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  1. Sitting back and complaining doesn't solve the the problem, action does.

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      Hey, Randy.   :hug:  How's the family?

  2. Randy Wade


    No matter the reasoning. No parent should treat or allow their child to be abused. She put her own desires before her child's safety never acceptable or excused. great story!
  3. Randy Wade


    For some reason I don't see Daniel pressing charges
  4. Randy Wade


    Redeemable yes but in all honesty not sure he should get away with rape. Daniel is severely scared emotionally and mentally from that. It's not something that will ever go away
  5. Randy Wade


    somehow Amy didn't surprise me
  6. Randy Wade


    not surprised about about Amy at all
  7. Randy Wade


    amy definately knows Michael is gay. She almost said as much but knows it's not her place to to tell, Well done Thorn!
  8. Randy Wade


    I don't think Loz will let Daniel get hurt. Somehow I think Daniel is going have to protectors and love interests
  9. Randy Wade


    my pleasure!
  10. Randy Wade


    sounds as though Loz is entranced by Daniel and doesn't know how to handle the emotions but sadly rape isn't the way, Hope he figures out that you can't make someone want you!
  11. Randy Wade


    somehow I fell Julie is going to be a problem though
  12. Randy Wade


    Great start!
  13. Randy Wade

    Chapter 10

    pretty much.
  14. Randy Wade

    Chapter 10

    I would do that but sadly chapters are the best way to separate events
  15. Galen woke in the loft an hour before dawn He looked down over the edge at saw Thunder laying down. He remembered from his training that horses sometimes lay down to get REM sleep. He rolled up his bedroll and descended from the loft. He saw Thunder lift his head. “Rise and shine sleepy head.” Thunder got up and stepped through the stall gate when Galen opened it. As Galen put Thunders tack on he talked away with his horse and new friend. “So big guy I thought we would get an early start. From the map it looks like there is a small village not far away, maybe half a day’s ride. Though I rather just pick up supplies and keep going but I think ya need another day of being a lazy bones.” Thunder listened intently to Galen talk the last part of which earned him a good natured nose push. “You understand me don’t you Thunder?” He asked as he tightened the cinch. Thunder gave a huff and a whiny in reply. “I am going to leave a few a piece of gold for their hospitality. What do you think?” Thunder nodded his head. Galen left 2 gold coins on the work bench. “Good, then I don’t have to lead you out let’s go.” He said as he opened the barn door. Before Galen could go through the door Thunder pushed his way past Galen and stopped outside. Thunder looked back at him and stomped, then huffed. “Hell dude. I am coming, patience.” Galen grumbled. He mounted Thunder and slowly the walked towards the road. Galen saw Steger watching him from the doorway. Galen Waved and Steger just turned and closed the door behind him. “He’s not really the friendly sort is he?” Galen said to Thunder who shook his head no. We trotted down the road at leisurely pace. The morning was nice and warm as the sun rose, the grass and wheat moved with the soft breezes. Galen had the feeling of being watched but he still enjoyed the morning and the sights as he passed a few farms. Some would wave as he passed by. By late morning he could see the village of Tyrel. They entered the village which consisted of a variety store, an inn, blacksmith, church and a few other assorted buildings. The few people that were on the streets watched as they walked through the village. Galen pulled Thunder to a stop at Muriel’s Dry Goods and Variety. He didn’t bother tying Thunder up, he was sure the horse would stay. He looked over the dry foods available. He picked up a few small items and went to purchase them. The woman he took as Muriel added up his purchase. Just as he took his sack he heard Thunder raise a ruckus. He looked out the window of the shop and saw a man holding his reins and Thunder on his hind legs. Galen ran out of the store and pulled the reins out of the man’s hands. Thunder calmed down right away. Galen looked at the man. He was scrawny, and had that unscrupulous, unsavory look about him. Galen took a step towards him and grabbed him. The wiry guy twisted out of his grip, ripping his shirt, and then ran. “That man is nothing but trouble,” Said Muriel from behind me. “No harm done ma’am.” “Be careful. That man, Finnegan, doesn’t think or work on