbed a strap and held on for life. The little damned Fairies kept up with us but after 10 minutes they seemed to return to the glade. “Thunder you can stop now. They are gone!” he yelled over the thunder of his hooves, but Thunder wasn’t taking any chances and galloped for another 5 minutes before he slowed down and stopped. I tried to slide off his back but ended up falling on my butt. Thunder looked back at me and whinnied nodding his head up and down. “You think that’s funny huh?” “He sure did. I know I did,” said a voice. I jumped to my feet and turned around and saw a small old woman leaning on the rail of a fence. She wore an old worn straw hat and her dress had seen better days. It was covered in dirt. Behind her was a small cottage in need of repair. Thunder sorted towards her. “Don’t ya know that’s not any way to ride a horse?” she said between chuckles. “I was in a bit of a rush back there.” I said rubbing my sore rear end. “Ah, you had a run in with the fairies, did you?” “Yes Ma’am.” “Your horse isn’t too bright then. Most horse can tell when they come about.” Thunder stomped his feet as if in protest. “Actually, ma’am Thunder is very smart he woke me up and tried to get me to leave. I just didn’t understand what he wanted.” I said, a little peeved at the insult to my horse. Thunder started getting agitated. Galen jumped up on his back. “Oh, then you’re the stupid one.” She chuckled again. “You know I was taught to respect my elders but also was taught to show respect only when respect is given. Good day Ma’am.” I said harshly. I wouldn’t suffer any more insults. I kicked at Thunders sides and he took off. “Oh, go on child before I put a curse on you. Vile things men are!” she yelled. I heard her say more but couldn’t make it out over the sound of thunder’s heavy gallop and the increasing distance. “Well Thunder I think we saved ourselves from another shit situation.” I said as he leaned over the stallion’s neck to give less wind resistance. After another hour we slowed down to a trot. We kept on at that pace until about an hour before dusk. I saw a farm house in the distance, thinking we might get some hospitality, I urged him on a little but apparently Thunder had the same idea and went into an easy gallop. When we reached the house, I smiled as I saw several young toddlers playing in the yard. I rode up to the gate and climbed off. I was glad to be off, too. My butt was beginning to feel bruised. I was about to call out to the children when I saw a woman come out of the house and a man step of the barn. They both looked to be in their mid-twenties. I waited patiently and smiled until the man came close enough. “Where ya heading?” he yelled from about 10 yards away. “To the Capital sir.” I yelled back figuring honesty the best way to go for now. “What’s your business there?” “I’ve never been there before. I just wanted to see it.” “Not no reason to be there. Not with a war coming in the NE. They be calling up more folks soon.” “Yes sir, all the more to see the Capital first.” “Steger stop interrogating the man and invite him in,” yelled the woman. “Bring your horse to the barn. Fine horse like that needs to be inside it’s gonna be storming tonight.” “Thank you, sir. I am Galen.” I said offering my hand. He looked at it. “Galen what?” “Galen son of Coors, thinking that I would leave my father’s name out and being a favorite beer, Coors just came out. “Steger and the woman is Leda.” He nodded, and I dropped my hand. I led Thunder as I followed Steger to the barn. Though looking very well kept, the barn was a pretty much a patchwork of different types of materials. He pointed to a stall “He’ll have to share with Tabby, she won’t mind much.” I took off all of his tack and led Thunder to the stall that housed Tabby. Tabby had to be the ugliest horse I had ever seen. She looked like she was a crossbreed between a shire and curly and had the coloring of both breeds. Thunder looked at me and huffed as if saying “are you kidding me?” I smirked. Serves ya right for the stunt you pulled earlier I thought. He looked at me and bumped me with his head. If horses could cried he would have as he went into the stall. Steger and I threw some hay into the stall and Thunder looked at it huffed and ate it slowly as if it was some poor horses hay. “That horse of yours seems a bit full of himself.” Steger grumbled and walked out of the barn with a rake and shovel. I shrugged to myself and closed the stall. Thunder gave another snort. He stuck his head over the top and looked at me as if say how could you do this to me. “Sorry big guy. It’s just one night. Besides if Steger is right, there is a storm coming. I am sure you’d rather be in here than out there.” I cooed to him as I stroked his big head. He pulled back as if satisfied with my apology. I walked out of the barn and didn’t see Steger anywhere. I saw the kids kicking a rock back and forth between them. I smiled and went back and dug into a saddle bag and pulled out one of the pieces of leather I had purchased for patching clothing or whatever else it may be needed for. I grabbed some leather strips and the n took some of the straw on the floor and proceeded to make a ball. After 10 minutes what I had wouldn’t make it to any real players, but it would work for the little tikes. I walked out into the front yard and kicked the ball to them. They stopped and looked at me. Then two big smiles appeared on their faces. I learned their names were Ari and Arni and they were twins. We kicked it back and forth until Leda called out the window to wash up, that dinner was about ready. We washed up in a large bucket and I followed the little ones into the house. We walked into a narrow hallway. In front of me was a staircase that lead upward. On either side were open doorways. The one on the left was a small sitting room. I followed the boys through the on the right. It was a large combination dining room and kitchen. I surmised that the dining room was originally intended to be closed off from the kitchen. I smiled at Leda and a young girl of about 12 that I figured to be her daughter. The young girl blushed and bowed her head while she placed food on the table. Steger came in and looked around, everyone remained standing at the table, the boys opposite each other, I followed suit. Steger looked at the food grunted and sat and the rest of us sat also. He piled food unto his plate which ended up being almost half of what was provided. They passed around the food. “Save some for the stranger.” Steger said with mouth full of food. I took a little bit of what looked like some kind of stew with a few chucks of meat and passed the bowl. Leda took what was left which was not really much. The meal