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  1. Seeing some common threads amongst the comments.  We'll work to address them in time after the survey closes and we've had time to process.  But here are some general replies:

    • Ad revenue has been on a steady decline the last few years and fell off a cliff for COVID.  It now accounts for 20-75% of the monthly server costs, varying wildly and unreliably as a consistent revenue stream. 
    • Premium Membership Subscription is ad-free, has over 50 additional stories with new chapters weekly.  The revenue from premium covers the costs of everything else we do.
    • We are working on further enhancements to the system, as always. We are also working as the software keeps updating behind the scenes.  We fix bugs when they are reported... if you are experiencing bugs... use the Contact Us link at the bottom of all pages or post in the Help forum. 
    • I'm seeing a lot of commentary requesting features we already have...
    • Don't be afraid to click the filter bar!
      • image.png
      • Want to see the stories you are following?  Click "Follow" and select "Stories"
      • image.png
      • Want to see the top Fantasy Stories on the site?  Set the Genre then set the sort by Highest Reviews:
      • image.pngimage.png
    • Want to see the highest rated completed stories? Hit Quick Search, Stories With Most Reviews
    • image.png
    • Know the Title of your story? Type it in the Search box directly below "Stories" on the main Story Page.
    • image.png
    • Know the Author? Type their name in the box below author
    • image.png

    I'll do some more formal stuff on this soon.

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