his own.” “Thank you for the warning. I will keep my eyes open.” Galen said as he put his purchases into a saddle bag. He nodded to the lady, mounted and continued though the village, very much aware of the eyes on him. He relaxed a little as left the village limits. He nudged Thunder into a gallop and put some distance between him and the village. H looked around as they moved forward towards the mountains in the distance. As the road started to rise upwards Thunder had slowed to a steady walk up the incline. He seemed to tread along with an attitude at having to climb upward. Granted Galen could have taken the northern route which was more level, but this way shaved off about 300 hundred miles. Galen We reached a plateau around 4 in the afternoon. There was a small water fall that emptied out into a little pool. I remembered the last time we stopped to get water. “Any little critters around Thunder?” Thunder snorted then as if satisfied. He shook his head side to side. I dismounted and walked over to pool of water and scooped up some of the cool spring water. Thunder seemed to stand guard as I drank and filled my water bladder. When I was done I gave him some oats and one of the apples I had purchased for him. Thunder went to the pool and drank. Satisfied, he stepped back and strode back towards me. He stopped and turned his head and looked around. His ears perked up. “Trouble big guy?” I quickly mounted, and Thunder took up in a gallop. I thought he would have slowed down when we hit the incline, but he moved on at a full but slower gallop. I trusted Thunders instincts. If he felt a need for us to get away from somewhere we did. After 10 minutes he slowed down to walk. By dusk we reached the summit. It was a bit cooler and seemed to get colder as the sun started to go below the horizon. We found a small area in which to make a camp for the night. Thunder, free from his saddle and saddlebags, drank from a small brook. I gathered wood and soon had a fire going. Thunder stood just within the light of the fire. Satisfied to be close enough in case of trouble while he munched on the grass and I ate some of the dried beef Ellora gave me by the fire. I laid out my bedroll as close to the fire as was safe, and snuggled under the blankets, using the saddle as a pillow, though a hard pillow. I was asleep for a while, but not long enough to enter that dream state, when I was awoken by Thunder’s stomping and nose nudges. I sat up and before I could say anything six men jumped out from the brush. Four of them were in their 30’s big and mean looking but the other two I recognized. The wiry guy, Finnegan, and Steger. “Ya think two little gold coins will make up for what fake gods done to me and my family?” Steger snarled. “Yeah and you owe a shirt Mr. Royal Man!” croaked Finnegan. The biggest of the group stepped forward “Grab the horse Finn.” “No way, Hagen! That horse is crazy.” He replied. Thunder snorted. I looked over to where my sword was by my bedroll at my feet. I still had my knife at my waist. Thunder stomped again and attracted their attention. I pulled the knife out and threw it at the boss man. He saw the movement and twisted. Not fast enough though as the knife sank into his bicep. If he hadn’t twisted it would have landed in his chest. He howled and pulled the knife out. “Grab that bitch.” He ordered. Two of them grabbed and held me as the boss came up and smiled. He slapped my face hard enough to make me dizzy for a moment, and then punched me in the gut. After several punches in the face and gut he stopped. “Steger you want some of this pathetic royal garbage?” “Damn right I do. Had to put that woman down because of him. She got all uppity again.” He said as he started punching me. He kneed me in my groin, which hurt more than any hit I had received and I fell down to my knees. The two holding me pulled me up again. I heard a loud roar and barely able to see something huge moving. Grabbing at the men and tossing them. I watched as Steger was thrown, landing in the fire. I heard the surviving men running down the hill as I passed out. I woke up the next morning covered by my blanket. I was sore but not too bad. I thought I would be in more pain. I was surprised I could open my eyes with little effort, and even more surprised that I was able to sit up with ease. I looked around and saw Thunder watching me nodding his head. I stood up and walked stiffly but with little discomfort towards the horse. When I was near him he draped his head gently over my shoulder. I felt a wave of affection and relief come from the horse. I buried my face in the big horse’s neck and wrapped