was silent except for an occasional grunt from Steger. It was totally different from what I was used to. Even during RPHG training there was always some banter going on between mouths full of food. They boys finished first, they sat in their chairs and waited. Soon we all were finished except for Steger. He slowed down and seemed to be purposely taking his time to eat. He seemed to enjoy making everyone wait for him to finish. When he did finish he pushed his plate away. “That tasted like slop. You ever tasted anything that bad before, stranger?” “It was delicious compared a lot of the food I have eaten.” I said not committing either way. I didn’t want to offend Leda and didn’t want to oppose Steger’s assessment either. With a nod from Steger the women cleaned up the table. The boys asked all kinds of questions and soon it was pretty well known I was a RPHG. Steger eyed me, not hiding his contemp. He pushed his chair back so abruptly all sound and movement stopped. He grunted and left the table and stopped at the doorway. “The loft is comfortable, and the roof don’t leak. I don’t want a false god loyalist sleeping under my roof.” He called back without turning. I heard the outside door open and close. Leda came and got my empty plate. “I apologize Galen. I am not making excuses for him, but he has his reasons.” “It’s alright ma’am, no explanations needed.” While the ladies finished cleaning the boys talked as if breathing wasn’t needed. I barely had time to answer a question before another was asked. Through all that, I learned the young girl was Steger’s sister, Eira, and Steger was the eighth generation to own the farm. Much had been sold off over the past hundred years. It was now 20 acres. It was a gift from Prince Okeanos to a stable boy for saving the horses in a fire. “All right you two. You have some lessons to do.” Leda pulled some books off the top shelf and set them on the table in front of them. “Mom, you know how Father feels about us knowing too much.” “Father is at his meeting until late.” She said frowning. “Yes, ma’am,” they said in unison.” “Come out and sit on the porch with Eira and me while the terrors do their lessons.” Leda offered. The ladies sat in chairs while I sat on the rail and leaned against a post. It was a quiet night. You could hear insects buzzing and then you’d hear a wolf howl and then another answered. The air was fresh and pollution free. It was peaceful. “When Steger and I courted we did it in secret. Not because I was a shamed of him but because my parents didn’t think he was of the right sort to be courting me.” Leda said, breaking the silence. “Leda’s Father was on the Territory council.” informed Eira. I nodded that I understood. They were voted in by the people approved by the territory leader, the title varied in each territory. This was a post held for life, unless removed by the crown. “I married him without my father’s permission. He demanded I have the marriage annulled. I refused. He disowned me.” She sighed. “We did well on the farm. It was 60 acres back then. The Royal Council passed a law that required a unified price be on all foods. Price was to be set by demand each year. This affected the smaller farms more than the big ones and we could no longer break-even, let alone make a profit. Steger started to sell off bits of the farm.” I heard her voice get a bit emotional. “Steger blames his highness and the councils for all his troubles.” she said, so softly I barely heard her. “The truth is Steger is a terrible farmer.” Eira retorted. I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded. “Who takes care of the old woman down the road?” I asked to change the subject. “Old woman?” asked Leda “The woman down the road in the cottage that looks is if it’s about to fall down” The two women looked at each other. “What did she look like?” asked Eira. I described the woman’s approximate age, height, hair color, the old tattered dress she was wearing and even how she said she’d curse me. “I told you the rumors were true about the widow Signy haunting that old cottage.” Eira said to Leda, sticking out her tongue at her. The two women giggled. They told me the story how the widow had lost her husband in the war of the dispute and how she waited for a son who also was in the war to come home. For years she waited until one day a rider appeared and told her he had served with her son and how he was beheaded because he deserted in battle. He was caught trying to book passage on the ferry to cross over to the territory Capital. He was sentence to death by beheading by the governor. After thanking and feeding the rider she fastened a rope to the highest point in the roof. Before the rider could stop her, she said she’d see her husband and her son in the after world and cursed the rider and all men and hung herself. Rumor has it she appears when a rider stops in front of her cottage. I shivered at the sad story. After a few minutes I excused myself stating I had to be on my way at dawn and went to the barn. Thunder heard the door open and looked out over the stall fencing at me, he nodded his head. “Well my friend looks like I am spending the night out here with you.” he nodded his head up and down as if giving a silent laugh at me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was doing just that, too. I gathered up my bedroll and peeked into the stall. Tabby was nuzzling up at Thunder who seemed to be enjoying the attention and unaware of my spying. “Got a girlfriend for the night huh big boy.” His head turned to look at me. I swear he just gave me the evil eye. I giggled as I climbed the ladder to the loft. I laid out my bedroll and l laid down on my back with my arms behind my head. Well Galen your first night out on your own. Well there is Thunder, but then he is occupied for the moment I thought. I giggled a bit and rolled over and looked down into the stall “Good night you love birds.” I called. Thunder gave a stump of his hoof. I rolled over and laughed heartily. I knew it! That horse understands me.
  13. “When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”
     Pittacus Lore

  14. “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be, but before you start pointing fingers...
    make sure you hands are clean!”

    Bob Marley

    1. Dmrman


      Randy... Bro I just wanted to say thanks for posting these glorious facts of life...  :rolleyes:they have helped me greatly since you have...  :heart:When I have been stressed and bothered, grieving and pondering they have helped Encourage me...:hug:

  15. Randy Wade

    Chapter 1

    thanx the idea is if one mythical being exists there is no limit to what does

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