my arms around it. “Love ya too big fella” I stiffened when I heard movement behind me. I turned ready to fight. Then I saw a sight that not only brought back the vision of something big throwing the highway men about, but also brought a smile to my face, the friendly sight of Thorga. “Thorga! I am glad you are here. You saved my life, but why are you here?” “Thorga follow Galen of Oak. To keep safe.” “I thought I was being watched yesterday. I guess that was you.” “Thorga not seen watching Galen. Bad mans watching Galen. I watch Bad mans.” “Well I am glad you did. Though I wish you would have showed up earlier. I might not be such a mess right now.” “Thorga was eating elk. Galen look healed now.” I went to the saddle bag and pulled out a small hand-held mirror. True to what she said, there was only slight bruising on my face. I was sure that when I finally passed out my eyes were almost swollen shut. I ate some more dried beef, while Thorga ate what was left of her elk. Thunder chomped on the grass after the apple I had given him. “Thorga you might as well travel with me in the open, but if we happen on other beings you’ll have to hide.” “Thorga hide when other human sorts show.” Thorga smiled, happy that Galen would allow her to travel with him. After getting water and cleaning up the camp, Galen saddled Thunder. “Ok big guy we can’t go too fast because Thorga doesn’t have a horse.” Thunder looked at Thorga. I could swear Thunder rolled his eyes. “Yeah I know she is a little too big for a horse.” I mounted Thunder and saw Thorga retrieve a large potato sack from the bushes. “Thorga, we’ll take it slow for you, so you can keep up.” “Thorga can run fast. She run when he run.” She said pointing to Thunder who seemed more at ease around the ogre. They still went at an easy walk down the other side of the small mountain. Thorga was grunting in a beat. Galen took that as an almost humming or maybe singing for an ogre. To anyone else, seeing an ogre and a man on a horse walking down a road would seem like some joke. Though odd as it may be, they were content. Natural Earth Oak wasn’t surprised to see upon his return that evening there was not only a huge staff turnover of a mixture of RPHG and PHG, but also that the S.S. agent was there in jeans and a polo shirt waiting in the sitting room. After discussing a few things he wanted done he asked if they had done a complete security sweeps. All listening devices had been removed. Nodding his approval, he went into the sitting room. The SS agent looked to be about 26 and very well built. He was handsome but had a sad aura about him. “Your Highness.” He said offering his hand but almost dropped it when he saw Rolf stop and look into the room. Rolf nodded and went on his way to the kitchen. “I am sorry your Highness. I am Dallas Mathews.” “My pleasure, Dallas. Call me Oak when informal.” “Of course, Oak. I have to admit I wasn’t sure I was right about coming here. I thought I might be imagining things.” “I can understand that.” Oak chuckled. “Have you eaten?” he asked. “No sir.” “Good I am ravenous and think cook made a Pangean favorite of mine.” Oak directed him to the formal dining room. The table was set for twenty-two. Around the table were 10 RPHG and PHG officers, one of them being Commander Kardin, the other ten where marine officers. The highest ranking was General Conway. Oak was a bit surprised to see the marinesHe looked at Kardin and raised his eyebrow. “Your Highness, I thought it would be wise if we got to know each other since we will be working closely together.” Kardin bowed. “Yes, very wise of you, Kardin.” Oak took the seat at the head of the table. Opposite him was General Conway. To his right was Kardin and the left was Dallas Mathews. They were served traditional Pangean dishes from vegetables and meats that were imported from Pangea. The Pangean contingent were wise enough not inform them of the kind of meat they were served. They answered It was because it was raised in contaminate free areas. It all became clear that the marines were informed of the nature of Pangean existence. The General apologized for telling them but also explained that these officers he trusted along with the hand-picked units that will be going with them. Oak excused himself after the plates were being cleared and directed Dallas to the soon-to-be former ambassador’s office. As he opened the door he felt Nick jumping on his back and wrapping his legs around him. Oak laughed, piggybacked him and dumped him on the suede covered sofa. This was the first-time Oak had been in the office and he couldn’t help not hiding his annoyance. Some of the materials in the furnishings and fixtures were made from illegally imported Pangean goods. The suede leather is from an animal that’s been extinct in this world for over 10,000 years and so is the ivory used to make the lamps. He calmed himself down. What is done is done. He would have it all removed and taken back to Pangea. When Valkyrie and Aiko joined them, Dallas seemed to get nervous. “Relax Dallas these two will handle whatever needs to be done.” “Thank you, sir.” Dallas went on to explain quickly how his little brother was turned last year and how he fell into this gang. They only attacked and fed off of other vampires. How he knew they were being tracked and how he feared a bad end for his brother. His brother wasn’t bad at 16, he just didn’t know any better. Dallas produced a picture of him taken a year ago. He was a younger version of Dallas. He handed the picture to Aiko. “Find him and bring him here. Take some PHGs. Any cannibals kill them.” Aiko bowed and left the office. “Dallas when do you report back to duty?” “In two days, your Highness.” “Valkyrie have a room made up for him and fresh clothing.” “James, enter.” Oak called as Valkyrie left through the doors with Dallas. James came in and bowed. He handed Oak a report. “This report has most of the vampires on it, and all of the NE trained hunters. Can’t say I am surprised. Please tell commander Kardin I wish to see him. Has Aiko left yet?” Oak asked. “Not yet, your Highness.” Remember those orders.” “Yes Sire!” Kardin entered the office escorted by James. James had taken it upon himself to be part personal body guard and part messenger. Though not highly educated he had one thing most did not have, common sense. He bowed and left to carry out the general order of watching Aiko. “Commander, two things. First, I believe the PHG forces should not be out ranked by our NE forces counter parts. You are promoted to a general of Pangean forces second only to me.” Oak handed him four American general stars, making him the first general in Pangean history. Kardin smiled and knelt. “I am honored beyond belief, your Highness. I will do my best not to fail you.” “I have no doubt in that General Kardin.” “Now, I need these orders carried out. I am sure you know how to handle it. After, of course, you are properly dressed.” By early morning Aiko returned with no one other than the PHGs he left with. In the morning 16 vampires were escorted into the courtyard and securely fastened to a chain that reached across the small court yard. Oak sighed as he stepped out. “I do not want to do this but all of you have lied to me. I have asked all of you if you wish to plead for mercy. That offer still stands.” “We will not beg mercy from a false god. You are nothing. The elders hold the power here. When they attack, they will do it all in one swoop. You will lose all of this and Pangea!” Called out a 300-year-old new age. “Thank you.” Oak smiled and bowed. They were gagged and muzzled so their mouths couldn’t open. The sun rose above the horizon and when it reached to where the shadows started creeping across the court yard towards the 16 chained vampires Oak couldn’t help feel some remorse. He watched as the first one started to smoke. He tried to scream but the gag and muzzle did its job. Within an hour there were 16 piles of dust on the court yard bricks. Oak received a call late that afternoon from the President apologizing for the maltreatment and begged for him to meet with him tomorrow at Camp David. Though Oak could not hear any deceit in his voice he wasn’t ready to put himself in a position like that again, not until after a new President was sworn in. He informed the President the only way they would meet was at his embassy. The President agreed to meet with him in secret tomorrow at 9 am. OAK I went down to the basement office which I estimated to be 20 feet below the surface of the backyard with the pool and patio above it. I lay down with Nick and held him. It was five hours until dusk. Nick hadn’t felt the need to feed from me since the bag when they arrived. He was almost weened. The truth is I know I needed to hold him right now just as much as Nick needed it. The bond is what concerned me though. It should be lessoning some as he started to ween off. Sure, the bond would always be there. It just wouldn’t be like the bond that a child has to a parent. I will have to talk to Valkyrie about this. I have to trust her vast knowledge. I looked down at the young marine vampire. I kissed the top of his head and he wrapped his leg over mine and all but crawled on top of me and whimpered as he held on tight. “Sleep deep Nicky.” I woke to find nick caressing and licking my erection. He looked up at me and blushed. I gave a quick push and he submitted willingly. This wasn’t the first time he had done this, though he never completed the act. Nick stood up and looked to the floor ashamed of what he had been doing. “Nick look at me.” He raised his head and looked at me. There were tears running down his face. “Come here.” I said patting the bed beside me. He sat on the bed crossing his legs. I reached up and pulled him to me until his lips were against mine. The kiss was deep and passionate. I understood what he needed. His bond was strong, and it had, as sometimes happens, become a sexual need to love the sire. We broke the kiss. “Do you want to finish what you started? Only if that is what YOU want.” Without thinking or embarrassment he engulfed me. I have to admit the boy knew what he was doing. I knew for a fact he was never with a man before and his desires were for women, but this was not about the sex act for him. It was about the need to express sexually his love. It had been several years since I have any intimacy with another being. In a matter of five minutes I felt myself beginning to have an orgasm I pulled Nick off as I erupted, and he only devoured me again. When we were done, Nick stood up and turned away. “Oak, I ain’t gay. I don’t know why I did that or the other things.” “Sit down Nick.” I sat next to him on the edge of the bed. “Nick, when you became a vampire, things changed. When you bonded with me it’s stronger than any bond you can have with any other sire. You also begin to see things in a different way. You love me as a sire. You needed to express that love. That’s all.” “Will it change? Will I always be bonded to you?” “To some extent, yes. Though I will be honest your bond is stronger than any I have ever felt before.” “I am one of kind ya know.” He laughed. An hour later I sent Nick with Aiko to hunt for Dallas’ brother David. Nick was already stronger than the new age vampires, so I wasn’t concerned. That and the fact Aiko knows I would kill him if anything happened to Nick. I talked with Valkyrie about the upcoming meeting. Then I explained the situation with Nick’s bond. After a few minutes thought, she looked at me. “I have a possible idea, but I have to research it.” She said. Several hours before dawn Aiko and Nick returned with a young, angry vampire tied and in tow. “The cannibals have been destroyed sire.” He reported. “Good, Nick can you get our other guest?” Nick nodded and took off at top speed up the stairs. He was hyped tonight. “Do you know who I am?” I asked him. “I know you’re a lowly human that’s going to die.” He spat. “David you are wrong on all three accounts. Not only am I not a mortal, I cannot die unless I will it and I am the oldest know living thing in this world.” “Bullshit.” “David?” “Dallas? Are they holding you prisoner to get to me?” “Bro I am not a prisoner.” “I don’t believe it. They just wanted to get hold of me.” “No David. He is a quest and can leave any time he wants.” “Yeah, David, so can you.” “I am afraid, Dallas, that he will stay for a while. Valkyrie will explain it all.” I said and dismissed them. Nick drank a little from me. He cuddled up a little as I soothed him. He was about to fall asleep and turned his head and puckered his lips. I couldn’t help smiling and leaned down and kissed him as he went into his deep sleep. General Kardin and I met President Bush, a dozen Secret Service, and surprisingly General Conway in the entry hall. After a cordial greeting the four of us went into the study and the doors were closed. We discussed the Whitehouse incident. Cheney’s hostility came from the contracts the Pangea Conglomerate had with the government and several that the Halliburton Company wanted. He had no idea of the circumstances surrounding the actual relationship. We decided the main thing is that all contact with the Elders must stop. Also, all billing must go to the Pangea Conglomerate Accounts. We will provide new, trained hunters that the US Government will direct and dispatch. Eventually they will train new recruits. We will provide the same intelligence and covert operations as we have always done within our moral reasoning and obligations. After the meeting, Oak ate lunch and talked with General Conway. The President was brought to speed on the plans and stratagem we were to employ against the Elders and their armies. The first step was to get to the United Kingdom. There we will train the marines on how to fight this new enemy. Then we will move on to phase two.
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